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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 213 — Queen of Medusa

Chapter 213: Queen of Medusa

Soon after the public announcement of the Server Announcement, Zhang Yang received the congratulatory messages from Snow Seeker, Sky Shaman, Crimson Fire and the others. Of course, fun being poked at that advertisement was inevitable. He almost logged out of the game to escape the ridicule.

As most bosses only dropped Gray-Silver equipment, Wei Yan Er had lost her interest in the victory loots, irresponsibly pushing the job of picking everything up to Zhang Yang.

Roshan had dropped a total of five pieces of Gray-Silver equipment. Among the five, four were all armor-set equipment, being the chest plates that belonged to Berserkers, Bandits, Pyromancers and Beastmasters. So, Zhang Yang decided to auction them out one, using the guild’s points as currency.

The last piece of the Gray-Silver equipment was a spellcaster’s cape.

[Fire Cape] (Gray-Silver, Cape)

Vitality: +17

Intelligence: +17

Equip: Increases 10 points of spell damage.


Level required: 50

As the majority of players protested on the unidentified property of the equipment, the allocation of equipment became chaotic as they became ridiculously high in demand. As Dream Technology was under a lot of pressure, they had made some subtle changes to the <Unidentified> trait a few days back.

Without a proper identification of the equipment, players could still see it’s special effects, but all attributes will be reduced by 30%, and these reduced attributes would be restored only after identification is done.

After a long auction that had the same few names increasing the bid, the equipment was finally claimed by Daffodil Daydream who instantly swapped it with her current equipped one.

"Noob tank, we are done with the dungeon, let’s go capture ourselves some Battle Mounts!" Wei Yan Er, being the standard hot-head, immediately made to run to the dungeon’s entrance.

"Silly little girl, don’t run off just yet!" Zhang Yang quickly pulled her back, and said, "There’s a hidden boss that has yet to be taken down!"

"A hidden boss?" everyone was curious. Ever since the first dungeon, they had never come across any other dungeons with hidden bosses. They had almost forgotten about the existence of such things!

"Where? Where is it?" Wei Yan Er quickly regained her interest. Accessories like Rings and Necklace are harder to find, and the accessories she had on her were all level 30, better replacements were long overdue.

Zhang Yang pointed at the magic circle that had been formed in the blood of the fallen boss, "Step on it!"

Everyone followed his words and stepped onto the magic circle. Immediately, a stream of dark light shot upwards, the players that stepped onto the magic circle vanished one after another.

Zhang Yang was the last to step onto the magic circle. As the dark light engulfed over him, he instantly appeared in an unfamiliar place, beside Han Ying Xue and the rest of the gang.

The place was dark and gloomy, with way to tell whether it’s day or night, with the only source of dark light illuminating on one of the corners of the area. About 50 meters away in front of them, there was a beautiful face paired with a sexy bust, but it’s lower body was made up by a tail of a snake. It held a longbow in its hands, constantly screaming in a high pitch.

Her upper body was extremely erotic, it was tremendously curvy, and at times she arched her back, or gyrated her body in a very seductive manner. However, her hair was made out of hissing gray little snakes, each having a pair of cold eyes that gleamed in the dark. By gazing at them, one would feel goosebumps running up their spine. The snake body itself was extremely long, if it was measured from one end to the other, it would have been at least 10 meters long!

She had been tied down by three burning red chains of light. Two of them had been crisscrossed over her voluptuous chest, squeezing out the two large mounds, making them stand out vulgarly!

At the other end of the three burning light chains, three dwarfs -- their red skins indicating their Flame Dwarf heritage -- were keeping the snake-lady restrained. The strange thing was that, all three of them had green names, meaning that players cannot attack them.

"This is the most authentic BDSM I’ve ever seen…"

"Man, that’s heavy stuff. Good taste!"

Fatty Han and Endless Starlight were murmuring to each other, their eyes transfixed on the boobs that jerked about violently.

The gang selected the tied up beauty and read her information.

[Aigawa, The sealed Queen of Medusa] (Gray-Silver, Demon)

Level: 59

HP: 8,000,000

Defense: 600

The three dwarfs were named Margeryashe, Lingamant and Bassan. All of them were level 55 elites, with 180,000 HP and 300 defense points.

"Who are you people, how did you find this place?" The three dwarfs spotted the intrusion of Zhang Yang and the gang into the area. The one in the middle of them, Lingamant spoke in a strong, demanding voice.

Zhang Yang showed a adventurer’s salute to the dwarves and said, "My respected fellow dwarves, we are adventurer from White Jade Castle, here to slay these foul demons!"

"Pui! Just you?" the dwarf standing on the left, Margeryashe spoke in contempt.

The dwarf standing on the right, Bassan, however, said, "They managed to enter this area, it only means that they had defeated Roshan. Only his blood can activate the seal and open the magic portal!"

"You people defeated Roshan?" Margeryashe revealed a shocked expression, "I guess I must have underestimated you all!"

It was quite obvious that Margeryashe had the most authority in the area. After a light wave of one of his hands, the other two dwarfs immediately went silent, and he spoke unhindered, "To pursue absolute power, we surrendered ourselves to the demons. In the beginning, our strengths did indeed increase, but our souls were beginning to warp into something else. Our beliefs in the great Gods of Titan were quickly shaken! Us three chiefs discovered the conspiracy of the demons. It turns out that they wanted to imprison our souls and make us their slaves in absolution!"

"However… We discovered their plans a little too late, too many of our kind had already been driven to madness because of the twisted power! Three of us tried everything we could and everything we knew just to seal this demoness that lured us into our downfall! But, she is simply too powerful, we have been forced to remain here with her, tying her down with our own lifeforce!"

Margeryashe sighed again and said, "Perhaps, your arrival is in the arrangement of the Gods of Titan himself. We have held her as long as we have been able to. Our lifeforce is at its end, and when that happens, this demon shall be free to enslave our kind completely!"

"Travelers, if you are ready, please inform us! We will let loose the seal and try to oppress some of her power, perhaps it would be enough to you in destroying this demon!"

Having said that, the three dwarfs now gazed at Zhang Yang with their starry eyes, waiting for Zhang Yang and the gang to sound the charge to begin the attack.

"How do we fight this?" Han Ying Xue and the gang turned their sights towards Zhang Yang.

"This battle will stay in the vicinity of the three dwarfs. They will suppress the boss’ true power. As long as they do not die, the damage of the boss will not be anything too outrageous! However, once all three NPCs are dead, the attacks of the boss will have an aftereffect, AND an AoE, inflicting an additional 6,000 shadow damage to any and all targets within a 50 meters radius from the boss! If that happens, unless the boss is close to death, it’ll be the end for us all!"

Zhang Yang gave it some thought and added, "This boss will only target the NPCs. I know what you are thinking, but we cannot heal them. If the battle is prolonged excessively, the NPCs will definitely die one after another! This battle only focuses on our damage output. Either we kill the boss, or the boss kills all the NPCs and annihilates all of us in a single second!"

"No tactics involved, just pure damage output, if the party damage output reaches the requirement, then we will succeed, if not, we shall be stuck here!"

Zhang Yang smile and said, "There is a higher difficulty available in this boss fight. We can choose not seek help from the NPCs, and if the boss is taken down without their aid, we will get an extra achievement.

Fatty Han quickly said, "Well, honestly, we should just get rid of the boss, that will be enough!"

"After engaging for five seconds, everyone must drink a [Power Potion], and unleash all your strongest skills, all out!" Zhang Yang pulled out his battle axe and said, "I shall signal NPCs to lift the seal, so everyone, get ready to fight!"

He made another salute at the three dwarfs and said, "Respected dwarven chiefs, please lift the seal, let us join forces to eliminate this demon once and for all!"

"Adventurers of the White Jade Castle, we acknowledge, and return your respect in equal share! Prepare yourselves, we are about to lift the seal. The demon will be awakened … this is your only chance, we no longer have the power to seal her again!" Lingamant spoke gravely.

"Let’s begin!" The three dwarfs raised their hands into the sky at the same exact moment, chanting a dwarven spell. Magic lines appeared on the heads of the three dwarfs at the same time, the duration of the chanting was 30 seconds in total.

"Argh---" the boss Aigawa was screaming loudly, and hissed, "The trinity of fools, you are never going to imprison me! I am the great general of the Demon Lord Rogueler, he is second to none, I shall tear your bodies into pieces, one piece after another!"

Zhang Yang swiftly went up to the side of the boss. The seal was not yet lifted, so both parties could not start attacking yet.

"Everyone! In position!"

Melee professions immediately circled around the boss, waiting for the seal to be broken.

25, 20, 15…

"The power of the seal is weakening!" all of the snakes on Aigawa’s head were twitching in excitement, as monstrous aura accumulated around her, "I can feel it, the powers that keep me here are growing weak! At last, freedom! Hahaha, I am going to kill you all!"

4, 3, 2, 1!

<Blood Rage>! +30 Rage.

Gong! Gong! Gong!

The three chains of light began to shatter. The cracks started from the dwarves’ end, and ring by ring, they shattered one by one in the direction of the boss. As the last chain ring shattered, Aigawa raised her snake body up, raising herself to a height of 3 meters!

‘-3,037!’ <Horizontal Sweep>.

Aigawa had already raised herself upon her tail up to 7 or 8 meters high, and as the attack landed, she let out a roar of rage, letting loose an arrow at Zhang Yang. "Humans, elves, dwarves, beasts, all here, just in time for me to kill you all. You shall all be blood sacrifice for my freedom!"

<Cripple Defense>! <Cripple Defense>! <Cripple Defense>!

"Attack, full power!" Zhang Yang shouted at the top of his lungs, with Weu Yan Er aiding him with mutual understanding, helped him place another two layers of <Cripple Defense>, completing the stack.

Everyone knew that time was of the essence, not a millisecond could be wasted. They gulped down their Power Potions and began their attacks with heavy skills that required long cooldowns, and began their onslaught.

30 seconds later, Aigawa suddenly turned away from Zhang Yang, aiming her bow Lingamant and firing at him instead.

Foof! Foof!

The basic attack of the boss had reached a high value of 9,000 points, and Lingamant only had 300 points of defense. Every arrow that Aigawa released at the dwarven chief would deal a damage of 8,000+. In just 20 seconds, she had already taken down approximately 90,000 of Lingamant’s health points. Only then did she regain her aggro system and got back to attacking Zhang Yang.

"Witchy Snow, Fantasy, you two can stop healing, just focus on attacking the boss! Two Holy Knights healing me is more than enough, a little more damage from you guys would also help!" Zhang Yang roared.

Holy Knights are good at healing single targets. Even though the equipment of the two Holy Knights were far inferior than Han Ying Xue’s equipment, having two of them heal Zhang Yang was sufficient, as long as Han Ying Xue paid enough attention to cast the occasional <Regeneration> and <Shield> on him.

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