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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 210 — Connecting the Six Cities

Chapter 210: Connecting the Six Cities

"Forward!" Zhang Yang gave the command to push forward after every single one of the party members had been buffed.

Pong! Pong! Pong!

Approximately 10 meters away from where they stood, the thick mist dispersed and there came a humanoid stone giant, as tall as 10-meter tall, maybe taller, deep crimson in color. Every step it took rocked the ground with tremors.

[Poison Fire Giant] (Elite, Elemental Being)

Level: 54

Hp: 1,000,000

Defense: 600

"Charge!" Zhang Yang shouted with a loud voice, pulling out his axe and used <Charge> to shoulder-check the monster.

"Ao---" the Poison Fire Giant roared in rage, swinging it’s giant fists at Zhang Yang.


With one slap across him, it only took away 1/6 of Zhang Yang’s health points, it was not even worth mentioning! One must know that Zhang Yang’s current Defense value had reached 420, with a damage absorption of 600 points! This was why the basic damage of the monster had been brought down from approximately 4,000 damage to 2,000 damage!

The party members ganged up on the monster, and standing in a circle, one after another they unleashed their attacks on the Poison Fire Giant.

The Poison Fire Giant had only one skill with group knockdown effect, followed closely by a burning shock wave which dealt 4000 damage points to all targets within a 20 meter radius. However, with Zhang Yang’s <Vitality Aura> in effect, even the player with lowest HP exceeded 4,000 HP, and it was absolutely unnecessary to worry about anyone dying.

The total damage per second of the whole party reached a total of 200,000 damage, it took less than a minute to destroy the Poison Fire Giant with 1,000,000 health points. Swiftly chiseled away, the monster exploded and dropped a few pieces of rock fragments and a piece of crimson red crystal.

Zhang Yang widened his eyes, instantly picking up that piece of crimson red crystal from the ground.

[Fire Crystal Substance] (Special Item)

Use: Divides 1 piece of Fire Crystal Substance into 10 pieces of Fire Crystal Shards.

Wei Yan Er and Han Ying Xue stared to each other and exchanging sinister smiles.

As the party proceeded forward, they slaughtered another four Poison Fire Giants. Wei Yan Er and Han Ying Xue were actually beginning to compete with Zhang Yang for the Fire Crystal Substance. These Fire Crystal Substance did not fall every time, but the drop rate was quite high nevertheless, and out of five monsters, 4 pieces of Fire Crystal Substance will drop. Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er had managed to snatch one for themselves each.

These two girls immediately smiled proudly. They had no idea what these Fire Crystal Substances were for, but bring out such a face from Zhang Yang, these crystal substances must be very valuable!

The geometry of the Poison Fireland was like the long twisting body of a snake, which shaped into a spiral, with seven bosses on a total of three layers. The first layer had four bosses, while the second layer only had two bosses, leaving the third and final layer with the final boss, Roshan - Copper Hammer. The backstory of the dungeon was that a small number of the dwarves, defectors from their own race after snatching up the sacred relics of their kind, ended up offering themselves to the demonic side, becoming their fangs and claws.

It didn’t take long for Zhang Yang and the gang to reach the entrance to the spiral structure. It was just like a snake’s mouth, with two Poison Fire Giants guarding the entrance, while the two sides of the road were lined with boiling of lava, the heat causing flames to lick the edges. If players fall into that area, they will suffer a fire damage of 5000 in every second! Furthermore, the two end points of the snake’s body was very far apart, it was at least hundreds of meters apart. To swim across the lava and skip the dungeons straight up to the boss seemed to be impossible at that stage.

The party unleashed their power and slaughtered the two monsters in no time. In just half an hour, they had already sighted the first boss in front of them, with dozens of [Fire Crystal Substances] in their backpacks at that point.

As Zhang Yang and the other main members of his party had equipped themselves with few pieces of Yellow-Gold equipment. Despite this being Death Mode, their equipment was turning it into a cake walk.

Other players had been carefully picked from the core level of the guild’s combat power, with good combat awareness, and most importantly, cooperation and ability to react to orders. Furthermore, these players had went through the Normal Mode and Hard Mode of this dungeon, having a certain level of understanding towards the bosses, their skills and their habits. The whole journey was like crushing dried branches and sticks all along, in just a short period of time, they had already slaughtered the first to the sixth boss, pummeling them down to the ground!

The first and the second bosses dropped only profession-specific weapons, and starting form the third boss, armor-set equipment pieces were among the loots. Zhang Yang had already lost his interest on the Gray-Silver equipment, however, he was the only Guardian in the whole party, and it was contrary to what that was expected, the third, fifth, and sixth boss only dropped the Guardian’s Furious Set equipment pieces, therefore, he could only take that which was given freely!

After they were done with the sixth boss, Zhang Yang and the gang were annihilated three times in total, which was remarkable, considering the Death Mode difficulty. But the monsters were too many in their numbers, most of their time was spent on clearing out the monsters in the area. Sensing morning approaching, Zhang Yang announced that the activity for today had come to an end, and they would continue by on the next day.

Back to the main city, Zhang Yang went offline immediately and slept through the night.

The next morning, Zhang Yang went to the Identifier and identified the three pieces of Gray-Silver equipment, [Furious Helmet], [Furious Metallic Gloves], and [Furious Metallic Boots], and had all of them all of them socketed with [Level 2 Vitality Gemstone]s. His health points had reached the amount of 13,510 (with Vitality Aura)!

The players in the China region were doing pretty well. Their progress on the Death Mode of the Poison Fireland was at 5/7, while Imperial Sky, Crimson Rage, Radiance and the other guilds with top strength had reached the progression of 6/7, competing hand in hand with the Lone Desert Smoke. All of them carried the possibility of leaping through the dragon’s gate, becoming the first guild in the China region to complete 7/7, securing the First Clear of the dungeon!

Throughout the entire day, Fatty Han had been very anxious over it, apprehensive about the sudden moment when someone else triggers the First Clear announcement.

Seeing Zhang Yang was crafting potions leisurely, Fatty Han could not hold it in anymore, so he asked, "Brother Yang, how could you not feel anxious at all? This will be the First Clear of the dungeon, and everyone is just one boss away from it, that title must not be snatched by others!"

Zhang Yang without even look up, said, "Does being anxious make a difference?"

Fatty Han immediately rolled both of his eyes, and then he said, "So after half of the day, it’s just like the ancient proverb, the emperor is not worried, but the eunuchs are worried to death!"

"Haha, those were all your own words!"

"F*ck off, I wake up everyday with a boner pointing up to the stars! Eunuch your ass!"

Fortunately for him, after the whole day, there was no sign of any server announcement on the world channel, and Fatty Han finally loosened up with a sigh of relief, and he began to push Zhang Yang to assemble the party members since it was

But Zhang Yang was pulled by Wei Yan Er over to identify her equipment, you keep what you sow, that is the basic principle of Wei Yan Er and Han Ying Xue, and to be able to spend others’ money without spending a dime of their own would be even better! Of course, these two ladies were standard swindlers of friends and associates, they would not give a damn to regular people.

In Wei Yan Er’s words, "Noob tank, I come to you because I have a good opinion of you!"

Fine, after spending money, he still needed to thank people with screenshots!

Later at, with Fatty Han gazing looking out for new players so intently that his eyes were bloodshot, the land-reclaim party had been assembled, and was speeding to the Tukula Fortress by ‘plane’.

Zhang Yang has privilege of the City Order to teleport to the city, so naturally he did not have to walk all the way together with the gang, and he used that little time to craft a few sets of [Fire Resistance Potion]. After Han Ying Xue and the others arrived at the Tukula Fortress, only did he teleport himself to the chamber of the fortress’ owner, entering the dungeon with everyone.

20-player dungeons initially required 3 days to refresh, therefore, the gang only needed to look for Ankla to trade for one of his buffs before they could travel across the boundless plain land directly to where the sixth boss was located, and clear the remaining last group of monsters before they could face the final boss, Roshan - Copper Hammer.

"Little sis, have you forgotten to activate your <Strength Aura> again!" Zhang Yang reminded her.

"Oh!" Wei Yan Er quickly waved both of her hands, and a stream of golden light channeled down through her body, stretching out by a radius of 30-meters, and as the light faded slowly, everyone was instantly boosted with a 2% increase in strength value.

"Noob tank, when can we acquire gemstones for upgrading aura skills?"

Zhang Yang gave it some thought before answering, "Open world bosses with the grade of Gray-Silver or above have the tendency to drop [Aura Stone]s, when Poison Fireland is cleared, we shall begin our sweep on the open world bosses!"

"That’s great!" Wei Yan Er nodded her head like there was no tomorrow.

"Oh yea, silly Yu, so what’s the deal with the battle mounting system?" Han Ying Xue asked the question out of the sudden.

"Yea, after the battle to secure the fortress, I was too tired and directly logged out, I wanted to ask that too!" Endless Starlight asked as well.

Zhang Yang frowned and asked them back, "You guys did not check on the official website by yourselves?"

The gang were shaking their heads left and right in silence, until Hundred Shots smiled and said, "It’s still the best to hear if from you, it save us the trouble of looking for it!"

"What the f*ck, you lazy bunch of lazy people!" Zhang Yang shook his head non-stop, then he said, "The battle mount system is good stuff! Our personal mounts that were purchased from the NPC, are called regular mounts, or non-combat mounts. While on our mounts, we cannot execute any attacks or perform any movement that causes damage. In order to engage in battle, we must put aside our mount first!"

Han Ying Xue immediately understood, and she said, "Then, Battle Mount allows players to sit on their mounts during battle?"

"That’s the gist of it, but those mounts will be much stronger!" Zhang Yang reorganized the images in his head and said, "Players get to sit on their mounts with Battle Mount System, where not only they can attack with them, they would also share health points with their mounts! Those mounts will also have their own attack values, just like the pets of the Hunter!"

"Wow, noob tank, why didn’t you say it out earlier? If every one of us are here with our mounts, we can sweep and conquer this dungeon already!" Wei Yan Er excitedly grumbled.

Zhang Yang shook his head again, and said, "Firstly, Battle Mount are not Hunter’s pets, they are not allowed to be summoned in certain areas, making them utterly useless. For example, dungeons, arenas, indoors. Secondly, Battle Mount are not tigers or lions that can be tamed to become your mount so easily. Only beasts that are labeled as ‘Rare’ can be captured with [Sealing Reins] that will be purchasable from shops! Once the sealing is successful, then only will the beasts become your Battle Mounts!"

He paused, suddenly thinking about that red dragon pet that Hundred Shots was bound to acquire in the future -- could it be a very uncommon ‘Rare’ dragon race? Right after Hundred Shots got that dragon mount, countless other Hunter class players tried they best to subdue a dragon as their pets. But, none ever succeeded! Even if the success rate was as low as it gets, there should have been a chance when there were so many Hunters trying their luck. Unless, it was something that can never be subdued with the Hunter’s <Beast Taming>!

If that is the real case, then everyone would have a chance to get a dragon pet! Howver, non-Hunter profession players can only use them as their Battle Mount!

"When players are in the condition of riding a mount, the health points of the player and the mount will stack together. Furthermore, the mount will have it’s very own skills. The type of skills would, of course, depend on the monster it was tamed from! Let’s take Thunderous Light Leopard as an example, it can spew out a ranged attack taking the form of a laser-like beam of plasma from afar. It should retain that skill after becoming a mount!"

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