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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 200 — Class Idol

Chapter 200: Class Idol

Of all the ladies present, Zhao Hui Shan was most bitter!

Before Li Ru had made her appearance, Zhao Hui Shan was the most beautiful lady around! Every gesture, every move she made would attract the silent stares of men. But, the moment Li Ru stepped in, every single eyeball in the room had swiveled around to lock onto her body! That alone infuriated the narcissistic beauty, Zhao Hui Shan. How could she allow this to continue any longer!?

Li Ru smirked again. She slid her sunglasses off and nipped the edge of it with her lips, ever so sexily. She slowly turned around, giving the men several more angles to gaze upon her beauty as she scanned the room, her long eyes lashes fluttering. As soon as she spotted Zhang Yang, her eyes widened. She kicked off the floor with her high heels and headed towards him.

“Hey. Wang Hai, let me have this seat,” said Li Ru to the person sitting next to Zhang Yang. As if she was wearing a concoction of Aphrodite herself, the man, coerced by the sweet scent emitting from behind him lost all sense of mind and complied obediently. Driven by instincts alone he stood up and stepped aside, his eyes wandering. As she pulled the chair back and sat on it, as his body moved by itself, the man called Wang Hai realized just then that he had given up his seat. Shaking off his stupor, he walked around the large dining table to find himself another empty seat.

Li Ru got comfortable in her seat and waved at the service crew at the corner of the hall. She ordered them to bring her a new set of utensil and cutlery.

She smiled at everyone. “Ah, it’s been such a long time guys! I missed you guys so much!”

Fatty Han laughed, “Li Ru! Why the hell are you sitting next to my man Little Yang!”

Li Ru was twirling her silky long hair over her fair, jade-like skin. “Since when, was Zhang Yang your man?! I’d known that both of you were rather close, but I don’t think that you guys were into each other like that!”

What was that!? Fatty Han may be known, for better or for worse, for his knack of blabbing out other-worldly nonsense. Even so, this woman was completely out of his league! Fatty Han was dumbstruck for a moment. Being the Fatty Han that Zhang Yang knew, he would always get back up, more determined than ever, and this was no exception. Fatty Han finally said, after a noticeable pause, “Yo! Little Yang, mah bro here is my brother from another mother! Listen, woman, we’re so close that we’re practically wearing the same pants! As long as you’re not getting close to the point of going twenty toes with him, he is still my man!”

Even though his words were specifically directed to Li Ru, everyone else had been listening as well. Li Ru was the only one laughing uncontrollably. She was practically shaking all over. Her tightly packed goods were trembling vigorously, like a water balloons in an earthquake. Everyone was fixated on her assets, worried that they would sudden pop out of that deep V dress! Well, it wasn’t like the men would have anything to complain about if that actually happened.

That slow-motion waves of tremors…was enough to send 9 out of 10 men down to the abyss, pitching their tents!

After laughing for a good minute, Li Ru calmed down and curled her lips. “Did you really think that you could wear Zhang Yang’s pants with that body of yours? You could, if you go commando all the way!”

Everyone laughed at her joke. Such an enticing creature, a marvelous being, unfazed by indecent jokes, how could men resist such temptation. Naturally they would respond to please, their minds running wild with images of fantasy!

At that moment, all of the men in Zhang Yang’s table had been completely charmed by Li Ru. In fact, men from the other table were already coming over to his side. Most of them were just trying to get close to her, bumping their glasses with her’s to cheers.

Zhao Hui Shan was still sulking over the matter. The crown that was supposed to be hers had been instantly snatched away by Li Ru! That beautiful lady was being ogled at like a super star! Men fell for her, women envied her.

To put it on the score board, Zhao Hui Shan was at the same level in terms of looks. However, she was somehow lacking in attractive force. Furthermore, she was inferior to her when it came to everything below the neck. It was only natural that Zhao Hui Shan would lose to Li Ru! It was no news that Li Ru had been the famous girl with big boobs in high school. That devilish, vulgar body of hers was so attractive that she even managed to capture the hearts of male teachers! They had to use their briefcases to cover their groins!

Thinking about the past, Zhao Hui Shan got even angrier. However, the final straw was that her own partner, her boyfriend, Zhou Kang Ming would not stop peeking at Li Ru’s peaks! What else could she feel then? The regret of not drinking papaya milk and massaging her breasts since she was younger?

“Li Ru, how have you been these few years?” asked Zhao Hui Shan. She decided to have a showdown with Li Ru after being knocked off the stage.

Li Ru suddenly expressed a distant look; grief and sadness filled her eyes for only an instant, it faded off swiftly, but some of it remained on her face. “I did fine! My husband died and left me with a large fortune! Well, at least I don’t need to worry about money for the rest of my life!”

Everyone was curious. One of the men asked. “You were married? When did that happen?”

“In university, I was a fashion model. There was this one time when we were filming for a TV program when a rich, old horny man caught sight of me. He said that he liked me and wanted to marry me. He even offered me luxury gifts like a car and a villa!”

Li Ru was playing with the teaspoon in her hand, twisting and flipping it on the table.

“I am a woman who enjoys the glamorous life of the rich. So, I took him in. I dropped out and married the man!” said Li Ru. She smiled and rested her chin on her palm. “He was just aiming for my body. I was aiming for his pot of gold. There was no real chemistry there. Just mutual interest. After we got married for a while, he had a heart attack and died off, leaving my family a huge, profitable company. I think it was worth at least 10 million or so. At least, I have it in for me! My life is secure till I die!”

The other ladies in the room who were listening to her story gasped in horror. Disgust filled their faces. Some were throwing inaudible insults like gold-digger, b*tch, sly fox, sly snake, and whatever else they could connect to the word ‘sly’.

In the current era, people would look down on the poor but would never look down on those with beauty, what she had right now was wealth along with a beautiful face and a sexy body! She had it all in one nice package! What man would not want to have her! Obtaining her hand in marriage would be the same as obtaining the world!

Every man in the room was burning with desire to have her for their own.

“Zhang Yang! A toast for you!” Li Ru picked up her glass out of the blue, turning to Zhang Yang.

He was stunned.

Li Ru had not been present in his previous life. His only had fuzzy memories of her name being mentioned during his high school days. If she had not appeared here, he would have completely forgotten about her!

He had no idea on how things had turned out this way. However, now that it has come to this, no matter how they diverge from the timeline that he knew, he will just play along and go with the flow.

Zhang Yang went along with the flow and raised his own glass to clink into hers. When the cold transparent glasses made contact, he could feel Li Ru fingers caressing his. At first, he thought that it was merely accidental. However, he saw the seductive curve of her lips, along with a playful lick of her tongue. He immediately got an idea of her thoughts.

Witnessing how Li Ru was trying to seduce Zhang Yang, other men gulped. They did not understand what and how this was happening.

Zhang Yang was just a regular guy, with a regular face. In fact, he was bad at his studies, often getting involved in street fights. Right now, in his youth and in good health, he had not found himself a proper job. Well, a professional gamer was not considered to be a legit job. For god sake, which online game could last for more than 3 to 5 years? How could he rely on the game to survive? It would never be able to put food on the table and a roof on his head.

While everything was thinking about the same thing, Zhou Kang Ming was growing redder in color. Tonight, he wanted to strike down his enemy, to publicly shame Zhang Yang! He would never have anticipated that he would end up drooling himself! How could a jewel like Li Ru be interested in a monkey like Zhang Yang!? Now, who was the one rubbing salt on whose wounds!?

He quickly tried to do divert the attention. “Li Ru, did you know, Zhang Yang is now a professional gamer!”

“Oh!” Li Ru eyes widened with curiosity. “Please tell me! Zhang Yang, what game are you playing now?”

“Oh…’God’s Miracle’” replied Zhang Yang casually.

“Ah! I’m playing that too!” said Li Ru as she dragged her chair closer. That sudden jerk sent another vulgar tremble across her peaks, sending them jiggling about in the confined space of her dress. “What is your IGN? Please send me a friend request!”

“Li Ru! I’m playing ‘God’s Miracle’ as well! I’m based in Violet Star City! I’m in the famous Imperial Sky! We were the second guild in the world to clear the Castle Interior Hardcore Mode!” One for man came by suddenly and interrupted. He was another ex-classmate, Feng Guang Bao. Zhang Yang remained silent and pretended to be distract by Feng Guang Bao. He wanted to play dumb to hide his true identity.

Li Ru scoffed. “Imperial Sky? Please…that useless guild could not even get their hands on any First Clear Achievements! Can they compete with Lone Desert Smoke? Besides…the name Imperial Sky sounds weird. It’s so…western!”

Everyone laughed. One of them cried out, “Not bad. There are many of us here playing ‘God’s Miracle!”. I’m in Emerald City! Level 43, anyone else?”

Feng Guang Bao was clearly bothered by Li Ru’s comment. “I know what we cannot be compare with Lone Desert Smoke, but at least Imperial Sky is still the world number 2!”

Fatty Han had a bad impression on Imperial Sky. He opened his mouth to comment. “You claim to be the second in a single dungeon. With that in hand, you claim that you’re the world’s second best guild? Are you flattering yourself?”

“Han Guang! Which guild are you in then?!” Feng Guang Bao snorted.

“Oh it’s quite widely known, everyone knows the name. Just like you said, the best guild in the world, Lone Desert Smoke.” Fatty Han held his nose up high, posing a proud look.

“Is that true?!” said Li Ru as she widened her pearly eyes and edged forward. “I’ve always wanted to join Lone Desert Smoke, but their entry requirements are just too strict! Hey! Fatty! Do you know anyone else inside the guild? Take me! Take me!”

Take her? Many of the men listening to their conversation had taken those words in an entirely different context. Fatty Han threw a quick glance at Zhang Yang and said slowly. “Erhm…this…is rather…I mean. There are rules…and regulation…”

“Fatty~~~~” Li Ru squealed suddenly. Fatty Han was rather shocked by it to the point that he forgotten what he was about to say.

“Actually, if you want to join the guild, you’d best talk to Zhang Yang. He was the one who introduced me into the guild! No biggie. He is one of the higher ranked guild officers!” said Fatty Han. He was obviously out of tricks to fend of this b*tch and had passed the baton to Zhang Yang.

Li Ru quickly turned her head to face Zhang Yang. Her hair flew out glamorously and brushed over her cheek. She smiled sweetly and said, “Come on, old friend. You would help me out, right?”

Furious with Fatty Han for talking too much, he pointedly turned away and explained to Li Ru. “He was right. There are rules and regulations to follow…”

“I’m going to stop you right there!” said Li Ru as he held her hand out. “Please don’t bring that attitude to me.”

“What attitude…?”

Li Ru made an impression of a sales girl.

“Oh. I’m sorry sir. We cannot allow you to smoke in here.”


“You know. Uptight, rigid, black and white, stick-up-your-ass kind of behavior. That’s you! Don’t do that.”


Zhang Yang returned to his beer. He did not want to carry the conversation any further.

Li Ru jerked her chair yet again and got even closer to Zhang Yang, whispering into his ear. “If it’s come to that, I’ll let you bend the rules a little!”

From Zhang Yang’s point of view, he could clearly see the deep, forbidden regions of a woman’s cleavage. That deep, dark canyon between her two humongous melons. When she leaned in, the scent of her perfume was to strong and sweet that it filled him with a strong carnal desire to grab hold and claim the woman. However, Zhang Yang was not someone with a weak will. He nodded and looked up to meet her eyes instead.

“I cannot allow you to bend the rules. Just give me your IGN and I’ll have the other officers process your application to the guild. Whether they accept or reject you, would be out of my hands. My authority is limited.”

Fatty Han bit his lips. He thought that this man was good in putting up an act; he was determined to aspire for that kind of behavior.

Li Ru giggled and remained close to Zhang Yang’s ear. “Zhang Yang, you must know that I was in love with you ever since high school! Everyone in class were as soft as teddy bears, but you…you were like a lion. A man above all men! I’ll let you in on a little secret. Whenever that old, wrinkled husband of mine was in bed with me, I had always imagined that it was you, inserting your huge and thick p*n*s inside me! Only then, I would not feel disgusted about that dead man!”

The smell of her perfume lingered around him. Zhang Yang had a sudden thought, and it was a rather sympathetic one. “For money, you married a man that you didn’t love. Was is all worth it?”

Li Ru laughed this time, yet her laughter was fake and hollow. “How many women truly marry the men they love? Didn’t you notice? There are many women out there who would rather be mistresses to married men? At least I had it better. I was married officially to him. Compared to the other mistress or secret lovers, I had it better!”

Zhang Yang was rendered speechless. Reality was like a butcher’s knife, hacking away at people’s dreams and visions. Society was like a huge pot of water; ever so polluted with what was once pure romance and love. Everyone had the power to choose. Whether it was right or wrong, good or evil, all depended on the person’s own situation.

“Here, to our wonderful futures! Cheers!” said Zhou Kang Ming as he lift his glass high. Zhou Kang Ming had seen how close Li Ru was to Zhang Yang. He was burning in a rage, fueled by a source he could not determine himself. Even though it was none of his business, really, his heart was a torrent of unstable emotions. He immediately took action to stop them from getting along further, trying reclaim the spotlight.

Everyone knew that Zhou Kang Ming was the person who organized this gathering, and also the person who would be paying the bills in the end. So, in obligatory respect, everyone stood up and lifted their glass. “For a wonderful future!”



When everyone had a little more alcohol in them, the atmosphere got a little livelier. Many of the men in the hall know clearly, that they had no chances of tackling someone out of their leagues like Li Ru. They resorted to try their luck on the person they had a liking to back when they still in high school. Perhaps luck might give them a chance. They might be able to take off to the hotel and rent a room to snuggle around later!

After the rather exaggerated show of an applause, Zhang Yang sat down. Just then, he felt a light rubbing sensation on his shin. He began looking around and quickly realized that he did no need to do so. Only Li Ru who could do something like that. He turned to face her, only to see the charming little minx biting her lower lip, completely dyed in a deep, rose red color that expressed a burning passion. Her seductive eyes looked as if they were craving for lust.

Zhang Yang remained stoic and silent. He pulled back his legs and tucked them beneath his seat. However, just when he was about to get comfortable, he felt another light touch. Not much sooner after that, he definitely felt something on his thighs now, dangerously close to…danger.

Zhang Yang turned to Li Ru again. This time, her eyes were lowered, but her intentions were clear nevertheless. They were burning with desire. Her cheeks were flushed in a pinkish hue that could instantly double the rate of any man’s heart beat. Everything she did, and gazed at, made her look even more seductive.

What the hell is going on?!

Zhang Yang came here was only because he had been forcibly dragged along by Fatty Han. Yet, here he is, being seduced? If he was placed in the same situation in his previous life, he would surely fail to resist this exquisite creature! However, after all that he had been through, it was as if Zhang Yang had activated an unlimited amount of <Shield Wall>.

You can try all you want…but you’ll never be able to seduce me in this massive crowd!

Tok. Tok. Tok.

The door of the hall was knocked on again. The service crew hurried up to the door and opened it.


A gorgeous lady with her eyes covered by a pair sunglasses walked in. Her long silky hair flowed back and forth as she walked into the hall.

A light-yellow dress adorned her slender body. The dress was rather well-made, with excellent workmanship and high-quality fabric. Anyone with a keen eye could easily recognize the dress was Chanel’s most popular dress this summer. The little hand bag that was slung over her forearm was also a Chanel. The perfume that she wore on her today was also Chanel’s. The bracelet was yet another Chanel…this lady must be a crazy fan of Chanel. That, or Chanel had a crazy sale and she was just there coincidentally.

Unlike Li Ru’s mature style, this young woman had a distinctively different style. Her curves were rather substantial; however, she could not be described as having a devilish body. However, she had her own special features. Her legs. Her long, pearl-like legs were so slender. If she had stood in a corner, she would look like a mannequin in a fashion shop.

Complexion-wise, she possessed a certain degree of beauty that rivaled Li Ru and Zhao Hui Shan! Her cold, frost-like composure gave her a sense of nobility; that people could only look up to.

Another unexpected person appeared!

Yang Zhi Xian. She was the most beautiful girl in the first class, which made her the most beautiful girl in the entire school. She was beautiful indeed; no one doubted that. That and, she was rather exceptional in her studies. A full package, people said. Zhang Yang vaguely remembered her but, one thing was for certain; neither of them were supposed to be in the student gathering.

Among the things that had happened, it was as if there was a huge hand in the cosmos, silent and undetected, changing the world as it is.

“Yang Zhi Xian?!” Li Ru was the first to greet her. “Here! Here! Here! Sit with me!” she shrieked.

Chanel girl Yang Zhi Xian saw Li Ru calling out to her and smiled proudly. She lowered her sunglasses a little and walked gracefully towards Zhang Yang’s table. With extreme elegance and grace, she sat in the last available seat at Zhang Yang’s table.

She carefully took out a napkin and ran it over the chopsticks and spoon. Only after the deed was done did she sit properly and get comfortable. The graceful, lady-like manner had left everyone slightly uncomfortable.

Fatty Han loved beautiful women, but he could not get used to her level of mannerism. He laughed awkwardly and said, “I’d say, miss Yang, if you took off your pants and fart, wouldn’t it be too redundant? I think you’re sugarcoating your actions a little too much. This hotel is 5-star, 3-star by your standards at least, they would never serve unwashed cutlery for a customer to use, no?”

Yang Zhi Xian lifted her head and stared at Fatty Han. Her eye brow twitched a little, as if she was clearly offended by his crude language.

Li Ru interjected, “Fatty, would could you say something like that in front of a fair lady?!”

“Sorry, lady. I mean, Lady Yang…” Fatty Han laughed awkwardly again. Who knew that kind of context he really meant when he used the term “lady”.

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