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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 195 — Notice of the Gathering of Classmates

Chapter 195: Notice of the Gathering of Classmates

After splitting up the loots, there was nothing left there for them.

The existence of the Tukula Fortress was to allow players to go to Level 50+ leveling areas. Currently, this place can be described as a transfer hub. For the players to go to the level 50+ leveling area, one must first travel from the main city to this fortress, and then go on out to the designated areas through here.

However, there were a number of ‘Territories’ on the map of level 50+ areas with teleportation points of their own. As long as these ‘Territories’ are refreshed and conquered by players, the players would be able travel directly from the main cities to the ‘Territory’ points, saving a lot of time.

Therefore, the Tukula fortress would only be enticing for now, after all, there is a Level 50 dungeon that would drop the second piece of the armor set. When ‘Territory’ points start appearing, the number of players coming to this fortress will greatly diminish. Only the novice players will occasionally come through to farm for armor pieces, or simply level up a little before buying some better equipment from the auction house. Tearing of their teleportation scrolls, everyone left the place in a swoop. They were all back in the long-left White Jade City. After experiencing a dozen hours of crazy slaughtering and killing, everyone was tired, both physically and mentally. So they went offline to get a good rest, one after another.

Removing the gaming helmet from his head, Zhang Yang breathed out a long breath of relief, it was extremely tiring.

He had logged in at nine, and began the expedition at ten, it was a full 11 hours, and it was already 12a.m! He took a bath and immediate lay on his bed like a dead piglet, it had been extremely tiring.

The next day in the morning, Zhang Yang had his physical training, he was at ease as he brought back some breakfast back to his house. While he was half way finishing his breakfast, Fatty Han called him.

“Brother Yang, were you outside just now?”

“Yea, I went to buy myself some breakfast.”

“Oh, no wonder Zhou Kang Ming had me pass you a message! Well, next week, our high school class will be having a classmate gathering, the location will be at the Sheraton Hotel, on 9th of October, 7 at night!”

Zhang Yang was moved by the news, the ‘past’ that was asleep immediately fluttered through his heart.

In his previous life, it was at this time when he received an invitation to the classmate gathering. He was working in his office when he received the news, so he had taken the call by himself. At first, Zhang Yang was quite excited to see all his old classmates and old friends that he had not met for 4 long years.

Unfortunately, there were too many fair-weathered people! Fatty Han had already stepped into the society right after he graduated from high school, and he became a logistic driver, naturally not having suitable living conditions. Zhang Yang had just graduated from a university, without his parents’ aid, as both of them belonged to the bottom category in society.

On the day of their classmate gathering, Fatty Han had fetched Zhang yang with his logistic lorry to the hotel… But in the end, the hotel did not allow a huge lorry to be parked in the parking lot, so they had to park the lorry by the roadside, a few hundred meters away from the hotel.

This event had become the laughing stock for everyone that night. Everyone was looking at Zhang Yang and Fatty Han with contempt and disdain. So, Zhang Yang and Fatty Han were holding their anger throughout the night!

On that day, Zhang Yang had a thought, if he was able to turn his luck around and become successful, he intended to slap those snobbish faces as hard as possible, every single one of them! However, going through the passage of time, he now had nearly 50 million properties, he could definitely look down on these old snobbish classmates. But he had switched his target to people like the heir to the billionaire family, such as Liu Wei, raising up his status by numerous levels. It would be not interesting at all, not even a bit for Zhang Yang to be angry at those kind of people!

To oppress others with that little bit of wealth, only small time crooks would do such a thing, like they were afraid of people not knowing their wealth.

The real rich people, are those who got their fortune through inheritance, they did not have to raise a finger, they would embarrass others just standing at the side!

Zhang Yang replied with a light smile, “Not interested, I don’t feel like going!”

“Brother Yang, don’t forget that your first love will be there as well! Zhou Kang Ming mentioned that Zhao Hui Shan will be there as well! Don’t you want to see how your old lover has turned into now? There are also Yang Zhi Xian and Li Ru, they were all school idols, I wonder how have they turned out to be now!”

Zhao Hui Shan… That was a memory from a very long time ago!

Zhang Yang was a king of fighter since he his childhood, having no interest at all in studying. Although he was already attending high school, he was still not willing to settle down, and he would still fight with some bad students from other schools. His name was very well-known in school, and even teachers were afraid of him to the point that they weren’t dare to file any complaints about him!

Teenaged boys and girl are full of hope for love, and that was also their passionately rebellious period of time. Zhao Hui Shan was attracted to the rebellious attitude of Zhang Yang very much, and that was why she began a relationship with him. At that time, Zhao Hui Shan, Yang Zhi Xian and Li Ru were the three most beautiful girls in the class, they were also the school's top ten school babe. More importantly, Zhang Yang was positively interested in sex and filled with curiosity about it, so the two two were naturally became a thing, immediately starting their relationship together.

However, Zhao Huishan was still a good girl, although Zhang Yang had been a responsible, affectionate partner, the two did not take the final step. In the end, the romantic relationship between the two were found out by Zhao Hui Shan’s parents, and that was when the relationship was ended naturally.

Zhang Yang had also tried hard in his studies because of that, and ultimately he was admitted into a university, which was a total shock to both his classmates and his teachers. Everyone had thought that getting a high school certificate would be extremely difficult for Zhang Yang!

Entering the university life, Zhang Yang had secretly fell in love with his own lecturer named Yu Li. That was when he realized that the puppy love he had during his high school time was just like a game, it had not matured at all! Zhao Hui Shan was naive and knew nothing, that was why she fell in love with his violent attitude, but the moment when she open her eyes and think through maturely, she certainly would not want to stay together with him for the rest of her life.

As for him, it was like he never actually fell in love with Zhao Hui Shan. Just like a gangster trying to impress, it would be a shame for him to be without a woman by his side while standing in front of his so called ‘brothers’!

In his previous life when he attended the gathering, he had found out that Zhao Hui Shan had became Zhou Kang Ming’s girlfriend! The funny part was that the main reason Zhao Hui Shan wanted to see Zhang Yang was because she wanted to prove to Zhang Yang that she had made the right decision, saying that Zhang Yang was just a hooligan, there was no way he could better than Zhou Kang Ming, who had already become the vice general manager of a photo frame company at such a young age!

At the gathering, Zhou Kang Ming and Zhao Hui Shan had been throwing all sorts of ridicule at Zhang Yang, and they ended up provoking him to the point where he beat the crap out of the two of them! In the end, he was thrown into the lockup of the local police station for 7 days!

There was a saying, a girl changes fast in physical appearance from childhood to adulthood, but the changes in this girl was not just the appearance, but also her heart! The initial sweet and pure looking Zhao Hui Shan, with a look of a fine lady, had now turned into such a materialistic and ugly person, by heart!

Zhang Yang could not help himself but shook his head over and over again, then he replied, “Fatty, this classmate gathering has no meaning at all, it will all be about showing off the fortunes earned at hand, looking for opportunity to get into beds with their previous lovers. I would rather spend the time on killing more monsters and level up a little!”

“For f*ck’s sake, brother Yang, when did you become an otaku! No, I Fatty Han must drag you out for a spin!”

“… Fatty Han, you’re so persistent because you heard me talking about the ‘getting into bed’ part, didn’t you?”

“Haha! You are worthy of being the brother Yang that knows me well! I was very interested in Yang Zhi Xian, Li Ru and Zhao Hui Shan, but don’t you worry brother Yang, the wife of my brother, quietly… Eherm, I shall not mount her not be mounted by her! I will definitely keep my hands off Zhao Hui Shan, haha! Having the chance to ‘fly’ with both Li Ru and Yang Zhi Xian would very satisfying for me! Yo, speaking of Li Ru, I would very much want to see to what extent have the boobs from those days developed into!”

“Then you should go by your own, I have no objections as well if you are flying on 4P!”

“Brother Yang, we are said to be the pairing of a dragon and a tiger, never to leave each other, how could you abandon me alone? Furthermore, those high school people look down on me, so this time around, I am going to teach them a lesson they will never forget!”

“You are referring to all your saving money that you have spent, plus the 600,000 that I lent to you just to buy a Maserati sports car?”

Having the thought of this had already sent Zhang Yang bursting with sweat. Fatty Han had proven himself to be so much more free spirited than he is. With only a few million on hand, he had spent all the money on his ride!

“Haha! Brother Yang, my sports car is very stunning isn’t it?”

“It’s OK, I guess.”

Zhang Yang commented without any particular thought, a sport car that’s worth 300 million was naturally not a low-grade property, although there is still a very big difference between Fatty Han’s car and the really famous sports cars, but this would be more than enough to astonish ordinary people.

“What did you mean it’s OK, this is the actual Maserati GT2034!” Fatty Han was jumping in rage over the phone after hearing what Zhang Yang had to say.

Zhang Yang laughed and replied, “Alright, alright, a lovely ride, absolutely stunning!”

“Therefore, I must bring you along to the gathering to show off for a bit!”

Zhang Yang shook his head again to reject Fatty Han’s offer, “Fatty, you can use famous cars to fish for women… But, aren’t you worried if others find out that you have no savings at all, plus a ton of debt nailed onto your ass?”

“Debts are nothing to worry about! Furthermore, if I don’t say, who would know about my history? Brother Yang, please accompany me to the gathering!”

“Brother Yang ---”

“Brother Yang…”

“Brother, Yang!”

Fatty Han was using all sorts of intonations and volumes in persuading Zhang Yang to go.

Zhang Yang was annoyed to the point where he finally gave in to Fatty Han, “Fine, fine, fine! I will go along with you! Happy now?”

Fatty Han was finally contented, and he praised, “That’s my good brother!”

After ending the conversation with Fatty Han, Zhang Yang put on his gaming helmet and logged onto the game.

As he still had a few equipment yet to be identified, Zhang Yang went over to the Identify Shop and spent a total of 196 gold to identify 4 pieces of Yellow-Gold equipment and one piece of Gray-Silver equipment.

[Lodac's Arm Brace] (Gray-Silver, armor)

Defense: +20

Vitality: +60

Strength: +30

Agility: +30

<Level 2 Socket>

Equip: Absorbs 60 damage points when hit.

Required Level: 50

[Strong Earth Defense Necklace] (Yellow-Gold, necklace)

Vitality: +100

Strength: +25

Equip: Absorbs 50 damage points when hit.

Required Level: 50

[Furious Helmet] (Yellow-Gold, armor)

Defense: +40

Vitality: +288

Strength: +115

Agility: +115

<Level 2 Socket 1>

<Level 2 Socket 2>

Equip: Absorbs 100 damage points when hit.

Required Profession: Guardian

Required Level: 60

The attribute for [Furious Metallic Boots] was almost similar to the attributes for [Furious Chest Plate] and [Furious Helmet], the only difference lay on the slight difference in the numerical values on each of the equipment’s attributes.

“Noob tank!” The moment Zhang Yang put a foot out of his shop, Wei Yan Er rode up to him on her [Hell's Stead], blocking his path, “Don’t go just yet! Please help me identify these equipment!”

Zhang Yang’s brows were furrowed. He possessed the title of ‘Hero of White Jade City’, so all fees within the White Jade City are halved. This little girl actually pulled him aside to identify equipment on her behalf, she was indeed a business-minded girl!

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