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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 208 — Lovelorn

Chapter 208: Lovelorn?

Relatively speaking, Zhang Yang was even more ashamed of his nakedness. Now TWO ladies have seen all of him. He grabbed a pillow and covered his lower body and saying with forced casualness, "Oh, you and Miss Yu staying together!"

"Miss Yu?" Yan Fei Fei was greatly surprised. She pointed at Yu Li and Zhang Yang and said, "You guys are teacher-student lovers!" Her finger went lower and, she immediately screamed, "That’s my pillow. Damn it, that’s my favourite pillow!"

"Fei Fei, get out!" Yu Li said.

Yan Fei Fei quickly nodded her head and hurriedly escaped from bedroom where she locked herself in bathroom.

"Put on your clothes!" Yu Li picked up the clothes from each corner that scattered over the floor. She even generously helped Zhang Yang into his clothes.

A surge of warmth emerged across Zhang Yang’s mind. He had never felt at "home" like this before. Since his parents had died, he never had such an experience before.

"You know Fei Fei?" Yu Li simply asked while she was helping Zhang Yang button up his shirt.

"I think I do!"

Zhang Yang had just started to tell the story concerning the bank robbery incident, when Yu Li suddenly interrupted, "Oh! You are that great life saver and millionaire dude that she talks about all the time!"


"Fei Fei is my high school classmate and she is from an ordinary family. She has a brother, but she was urged out of the house once her brother got married. Coincidentally, I sold my house, so both of us rented a house and are staying together. She has always had a dream to get married to a millionaire husband. Ever since she saw your bank savings, she had been obsessed about you! Let’s not mention that you even saved her in more ways than one!"

Yu Li patted Zhang Yang’s chest as she smiled and said, "Okay, done!"

Zhang Yang could not help but frown as the current problem had not yet been resolved and yet another one was coming! He quickly said, "Miss Yu, I’ll head back first! When I log on to the game, I will transfer the money to your account! By the way, my money is invested in something now and my current cash flow isn’t quite there yet, so I need about three to four days to raise 2,000,000 dollars!"

"I got it!"

"… I’m leaving!"

"Wait a minute. I will try my best to be your lover!" Yu Li suddenly grabbed Zhang Yang, she stood on her toes and kissed his lips with her cheeks blushed, "Do not be so good to me, otherwise, I won’t be satisfied as a lover alone!"

It was really inexplicable. Zhang Yang grabbed a cab and went back to his house. The headache from his hangover was still there, so he simply went back to sleep until 2.00 PM in the afternoon. After waking up, he ate his lunch then he logged on to the game.

"Ha ha ha, Little Yang, your physical fitness is so poor! Last night I ‘did’ it five times continuously and one night’s rest was enough! Little brat, you should train your endurance up!" Fatty Han immediately turned on voice messenger, "By the way, who was that pretty woman last night? How come I've never seen her before? Oh, is she your university schoolmate?"

This fatty sheet did not hear Zhang Yang calling her Miss Yu last night? Whatever, it was better if he knew nothing. Otherwise, Fatty Han would tease him endlessly! Zhang Yang said, "If you say so…"

"Hey, Little Yang, we are brothers, you can’t be hiding anything from me!"

"You better figure out a solution for Wu Hai Li and Yun Yun, it’s never easy handling two relationships at once!" Zhang Yang immediately changed the topic.

"Nah, that’s easy, Wu Hai Li just loves money. I will fight for more equipment and sell them all and she’ll be mine!" Fatty Han laughed with glee, pretending to know more than he was letting on and said, "Little Yang, Wu Hai Li wasn’t that upright disciplinary committee member with justice written all over her face we thought we knew. When she’s in bed, you have no idea how much of a freak she is, she nearly drained all my energy last night!"

"… Fatty sheet, if you continue this, you’re going to die on the bed one day!"

"Bullsheet, at least 90% of deaths occur on the bed anyway! By the way, I forgot to mention, someone will come to you later!"


"Li Ru, that buxom ooh lala beauty!"

"Damn it, did you tell her my ID?"

"I’m so sorry, Little Yang. You know I’m weak against women, that evil woman squeezed her chest in front of me, even calling me ‘brother fatty’ with her sweet voice, then I revealed your ID! I wanted to reveal more info but that evil woman already ran off, she really made me mad!"

"F*ck you, fatty sheet!"

"Little Yang, she’s a really beautiful girl. I really don’t understand why you keep on rejecting her! We are wolves, why are you still pretending to be a sheep?! She passed my Q.C. you can go ahead and f*ck her!"

"F*ck her my *ss!"

"Bullsheet. If I had a sister, I would have already married her to you and gotten myself a nephew by now!

Zhang Yang could only frown at the increasingly ridiculous statements.

"Ah, that evil woman just logged on the game. I’ll leave you two alone!" Fatty Han immediately ended the voice chat.

Zhang Yang shook his head again and again while he was rushing to Auction House. It had become part of his routine by now. This was because every there and now, good stuff would pop up in the Auction House, be it items sold by those players who did not understand the equipment or items’ value, or players who were feeling generous for some reason. So whoever gets lucky would get such prices from Auction House!

‘Ding! Player Button-Free Lass sent you a friend request. Will you accept it?’

That’s correct, she was Li Ru! This is because she told Zhang Yang her IGN yesterday.

Since his identity had already been revealed by Fatty Han, it was hard for him to refuse Li Ru’s request! So Zhang Yang selected "Accept". After a while, the voice messenger request rang.

"Sheety Zhang Yang. You are Lone Desert Smoke’s guild master and you told me that you didn’t have the authority to invite players!" once the voice messenger turned on, Li Ru started scolding Zhang Yang.

"Wey wey wey, how come I cannot hear the sound? Wey wey, are you still there?"

"Ha Ha!" Li Ru smiled slyly and said, "Alright, alright, stop pretending, I’ll stop blaming you, okay? Guild master, please invite me to your guild. At most, tell me about the unspoken rules!"

"I’ll have to warn you, you can’t simply flirt around in our guild or cause any other disturbances!"

"Cheh, you think I’m that much of a skank? Don’t worry, I only have eyes for you!" Li Ru laughed proudly, "Currently, I only have two targets. The first is to join Lone Desert Smoke. En, I’m almost there! The second is to seduce a guy named Zhang Yang and f*ck him. Both targets would be achieved with a nod from your head!"

Was this woman suitable to join Lone Desert Smoke? Zhang Yang felt that she would be a better fit in Crimson Rage as that bunch of crazy women spoke the same language as Li Ru!

Zhang Yang shook his head again and again as he sent a guild invitation to Li Ru. Instantly, an announcement popped up in guild channel notifying that a new member has joined the guild. As Hundred Shots prohibited the members from chatting in the guild channel, the announcement of Li Ru joining the guild was very eye-catching.

"Hello everyone, I’m Button-free Lass, this is my first time joining such a big family, please take of me in the future!" Li Ru spoke in guild channel.

"Chatting is prohibited in guild channel. Because you just joined the guild and do not know about our guild rules, I will not deduct your guild’s contribution points this time. Please take note!" Hundred Shots immediately responded to Li Ru’s message in guild channel. Currently, besides eating and sleeping, Hundred Shots was using all his energy in managing the guild, and he worked so conscientiously that his fame in guild was just slightly lower than Zhang Yang.

Li Ru was shocked and quickly sent a message to Zhang Yang, "Why is this person so fierce? It’s forbidden to even send messages in guild?!"

Zhang Yang laughed and explained, "There are a lot of members in the guild, if everyone sends messages, the guild channel will be a total mess. Just in case there is any emergency situation, everyone would not notice it the first time! Thus, that is why we have such a rule!"

"Oh!" Li Ru had finally understood and said, "That’s good, it feels like a big corporate! Guilds that are messy and noisy all day long would not be effective in combat!"

Both of them chatted for a little while more before Li Ru decided to go for training as she was just Level 37. In order to match the level of the members in guild, Li Ru needed to train day and night for a long time!

Zhang Yang searched around in the Auction house and did not find any good stuff. He decided to leave the Auction House and head for his guild shop.

Zhang Yang had been busy fighting for [Fire Resistance Potion] recipe on previous days and he was not free to auction those Yellow-Gold equipment he looted from seizing fortress. Since he was free now, he decided to auction all of them.

Zhang Yang used the name of Little Merchandize Shop to make an announcement, "Dear friends, the merchandize shop has three pieces of Level 60 Yellow-Gold equipment, and all of them will be auctioned tomorrow at 7.00 PM! The equipment includes one weapon and two armors. Take note that they are not just any ordinary Yellow-Gold equipment but parts of the second set equipment! They can be mixed with Gray-Silver, Green-Copper and Black-Steel for set equipment effects! These two armors for set equipment are Cryomancer and Sniper’s boots while the weapon is a one-handed sword. For interested parties, please do not forget the time, the auction will be started tomorrow at 7.00PM!"

Once the announcement was made, all the players in White Jade Castle were excited, even the players from Violet Star City, Emerald City and the rest of seven main cities got wind of the announcement. Cryomancers and Snipers all over were even more excited to join the auction! The highest grade of set equipment from dungeons was only Gray-Silver, so anyone equipped with Yellow-Gold set equipment would be one cut above all others! The Level 60 Yellow-Gold one-handed sword also brought the attention of Bandits, Guardians and Defenders!

After this auction, the reputation of Zhang Yang’s Little Merchandize Shop was surely going to increase even further and bring in more cash!

Zhang Yang checked the current level of guild members. Except for the eight people in his gang, the current highest level was 49 which was only one step away from Level 50! At least two or three days would be needed to gather a 20-man exploration team.

In the evening, Zhang Yang led the team to fight against the Castle.

All the while, Lin Yu was on his mind -- and not in the good way. Along the journey of fighting the Castle, he was silent and did not talk much but released his anger on the monsters.

"Pervert fatty, what’s wrong with noob tank?" Little brat asked with curiosity.

Fatty Han thought in deep and very hard then he answered, "I don’t know!"

"He was still fine yesterday. It must be due to the classmate reunion that you attended!" Han Ying Xue interrupted.

"Ah! I figured it out!" Fatty Han patted his thigh, "Little Yang must be lovelorn!"


Sun Xin Yu glared at Fatty Han as she tightened her grip on her daggers, prepared to interrogate Fatty Han for more information if necessary.

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