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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 206 — Please Take Me In!

Chapter 206: Please Take Me In!

Zhang Yang quickly apologized and said, “I’m sorry, Miss Yu! Is she okay? It’s not serious, right?”

Yu Li sat opposite Zhang Yang and her facial expression turned even gloomier as she said, “It’s uremia, she needs kidney transplant!”

Zhang Yang was shocked as kidney transplants were costly, major surgeries. Besides, it was not easy to look for matching kidneys so he asked her that.

Yu Li shook her head anxiously and replied, “They found nothing yet!”

Zhang Yang let out a sigh as he could not do anything about it. After drinking tea, he stood up and said, “Miss Yu, it’s getting late, I’ve got to go and you should also get some rest!”

Zhang Yang went to the door. His fingers were about to touch the door handle when Yu Li suddenly uttered, “Zhang Yang, please take me in!”

Zhang Yang staggered and nearly did a somersault! What exactly is going on today? All sorts of strange things were happening to him! He turned over and he saw Yu Li’s face flushed with heat but unusually staunch. However, the dithering in her eyes revealed her wild feelings at that moment.

“Miss Yu, what difficulties did you encounter? Please tell me, if I can help, I will help you!”

“Wuu wuu wuu” Yu Li started to cry suddenly. She cried in misery, unable to produce any further words.

It was not good for Zhang Yang to go, so he decided to return to his seat and asked, “Miss Yu, do you have enough funds for the surgery?” he guessed as he thought of Yu Li’s situation in his previous life.

“My dad… is a compulsive gambler!” Yu Li cried for a while before she started opening up, “He owed -- still owes a pile of debt and he has fled with all sorts of people on his tail! My mum pays for my school fees and my dad’s debts, she has been working hard her entire life, too hard! Yet, she found out out that she has uremia a few days ago! I just started to work for less than two years, furthermore, we used up all the home savings to pay off debts, even selling the house that we used to live in but we still do not have enough money! Zhang Yang, do you know how miserable I feel! Sometimes I really want to end my life there and then, and I would be free of all these worries!”

The story was very old-fashioned but it was still a tragedy no matter what!

Anyhow, Zhang Yang would never turn away without helping Yu Li so he said, “Miss Yu, do not worry! If it’s money, I can pay for your mother’s treatment first!”

Yu Li continued on with her rambling, her eyes unfocused, “A bestie, from my former university, told me that it is easy for a woman to earn money, especially if they had good looks. All they have to do is to spread their legs open! She even introduced me to one of the hotels in Lin Hai City. You can earn a few thousand dollars a night there!”

Her face was usually flushed due to the alcohol.

Lin Hai City? That's right. Zhang Yang had one-night stand with Yu Li in Tian Lun Pavilion Grand Hotel at Lin Hai City during that time, in his previous life. He let out a sigh, “Miss Yu, you are drunk!”

“Ke ke ke!” Yu Li laughed madly and said, “I’m not drunk, I'm wide awake! You think I wasn’t aware? Every time I went to class, you boys were always staring at my chest and looking at my buttocks. I clearly knew what was in your minds!”

She staggered to her feet, walked unsteadily and said, “Do you dare say that you won’t want to sleep on me?”

Men had a tendency to act crazily when drunk but women doing the same were on an entirely different level!

Zhang Yang felt a twinge of guilt when he met her eyes. Because in his "memory", he really did sleep with her! The memories of her luscious and charming body were as vivid as day, down to her irresistible moans! Zhang Yang gulped.

“Miss Yu, I have to go!”

“Zhang Yang! Zhang Yang!” Yu Li grabbed one of Zhang Yang’s wrists, “I really have no choice! More than 2,000,000 dollars is needed for a kidney and surgical fees, there’s no way I can afford that! Besides selling my body, I really don’t know what else there is to do! But if possible, I’d rather have you than be ruined by hundreds of strangers! I know you are rich, you can pay for 2,000,000 dollars easily. I know, because I helped you sell those potions two months ago! I have nothing but this body, please, take me in!”

Zhang Yang frantically said, “Miss Yu, I can lend you the money, just stop mentioning your bod -- selling your body anymore, please!”

“But, the follow-up treatment costs that would be a bottomless pit! Zhang Yang, I’m just a normal teacher, how could I possibly pay you back?” Yu Li shook her head, “Selling my body is still easier, I just have to open my legs and get pinned down by others for a while. It won’t kill me, right?”

She had lost her balance, as she fell sideways onto the couch, her eyes in hazy drunkenness.

These words would only show themselves in her intoxicated state. This strong, stubborn woman would never mention something like selling her body to anyone but secretly wipe off her tears and face her problems alone.

If it was not Zhang Yang accidentally getting involved tonight, it was probably difficult for Yu Li to escape her dark fate. After going through the ordeal in the hands of that corrupt official, in addition to the urgent need for money, Yu Li was probably pushed over the brink, having lost her chastity, and had decided to venture into the red light district.

Both of Yu Li’s hands held onto the sofa and she crawled to Zhang Yang’s side. She gazed at Zhang Yang with her seductive eyes, laughing incorrigibly and teased, “Little pervert, I know you liked me! Every time you attended my classes, you were trying to strip me with your eyes! Come on, I’m yours now, do whatever you wanted to me!”

Zhang Yang admitted that he definitely had to crush on Yu Li when he was studying at university. As a developed youth with a normal man’s mind and the exuberant energy of youth, every time Yu Li taught in the class, inevitably, Zhang Yang would end up fantasizing about her! However, this matter was “five years ago” to him, and he had almost forgotten about it!

He stepped back a little as he said, “Miss Yu, it’s true, I used to like you! But now I have someone else who I really like!”

“Oh!” Yu Li nodded her head with uninterested facial expression and said, “It is okay, I’m not going to marry you anyway! I just want to be your lover… five years, let me be your lover for five years, as long as you can help me pay the medical fees for my mum, I will not ask for anything else!”

Zhang Yang reached out to stroke her silky hair and said, “Miss Yu, if you do it like this, you are betraying your love! Have you thought about your boyfriend?” all the boys in their class knew that Yu Li had been in a relationship with her boyfriend for two to three years, which in an extent that they were going to marry. The news had hurt so many boys, making them insomniac and listless for the next few days!

“Him?” Yu Li started laughing hollowly once again while her facial expression was a mix between crying and laughing, “Once I found out my mum’s disease, I quickly looked for him to solve the problem together! Guess what he did? Not only did he not offer to help in any way, he wanted to break up with me! He even wanted me to sleep with him to compensate for his years of disbursement!”

F*ck, such a jerk!

“But you still have to marry, sooner or later. Do you want to keep the memory of someone’s mistress for a lifetime?”

“My mum worked so hard to raise me up. I’m willing to die for her!”


These words were just like a boom exploding next to Zhang Yang’s ears.

This is because the night on the night Lin Yu rejected the elopement with Zhang Yang, she had said the same thing!

Zhang Yang’s heart was greatly disturbed as he could not help it but recall the fateful night after after hearing what Yu Li said.

Yu Li is selling her body because of her mother! In his previous life, she had sold her body to many guys, but in this life, she seemed to have another choice, to just sell her body to Zhang Yang alone! Still, no matter what, the fate of Yu Li selling her body seems unchanged!

But what’s different here?

Lin Yu rejected Zhang Yang because of her mother’s wishes and had chosen to marry Liu Wei, a man she who she did not love at all! Wasn’t that is the same as selling her body? The only difference was that she used the marriage as the best packaging to whitewash her betrayal of love!

From Lin Yu and Yu Li’s point of views, they were right to save their mothers’ life out of filial piety! But from Zhang Yang’s point of view, Lin Yu undoubtedly betrayed love and betrayed Zhang Yang!

In this life, Zhang Yang had the advantage of being reborn and it shouldn’t be difficult for him to earn hundred of millions of dollars in assets and surpass Liu Wei! But if there was another guy with an equal amount of fortune, Lin Yu’s mother would still force her to marry the other guy instead of Zhang Yang. Wouldn’t Zhang Yang have to die and be reborn once again?

What if another guy with trillions of dollars in assets showed up?

There was no end in sight!

In his previous life, Lin Yu had abandoned him!

Zhang Yang unconsciously leaned against the couch, he was struck by a massive headache, like a few hundred pounds of weight had been placed on his head.

After the rebirth, he had been busy using the ‘5-years review’ of the game to earn money. As long as he had spare time every day, he would continuously recall the contents of the game and dungeon strategies, leaving him no time to think about anything else!

Now, Zhang Yang had finally come to realize the truth and faced a problem that he had refused to face in his previous life, did Lin Yu really loved him?

He had put in so much effort, was it all for naught?

Zhang Yang took a deep breath and thought in his mind, “Lin Yu should have loved me, but it was far from my imagination! In her world, love was not all. She is the child of a rich and big family, she was brought up with the idea that benefiting her family came above all other ideas. So, when there is conflict between love and family, she chooses… family!”

But if it was Sun Xin Yu, according to her temper, if the family forced her to marry a man she did not like, she would either shoot the hapless man dead, or take her own life. She would never compromise! This woman would be so committed to her ideals that, no amount of difficulty or danger would stop her!

Zhang Yang did not know why Sun Xin Yu popped up in his mind, suddenly, but he realized that it was a rather fond thought at that too. He suddenly found himself thinking of Han Ying Xue. Han Ying Xue…she may be such a tricky person, but Zhang Yang believed that she would definitely fight for her love to the bitter end as well!

Lin Yu was a dutiful daughter. But in love, she was a loser!

Suddenly, his enthusiasm to meet Lin Yu once again died off. On the contrary, he even felt a trace of fear, always recalling Lin Yu’s cruel rejection on that night. Would it all be fine? Would it be the same with him and Lin Yu again?

Absolutely not!

The moment Lin Yu decided to marry Liu Wei, his impression on her had already dropped, whether he liked it or not, and it would only continue to crack further!

Zhang Yang felt extremely resentful and said, “Miss Yu, is there any liquor?”

Yu Li thought for a while, shook her head and said, “No… but wait!” She walked unsteadily to a side of a cabinet, took out a bottle of soaked red bayberry and said, “Soaked red bayberry wine, do you consider that liquor?”

Zhou Su natives used white wine, soaked in red bayberry to cure diarrhea and abdominal pains. It is really effective and potent for that purpose.

“Yes, it is!” Zhang Yang just wanted to drink at this time, not caring about the quality of wine anymore!

Zhang Yang finished off the tea in his glass with a single gulp. He poured all the tea leaves in his glass into the ashtray and then filled up his glass with wine and started drinking the wine silently.

Yu Li watched him for a while, before also taking a glass and pouring herself some of the wine.

Drinking solves all worries!

In Zhang Yang’s memory, Lin Yu’s smile started to fade, slowly being replaced by a sense of betrayal and sorrow.

Zhang Yang knew that he had no right to blame Lin Yu, but he was also being hurt, his heart was covered in wounds. The degree of being hurt was much stronger than the the pain he felt on the day Lin Yu rejected eloping with him!

In his life, he had only been hurt to such an extent for three times.

The first time was when he was seven years old, and received news that his parents had died in a plane crash. He had cried alone all day long in his parent’s room.

The second time was when Liu Wei had sent a girl to become Zhang Yang’s lover. She soon stole all the stuff in Clear Water’s warehouse and left him a video to tell him the truth. Zhang Yang had put in a lot of effort in that relationship, and it had left him depressed for months.

Now, he was experiencing such pain for the third time!

Even though he had crippling wounds inflicted on him when in a fight, he could just grit his teeth and endure the pain! But the wounds in his heart were not as easily healed. Sometimes when he thought of that fraud who was the cause of all his pain, Luo Xin Yan, his heart would still ache.

Liu Wei!

Zhang Yang was at a loss as he did not know what to do, his eyes were wet with tears. Hatred had the same intensity as love. People would feel hurt by it and it gave a pain that was hard to forget! Even it was not not for Lin Yu, but for revenge on Liu Wei who wanted to kill Zhang Yang in his previous life, Zhang Yang would definitely hunt Liu Wei down!

Having found a solution to his anger, he started drinking without holding anything back! Life could not move on without a direction, so his new resolution would be to surpass Liu Wei!

Zhang Yang unconsciously drank more and more, starting to get intoxicated. He even laughed along with Yu Li for no reason, clinking with her glass, exchanging slurred words that both of them could not hear, yet it somehow made them laugh even more. Eventually, they finished up the whole bottle of red bayberry wine!

Both of them finished up at least a gallon of wine, and very soon, both of them were punch-drunk. Zhang Yang was so disoriented that he went into the bedroom, took off his clothes and went to bed naked -- a habit he practiced at home!

He woke up once in the middle of the night, feeling thirsty. He tried to get up from bed to get himself a drink. But the moment he lifted his upper body off the bed, he would get overwhelmed by dizziness, and could only fall back to the bed. In his half-awake stupor, he felt somebody lying next to him.

“Fatty sheet, go back to your dog house, I’m not gay!” Zhang Yang pulled the bed sheets to himself and kicked the person next to him off the bed. He occupied the whole bed and slept like a pig.

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