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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 199 — A Boring Attack

Chapter 199: A Boring Attack

“Eat up! Eat up!” Zhou Kang Ming tried to raise the atmosphere.

To shame Zhang Yang was an obligatory act, how it must be done moderately. If it were to be too much…

The two of them, Zhang Yang and Fatty Han were the two fighting addicts that the even the teacher would not dare to meddle with! Right now Zhou Kang Ming felt that his well-being was much more valuable. It’s not worth taking a punch for it!

In the midst of it, the atmosphere of the table had turned cold and awkward. Besides the chomping of food and the clacking sound of chopsticks, no one would bother to speak up at all.

“I say, the most successful ones in our class would be Zhao Kang Ming and Han Guang, is it not?” said Liu Qi Ming out of the blue. Sitting together, Liu Qi Ming decided to start a conversation topic when he sees everyone was only pushing food down their food pipe.

Zhou Kang Ming was successful, everyone knew that. That big mouth had mentioned that his family had started a picture frame factory, and he was the vice-CEO or something, earning at least 1,000,000 a year. He was so proud about it that he had been repeating that for several times.

This meal, this student gathering, was all funded by Zhao Kang Ming. That was why he was treating this place as if it was his own house.

To think that the dumb fatty who barely graduated was this successful, it was an insult to the 3 to 4 years of studying in a university!

Everyone started at Liu Qi Ming with much curiosity.

Liu Qi Ming smirked. “Try guessing what kind of car did Han Guang drive today?” He presumed that Fatty Han would love to take a compliment. That was why he had decided to go all out with it.

“What car?”

“What kind of car?”


Everyone was startled by Liu Qi Ming’s question and started to follow up with more questions.

“It was a Maserati GT2034!” said Liu Qi Ming word by word to build up a suspense.

“Get out of here! That car costs more than 3,000,000!”

“Fatty! Wow! Good for you! You must be rich!”

“Han Guang! Your father must be some company’s president!”

Everyone started to get all chirpy about Fatty Han. Some were guessing his source of income, while the others were guessing about Fatty Han’s family business.

Being at the center of attention, Fatty Han was happy. He gestured his hands by waving them in the air. “Ah…please guys. It’s just nothing. I’m even planning to purchase another villa in the next few days. It shouldn’t be that expensive. Around 10 million should do!”

This pig sure knew how to brag!

Zhang Yang held in his laughter and gulped some beer to hide the expression on his face. He was interested to see what followed next, he did no intend to ruin Fatty Han’s “performance”.

But what he did not know was that the car alone, worth more than 3 million already blew everyone’s mind. There were many students here with a rather luxurious families backing them, that they could easily buy a house or a car after they graduated. But to buy a 3-million-dollar sport car and a 10-million-dollar villa was completely out of this world!

Zhou Kang Ming heard what Fatty Han said, even him, an man of his statue, got agitated when he heard Fatty Han blab. His own family’s fortune was not as vast as Fatty Han, with an annual income of one million, and a 10,000 dollar monthly “pocket money” from his father. If he wanted to buy the same car, he would need to wait until his old man died and passed all the family inheritance to him.

Zhou Kang Ming felt bitter. How could he spend a large amount of money to organize a grand gathering in a luxurious hotel, just to let someone else take the spotlight!

Just then, a service crew walked in and served a plate of European lobster. He quickly cried, “Alright! Alright! Settle down guys! Here! Please taste this dish! It’s lobster! Sheraton’s most famous lobster dish! The lobster they used was from Europe! It’s authentic and awesome! Though it’s only around one pound and a half portion…Please taste the tenders meat!”

Zhao Hui Shan echoed, “Yeah! I heard it’s really good! Please, help yourself!”

The dish was so rare that not anyone could eat this kind of cuisine in their lifetimes. Everyone grabbed their chopsticks and helped themselves to the lobster.

When Zhou Kang Ming saw everyone attacking the lobster with relish, silently, he felt that he was patronizing these “caveman”.

“Is it really that good? I mean…*munch munch* It’s tender, just like Kentucky!” It had to be from the mouth of an inelegant man. Fatty Han had spent more than 3 million on a car that he had no idea in what country it was made! How could you argue with a man like that, about the difference between a lobster and a chicken drumstick?

Everyone choked. Some had even coughed out the food in their mouth. Others were glad that they had already swallowed, or else they might actually choke on the food! Zhou Kang Ming was just a little more from spitting blood all over the table. This was the highest grade of lobster! From Europe too! One lobster of this grade would easily cost more than 700 dollars! How could this pig compare it to a regular fast-food joint!

Liu Qi Ming steeled his heart to continued gain Fatty Han’s good side. He quickly said, “Ahh! Hahaha, you must have eaten a whole lot of luxurious food now have you! This lobster must be one of those dishes you have every day! Fatty bro here must be having more than this, perhaps abalone or even bird nest1! It’s the same as we us eating fast food daily!”

Everyone quickly understood what he said and nodded. Owning a 3 million dollar car was enough to gain the respect from all. So no matter what Fatty Han blabbered, the audience would gladly listen. Everyone thought that Fatty Han was just putting up an act. It was worth putting up an act for him too.

That thoughtless utterance had completely been misinterpreted by everyone. Now that it had come to this, everyone was left with a stronger impression that Fatty Han was really a rich man!

Zhou Kang Ming was even madder. This meal had cost him tens of thousands, but for what?! It was for him to gloat in front of all his ex-classmates. But now that he had bought them the meal, the real spotlight befell on Fatty Han! This event had left Zhou Kang Ming confused and angry.

“Oh right! Zhang Yang! So, what did you do after you graduated?” Zhou Kang Ming had decided to divert the attention. He must change the target. He shall divert the conversation towards Zhang Yang and follow his plan to humiliate this ex-lover of his girlfriend.

Zhang Yang was munching on the lobster and looked up when Zhou Kang Ming had mention his name. He quickly swallow the food in his mouth and smiled lightly. “I’m a professional gamer.”

“Professional gamer?” One by one, the people around the table asked the same question. “Is that some sort of a career where you sell some in-game currency for the online game?”

That was called a gold-farmer. They made money via endurance, not skills. To earn a living as a gold-farmer was easy as they took up several days and nights, killing monsters endlessly and collecting the gold coins! A true professional gamer required genuine skills. Just like the Korean Starcraft league from a few years back. This career required actual skills to survive!

However, Zhang Yang did not bother correcting him. He simply nodded and replied, “Close enough!”

“Ahhh. My colleague’s younger brother was a professional gamer as well!” Someone started to talk. “I heard that he could earn around 1 to 2 thousand dollars by selling the gold he collected for the month!”

“1 to 2 thousand? That’s rather good, I must say. When I first entered the company, I only had 2,000 as my basic salary! Now, I’m entering the third month now, with 3,000 salary!”

Everyone started to discuss about the topic, however, it was implicit in their conversation, it felt as if they were demeaning Zhang Yang. What could he do? Professional gamer? These two words sounds like an unauthentic career.

Fatty Han was mentally laughing.

Look at you guys go! Did you know that Little Yang’s in-game shop is earning more than 200,000 to 300,000 dollars daily? He earns more than what you could earn in a year! Looking down at him? Please, you guys are just frogs in the well.

Zhao Hui Shan was rather jubilant about this. She was truly glad that she had made the right choice. She smirked and said, “What a drag! Working like a cow for a whole month just for 1 to 2 thousand dollars! Kang Ming dear, we have already spent close to one thousand dollar for our little Bei Bei!”

The moment she had said that name, everyone was baffled. One of the shouted, “Zhao Kang Ming! When did you marry the class queen! You even have a baby now?!”

Zhou Kang Ming laughed awkwardly and said, “Bei Bei is the pet dog I have back at home. It’s a pure bred German Shepard! I bought it two years ago. It costed around 700,000 dollars2 with actual pedigree!”

With that, everyone now knew that Zhao Hui Shan was intentionally trying to belittle Zhang Yang! It was rather common knowledge that both Zhang Yang and Zhao Hui Shan were seeing each other back then, but they could never expect that she would lose her sense and turn around 180 degrees, treating Zhang Yang like a piece of garbage!

“By the way you speak with each other…I assume you’re going to marry soon?”

Zhou Kang Ming laughed and purposely glance and Zhang Yang. “Yeah. We had just fixed the marriage date at 1st of May! Please! Come and join us!”


The speed at which the people around the table turn their neck to look at Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang was drinking a pint of beer and put the glass down. “Well then, I believe congratulation is in order!”

At his current state of “height”, looking down at the ugly performance of Zhao Kang Ming, he could not bring himself to be angry! He could not help it! Have you seen an ant trying to dance around to impress an elephant? And would the elephant be impressed by it? NO! Because either side was on a whole other level!

However, Zhang Yang action had led everyone to believe that he was drinking to release his frustration. How could they not!? When a first love was being married to someone else, and the groom was not you! How much pain could the heart contain before it implodes!

Those with a heart of sympathy was rather a plenty around the table, many of which had raised their glass for Zhang Yang.

Zhou Kang Ming saw the “drunk” look on Zhang Yang face and was rather satisfied with his accomplishment. Yet, he still wanted to throw more wood into a burning forest, trying to incite the anger in Zhang Yang. “Hey, Zhang Yang! It seems that you came here alone today. I assume that you did not have any person you’re seeing! How about this? I’ll asked Shan Shan here to introduce a few girls for you! Well, I can’t guarantee that the girls would be as pretty as Shan Shan herself! Hahaha…ha…ha…”

He thought that he had said something funny and started to laugh on his own. But when his laughter was not accompanied with anyone else, he stopped and went silent.

Tok Tok Tok!

A soft knock echoed thought the hall that came from the main door. A service crew quickly head over and opened the door. A mature, beautiful young lady walked in. Her long hair brushed against the wind as she walked through the door. A piece of short dress was plastered tightly against her pale marble-like skin. The chest was designed in a deep V cutting that completely expose one third of her voluptuous hoonkas. By the looks of it, the dress was not meant to be worn over a bra. Paired with her slender waist, her soft and well-filled butt cheeks were clearly held back by the dress. Each step crossed over the other leg; as she catwalked down the hall, sending waves and waves of pure hot passion!

The skirt was so short that it barely touched her knees. Whatever that was lower down was covered in two long black colored leggings that was so thin, you could mistakenly assume she was not wearing any! Her legs were obnoxiously long and slender, and the short skirt and the high heels only added to their radiance!

A pair of sunglasses adorned her nose. With a small handbag hanging on her left arm, she looked like a super model from the western fashion company!

The moment she walked into the hall, every young man had their carnal instinct triggered to its maximum! Everyone was questioning themselves the identity of the woman!

The woman smirked and curled her lips in. She pulled down her sunglasses a little and said, “You guys sure are full of yourselves huh! How could you start without me!”

“L-L-Li Ru!?” Those who recognize this sexy woman immediately screamed in shocked.

Li Run turned in circle on her spot and giggled playfully. “What’s wrong guys? You can’t recognize me?”

Fatty Han screamed out. “I said before that women are genius shape-shifters, and I’ll say it again! Especially pretty chicks! Every time they change into a new look, they would only be sexier and sexier!”

Every other guys nodded their head like student listening to a professor in a classroom. Li Ru was the same as everyone else. She was at the same age and studied together in the same class as the rest. Li Ru had been the class queen, and the school idol! But, back then, her figure was still maturing, she was not as alluring, nor as bewitching as she was now! Those perky breasts, that jiggle in her booty, those assets reminded how those boys were still boys. She was the kind of perfect dish that people would crave in an instant!

Every other lady was sulking bitterly. How could they not?

A beautiful peacock has just entered the hall! That entrance alone was enough to send all them doubting their own complexion. How could they be happy about it!? Especially when their own partners were drooling over her face, chest, and ass!

1Bird Nest - To be more accurate, swallow’s nest. The Chinese believe that ingesting swallow’s nest gave strong health benefits. It’s usually costly.

2700,000 dollars - I have no clue what kind of German Shepard that would cost 700,000 dollars. However, do note that the currency they are using is assumed to be China’s RMB. After conversion to USD, it would be around 100,000. USD 100,000 for pure-bred German Shepards that came with their own certificates of authenticity.

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