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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 191 — The 10th Wave

Chapter 191: The 10th Wave

[Hellfire Demon] (Elite, Demon)

Level: 60

HP: 150,000

Defense: 1000

These foul demonic creatures that were basically rocks and boulders clumped together to form crude humanoid figures had greenish flames dotted all over their bodies. They had varying heights, but all of them stood over 10 meters. The moment they spawned from the pit, they would immediately charge towards the players with deafening roars. Even before they got within melee range, the players would already suffer from a DoT effect of ‘-500’ per tick!

These Hellfire Demons were equipped with a lesser version of the Demonic Fire Lion King’s <Burning Aura>. After all, the Demonic Fire Lion King was a boss!

“Blitz the boss down, quickly!”

Everyone was shouting their lungs out. The members that were being sent over to encircle and suppress the boss by their respective guilds are all elites among the elites! Without these excellently equipped players attending to the garrison, their own line of defense would have been easily crippled by the monsters!

“Put your backs into the game, just a little more!”

“Kill the boss first, then we shall go around to obliterating the monsters! There is still hope in completing the siege!”

“Never surrender!”

“Keep it up!”

At that single moment, everyone fought side by side, rivalries, grudges and enmities forgotten, with the greater good in mind. The morale was at its peak, as everyone desperately fought, none willing to fail at the 10th wave, with victory this close!

9%, 8%, 7%…

Mimina’s HP continued to drop, but the Hellfire Demons were inflicting heavy player casualties. Without the command of the guildmaster and the support of the stronger players to hold down the fort, the overall combat capability of the players dropped drastically, leading to heavy losses!

Zhang Yang immediately said, “Hundred Shots, Fatty Han, take the other parties back and help main battalion out! Witchy Snow, her silly little cousin, ice queen and Daffodil can stay! We’ll handle the boss!” Without any support, the entire team would definitely be crippled!

Hundred Shots obeyed immediately and nodded, leading his parties back with one command.

Fatty Han, however smiled perversely and said, “Brother Yang’s appetite is only is getting bigger and bigger, initially he only had one in mind, then it became two, and now he’s doing it with three and four! Tsk tsk tsk, 5P, brother Yang, I will definitely send you some tiger whip to replenish your body!”

“Replenish your ass, get lost!” Zhang Yang barely prevented himself from kicking this wretched *ss into the distant sky, that man was playing with a live bomb. Sun Xin Yu was an explosive fireball. If you really lit her up, this violent woman would not hesitate to blow your head off with her guns!

Fatty Han and Endless Starlight left with obscene smiles on both of their faces.

Several other guild masters saw the situation and followed suit. It would be fine to leave the boss as long as their melee combatants stayed back to grab the equipment in the first place!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Meteorites came raining down, one after another, like a series of carpet bombs. If any of them were to land on the players, they would instantly deal a damage of 3000 points to the players along with a 2 second stun! Therefore, players did not dare to bunch up together in one spot. If they were to take a few consecutive blows of the meteorites while also receiving some burn DoT from the <burning aura>, there would definitely be a massive amount of deaths on the field!

But once they split up, they would have face the onslaught of the monsters, every single one being an elite, and having defense points that went up to 1000! Without inflicting a full 5 stacks of the warrior’s <Cripple Defense>, professions that dealt physical damage would not even be able to pluck out a single hair! Also, Hellfire Demons were fire attribute monsters, with exceedingly high fire resistance, rendering every Pyromancer on the field useless.

Sending elite players to assist the main battalion was like an act of sending firewood in a snowstorm, resolving their urgent needs! The battalion rallied to the reinstated chain of command from the return of high ranking guild officers and elite players, turning the tide of the battle!


A meteorite struck Han Ying Xue on the back, a shockwave emanating from the impact, instantly dealing ‘-3000’ damage on her, additionally stunning her for 2 seconds! A gigantic Hellfire Demon crawled out from the crater where the meteor landed, its greenish flames dealing ‘-500’ damage on Han Ying Xue with every passing second!

Zhang Yang immediately backed up and sprung forward with a <Charge>, ramming straight into the Hellfire Demon. He shouted, “Finish the boss off, I will keep the other monsters(Creeps) occupied!”

He summoned <Shadow of Merlinda> to recover his health.

5%, 4%, 3%!

Mimina had a HP value that reached 20,000,000, so 1% of that would already be 200,000 worth of damage points. With only 60 to 70 people surrounding the boss, they were simply understaffed, taking about 15 seconds to forcefully bring down 1% of the boss’ health!




“Argh ---” Mimina screamed in misery, with her long snake body twitching and flailing about chaotically, finally crashing down to the ground, dropping loots all over.

Zhang Yang, Wei Yan Er, Sun Xin Yu immediately ran forward, arms extended, using their very best efforts to pick up the items that gleamed gold! Members from other guilds were at a disadvantage as they had never killed a Yellow-Gold boss before, and had no idea on how Yellow-Gold items looked like. Instead, they were bedazzled by the shiny Gray-Silver items that nearly covered the entire ground, habitually grabbing at the more familiar sight.

It took about 2 or 3 seconds before they were finally aware of the prospect, but there were only 4 or 5 pieces of Yellow-Gold equipment, which were already swiped clean up by the 3 fast-handed players! Unfortunately, only 2 skill books dropped, one that Zhang Yang managed to grab, with the other one being taken by Crimson Rage. After all, skill books were too eye-catching!

Having no time at all to check on the loots he gathered, Zhang Yang immediately said, “Quickly! Head back to the main battalion!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Even if they wanted to leave, they would have to cope with the meteorites that were pouring down from the sky at a rate that only increased with each passing moment, like a snow hail smashing down, punching hundreds of thousands of craters in the ground, along hundreds of thousands of Hellfire Demons emerging from the pits, surrounding them from all directions!

It was definitely not possible to advance forward in the thick mass of demons. Although the effects of <Aura> skills would not stack, being flanked from the rear was no doubt the greater danger!

“Retreat! Fall back!” Zhang Yang quickly gave the 5-member party an instruction to retreat uphill, as it led to the edge of the map. The invisible wall supplied by the system would help block the monsters from one direction, reducing their pressure significantly! One less direction to look out for!

‘3549!’ ‘3201!’ ‘2843’…

The remaining number of survivors was dropping drastically, but the Hellfire Demons continued descending from the skies, endlessly reinforcing their numbers.

‘2602!’ ‘2312!’ ‘2103!’

“Sun of the beach! Brother Yang, I died!” the raging scream of Fatty Han came from the small party.

Zhang Yang could not help himself but wonder, so he asked, “ Aren’t you a Hunter? You can just lay down and play dead!”

“I had to hold my pee-pee for half a day, and that was what I did exactly, I was lying on the ground like a dead man! As a result, when I returned, I found myself burnt to death by their <Burning Aura>!” Fatty Han wailed.

“For god’s sake, why didn’t you go to the washroom after every wave?”

“Well, I was nervous since the beginning, holding it in without noticing, but I could not hold it any longer, so…”

“Aiyer, wretched fatty is just disgusting!”

The four pretty ladies in the party spoke in unison.

‘1938!’ ‘1743!’ ‘1329!’

“Boss, I died too!” Endless Starlight also spoke up in the party chat, “What bad luck! I was attracting the attentions of the monsters smoothly, but suddenly, a few monsters came from the back and killed Sweetheart within seconds! So I died without any healing!”

The one who he called ‘Sweetheart’ was the priest in the second leading party of Lone Desert Smoke, Fantasy Sweetheart. She had a good sense of combat awareness, however, the main reason she was able to join the second party was because she had a sweet appearance along with a proud pair of boobs that Endless Starlight and Fatty Han coined as the ‘giant boobed loli face’ while adding her to the formation of the second party.

‘892!’ ‘532!’ ‘321!’

“Zhan Yu! I am dead as well!” it wasn’t long before the dispirited voice of Hundred Shots came by their ears.

40 minutes passed before the raining of meteorites from the sky started to slow down, however, the appearance of the boss was just 10 minutes away!

‘Server announcement: The Longard Ciy expedition has failed!’

Suddenly, the system announcement in unique red words appeared on the global channel.

“That bunch of otakus and fujoshis have failed?” Fatty Han was sitting by the side of the bank, colluding with Endless Starlight in enjoying the view of the pretty girl players passing by.

“They began 40 minutes after us, they probably lasted until the appearance of monsters of the 10th wave before they were wiped out!” Zhang Yang gave some thoughts on it before saying it.

Daffodil Daydream was full of worry, saying, “I wonder if we can make it till the end!”

“Yes, we definitely can!” Zhang Yang said with certainty that was no bluff. The difficult part of the siege came when facing the monsters of the 10th wave. As long as they held their ground till the end, the NPCs will send forth an army of reinforcements to join the siege. By the time the NPCs take on the boss, the players will only have to ensure their own survival to complete the final task of the siege!




The number of players was still dropping drastically, but the monsters was getting sparse in the number as well. There couldn’t be more than two to three hundred of them in the field!

‘Ding! The boss of the 10th wave, Hellfire Demon King Bariyada has joined the battle!’


A gigantic meteor rock descended from the sky, smashing violently onto the surface of the ground, shaking the earth with a boom that resonated across the land, forming a giant pit with a diameter of more than a kilometer on the site of the crash. The edges of the crater were still crumbling, collapsing. The shock waves lifted the surface of the ground like a carpet being lifted off the ground, emitting a 3 meter high shockwave that spread outwardly!

Pak! Pak!

Two huge hands reached out from the pit, followed closely by the rise of a colossal demon of rock and magma, crawling out from the pit. With a height of up to a hundred meters, it pierced through the clouds and the sky beyond. The greenish flames peppered across its whole body distorted the air with intense heat!

[Hellfire Demon King Bariyada] (Yellow-Gold, Demon)

Level: 60

HP: 30,000,000

Defense: 1500

“A HP of 30,000,000 points! And a defense of 1500 points!”

“Gulp------” The remaining of the approximately100 survivors found it very hard to swallow at the exact same moment.

Zhang Yang immediately gave instructions, “Witchy Snow, follow me as I kite the monsters. Little sister, icy and Daffodil, go help the others in clearing the remaining monsters!” Then he posted his comment in the region channel, “Everyone, I will handle the boss for the moment while you guys clear out the remaining monsters, then we shall face the boss together!”

That would be the only way to solve it. If anyone still wanted to compete for the boss, they would have been slaughtered clean by the remaining monsters before they could even get a tenth of the boss’ HP down! Every members of their respective guilds made no delay in taking out all the remaining monsters, each of them knowing that with the excessive health points of the boss, they would not have to worry about Zhang Yang taking up the time and opportunity to slaughter the boss!

Gong! Gong! Gong!

Bariyada advanced towards the players at big strides, every step he took shook the ground with claps of thunder!

Zhang Yang went straight up in a swift manner while Han Ying Xue followed behind him closely.

Looking down above from the sky, Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue were like two small insignificant cockroaches, recklessly trying to block the giant juggernaut that was approaching, Bariyada!

100 meters, 50 meters, 30 meters!

The moment they entered the distance of 30 meters away from the boss, Zhang Yang felt a surge of blazing-hot air that threatened to vaporize the average human, and the damage values of ‘-350’ constantly deducted from their HP points ------ of course the boss had to possess <Burning Aura> as well, dealing 1000 fire damage to all targets within the radius of 30 meters!


Bariyada suddenly dropped a punch onto Zhang Yang. ‘Koom’! Although the assault was blocked with a raise of his shield, the enormous impact still hit Zhang Yang hard, burrowing both of his legs in the ground.

“Anpalaseekdoka!” the boss roared in its demonic tongue, expressing it’s dissatisfaction at being defied. Raising its left fist, it threw another violent punch.


Zhang Yang did not block this time round, instantly, a damage value appeared on the top of his head.

The melee attack of the boss ranged at around 6000, give or take, and it attacked once every two seconds, the power was astonishing! However, the damage per second did not exceed a damage of 2000 when striking Zhang Yang, with a further reduction of <Block> every 5 seconds, the damage per second would be less than 1,400!

As long as Zhang Yang does not mess up with any single one of his <Block>s, Han Ying Xue would definitely be able to keep up with her healing abilities!

On the other side of the battlefield, the number of the monsters was decreasing rapidly, dropping from the hundreds to two digits, then again, dropping from two digits to one digit, and finally, they were completely exterminated! The number of remaining survivors were only 53!

Among the numbers, 11 players were members of Lone Desert Smoke, 8 members were from Crimson Rage, 8 members from Imperial Sky, 5 from The Dominators and another 5 from Lost Paradise. The other 14 were from lesser-known guilds!

With each of their faces filled with joy and excitement, they knew, even with the boss still at 97% HP, everyone could see the light of hope for victory, and one after another they went up to attack to the boss.




The damage values appeared right above the players who charged straight up to the boss. The boss was equipped with the <Burning Aura>!

Zhang Yang frowned and made a suggestion, "All of you, join my party!"

The players could not help themselves but stare at him, dumbfounded, unwilling to compromise to a suggestion like that! For all they knew, once they joined Zhang Yang’s party, all Zhang Yang had to do was to set the distribution mode to ‘Leader Distribution Mode’, and lay waste to everything they had done all along?

Zhang Yang was infuriated beyond words. H could only shake his head continuously without any pause. They had already set their thoughts on the equipment distribution even before they could kill the boss! So he had to say it, “What is there to worry about? All you guys have to do is quit my party when the boss is at 1% or 2 % health left, you would still be able to pick up the equipment! I’m inviting you guys into my party is because of our <Aura> effects!”

So he posted the explanation link of the <Vitality Aura> onto the region channel, before asking Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er to post the explanation link of their <Life Aura> and <Strength Aura> respectively, as well.

Han Ying Xue was truly contemptuous of such people with vile intentions. She unwillingly posted the explanation link of the <Life Aura> out on the channel. Wei Yan Er had been very aloof towards them, she did not make any faces like her cousin did.

The players only understood after they read the descriptions, Zhang Yang and his gang possessed Aura skills!

My goodness, these are really good stuff!

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