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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 207 — Sleeping on the Wrong Bed

Chapter 207: Sleeping on the Wrong Bed

Headaches are never pleasant!

Zhang Yang finally woke up, but his whole body was stiff like a plank of wood. It was as if he had fought hundreds of people and took such a beating that he could not even feel his body. His head felt like it had been split open from the inside, like firecrackers continuously exploding in his head. He opened his eyes a little but quickly snapped them shut due to the dazzling sunlight.

Damn, how much did I drunk?

Zhang Yang could only lie there unmovingly, at the whims of his catatonic body.

Damn it, how did I end up drinking so much, yesterday? This is self-torture, I have to stop doing this!

By the way… How did I get home yesterday? Zhang Yang's mind suddenly popped up a question and the memory flashed back immediately. Last night, he was attending a classmate reunion, and then they went to karaoke. After that, he met Yu Li who was nearly violated by others, he had a fight with them and then he beat down a group of karaoke’s guards then all of them went to the public security. Next, Zhang Yang sent Yu Li home…

How come there was no memory after sending Yu Li home?

He actually did not have any idea what happened after that, so how did he actually get home?


Just as Zhang Yang was wondering, a hand was suddenly placed on his chest. His eyes burst wide open. The dazzling sunlight struck him in its full force, but he was too bewildered to care about it, as he squinted, his eyes finally focused on a person sleeping next to him. It wasn’t Fatty Han. It was quite the opposite -- a sexy woman with long hair, a voluptuous body shape, clad only in a cotton t-shirt and T-back undergarment, she was Yu Li!

He himself was buck naked, and his left hand was beneath Yu Li’s neck where it had reached her front, grabbing hold of her ample, firm bosom.

No way!

Could it be the same as it was in his previous life, did they have drunken sex?

Zhang Yang gazed at his manhood that would stand at attention every morning, trying to see any indicator if it got some action last night. But he had drank too much last night, his whole body was numb including that member!

Did they do anything last night?

What shocked Zhang Yang was that he did not feel any guilt whatsoever! Lin Yu… Zhang Yang was speechless as he did not know if he still loved her, as his new perspective on her betrayal had hurt Zhang Yang’s soul badly. Zhang Yang did not really know how he felt towards her right now.

"Em, my head hurts!" Yu Li groaned, her long eyelashes fluttered a little and she slowly opened up her eyes but the dazzling sunlight immediately forced her eyes shut. She twisted her snake-like body and nuzzled up even closer to Zhang Yang’s body, mumbling sleepily, "Fei Fei, when did you come back?"

Zhang Yang was frozen in fear, his mind racing for a way out!

Yu Li slapped Zhang Yang’s erect manhood, which twanged like a radio antenna. She even reached out and touched it, murmuring, "Fei Fei, what did you bring to bed? So hard and long, ke ke, just like a real man’s! Little brat, don’t tell me…you went ahead and bought that thing?"

She reluctantly raised her body off the bed, turning to look at Zhang Yang through her messy bangs.

Eh, since when did Fei Fei go for plastic surgery?

Wait, no! That face was so familiar. It was her ex-student, Zhang Yang!

Yu Li was so shocked that her fingers that were wrapped around the meat pole squeezed, hard!


Both of their voices were raised at the same time, one in shock, the other in pain!

"You… you…" Yu Li was scared, her face turned pale, "Hooligan, beast, jerk!" she started tearing up.

Zhang Yang tried to ignore the pain in his lower region and rushed at Yu Li. Throwing himself onto Yu Li, he reached out to cover her mouth because she looked like she was about to run away and call for help! Zhang Yang put on his most urgent expression and asked, "Miss Yu, please try to recall!"

Yesterday… a series of scenes flashed back in Yu Li’s mind. First, she was invited to karaoke, where she was forced to drink a lot of alcohol. In her drunken state, she somehow noticed Hou Bi Hua and that fatty Qian’s pervert gazes, so she struggled to escape from the room. After that, she met her ex-student, Zhang Yang. Afterwards…

All the memories flashed back in Yu Li’s mind, included her shamelessly asking Zhang Yang to take her in. She remembered the both of them getting wasted, but she had no idea how she ended up in the bed with him.

When Zhang Yang saw Yu Li slowly calming down, he let out a sigh and said, "I’m going to let go now, you won’t scream, right?"

Yu Li blinked her eyes repeatedly in pointed fashion, Zhang Yan removed his hand, and the both of them stared at each other in awkward silence.

"Zhang Yang…" a few seconds later, Yu Li said, "I’m serious about what I mentioned last night! If I had not been drunk, I would not have dared mention it all. I know that it is shameless but I do not care about my self-esteem any longer! I’ll be your lover if you support me financially!"

"Miss Yu, don’t be like this. I will give you money to cure your mother’s disease, no returns, for real!" Zhang Yang said sincerely.

Yu Li smiled a little, getting more comfortable with the topic, "I’m not somebody important in your life, how could I just take your money without any return? This is a debt that I can never pay off in my lifetime. I don’t know anything else, I’m going crazy here! Take my body, this the only thing that I can offer!"

It had always been the bad guy forcing the beauty to sleep with him, why was the situation now reversed? A devil spoke within Zhang Yang’s mind, "Stupid fellow, what are you waiting for, accept the deal! Didn’t you want her so badly when you were studying in university? The opportunity is in front of you right now, you can do whatever you want to her!"

However, because Zhang Yang liked Yu Li. He genuinely did. There’s no way he’ll toy with her in such manner!

Besides, his soul had been continuously hurt by Luo Xin Yan1 and Lin Yu. At least for now, he definitely did want to be in a relationship with any woman.

He shook his head and said, "Could not it be considered as me being concerned?"

"If you did not use that thing beneath your body to touch me, perhaps I would still believe you!" Yu Li said coolly.

Zhang Yang’s face went deep crimson, to his own surprise. His meat pole that had been gripped hard by Yu Li was starting to rise to the occasion again. Before this, in his attempt to stop her from screaming, he had pinned her plump and fascinating body with his little accomplice standing upright against Yu Li’s smooth belly.

This time Zhang Yang had nowhere to run! His own body had betrayed him!

"This is accidental!" Zhang Yang explained, never actually expecting Yu Li to trust him.

"Then everything here is accidental?" Yu Li, revealing her mature side, openly said, "To successfully sleep with your ex-teacher, don’t boys dream of that all the time? Otherwise, why are there so many scandals involving teachers and students all the time?"

Zhang Yang was stunned and speechless, he was deep in thought and asked, "Did we do anything last night?" This is very important as it would break him to know that something happened between them under drunken conditions. Yu Li was someone he liked, and he did not want to put her through this.

"What do you mean?" Yu Li asked him back.

"It is like… you know right?"

"I don’t know!"


"Yes, we did something last night!" Yu Li suddenly answered.

Out of the blue, Zhang Yang was astonished as he actually did it with Yu Li under the influence of alcohol! He glanced at the messy bed sheet and said, "We did not do anything last night! There are no bloodstains on the bed!"

Yu Li was astounded and asked, "You think I’m a virgin?"

"You said yesterday, your boyfriend wanted to do it with you, as compensation for his loss! It’s like a god damned geisha offering! This showed that the two of you have not done it before!"

"He was not my first boyfriend!"

Zhang Yang shook his head and an idea came up to his mind, "Since she would only accept my help on condition that I take her in as a lover, I’ll just go ahead and let her do it! If it is Sun Xin Yu, I would have been afraid of her taking the gun and forcing me to bed, but Yu Li has no gun, what’s there to fear! What the heck, I wanted to do good, how could it end up like this? Besides, what am I actually so afraid of, it’s not like I have never slept with any woman before in previous life!"

"All right, we did not do anything last night, I’m still a virgin. So you should be satisfied with it now, right? Don’t men feel proud when they pop a girl’s cherry??" Yu Li was staring at the ceiling, speaking in a monotone of a person who has given up hope, "Five years, I will give you five years of youth and beauty. That should be able to pay off my debt to you!"

"Miss Yu…"

"That’s not enough? Let me count it out for you, my bestie said, according to my beauty, I could sell at least 2,000 dollars a night. To cure my mum’s disease completely, I’d need about 3,000,000 dollars. So, you have to sleep with me 1,500 times for a fair trade, I wouldn’t lose much!"

"Yu Li!" Zhang Yang couldn’t bear it any longer and raise his voice in anger, "You freaking stop insulting yourself! I don’t want to talk to you about selling your body or pure soul or any of that bullsheet! If you feel miserable then you should cry it out, but stop saying such things!"

Yu Li astounded and looked at Zhang Yang, her tears filled up her eyes and she yelled, "What woman wants to be a b*tch? I can’t think of anything else other than selling my body! I’m just a normal woman, I am not a strong woman, other than teaching, I don’t know how to earn more money! Of course! Of course I want my self-esteem, but if I have to do it this way, there’s no point caring about my dignity! Even if I insist on having a clear conscience, I’m still a b*tch who’s selling her body!"

Both of them suddenly became silent.


The sound of unlocking came from the outside, and a woman walked in. She closed the door shut, leaving her shoes at door. She called out, "Yu Li, you’re such a lazy bum, you’re going to be late! Look at the time!"

She was taking off her clothes as she walked towards the bedroom saying, "Night shifts are the worst! Sigh, why am I still not married to a good husband yet? I’ll happily be a housewife!"

She pushed the unlatched bedroom’s door, having most of her clothes stripped off. All she had left on was a red T-bag undergarment. She had taken off her bra and was holding it in her hands. When she headed up, she was shocked as she saw Yu Li and a naked man on the bed!

"Ah!" the girl screamed immediately and quickly grabbed the bed sheet close by to cover up her body.

"Ei, it’s you!" In her shock, she somehow recognized Zhang Yang and cried out.

Zhang Yang had a new headache to deal with now! She was the person he saved during the bank robbery, Yan Fei Fei!

1Luo Xin Yan: She will be appearing in the far future.

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