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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 211 — Roshan - Copper Hammer

Chapter 211: Roshan - Copper Hammer

"That means, that everyone can have a little pets just like the Hunters?"

Zhang Yang shook his head and explained further, "Mounts have many limitations, they can only bring out their functions when players are riding on them, once dismounted, the mount will disappear immediately, unlike the precious pets of the Hunters which can continue attacking separately together with their owner! Only Hunters can treat their mounts as their pets and use them!"

"Wah, that is also good enough, noob tank, let’s go catch some Battle Mounts tomorrow!" Wei Yan Er was happy for a moment, because she is a mount-freak, even if the mount did not have any special abilities, she would still do everything possible to collect them. Let’s not forget that the Battle Mount can actually increase maximum health points, consequently increasing the battle power of the player!

Zhang Yang smiled and said, "Little girl, do you really think that capturing a Battle Mount is a fun thing to do? First off, the word ‘Rare’ is already a big headache for you! Who wouldn’t want a Battle Mount, when you encounter one, surely the first thing to do is to immediately take out the [Sealing Lease] to capture it, everything else is based on luck!"

"Hehe, my luck has always been great!" Wei Yan Er revealed her teeth with a smile, "Just wait and see, noob tank, I shall come back here and capture that bad-*ss dragon by the entrance of this dungeon, then I shall come back and send you to your demise with one stomp!"

"Silly little girl, all Battle Mounts that can be captured start at level 0, you can save your breath!" Zhang Yang immediately shattered the beautiful dream of Wei Yan Er.

Hundred Shots quickly asked Zhang Yang, "Then, can we level up a Battle Mount?"

"Yes!" Zhang Yang nodded his head and said, "Just like the pets of the Hunter class, they can be leveled up as long as they are gaining experience points. Furthermore, the amount of experience points required for the mount to level up is much lesser compared to the amount of experience points required for players to level up. However, the level of the mount cannot exceed the level of the player, just like a Hunter’s pet."

The gang did not have much knowledge about the Battle Mount since the beginning, so they were easily moved by what he heard, and one of the healer knights named Nine Days of Thunder asked, "Guildmaster, would the capturing of a mount end in failure?"

Zhang Yang nodded and said, "It would, and the number of failure in capturing the mount is limited! Any mount that is available for capturing are green-named monsters, but, after 10 times of failures in capturing it, the monster will become a red-named monster, and by then, it will become impossible to seal the monster, ever again!"

"Uh, hello, ladies and gentleman, are we here to slaughter the boss or to capture mounts? Hustle up! Don’t the others snatch the First Clear of the dungeon!" the only thing that Fatty Han was obsessed at the moment was the First Clear of the dungeon.

"Oh yea ---" Hundred Shots tapped his forehead and said, "Zhan Yu, there was a representative from an advertisement firm named ‘Far Ocean Electronics’ who contacted me, expressing their interest to sponsor our guild. All we need to do is when we acquire the First Clear for a dungeon, we register our party name after ‘Far Ocean Electronics - Lone Desert Smoke’ on the First Clear List. There will be a reward of 300,000 cash for every First Clear title we acquire, and a reward of 100,000 cash for every time we get ourselves onto the Time Attack List!"

"Holy molly, have you agreed on it already? That’s is a sky-high kind of a great news indeed!" Fatty Han was moved instantly, shaking Hundred Shots’s by the shoulders.

Hundred Shots shook his head and said, "This kind of decision should be made by Zhan Yu of course!"

Zhang Yang had passed over the responsibility on the administrative matters to him, that was a kind of trust, allowing him to make his own decisions. Facing such big deal of a decision making, of course would be natural to let the Guildmaster decide.

Zhang Yang smiled and said, "They are really stingy on it, planning to handle us with 300,000?"

Fatty Han immediately slapped his head, that was true to the core, each of they were already earning 1,000,000 or even more just by dividing the earnings from their equipment sales! Acquiring a First Clear title for a reward of 300,000 cash might sound appealing, but even with only 10 players in one party, each of them would only receive 30,000 cash! Furthermore, according to the conventional design of the game, there’s a 10 level-limit compatibility for each dungeon, and it requires 7 days to level up once after achieving level 50 -- it would probably require approximately 2 months to acquire one First Clear Title of a dungeon. Therefore, players could only rely on the Time Attack Dungeons to earn cash on regular basis.

But the Time Attack of the dungeons were also limited in terms of the shortest time made possible with the shortest route taken, the fastest kills, the right party arrangement, and with so many guilds competing, each guild would only have their chances to go for it by three or four times at most. So, players should be thankful if they could even earn an amount of 10,000 or 20,000 a month.

For regular players, earning 10,000 or 20,000 was considered pretty good. But Fatty Han and the gang had been so well fed that their appetite would not be so easily satiated. Such a small amount of money would no longer matter in their eyes!

Han Ying Xue widened her eyes a little and said, "Rich water should not be let out of one's own fields1, please allow us to be the sponsor for the guild then!"

"You girls?" Hundred Shots stared at Han Ying Xue, having some confusion over what she just said.

Han Ying Xue smiled lightly and said, "Yan Er’s dad has a company of their own, I own some of the stocks, and this game, ‘God’s Miracle’ is famously blooming nowadays, it’ll be great advertising for the company!"

"Cousin, you don’t have to be modest, you already own 55% of the company shares, that’s actually more than my dad’s!" Wei Yan Er immediately said, "Noob tank, aren’t you heartbroken now? Aiyo, I will give my cousin sister to you, you won’t have to ask for any sponsorship money!"

"Hahaha!" the gang laughed, as Sun Xin Yu flashed her stare of death across the room.

"You little brat, in order to save a little bit of money, you dare to sell me out?" Han Ying Xue gave a glance at Wei Yan Er, but Wei Yan Er did not give a damn and responded with a funny face. "Work is work, private matters are private matters, not gonna get these two mixed up! So this is how it is going to be, I will arrange for a representative of my company’s advertisement department to contact you!"

"Alright! Just look for Hundred Shots, after you are done with the negotiations, just inform me!"

"Hey guys, are we going to beat the boss or not?" Fatty Han had tears streaming down his face now.

As the party members chatted while pushing forwards deeper into the dungeon, another half an hour passed, all spent on clearing out the monsters in the area. Finally, they stood in front of the last boss. The boss stage was vast, like a shopping plaza, and the boss was standing right in the middle of it all, with no monsters in the surroundings, at all.

[Roshan - Copper Hammer, King of the Flaming Dwarf] (Gray-Silver, Humanoid)

Level: 58

Hp: 5,000,000

Defense: 600

The boss was wearing extremely thick armor, with a large axe held in his right hand, his skin the colour of crimson red. Standing in the boiling mist, he looked like a burning flame.

"Just like the other two modes, the boss has no other differences other than the damage increased!" Zhang Yang had also revised on the battle tactics with the gang first hand, as Han Ying Xue and some members had not cleared this dungeon before, "Among the skills of this boss, the most lethal one is his forced-teleportation! It will randomly teleport four players 100 meters away from the boss, afflicting each of the players with a negative effect ‘Chain of Burning Flame’!"

"Players who carry the ‘Chain of Burning Flame’ will inflict a DPS of 2,000 fire damage to each other if they are within 30 meters from each other. So, the trick is this, the 4 players that are effect by the ‘Chain of Burning Flame’ must head out in different directions until they are at safe distance before they are burned to crisps!"

Zhang Yang looked at the gang and said, "This is the time to test our mutual understanding and our teamwork, if two or three people run towards the same direction, who should be the one to concede? One must react and decide in an instant to run elsewhere! Take note that this is Hardcore Mode, if you have 5 seconds to react in Hard Mode, you only have 3 seconds to react here!"

"Oh, silly Yu, no wonder you wanted the recipe for Fire Resistance Potion, now I see what it could be used for!" Han Ying Xue suddenly understood, instantly rolled her eyes back at Zhang Yang, "You stingy little piece, now you are going to earn another big roll of cash!"

Zhang Yang smiled lightly, then he said, "Once we are opened up to the boss, just drink the Fire Resistance Potion to prevent any complication later! Fire Resistance Potions can decrease the damage received by 600 points of damage, it can greatly increase the margin of error!"

To beat this boss, Fire Resistance Potions were not a compulsory to have, but with no doubt, having Fire Resistance Potions will obviously decrease the difficulty in engaging the boss.

"Other than the ‘Chain of Burning Flame’, the other difficult situation the boss will create for us starts when the boss uses <Destructive Smash> on the tanks, decreasing 50% of the healing effect on them. Of course, I will do my best to block, and the priest has to reserve their <Holy Shield>. Wait for the moment where I receive <Destructive Smash> from the boss before casting the shield on me, because the shield absorbs damage instead of heals, so there shouldn’t be any influence on this!"

Zhang Yang clapped his hands a few times and said, "Alright, there’s no point repeating my instructions a thousand times or ten thousand times, it will be clearer once we try this out in practice, drink the potions up and let’s charge forward!"

He took out a bottle of the Fire Resistance Potion, with a gulp, he emptied the whole bottle before pulling out his axe, charging swiftly towards the boss with huge steps.

"Who are you people, how dare you to trespass my land of the flaming dwarfs? It doesn’t matter, all I have to do is to annihilate all of you!" Roshan swung an axe that was three times his height, coming forward to meet the charging players, "I am Roshan, the King of the Flaming Dwarves, remember my name, for this name belongs to the one who will send all of you to see the Lord of Hades!"

"You’re full of hot air!" Wei Yan Er stuck out her tongue at him.

Zhang Yang used <Charge>, and with a whoosh, he crashed into the boss, waving his battle axe and ferociously hacking away at anywhere and anything.

Wei Yan Er was not willing to be left behind, following with an immediate <Charge> , swinging her giant axe, slicing and dicing as well.


With a swing of the axe from the boss, Zhang Yang received a huge amount of damage, only a boss dealing 8,000 or more damage could have done that much! Fortunately, Roshan is categorized as a Berserker type, his attack rate was not that frequent, and it takes about three seconds for him to deliver one attack. With four healers in the party, they can leisurely heal Zhang Yang’s health bar back to full in no time.

"Burning Flame, aid me in burning these nincompoops into crusty crisps!" the battle had just begun for awhile, when Roshan let our a roar, raising the axe in his hand up high. Four chains formed from the burning flame of his axe, where they split and hit Endless Starlight, Defiant Monk, Sky Burial and Lady Baidu. In a flash, the four players immediately disappeared from where they stood, reappearing 100 meters away from the boss, seven o’clock from his direction.


Four stream of lights explosively rose upward, flashing right above the four players respectively, dealing a series of damages ranging from ‘-1,400’ to ‘-1,050’. Because Endless Starlight is a Defender, naturally possessing a passive 75% spell damage reduction, he sustained the least damage among the four.

"Run! Quickly!"

The four players quickly began their running, but only Sky Burial ran towards the west, the other three were all running towards the same direction.

"What the fart! Defiant Monk, Lady Baidu, stop sticking my ass! Change your course of direction now, I don’t want to die because of you two!" Endless Starlight was shouting in a loud voice while gulping down a bottle of red potion, "Sun of a…, Lady Baidu, do you like my ass that much? Turn around! Turn around!"




The damage value consecutively appearing right above the heads of the three players as they tried to pull themselves apart. However, Lady Baidu had the lowest gear in term of grades having just a little over 5,000 health points. Although she did drink a bottle of red potion, she could only hold on for another tick of explosive damage. Five seconds later, her health points were all burned off, and she skidded face first across the floor, having died mid-stride.

As Lady Baidu died, Endless Starlight was no longer in danger, he crowed in joy and said, "I have tons of health points, if you follow me again the next time around, I’m not going anywhere, others will only be burned to death if they don’t get away from me!"

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