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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 203 — Rage for the Damsel

Chapter 203: Rage for the Damsel

Zhang Yang ignored him completely and turned to Yu Li. “Teacher Yu! Let’s go!”

Qian Hong Wen was immensely angered. He threw his arms across, grabbed Zhang Yang’s shoulders, and turned him around forcefully. “What do you think you’re doing?! Leave the woman behind!”

A few days back, Qian Hong Wen was in the campus to meet up with his uncle. Coincidentally, he saw Yu Li when she was bending over to pick up the books that she had accidentally dropped. That moment, he saw her plump little butt plastered against the fabric of her skirt. The perfect peach-like contour was so vividly pressed out, that he could see a hint of butt-cleavage between the two bumps. A boiling wave of lust surged out and he hated the fact that he could not just rush in to grab those perfect melons! All he wanted to do was to thrust himself between that perfectly formed gap! When Yu Li straightened up, he saw her face, which was as beautiful as a super star’s! The lust in him rose up like bile and he could not just let her go!

Qian Hong Wen knew that Hou Bi Hua (Monkey Butt) was working hard for a promotion! So, Qian Hong Wen used that to bait the man, hinting that all he wanted was to get her into his lap. If he could do it, promotion would be in hand. Without any further thought, Monkey Butt accepted the offer!

The plan was laid out smoothly. The little sheep was about to land into the mouth of the wolf, when someone unexpectedly appeared to interrupt. Like having cold water poured over his head, how could Qian Hong Wen remain calm! As a Cang Lang Province Government Publication Department Deputy Chief, he was still a Deputy Chief of a governmental institution! If he wanted to get down with a woman, why would he need to behave! If he wanted his bed warm, hundreds of women would be jumping onto his bed for him!

Zhang Yang frowned furiously. “Let go!”

Yu Li was the woman he had secretly been in love with ever since he had entered university. Even though time had been cruel to him and made him forget about his youthful love, he could never allow a woman he knew to be harassed right in front of his face! Rage, anger, righteousness, you name it, he had them all!

As a man of rank, it had become a habit for a person such as Qian Hong Wen to look down on a nobody like Zhang Yang. He proudly bellowed. “Boy! Do you know who I am?”

That cliché…it was like almost every single villain only spoke that same utterance every time they were challenged.

Zhang Yang scoffed. “What do I care? If you don’t let go, you’ll be sorry about what happens next!”

All the commotion had brought the attention of Fatty Han and the rest of his ex-classmates. Everyone came out of the room, peeking at the situation only to see Zhang Yang and the obese middle-aged man having a war with words.

Zhang Yang is such a stud! He could even seduce a woman while on a toilet break! But…is he starting a fight?

With a strong brotherly love, Fatty Han immediately let Wu Hai Li go. How could he allow this fight to go on without him! He walked up with large steps and bellowed. “What’s up! You wanna fight?”

His nostril was practically flaring with potent rage. Even though he was no high-ranking officer in this province, the current province leader Yang Bao Kun was an old friend back in university. He relied on this special relation to do whatever he wanted, as he saw fit. This fat f*ck definitely looked like a street thug in a glance. Was he seeking trouble; a common street thug, picking a fight with a government officer out of all things!

“Bastard! I am Cang Lang Province Government Publication Department Deputy Chief Qian Hong Wen! Try and touch me if you dare!” Qian Hong Wen decided to puff his chest to let those two oblivious brats to understand who they are dealing with!

Like a astrophysics trying to explain the theory of space time to a 5 year old, Fatty Han was rather confused about that long title. Fatty Han mind was only filled with girls, woman, ladies, and fights. In his perspective, government officers were either governors, mayors, city leaders, or district leaders. As for chief of departments…the only department chief he knew was the Safety Department Chief at a Transport company that he used to work at. With that in mind, Fatty Han thought that his middle-aged man must be out of his mind. Deputy Chief?! Huh!

Fatty Han crossed his hands.

So what if you have a few underlings? You think I’m afraid? Call them if you want. I’ll fight all day!

Zhang Yang grew impatient. He glanced down to where Qian Hong Wen was grabbing his hands and said with a serious tone. “3 seconds. If you don’t let go, you’ll regret it dearly.”

“What are you pulling at?” Annoyed, Qian Hong Wen raise his hand to slap Zhang Yang.


Zhang Yang lifted his leg and delivered a strong kick. Qian Hong Wen cried out suddenly with colors drained from his face. He trembled a little as he staggered a few steps back. His throat quivered a little before a loud “ARGH” was released from his wide, open mouth.

“Eww…” The hallway was suddenly filled with the smell of alcohol. Everyone instinctively pinched their noses.

“Y-You! What have you done! You actually hit an officer in the open! Revolt! Rebel!” Monkey Butt quickly took out his phone and dialed 110. He had not dared call the cops for fearing that it might tarnish Qian Hong Wen’s reputation! He was a government officer, and being seen in an entertainment center, a Karaoke establishment would be rather embarrassing for him. But, now that an officer had been struck down, he had to do something, or earn Qian Hong Wen’s fury.

Monkey Butt was categorized under the education department, and since his university was under the private sector, not even a City level officer could touch him, much less a Provincial officer. Technically, he should not be afraid of Qian Hong Wen. Still, he is the nephew of the university president, he could easily ask his sister to say a word or two when her husband is sleeping next to her. If things get any worse, he might not be able to work in any department at all!

That was from the perspective of the “bad guys”. Everyone else had their own thoughts about Zhang Yang striking the self-proclaimed government officer.

Wang Hai and Liu Qi Ming were just regular, everyday chaps. They were stunned and immediately begun trembling in fear. Zhang Yang might have gotten them involved in trouble, dragging them down the sea along with him. Zhao Kang Ming was beyond glee. He knew that once Zhang Yang had offended a Province Government Publication Department Deputy Chief, he would not be able to walk free after this event!

Zhao Hui Shan was also happy that she had made the right decision to dump him back then. If she had followed him closely, a man who knows no danger, who acts all high and mighty and gets into a huge messes like the one that had just happened in front of them, she would have had to watch over her shoulder fearfully, till the end of her life! Li Ru on the other hand, was brimming with joy! She was able to see the wild, fierce Zhang Yang in action again. Her desire for him had doubled! She had decided to invest a little more money to keep him for her own!

Yan Zhi Ru was rather shocked at his action. Once again, she clicked her tongue out of habit. She thought that since she had publicly announced of her father’s position, he intended to borrow her strength and influential power to act how he want. Still, he was still an acquaintance. As such, she would be willing to help out a hand. Still, she wanted to make sure that she could properly control Zhang Yang. If he had tasted the power, he might abuse it!

The truth? Zhang Yang dared to kicked down Qian Hong Wen because he was borrowing someone else’s strength and influential power. The target was not Yang Zhi Xian, but his own “girlfriend”, Sun Xin Yu! She was the real god here. Since he had that power right in his pocket, why not use them? Zhang Yang was not that kind of man who would rely on his own strength to enact justice. Why do something when you can let someone else do it for you?

Qian Hong Wen was drunk and wanted to rape a helpless woman, this kind information would definitely be fuel to the icy flame of Sun Xin Yu! Her kicks would definitely be stronger and harder than his!

“Teacher Yu! Please get up! I’ll send you home!” Zhang Yang supported Yu Li on his shoulder and begun to leave.

“Don’t you move!” Monkey Butt had just ended the call. He did not dare to stand right in front of Zhang Yang, fearing that he would end up the same way as Qian Hong Wen. However, the Karaoke center security guards was alert. One by one, they rushed over.

Monkey Butt started to shoat while pointing his fingers at Zhang Yang. “Don’t let them go! That man beat Chief Qian up!”

The guards had no idea who Chief Qian was, but they did know that “Chief”, meant something. They quickly blocked Zhang Yang front moving further. Be it a minor brawl or random fights, it was their duty to detain the people involved and let the police take care of the rest.

Qian Hong Wen coughed heavily for a while and got up after a huge struggle. He pointed his trembling fingers at Zhang Yang, his voice shaking. “You f*cking bastard! I’ll mess you up real good!”

Zhang Yang turned around and smiled. “You must have many colleagues in work. Be wary that you might be called in for an afternoon tea by the Disciplinary Committee!”

All government officer would be scared of the Disciplinary Committee!

Annoyed, Qian Hong Wen screamed. “Who you think you are? You think you can call up to a Disciplinary Committee to check on me? Is your father a City Chief? A Province Chief? Hmph! I’ll let you sit and rot in jail for the next 10 days! Or even a month! I’ll arrange a very nice spot you! People would be able to f*ck your bare naked *ss all day!”

Yang Zhi Xian heard what he said and frowned angrily. She was familiar with such people. One of them was her father’s old classmate back when her father was in university. Back when he came to her house as a guest, he treated her father with respect, to the point where she thought that he was very kind and friendly without any trace of anger nor savagery! But lo and behold, once the tables are turned, she could not believe that he could be so rude and violent!

Even though she was a girl, having experience of dealing with politics since she was young, she gained a strong understanding on the political world. She knew that this kind of people would only be up to no good. Whenever a big case came up, her father would definitely be involved. A leader would lose his credibility because of a single misjudge!

No, she can not allow this man to continue his act of horror!

Fatty Han rolled up his sleeves and asked Zhang Yang. “Little Yang. This man mouth is spouting something smelly. I can’t bear to smell it anymore. Should I help you close his mouth up?”

Zhang Yang smiled lightly and said, “There’s no need to soil your hands on a rabid dog.”

A Province Government Publication Department Deputy Chief was insulted as a rabid dog? If Zhao Kang Ming and the rest of his friend were shocked beyond belief, what would Qian Hong Wen himself feel? Zhang Yang must be mad beyond reason! He is crazy beyond anyone’s comprehension! He must be crazy!

How could you fight with a Province Government Publication Department Deputy Chief? That man could easily blow you off with a simple fart! You think you’re all strong and invincible just because you can fight? What’s the use of the police force then?!

“Fatty! Let’s go!” said Zhang Yang. He needed Fatty Han to drive Yu Li back home.

“Don’t you dare move!” said the Karaoke guards. If this case escalated to a serious level, the guards might be in serious trouble if they let Zhang Yang leave the scene.

Qian Hong Wen had steam coming out from his ears and nose. He was the Cang Lang Province Government Publication Department Deputy Chief! How could he take a beating in a public just like that! If the word got out, he would be shamed! When he saw many guards surrounding Zhang Yang, he gathered the courage and walked up front boldly. He gripped his fist tightly and thrust a haymaker to the back of Zhang Yang’s head.

Now, Zhang Yang and Fatty Han were excellent fighting partners. Even though Zhang Yang was facing the guards, Fatty Han was covering his back out of habit. This fighting stance was formed after years of fighting together in the streets! Now that he saw the sneaky Qian Hong We about to land a hit to Zhang Yang, Fatty Han immediately threw a punch to meet with his fist.

“ARGH…” Qian Hong Wen backed away in a flash. His hand was flung backwards. Blood started to ooze out from his hands; and his face was cringing in pain.

Blood! There’s blood!

Once the guard saw that happening, how could they let them go! Zhang Yang and the fat guy had completely ignored the guards and assaulted the government officer! In an instant, the group of guards rushed towards Zhang Yang, raising their batons to hit Zhang Yang, to try and stop the two “suspects”, Zhang Yang and Fatty Han.

Seeing that he was about to be attacked, he could not just let them do so, and in a quick flash and a blur, Zhang Yang beat them all into a pulp.

During the commotion, Zhou Kang Ming and the rest of his friend were dragged into the mess. The guards had mistakenly assumed that they were with Zhang Yang and beat them up with their batons, leaving them wailing in pain. Since Fatty Han was a little annoyed at Zhou Kang Ming earlier, he had even “accidentally” threw a few punches to leave a mark on his face. Zhang Yang himself had purposely led the guards, one by one towards Zhou Kang Ming, letting the bastard have a taste of the fight. However, that bastard had even shoved Zhao Hui Shan in front of himself and cowered behind her.

Know that hammer of justice does not discriminate genders! In the midst of the huge commotion, who would have the time to pull their punches if a beautiful girl got involved in the fight? Furthermore, since the guards were “bullied” by Fatty Hand and Zhang Yang so badly, they took their chance to have their “revenge” at the poor, wailing little Zhou Kang Ming. Target the weak ones first, in a fight. This was the perfect example. However, the true victim here was Zhao Hui Shan, her hair tugged at so roughly that her scream was so loud that people might have thought that she was actually giving birth. Her chest and *ss had marks; perhaps a few of those guards might had taken the opportunity to molest her.

Both Zhang Yang and Fatty Han were unmatched in fist fights. They could face more than 10 guards and still remained unfazed. The alcohol in them made their punches a little more sluggish than usual. But, after trading a few blows, they grew stronger, faster! In turn, they had managed to beat them all with only a little effort. Qian Hong Wen and the Monkey Butt were not out of the fight, their faces and noses clearly bruised badly for taking innumerable hits in the commotion.

Wee Woo Wee Woo!

The siren of the police was heard outside of the establishment just when the fight was about to reach its conclusion. After a few more punches were thrown, a squad of policemen came up the building and surrounded everyone. “Face the wall! Face and wall and kneel down!”

Being used to these kind of situation, both Fatty Han and Zhang Yang quickly headed to a corner and complied. After all, those policemen were holding electric batons! If they were to get stung by those contraptions, it would be stinging for a few days!

Qian Hong Wen, however, refused to comply! He was the officer in this province! A leader, technically! These police officers are all under his rank! They were practically his subordinates! If he listened to them and kneel down, how could he still face the public after being humiliated so extensively! Furthermore, he was the victim here! Fatty Han’s punch had knocked out two of his front teeth! If he did not at least beat them with a punch or two, he would not be able to sleep comfortably tonight!

The policemen walked closer and when they saw this one man still rearing for a fight, they zapped him with the electric baton and sent the man down to his knees.

“GRAaa.Aaah…argh…ah…” The poor man was zapped badly before he could no longer remain standing, where he laid on the ground twitching with the remaining electric current in his system.

“Wait! He’s the… GRAHHahhh…ah…” The poor Monkey Butt was already kneeling down when he quickly jumped to his feet to reveal Qian Hong Wei’s identity. But the policemen did not know that and thought that he was somewhat resisting arrest. They zapped him as well and left him shaking in pain.

Both Zhang Yang and Fatty Han saw what had happened and giggled quietly.

“Take them all back to the station!” cried one of the policemen. The number of participants in this fight was quite large. It could even consider to be a mass brawl. The leading policeman raised his hand and gave the command. The other policemen nodded their head and took them all into the police car.

One by one, they were led into the back seat of the police car, with men and women in separated vehicle. Zhou Kang Ming stared begrudgingly at Zhang Yang with a right eye. His left eye was completely swollen shut. He screamed at Zhang Yang angrily. “Look what you have done to us all!”

Liu Qi Ming was also one of the unlucky one, He had only wanted to get into a good relation with Fatty Han, he had never though that he might got involve in a fight, much less being dragged to the police station! If he was charged in participating in a street fight…he did not dare think any further. His face went pale and he started to sob uncontrollably.

Fatty Han heard the sob and scolded the poor little boy. “What are you crying for?! Have you never been to the police station?”

“Keep your mouth shut!” screamed the driver through the barbed net between the passenger and the driver. “Shut the f*ck up!”

Zhou Kang Ming froze in his seat and did not even dare make squeak of a mouse. Still, his rage had not been extinguished. He stared angrily at Zhang Yang and silently swore that he will accuse him as much as he could when the police question them.

Wee woo wee woo. The siren of the police car echoed as they reached the police station. Since the number of suspects was just too great, the car was driven into the station, stopping right in front of the building.

“Get out! Get your lazy bums out of the car now!” said the policeman as he dragged them all out like ducks out of their cages.

As they walked into the building, a man dressed in a casual clothing, looking to be around the age of 30, ran up to them and greeted the front most policeman.

“Are these the people that had cause the commotion at Dream City?”

“Yes, Secretary Lee!” said the policeman. The person that addressed him was the Secretary of the Chief of the Public Security Bureau. He could not afford to make a mistake.

Secretary Lee quickly search through the crowd, screaming, “Chief Qian! Chief Qian!”

“I’m here! I’m here!” cried Qian Hong Wei with his trembling lips. The poor man had zapped with the electric baton, and he could still feel the numbing sensation all over his body. The man could not even speak properly.

Secretary Lee quickly headed toward Qian Hong Wei and said sternly. “Officer Bai, this man is the Cang Lang Province Government Publication Department Deputy Chief Qian Hong Wen! Look at him! Look at how much he was mistreated! These psychotic mad men had betrayed the country and dared to even strike a member of the government! We have to punish these rogues severely with extreme prejudice!”

The policeman called Bai was stunned. He had never known that he had arrested the Cang Lang Province Government Publication Department Deputy Chief Qian Hong Wen! Oh god! He did see one of his subordinate using the electric baton to attack the man! If the department finds out what had happened, he would be partially responsible for it!

Zhou Kang Ming was completely dumbfounded. His heart racing madly. Psychotic? Betray the country? Rogues?! If he was really charged with those accusation, he would not even die in peace! He quickly jumped in horror and screamed at the top of his lungs. “I’M INNOCENT! INNOCENT, I TELL YOU! IT WAS ALL ZHANG YANG AND HAN GUANG! IT WAS THE TWO OF THEM THAT STARTED THE FIGHT! I’M INNOCENT! INNOCENT!”

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