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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 193 — The Reinforcements Have Arrived

Chapter 193: The Reinforcements Have Arrived

Until the moment they were kicked out of the party, everyone only realized that they had not quit the party right before the boss died, they had been too nervous and excited! It was fortunate for them that Zhang Yang did not set the distribution mode to ‘Leader Distribution Mode’. Otherwise, it would have been too late for them!

It was still half an hour away before the Empire could send the second wave of their army over to the site, so everyone took the time to rest, to have some food and water as well.

The four ladies logged out to replenish their food. The last battle that was about to begin, and the general of the fortress is a Yellow-Gold rank boss, the drops would be most rewarding, there was no reason for them to miss it at all!

Having bought two boxes of rices in a haste and devouring them all, Zhang Yang quickly logged back on.

A while later, Sun Xin Yu, Han Ying Xue and the remaining ladies appeared at his sides, one after another.

“Noob tank, this one’s for you!” Wei Yan Er traded a piece of equipment glittering in gold over to Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang selected the accept button, jumping in shock!

[Furious Metallic Boots] (Yellow-Gold, Armor boots)

Defense: +40

Vitality: +288

Strength: +115

Agility: +115


Profession required: Guardian

Level required: 60

Furious set (1/5)

3-piece set: Decrease <Shield Wall> cool down by 1 minute.

5-piece set: Whenever there is an attack that will kill you, the attack will not damage you, and also recover 40% of your HP value. The effect can only be triggered once every 5 minutes.

This is a warrior’s second set of armor set, it is also the exclusive armor set for Guardian!

Every second set of armor set for all professions can be acquired from the level 50 dungeon, the Poison Fireland. But players can only acquire Black-Steel grade armor set from Normal Mode, Green-Copper grade armor set from Hard Mode, and Gray-Silver grade armor set from Death Mode. Zhang Yang had always thought that there would be no such thing as Yellow-Gold grade armor set all along. Now he realized that it’s not that they did not exist at all, it was just that these Yellow-Gold grade set armor will only drop from the Open World boss!

However, how many level 50 to level 60 Yellow-Gold boss would be out there in the open world? The difficulty of collecting a complete set of the armor was imaginable, so it was perfectly normal that Zhang Yang had never seen a Yellow-Gold grade Furious set in his previous life.

Sun Xin Yu and Wei Yan Er had grabbed a total of 5 pieces of Yellow-Gold equipment, other than one accessory, the other three pieces were exclusive armor set pieces for Cryomancers, Berserkers, and Snipers respectively. Players will never be able to wear the equipment if their professions are not correspondent to the equipment, so Sun Xin Yu and Wei Yan Er handed over [Spiritual Boots] and a [Dragon Hunter’s Boots] to Zhang Yang. They had left it to him to decide on whether to auction them in their guild or put them on the sales rack of his Little Merchandize Shop and split the money earned among themselves.

The accessory belonged to the physical damage type. Because Wei Yan Er already got a [Furious Boots] (Berserker), she let Sun Xin Yu have the accessory piece.

[Fury of Hell] (Yellow-Gold, Accessory)

Use: Increases your physical attack by 900 points, lasting for 10 seconds. Cool down: 3 minutes.

Level required: 60

Open world bosses could really drop seriously good stuffs! An accessory such as this might not be acquired by regular players even if they reached level 100. However, the level 50 Zac, the level 60 Bariyada had already dropped such fine pieces of accessories!

“No skill books this time around, huh?” Zhang Yang expressed his dissatisfaction towards his own greed.

Sun Xin Yu and Wei Yan Er shook their heads. Han Ying Xue and Daffodil Daydream were ranged professions, they did not even stand a chance in grabbing the loots dropped from the boss.

“It’s alright since that’s enough, the boss only dropped seven or eight pieces of Yellow-Gold equipment, and we grabbed 5 pieces out of that. If we forget our own boundaries, god is going to smite you down with his thunder!” Han Ying Xue smiled while teasing him.

“Oh yea! There are also the loots acquired from Demon Snake Queen, Mimina!” Zhang Yang gave his head a slap as he remembered. Previously, after killing Mimina, he had hustled to skill the Hellfire Demons without even looking into what he had grabbed before that!”

Zhang Yang, Sun Xin Yu, Wei Yan Er posted the loots that they grabbed earlier on:

[Ring of the Queen], [Sword of the Demon Snake], [Necklace of the Thick Soil Defense], and [Swiftfoot Boots].

According to the attributes of the equipment, [Ring of the Queen] went to Han Ying Xue (Actually it was also useful to Daffodil Daydream, but Han Ying Xue expressed that the ring accords with her identity), the necklace went to Zhang Yang, while the boots went to Sun Xin Yu. As for Endless Starlight, Hundred Shots and Fatty Han, they were gracefully ignored by the ladies.

[Sword of the Demon Snake] was a level 50 one-handed sword. Unfortunately, there were no Bandits in their small party, so the sword would only go straight into Zhang Yang’s backpack.

[Strong Earth Defense Necklace] (Yellow-Gold, Necklace)

Vitality: +100

Strength: +25


Required level: 50

Zhang Yang immediately switched the old necklace with the new one. Even though he had not identified the necklace yet, but it was definitely much stronger than the previous [Necklace of Anxious Attack]!

Very soon, Snow Seeker and the others were logging into the game.

“Guild master Zhan Yu, please take good care of us!” Snow Seeker smiled softly at Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang shrugged and teased, “You guys are not bad yourselves, it goes both ways!”

At the current moment, there were only five members of Lone Desert Smoke left, being the most powerful force among them all. The next was Crimson Rage, with three people surviving, they were Snow Seeker, Flirtatious Lady, and Perfumed Water. The following was Imperial Sky, with Sky Shaman and The Great Compassion Mantra as the two remaining survivors. The Dominators also remained with two survivors, Humbly Gentleman and Traveling Piglet. With no healers left in their party, they would definitely be taken out if and when they engage in battle. The thirteenth survivor was Crimson Fire, thanks to the blessing of Han Ying Xue, this fellow had been healed at the very last moment, every single time he was close to death, on several occasions!

Currently, the top-10 contribution list on the battlefield were as below:

1. Zhan Yu: 542, 343, 412.

2. Little Snow: 278, 961, 987.

3. Snow Seeker: 138, 797, 892.

4. Drizzler: 123, 488, 720.

5. Frost Night: 119, 873, 693.

6. Daffodil Daydream: 91, 343, 493.

7. Sky Shaman: 87, 391, 349.

8. Humbly Gentleman: 74, 134, 987.

9. Perfumed Water: 66, 738, 868.

10. Crimson Fire: 64, 134, 098.

Zhang Yang’s ranking as the first was absolutely uncontested. Even if he withdrew himself from the battlefield, his contribution points would still be in the first place! Han Ying Xue's ranking was also very firm, but from the third position onward, all the other positions were easily subject to change. The only way to know the final results would be to complete the siege on the fortress.

‘Ding! The Dragon Knights of the White Jade City have joined the battle, prepare to launch the attack on the Magic Cannons of Tukula Fortress!’

A dozen gigantic dragons flew in from afar, their unfolded wings were impressively wide, spanning to about two to three hundred meters! Just a dozen dragons spreading their wings were already intimidating enough to overwhelm the sky! Each of these dragons differed in their own colors, there were red dragons, bronze dragons, green dragons, blue dragons. Each dragon had a knight riding on it’s back, directing the dragon to launch the attack on the Magic Cannons located on the fortress.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

All of the dragons opened up their huge wide mouths, jetting out streams of dragon breaths, packed with destructive power. The Magic Cannons were immediately destroyed by the dragon breaths right after they fired their first shot, blowing up after taking direct hits. The monsters that were commandeering the cannons and those around it were blasted away in bloody pieces.

After clearing out the Magic Cannons, these gigantic dragons flew away one after another, disappearing into the sky as swiftly as they had arrived. Evening had already arrived, the unparalleled beauty of the sunset, paired with the scenario of a dozen of dragons flying together as a group, gave people a sense of infinite fascination.

“I really, really wanna have a dragon to ride on!” Wei Yan Er immediately imagined herself in the scene she just witnessed, provoking the hell horse that she currently sat atop to roar, stomping it’s horseshoes loudly on the ground as they moved.

The one and only person who would be able ride a dragon in the whole of《God’s Miracle》is Hundred Shots! He would tame a red dragon to be his pet, aiding him in battling enemies and also as a mount for him to ride on. It would be really useful in getting people’s attention, without even mentioning the unlimited coolness factor!

Zhang Yang let out a breath of sigh, he had to admit that he would never be able to ride a dragon, however, he still had hope to ride a phoenix! So all he could do was to wait for Fatty Han to reach Level 100, and then have Fatty Han bring him to complete the hidden quest for his profession!

It can be easily imagined, when Wei Yan Er sees Zhang Yang and Fatty Han riding on a Phoenix, she will definitely be flooding the surroundings with her tears!

‘Ding! The Magic Cannons have been destroyed, the Imperial Army is entering to the battlefield!’

In conjunction with the system’s verbal announcement, a huge portal was opened, and parties of NPC squads were walking neatly out from the portal, amounting up to at least 300,000 men! A knight with a grand visage was riding an equally tall and handsome white horse into the battlefield, carrying a huge war hammer behind his back, right above his head was his title ‘The Expedition First General, Frodoc’.

[The Expedition First General, Frodoc] (Yellow-Gold Leader, Humanoid creature)

Level: 65

Hp: 30,000,000

Mp: 1,500,000

Defense: 1200

“Victory for the expedition is just within our sights! Soldiers, warriors of the White Jade City, charge!” Frodoc took up his war hammer and pointed it straight at the fortress, shouting out those words and roared.

“Charge ---”

The soldiers responded in unison, every single one of them marching neatly in formation towards the direction of the fortress. Hundreds of thousands of footsteps boomed in rhythm, echoing throughout the open field!

Croom! Croom! Croom!

Moving forward through the enemy like splitting bamboos, the army smashed the city gate down and marched mightily into the fortress!

The players followed meekly behind the NPCs, with only 13 of them left, they would instantly fail the expedition if they were to die in the process!

“Stick with Sir Frodoc!” Zhang Yang rode on his [Skeletal War Horse] while talking on the party channel.

Han Ying Xue and the others had no objection to his suggestion of course, Snow Seeker and the other two ladies pondered on it for a bit, before they too decided to follow Zhang Yang and his gang. Needless to say, Crimson Fire quickly followed. If a lone pyromancer like himself is left behind on his own, he would definitely be as good as dead if he ever met an elite monster!

With 9 out of 13 players standing together as a team, Sky Shaman and Humbly Gentleman did not want to be left out, and so they grudgingly followed Zhang Yang from behind just like the others.

Frodoc charged all the way through on his horse, riding straight for dozens of minutes to stop in front of a large mansion, pak, he dismounted with the grace of a general. Grabbing his war hammer in his right hand, he did an about face, turning to his men. “Guards! Follow me into the mansion and slay all the evil demonic generals!”

“Yes, sir!” hundreds of elite NPC guards raised their swords up high and roared in unity.

“We shall follow them behind and take whatever advantage we can get from them!” Zhang Yang smiled with content.

At this time, instead of battling, it was more like following the NPCs to watch a movie. Players simply had to ensure their own survival, the NPCs would handle the final battle! Of course, for players who wished to acquire the City Order, they must join the battle, because monsters that are completely killed by NPCs will not drop a single victory loot!

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