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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 190 — Demon Snake Queen

Chapter 190: Demon Snake Queen

Each sword attack from the Lamia was around 1,000 damage points. With four arms and four swords, a Lamia’s flurry of slashes would amount up to 4,000 damage points if she was attacking a non-tank player! But if she slashed a tank, the damage would be dispersed and the damage from each sword attack would be reduced by the tanks’ defense value. Zhang Yang had his 450 damage absorption attribute, so he received only two digits worth of damage from Lamia’s attack!

Every tank was drooling when they saw Zhang Yang taking so little damage. If everyone had the same equipment as he did, these monsters would be a piece of cake for them!

Besides Zhang Yang, everyone else was fighting at their best efforts as all of these were the elite monsters! These elite monsters had high HP, high defense and high attack, so it was not easy for the players to kill them. Rays of light appeared one after another on the battlefield as more players were sent back to White Jade Castle!

180,000, 140,000, 100,000, 80,000… The number of players drastically reduced!

The surviving players were the skillful players with good equipment. As a whole, the players were like a sharp sword covered in dust, and having the ‘dust’ removed, their attack capability immediately shot up! Although the number of players was dropping, it seemed to have hit a hard bracket that separated the truly elite from the average. The rate of deaths was slowing down.

60,000, 40,000, 20,000, 10,000!

Out of 2,000,000 players, they were left with only 5,000 players. The ninth wave monsters had finally been eliminated completely! These 5,000 players were the players with top equipment in White Jade Castle. Naturally, this meant that they were also minority that stood at the top of the pyramid hierarchy!

Not only have they survived this much, they have also accumulated vast amounts of experience points and gained several levels! They usually required about seven days to gain a level after Level 50, but now those surviving players had gained at least one level. This battle had rewarded them handsomely with experience points, if nothing else!

Zhang Yang’s level increased had to 52 and it was now only 28% away from Level 53!

‘Ding! The boss of the ninth wave monsters, Demon Snake Queen, Mimina has joined the battle!’

The ninth boss had appeared and she was different from the previous eight bosses which were with gigantic body size. This Demon snake queen as large as the regular Lamiae, but she had a thicker and longer snake-like body. Every time she moved her body a little, her 40 meters long and huge body would be revealed!

She had six arms and held a sword in each hand, she was a Yellow-Gold boss!

[Demon Snake Queen, Mimina] (Yellow-Gold, Demon)

Level: 59

HP: 20,000,000

Defense: 1,000

“A Yellow-Gold boss really did appear!”

Everyone gazed at Mimina hungrily, they truly wanted the drops!

Except for Zhang Yang and the gang, this was the first time the players actually encountered Yellow-Gold boss. Once they thought of the quality of Yellow-Gold equipment that was much more powerful than Gray-Silver, all somehow found new strength coursing in their veins!

“Kill!” Somebody shouted first, triggering the 5,000 survivors to rush at Mimina, their depressed mood greatly uplifted!

“Noob tank, let's go hurry up!” Wei Yan Er had already summoned her Hell's stead and was shifting impatiently. Despite Zhang Yang and his gang’s past experience with Yellow-Gold bosses, they were still greatly enticed.

Zhang Yang smiled and said, “There’s no need to rush, they’ll take a while to kill Mimina! Daffodil Daydream, sum up how much people, tanks and healers we left!”

After a while, Daffodil Daydream answered, “We have a total of 827 people, and we have 89 tanks, 118 healers and 620 attackers!”

Zhang Yang nodded his head and said, “Hundred Shots, put everybody into a team!”

30 Seconds later, Lone Desert Smoke’s remaining players were all formed into a huge team, the elites of the elite, the wheat separated from the chaff!

“Zhan Yu, hurry up, kite the boss!” Suddenly Snow Seeker sent a message in open channel.

Sky Shaman quickly followed up, “Damn it, Mimina’s defense is so high, even after applying five stacks of <Cripple Defense>, she still has 500 defense. Besides, her level is too high, I can only cause about 200 damage points to her with physical attacks while <Shield Bash> causes only 100 damage points, I cannot grab hold of the aggro!”

“What are you talking about? You’re barely even trying, you were waiting for Mimina to kill the people who were OT! She’s attacking you now because there’s nothing else for her to hit!” Crimson Fire complained.

Mimina’s defense was high, but she was relatively weaker to magic attacks. Spellcasters did not cause much damage to Mimina due to their differences in levels, but they still fared considerably better compared to the melee attackers. Spellcasters were in danger of going OT as they were gaining more aggro than the available tanks.

Besides, Spellcasters did not have <Fake Death>, unlike Hunters and Thieves. The moment Mimina targets them, they would be killed instantly as her six swords make quick work of them!

Mimina had already killed several attackers, with 300 spellcasters making up most of the deaths!

Zhang Yang laughed and replied on the open channel, “I’m coming!” He switched to party chat, “Team one, follow me!”

Zhang Yang led 50 people towards Mimina.

All of the players who surrounded Mimina stood aside and opened up a way for Zhang Yang when they saw him coming. Why were they so polite? Obviously it was because they could not establish the aggro. With all the Spellcasters dead, healers would hold the highest aggro. If all the healers died, they would fail the expedition!


‘<Blood Rage>!’

Zhang Yang dashed towards Mimina and immediately hacked at her with his axe.


Because they had applied five stacks of <Cripple Defense> on Mimina and Zhang Yang had <Eagle Eye>, his attacks toward Mimina would not be reduced by her defense value! Besides, Zhang Yang was only seven levels behind Mimina. As long as the level difference did not exceed ten levels, Zhang Yang’s attacks would not be penalized.

“F*ck, he is so powerful!” Sky Shaman could not help but swear. He could never accept the fact that a tank could deal so much damage, compared to his ‘200’ worth of damage points!


When Zhang Yang used <Horizontal Sweep>, Sky Shaman almost cried out in front of everyone, complaining that Zhang Yang must be using cheats!

“Everyone, stop attacking, let me get a solid hold of the aggro!” Zhang Yang shouted loudly.

At this moment, nobody wanted to be killed by Mimina, all of them stopped attacking and patiently waited for Zhang Yang to establish aggro. Only Hunters could continue attacking as they had <Fake Death>. The skill’s cool down duration was short, unlike the variations that Thieves had -- requiring five whole minutes!

On the other hand, Zhang Yang and his people continued attacking and healing as they started attacking alongside their leader. If anyone of them got to OT Mimina, Zhang Yang would have failed as a tank!

Mimina was immune to <Provoke>, but Zhang Yang used only 15 seconds to establish Mimina’s aggro! Mimina turned away from Sky Shaman and started Zhang Yang wildly.

Sky Shaman’s face was full of tears, he was afterall, one of the top tanks in White Jade Castle. It filled him with shame that Zhang Yang had acquired sufficient aggro in merely 15 seconds, while it had taken him a whole minute to do the same.

Mimina did the Yellow-Gold boss title justice, each attack of her swords caused about 2,000 damage points and she always attacked with her six arms which would absolutely destroy any non-tank attackers at current the current phase of the game. Mimina had dealt more than 7,000 damage points to Sky Shaman but when she attacked Zhang Yang, the damage was reduced to 5,000!

If Mimina’s damage output was calculated as a single hit, then a single attack would cause up to 12,000 points of damage. By then, Zhang Yang’s 450 damage absorption would have been pointless. But since he faced multiple, lower single attacks from the opponent, the damage absorption effect truly shone!

“You guys can start!” Zhang Yang sent a message in the open channel.

Suddenly, those players who stopped attack just now, they started to attack zealously, causing plenty of damage to Mimina! This was the first time they met Yellow-Gold boss! Their excitement was just as it was for Wei Yan Er, Hundred Shots and the gang when they first met Evil Necromancer Zac!

However, open world bosses would ranged skills and would be much harder to bring down!

‘Ding! Mimina used <Tail Strike>!’

Mimina moved her body and used her long tail like a whip, lashing out at the enemies at her rear. Instantly, a bunch of ‘6,000’ damage texts appeared on players’ head and killed at least 100 players. Suddenly, there was a conical void at her back, where players had been snuffed out. It was 40 meters in radius, cleanly marking the spots where she had massacred the players. It was currently occupied by not more than seven players. These included five tanks, Wei Yan Er and Sun Xin Yu.

Although Wei Yan Er and Sun Xin Yu were not tanks, they were equipped with Level 40 Gray-Silver equipment, a few Level 50 Gray-Silver and Yellow-Gold equipment. Along with Zhang Yang’s <Vitality Aura>, their HPs already exceeded 7,000, which enabled them to survive the <Tail Strike>!

Suddenly everyone was shocked, the space behind Mimina was quickly vacated, everyone keeping close watch of her long tail. They quickly moved to the front, having no desire of taking another <Tail Strike> again!

Unfortunately, <Tail Strike> was not only used at the rear of Mimina. She was actually capable of flicking her long tail all around her. After a while, Mimina used <Tail Strike> once again, striking the area in front of her and killing another 100 players! Their maneuvering had brought no change!

Everybody was stunned at this point as they did not know if anywhere around her was safe! But the guild masters insisted that they kept up their attacks, so they had no choice but to funnel themselves into the empty spots, filled with dread as players who once stood there had been instantly killed!

60%, 40%, 20%. Because of Mimina’s high defense value, long HP and high level, most of the attackers had been wiped out. Ten minutes later, Mimina was doggedly hanging on with 10% HP!

‘Ding! The tenth wave of monsters fall from the sky, the battle is nearing its end!”

At this moment, the system notification rang and the tenth wave of attacks was coming soon!

“Quickly, kill Mimina!” Everyone yelled.

If Mimina was reinforced with the tenth wave of monsters, the players would stand no chance whatsoever!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

One after another, burning meteorites fell from the sky, crashing onto every single spot of the battlefield, leaving deep, vast craters. Out of those craters, gigantic rock monsters, with bodies covered in green flames climbed out, roaring with their arms spread open like Alpha Silverback Gorillas!

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