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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 204 — Gu Jun stance

Chapter 204: Gu Jun stance

Being told that they were culprits, betrayers of the nation, and even tagged as a psychotic madmen. They had been seriously being dragged into the fire pit. But they had done nothing! Literally nothing! If this turns out any worse than they can imagine, what would happen to them? With that negative thoughts circling in their heads, Liu Qi Ming and the rest of the “victims” screamed for justice.

On the other hands, Secretary Lee was annoyed at their cries. “The police will not simply wrong an innocent man! On the other hands, we will not let a criminal run free! So, what are you screaming for? We will get down to the bottom of this! Don’t think that you can just get away by simple screaming like a little wimp!”

Zhou Kang Ming faced turned as bitter as a bitter gourd. With nothing else that they could do, they resort to only curse the man at their side. It was all Zhang Yang’s fault to begin with! It was all because of his inconsiderate actions that had led them down to this path!

Even Zhao Hui Shan, who was envious of Li Ru’s inherited wealth and Yang Zhi Xian’s family background, knew that she had to do something about this matter by seeking help from one of them. This concerned his boyfriend’s and her own future as well! She could not just allow this to go on without any intervention. It might jeopardize the one-sided relationship between her and Zhou Kang Ming! She turned to Yang Zhi Xian and asked, “Zhi Xian, say something! I know you can do something about this!”

Only when she mentioned Yang Zhi Xian’s name, the rest only recalled that she was the beloved daughter of the Province Leader of Cang Lang! What could Qian Hong Wei do as a mere Deputy Chief of a Department? The other person was of much higher rank! The pathetic guys quickly surrounded Yang Zhi Xian and begged her!

Because Yang Zhi Xian had been hiding behind the crowd, Qian Hong Wei had never managed to catch a glimpse of her, until Zhao Kang Ming and the rest were screaming out her name and graveling at her feet. Qian Hong Wei heart sank. This time, it might be more troublesome than it could really be. Why was this young lady among the crowd? Why was she involved? If she did give in to their pleas and helped the youngsters, it might really be the end of Qian Hong Wei!

When a person with only one rank higher could easily step on his subordinates, how much would he be trampled on when he was 3 times lower than this girl’s father?! Now, a large majority of any Department Deputy Chiefs would never ever reach the height of being the Head of a Department in their life time! A Provincial officer, much less so! In the governmental ranking world, a Provincial ranking officer was far, far stronger than a mere Department Chief! The difference in authority would be heaven and earth!

Even though Qian Hong Wen was Yang Zhi Xian’s senior in both age and position, Yang Zhi Xian’s father was at an even higher position. At least he still had some manners in him! He proactively greeted the girl with a rather pitiful smile that beckoned a punch, “Ah! It’s Zhi Xian!”

Yang Zhi Xian smiled, but it was so rigid and robotic and anyone knows it was just an obligatory respond. “Uncle Qian.”

As a secretary, he was a rather sensitive to his surroundings and was very competent in his work. He quickly rushed to Qian Hong Wen and whispered into this ears, “Chief Qian, who is this woman?”

“Her father is the Cang Lang Province Leader!”

Secretary Lee sucked in a deep breath. He knew that this was completely out of his league. Even his own Ma Wu Shi Bureau Chief was just a Department Chief. He quickly switched his voice tone and spoke stoically. “I’m afraid that his matter is much complicated than it has to be. The police would require much more information from all sides to solve this case!”

Yang Zhi Xian peeked at Zhang Yang and was offended at his aloofness. He did not even open his mouth to ask for her help!

I’m helping you as a ex-classmate! You could at least show some appreciation to me! What am I? Your nanny? Such insolence!

Still, her face remained completely unfazed, revealing no emotions!

“I can testify. The one that took part in the fight was only him and him. The rest of the people here were completely innocent!” said Yang Zhi Xian and she pointed at Zhang Yang and Fatty Han, indicating the true culprit.

Qian Hong Wen was both surprised and happy. He had initially thought that the girl was with Zhang Yang and Fatty Han. He had originally let go of the intention to get back at Zhang Yang since his reputation and fame was far more important than a little fight. However, that all changed when he heard what Yang Zhi Xian had just said. It was obvious that she had never had the intention to protect Zhang Yang and Fatty Han.

If that was the case, Qian Hong Wei might still have a chance to have his revenge against Zhang Yang!

Secretary Lee was a smart lad; he could easily understand what Yang Zhi Xian meant when she said that. He gestured a wave with his hands and called the police officer. “Officer Bai, take these two to the interrogation room and INTERROGATE them nicely!” Secretary Lee purposely emphasize the word.

Fatty Han was getting worried. Even though he had no clue about who being the higher rank, he could see that this Secretary Lee and the Deputy Chief Qian were both afraid of Yang Zhi Xian.

Damn girl! We were classmates! Why did you ignore us!

Yang Zhi Xian purposely stared at Zhang Yang, to give him a last minute window to beg for her help!

Zhang Yang was thinking of completely another thing. He was snickering. If they were caught and placed in another police station, he might have been a little worried. But here, this place…This was where Sun Xin Yu goes to work! What there is to be afraid off? He could easily call on his “girlfriend” and ask for her help!

Officer Bai pulled Fatty Han and Zhang Yang into the station. Along the way, a middle-aged man appeared to be in the way. Both of his hands were behind him; his completely stoic stance and a stern face was familiar.

When the officers around saw him, they stood still and raised their hand to salute. “Chief Gu”

That man was the Bureau’s Deputy Chief, Gu Jun.

Even since the incident involving Zhang Yang and the robbery case, Gu Jun had been rather outstanding. His reputation had been severely affected by the public “humiliation” from Sun Xin Yu. He took the chance to compete with the other two Deputy Chief and had managed to obtain credit for a number of contributions. It was not to the point where he could rival the actual Chief of the Bureau, but he did act more often and was not passive as he was last time.

The man nodded. A man of his rank could not simply react casually to others, lest it might tamper with his reputation and respect as a leader. He walked further with his hands behind his arm crossed behind him.

Officer Bai relaxed and pushed Zhang Yang. “Move!”

Zhao Kang Ming was completely delighted. Now that he was off the hook, he begin to have his own thoughts in his head.

I might had taken a few punches but now that things had gone this way, you f*ckers will have it worse! When a police resorts to violence, they can be worse than an actual street thug!

Back in the car, Li Ru had already glued her phone to her ear, calling here and there, trying to find a connection that might save Zhang Yang. If Zhang Yang was dragged in the interrogation room, every minute that pass in the room would mean a minute of torture! Li Ru could not help but feel distressed about it, stomping the ground in frustration.

“Wait!” cried Gu Jun when he had only walked a few steps forward. He turned around and observe Zhang Yang closely and was shocked, and a little happy to recognized him. “Y-You! You’re Zhang Yang!”

Zhang Yang smiled casually. “Good day to you Chief Gu!’

Gu Jun had been grieving in regret when he had missed the chance to get closer to Sun Xin Yu. She was practically a god in the Bureau! But he had let her roam about right under his nose! He regretted that he did not care about the girl before the incident! If he had just had a normal conversation with Sun Xin Yu every now and then, who knew where he would be this day!

The worst thing was that when Sun Xin Yu was in trouble, he remained at the sidelines, doing nothing. He could have taken the chance to get close to the woman and get into her good side. But, all he did was literally nothing. Fearing that the woman might hold a grudge against the man, he did not partake any action to subdue the woman. He was scared that he might make things worse.

That all changed when Zhang Yang appeared like a life line in a pinch! However, he was still a government servant! What shame does he have to incur to himself to ask an officer of the law to kiss a civilian’s butt!

But, now that an opportunity had revealed himself, he could use his power to get him out of this little boy’s trouble. Who knew, Zhang Yang might feel a little gratitude to him and might allow him to take the chance to ask him for a favor form Sun Xin Yu!

As the train of thought railing in his head, Gu Jun had steeled his decision to help and asked. “What offense did he commit?”

“Violence against an officer!” Secretary Lee quickly answered before any other officer could. By the looks of it, he knew that Gu Jun was doing something to help Zhang Yang. Fearing the latter, he quickly revealed the highest offense. “Chief Gu, this man is the Cang Lang Province Government Publication Department Deputy Chief Qian Hong Wen! He was assaulted, by THIS guy!”

Gu Jun sucked in a long breath. Damn! Birds of the same feather, flock together, but not the other way round. Back then Sun Xin Yu punched the son in front of the chief; and here Zhang Yang is, punching the Deputy Chief! Technically, Qian Hong Wen and Gu Jun were just about the same level in rank!

Zhang Yang finally opened his mouth to defend himself. He pointed at Yu Li who was sitting in the bench and said, “That lady there is my university lecturer! I spotted her being chased by a pervert in the Karaoke center. As a lawful citizen, I had to prevent a crime from happening and ask the man to stop his indecent acts. But, instead, the man cried out, saying that he was a government officer and wanted me to leave him alone! Back then, I was thinking, a government officer should be the one serving its citizens! How could this perverted, rampaging thug be a government servant! I was angry and kicked him! I was enacting justice!”

When Qian Hong Wen was insulted with pervert and thug, he face turned pale and all he could say in return was only, “Y-You! Y-You!”

Gu Jun was laughing inside. He thought that Zhang Yang might not be as reckless as he thought he would be. As long as he relied on the “lawful citizen, protecting the law” card, he might be at the right side of the law even if things got a little messy! Of course, without anyone supporting his back, he would never gain the higher ground, no matter how reasonable his excuse was. But, this man had someone behind him!

When the image of Sun Xin Yu was pictured in his mind, Gu Jun felt a sudden chill flowing down his spine. Fear gripped his mind! This young lady was the gods among gods, why would she land a job in this poor, mortal realm! Ever since the incident, the entire station had been rendered cold and filled with fear whenever Sun Xin Yu appeared. Everyone was so afraid that their actions might offend the godly Sun Xin Yu!

Gu Jun coughed lightly and turned to Qian Hong Wen. “Chief Qian. I’d say, it would be rather embarrassing to you if this matter got out to the public. How about we come to a truce? As the saying goes, treat a big problem as a small one; a small problem as none!”

Qian Hong Wen got angry. No matter how he listened to his word, he could not miss the tone in his voice and the word that he used to call him! Embarrassing!? What is he trying to do? Was he trying to provoke Qian Hong Wen? So what if he had been with women? Who would not be at his own age?!

Being a high-ranking government servant for many years, who had indulged in all the luxuries and pleasure that it could offer! By the looks of it, Qian Hong Wen understood that Gu Jan had decided to side with Zhang Yang. Qian Hong Wen was cursing Gu Jun in his heart, he had the rage, but no way of venting it! Gu Jun was at about the same rank as him, but he was from another province! He could not exert his authority here!

On the other side, Yang Zhi Xian nodded her head. She finally understood what had happened. No wonder Zhang Yang had never made a move to ask for her help! He had a trump card since the beginning! He was relying on the Public Security Bureau Deputy Chief! There is a saying, that hatred was born from love. Yang Zhi Xian was never in love with Zhang Yang to begin with, but since she had a strong egoistic behavior, she was offended by Zhang Yang’s act of not replying on her!

Right there and then, she walked up, feeling unsatisfied with the outcome and said, “Deputy Chief Gu! The person had committed a crime against a government officer! How could you say something like that!”

Gu Jun glance swiftly at Yang Zhi Xian and felt a little uncomfortable.

Little brat, who do think you are?

Secretary Lee quickly explained. “Chief Gu, this person is the daughter of the Cang Lang Province Leader!”

Gu Jun was shocked beyond words. No wonder she dared to walked into the conversation like that. She was the child of another powerful leader! However, Gu Jun smiled. Normally, a province leader would easily shock the life out of him, but Sun Xin Yu had powers beyond measure.

She could easily pick up the phone and call up the City Secretary! So what, if your father is the Cang Lang Province leader, if any leader of any province walked into the station right now, Gu Jun dared to have a quarrel with him!

All in all, the more hits he took on, the better favor he could get from Zhang Yang!

To climb the ladder of promotion, you must stand with the person at the highest ladder!

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