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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 215 — Solid Blockade

Chapter 215: Solid Blockade

"Haha! We did it! We did it!"

Everyone cheered. It was not the toughest boss they’ve ever encountered. However, it was definitely the most epic fight they have ever been in. Attack! Attack! And more attack! Everyone had pushed themselves past their limits to achieve the highest damage output they had ever achieved.

This battle had helped the party understand their own classes better, gaining innate knowledge about cycling their skills. They had also gained further understanding on the concept of cost, be it Rage, Mana, Focus, or Stamina. In a way, this had been a very different form of training to help them strengthen their characters’ class basics.

"WOOOOOAHHH! Let me pick the loots! Let me! ME!ME!ME!ME!" screamed the little girl as she skipped her way to the boss’ coprse. Those who were already familiar with the little girl’s behavior made way for her, while the rest who were joining Wei Yan Er for the first time were taken aback and mesmerized by her cuteness.

"Eh? This one is interesting!" the little girl posted an item description in the party channel.

[Eye of Medusa] (Consumable)

Use: Unleashed the ominous stare of Medusa. Cause a target to be petrified. Removes all buffs and debuffs on the target. Prevents the target from moving or performing any actions for five seconds. The target will not receive any damage for the entire effect’s duration. Players and monsters above Level 60 will have a resistance against the skill and have a lowered success rate. Cool down time: 2 minutes

Remaining uses: 3/3

Level Requirement: 50

"What is this thing?" asked Endless Starlight. "In PK or monster grinding, freezing a target is nice and all since we can smack it senseless. But since the target is petrified and will not take any damage to begin with, what sort of usage can this item do? Wouldn’t it be rather contradicting?"

Zhang Yang laughed. "This is indeed a good item. If it wasn’t limited by levels, it would have been better!"

"Why is that?"

Other than Sun Xin Yu alone, the rest of the party expressed their curiosity. Everyone was looking at him with questioning eyes.

"In a solo fight, it doesn’t do much. However, during a group fight, you can use this item on an enemy healer and focus on the other target! They would not receive healing for five seconds! How cool is that?! I’ll give you another example. If your own ally is about to be killed by a boss, or a monster or another player for that matter, you can use the item on the dying ally and grant him a five second invincibility window!"


Everyone nodded, satisfied with his explanation.

Zhang Yang boldly took the item for himself and left the other items out for grabs.

The boss had dropped a total of 4 Gray-Silver equipment. Among the loots, two of them were rings, the other two being necklaces.

One of the necklaces had defensive-oriented attributes. However, as Zhang Yang was already wearing a Level 50 Yellow-Gold necklace, he dismissively passed it over to Endless Starlight. The boy took the item, despite having the lowest guild contribution points, smiling so earnestly that his eyes were completely shut. He thanked Zhang Yang repeatedly.

After all the loots had been distributed, everyone tore a [Teleportation Scroll] and went back to White Jade Castleto complete their Level 50 class quests. Zhang Yang went to his Little Merchandize Shop. Now that he had obtained the First Clear Achievement, there was no reason to withhold the sales of the Fire Resisting Potion! After carrying out the two highly-regarded auctions, the Little Merchandize Shop had greatly risen in popularity. He placed the potions at the most visible spot in the shop instead of the storage; where people would have to go through the hassle of tying in the keywords into the search box to search for the item. He believed that the potion would quickly be a hit.

However, there were only a handful of Level 50 players at the moment. The sales of the Fire Resisting Potions should be limited for now. It should see improvements as soon as more players reach Level 50 and begin their own raids on the Poison Fireland. Even though it was not really required to defeat the boss, it was still a means in making battles slightly easier. How could that not be a hit among players? Even if the potion costs a small sum of gold coins, it was better to defeat the boss altogether, instead of dying and retrying several times over, which will, assuming the players die in the process, incurring higher costs in repair fees? It would also be an absolute waste of time! If you put those two options on the scale, people would definitely pick the easier path.

The [Solid Iron Plate] was a really good investment. They were like real-life gold bars! Even the players who have not reached Level 50 were already stocking up on them now to save them the trouble of competitively purchasing them in the future. Because of that, the price of each [Solid Iron Plate] remained steadily at 12 gold coins each. It still had the potential to reach a higher price!

Because of the sales from the [Solid Iron Plate], the profits gained today had surpassed 1,500,000 gold coins! That staggering number truly shocked Zhang Yang!

Nodding approvingly to himself, Zhang Yang then summoned his [Skeletal War horse] and rode to the Warrior’s Home, in search of Ani, the Warrior Class Instructor. As expected, Ani was still as sexy as ever, and as always, surrounded by a number of losers who wouldn’t take their eyes off her huge rack and slender waist. It couldn’t be helped. Her outfit was rather revealing, after all. Zhang Yang dismounted and sent his horse back into his inventory. Ani broke into a proud, approving grin, nodding repeatedly when she saw Zhang Yang approaching her. "You, you, specimen of a warrior! Well done! I heard about what you had did! It’s truly a miracle I must say. You truly have my respect now! Not only did you vanquish Roshan - Copper Hammer, the leader of the rebellion against the Union, you also defeated the evil demon Aigawa! Good job!"

Zhang Yang smiled earnestly. "It’s all because of your teaching and guidance, that I am here today."

Ani puffed up with pride when Zhang Yang said that and flung her golden hair back joyfully. "Zhan Yu, you are now qualified to be a true warrior! For now, I want you to follow my lead. I will bestow upon you the title of the true warrior!"

She reached both of hands out, and placed her palms on Zhang Yang chest. "O Lord, Brave and Mighty God of War. I pray to thee, today, a warrior has been born to serve thy…Zhan Yu! Don’t just stand there, do what I’m doing!"

Zhang Yang frowned, slightly annoyed. Who the hell designed this script! He had to touch an NPC’s honkers! What a pervert! Horny *sshole!

No matter how much Zhang Yang tried to refuse, Ani continued to insist. It seems that the system would not proceed if Zhang Yang does not to follow the NPC’s instructions. Reluctantly, Zhang Yang reached out with his hands and placed them over the twin domes.


As expected from a western female model, huge and bouncy! HUMOUNGOUS! FIRM! AND BOUNCY!

This game is just too realistic! It wasn’t just from the aesthetics, but the feeling, the sensation itself was almost the same as a real woman’s…

"F*ck me!" The usual campers who spent all day ogling at Ani were shocked. Their eyes almost popped as they saw Zhang Yang laying his palms over her huge assets! It’s just soooooooo out of this world!

After a long speech about justice, power, and some warrior related stuff, Ani retracted her hands and said, "Congratulation Zhan Yu, you’re now officially a loyal believer in the god or war! And…please remove your hands from my chest."

"Urgh!" Zhang Yang immediately shrunk his hands back.

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: Level 50 Class Quest. Obtained 100,000 Experience Points! Quest Difficulty: A. Completion of Hidden Difficulty. Final Score: Perfect!’

‘Ding! You have learned a new skill: Warrior’s Will!’

‘Ding! You have gained an item: Solid Blockade!’

[Warrior’s Will] (Level 1): Removes all debuffs on one's self and causes the next use of {Destructive Smash} to land as a critical strike. The effect will last for the next 8 seconds or until {Destructive Smash} is used.

Cool down time: 10 minutes.

At Level 50, all class will receive an anti-status affecting skill. However, Zhang Yang was a little disappointed. the skill reward was the same as it was in his previous life, when he had only obtained an "Average" score.

Looks like the reward was based on the item instead.

[Solid Blockade] (Yellow-Gold, Shield)

Defense: +800

Vitality: +400

{Level 2 Socket}

Equip Effect: Absorbs 300 damage every time you receive an attack.

Equip Effect: Restores 100 HP after every successful {Block}.

Level Requirement: 50


Zhang Yang was delighted. In his previous life, he had only completed the Level 50 class quest by defeating Roshan in Hard Mode. After completing the quest, the reward was the same skill and a Green-Copper tier shield. This time, the rewards were clearly different compared to before! It’s a Yellow-Gold tier got crying out loud!

He quickly headed over to the Gem Shop to look for a suitable Gem Stone.

Right after he left Ani alone to do his thing, the horny players around Ani were magnetized to her, their arms reaching out. Approaching closer and closer, drips of saliva could be seen dripping on the floor beneath them.

"I’ve always wanted to touch them!"

"Back then, if you even lay a finger on her, she will kill you and send you to prison! It seems like there’s a bug in the system! Aww yiss! Time to touch until I die!"

"Oh man…those honkers! Those humongo-bongo! Here I come!"


Ani spun around on the spot and killed everyone with a {Tornado Sweep}. What’s worse, after the player revive, they were automatically sent to prison. When a player is harassed, they would need to submit a complaint to the relevant figures to bring in the convict. But an NPC is part of the system itself. Without any word or warning, the NPC will first hack and slash, after that it’s catch and stash!

In the prison, those perverted players exchanged baffled looks…How did he do it?

Zhang Yang socketed a [Level 2 Vitality Gem Stone] into his shield. He then swapped it out with the new one, boosting his maximum HP to a whopping 17,040 HP! (Vitality Aura applied) (Author’s Note: Unless specified, all HP mentioned from hereon will include the Vitality Aura bonus)

Where would the limits of his tanking be?

Other Level 50 tanks would have, at most, a complete set of Level 40 Gray-Silver equipment. Perhaps their equipment would all be socketed with [Level 1 Vitality Gem Stone]s. If they had invested all five SP gained during their leveling up, they would have, at most, 10,000 HP!

Needless to say, such is the difference between Gray-Silver and Yellow-Gold equipment. Besides, only Level 50 equipment and higher will have Level 2 Sockets. With his current equipment, he can easily raid Poison Fireland without breaking a sweat.

Zhang Yang had an extra SP to spend, which he had received as a reward from the First Clear Achievement of the Poison Fireland. Currently, he had maximized {Block} at Level 10. {Shield Wall} was at Level 6. Now that he had gained a new skill - {Warrior’s Will}, Zhang Yang was torn between them. Should he try to maximize {Shield Wall} level first or acquire {Warrior’s Will}?

{Warrior’s Will} can remove all debuffs and create a sure-hit critical strike for {Destructive Smash}! It was both a strong attack and defensive skill! If he raised it to Level 10, the skill cool down time will be reduced to only one minute! It would be OP beyond OP, especially in PK battles! This skill is just too important to ignore!

"Argh. What the heck. I’ll invest in {Warrior’s Will} first, since the professional league is going to start soon. A anti-status affect skill, and a really hard hit is most important! If I had invested in {Shield Wall} first, even at Level 10, the cool down time is only at two minutes and 30 seconds! {Warrior’s Will} would be far more useful!"

Now then he had steeled his decision, Zhang Yang went ahead and invested the one SP he had on {Warrior’s Will}.

Zhang Yang checked the time. It was close to 10pm. By the looks of it, he would not even be able to grind his level properly. Zhang Yang decided instead to craft a few more [Fire Resisting Potion]s and place them all into the warehouse. Even though the current demand for [Fire Resisting Potion] was not high, the sales will definitely increase soon after! In about a week’s time, a majority of the players will reach Level 50. By then, they would need to defeat Roshan, be it for farming set equipment or to complete their class quest!

Zhang Yang continued to craft more potions and logged out at around 11pm.

After the night had passed, Zhang Yang went out and did his routine training. Just as he came back home, Zhang Yang received a call. It was Zhao Hui Shan.

"Z-Zhang Yang *sob sob*" Zhang Yang could hear crying from the other side of the line. "We’re sorry. We’re stupid. We’re blind! We should not have tried to belittle you! Please! Please forgive us and stop torturing us!"

Zhang Yang was stunned. What the hell did I do? Annoyed, Zhang Yang frowned and said, "What are you talking about?"

"*sob sob*, Kang Ming’s father’s factory…the…the d-distributors have all stopped buying their product! And…and Kang Ming was caught by the police! They are charging him for drug possession and distribution! Zhang Yang! I know that we’re at fault! But please! Plse! For my sake! Think of me when we were dating back then! Please stop torturing us!"

Zhao Hui Shan was worried. For the past three days, Zhou Kang Ming had been "invited" to the police station for questioning. On the other side of things, her boyfriend’s family business wasn’t looking too good. The products that they had produced were piling up into a mountain! IF they could not even sell a single one of them…her mother-in-law will treat her like a black sheep, only good at drawing bad luck for her husband. The eye rolls would never stop whenever the mother-in-law met her. Her mother-in-law will soon try to have her leave Zhou Kang Ming, in order to end the misfortune that she’s bringing.

Zhao Hui Shan had thought about it and eventually, she realized that these series of unfortunate events occurred after the night they met Zhang Yang and discovered that he harbored a lot of power in secret. She came to a conclusion that it was all Zhang Yang’s doing. She had been reluctant about it but after some time, she dug out the told student journal and searched for Zhang Yang’s house telephone number to call him.

However, Zhang Yang himself had nothing to do with the events that occurred to Zhao Hui Shan, Zhao Kang Ming and his father. "Zhao Hui Shan, I’m not that narrow-minded and I don’t any grudges against you. The truth is, I did nothing. You’re barking up the wrong tree. Good day to you."

Ka chack!

Zhang Yang hung up and logged back into the game. Zhang Yang opened the Friend List and found only Wei Yan Er and Han Ying Xue online. A sudden thought came into his mind and he added them both into his party.

"Little girl, did you do something to the guys who had been troubling me?"

"Ah! Busted!" said Wei Yan Er without denying it. In fact, she was happy to admit that it was her doing. "How about it? I’m rather strong you know! Now, do you see this lady in a new light?"

Comparing Silky Soft Holdings with Zhao Kang Ming’s business was like trying to compare a little ant to an army of giants! Zhao Kang Ming could not even try to put up any level of resistance.

Zhang Yang shook his head. Her had never even thought of Zhou Kang Ming or Zhao Hui Shan as an enemy. They were not even worth his thoughts! However, Fatty Han must have been overly dramatic about his situation to Wei Yan Er and angered her so. He only laughed and said, "Yea. You’re full of righteousness!" Seeing how Zhao Kang Ming had become, Zhang Yang was not even bothered to advice Wei Yan Er to stop her doing.

"Ehehehe! That, I am!" Wei Yan Er nodded happily. "Noob tank! When are we going to hunt for Battle Mounts?"

"Things can be given, yet not to be sought. Fortune it be if attained. Destiny it be if not!" Zhang Yang shook his head explaining.

"Hey! Speak plainly!"

"You stupid little girl! Why don’t you let him do the catching for you! You can save some money on the [Sealing Rein]s" said Han Ying Xue quietly.

[Sealing Rein]s were expensive. They cost 100 gold coins apiece! Wei Yan Er’s eyes glinted a little and said, "Ahhh! Now then, Noob tank! Go and catch me one!"

"Snowy B*tch! What are you trying to do huh!? Besides, I can’t help you catch one. Anything I successfully seal would be bound to me!" Zhang Yang explained roughly. "Little brat. Did you skip school again?"

"My cousin sister…she. Erhm…Her period arrived on time. She’s feeling a little feverish. So, I had to take a holiday and take care of her! Ai ya…It can’t be helped. I mean, I really wanted to go to school today…" said the little girl proudly, as she put on a melodramatic show.

"YOU DAMN BRAT! How could you say something like that in the open!" Han Ying Xue screamed. She was red in the face, a mixture of rage and embarrassment. In a flash, her character vanished and Wei Yan Er’s character soon followed, even as she blinked in surprise at the spot where Han Ying Xue was standing at moments ago. She was probably getting a scolding, or perhaps even a beating from Han Ying Xue.

Zhang Yang could not help but laugh at their comical acts. He then used the city Teleportation Circle and went to Tukula Fortress. After going up his [Skeletal War Horse], Zhang Yang rode off with a kick.

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