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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 219 — The Gold-Eared Bear King’s Little Cub

Chapter 219: The Gold-Eared Bear King’s Little Cub

"Find the cave!" cried Zhang Yang when the party arrived at Snowy Peak. "The boss is inside a cave called the Cave of the Winter’s Wind!"

The group split up and searched for the cave. Everyone agreed to regroup when any one of them finds it.

There was this particularly stupid idiot who had no sense of direction, yet had some ironic luck. She managed to be the first one who stumbled across the cave.

"I found it!" Han Ying Xue had managed to find the cave after 20 minutes, and happily announced her discovery in the party channel.

Everyone hurriedly converged to where Han Ying Xue was and saw a deep, large cave entrance, As the party was about to enter the cave, a sudden breeze blew by, carrying an intense, rotten smell, causing extreme disgust to those who caught whiff of it.

"BLEH! What is that smell! It smells like rotten eggs wrapped in stinky old stockings!" Wei Yan Er cried out as she squeezed her nose shut.

Zhang Yang laughed at her and said, "Why didn’t you take your Smell Setting down a notch?"

"Eh? You can do that?" said Wei Yan Er, surprised. She quickly asked for details, and after a series of messy, unnecessary rants, she closed the window and was delighted. However, her cute, contented little smile quickly disappeared. "Yeah! I’m d—BLEH! What the hell! Why did it turn worse?!"

"You dumb little girl! The system’s default setting was at 50%, You didn’t turn it up all the way to 100% did you?" Zhang Yang did a facepalm.

Wei Yan Er replied with a quick "Oh!" and adjusted the setting again. This time, she laughed and said, "Oh wow! I can’t smell anything now! Hehehe!"

In truth, she was not the only one was not aware of the Smell Settings. Everyone started to search through their setting windows and adjusted the setting to prevent the extreme odor from being too disruptive.

Zhang Yang explained. "There are other settings besides smell. You can also adjust Touch, Taste, and Sound! Touch sensitivity is disabled by default so that you would not feel any pain when you receive an attack. However, to be a professional, it’s best to increase the Touch sensitivity by just a little to increase your response rate! Too high however, and it will be too much to handle, affecting your overall performance! As for Taste, it’s best to leave it disabled. Drinking potions will not trigger your taste buds at all, or else, you will taste the utter bitterness of it. But, for instance, if you want to prevent yourself from drinking too many potions, you can adjust it to your own preference!"

These settings were rather plain and dull. Players who were the types to research prod around every aspect of a game would meddle with such settings. A majority of the players would not even take note of such settings.

After everyone had adjusted their own settings, Zhang Yang nodded approvingly and said, "Let’s go!"

Zhang Yang led the way, entering the cave first.

The cave was rather large. At a fixed interval, they would encounter a glowing stone stuck on the ceiling of the cave, illuminating the pathway. However, the light was dim, unable to fully illuminate the entire pathway. Like a poor streetlight in a dark alley, those little glowing stones were the only sources of light in the entire cave. However, as it was, even on the darkest of nights, the stars will shine upon earth. The light from the glowing stones was enough to allow the players to see where they were going.

"GROWLLL!" A deep, loud growl of a beast could be heard. Suddenly, a large White Bear jumped out from the darkness and attacked the foremost player, who happened to be Zhang Yang. The bear used {Charge} and stunned Zhang Yang. As he swayed helplessly on his spot, the monster swung a massive paw and attacked.

[Winter’s White Bear] (Elite, Beast)

Level: 58

HP: 58,000

Defense: 300

Hundred Shots and Zhang Yang original gang were very proactive. Even when Zhang Yang was stunned, they did not wait for him and immediately started their attack.

The bear growl and shifted its aggro to Wei Yan Er. Now that the bear had just attacked, it had to wait for another two seconds before it could attack again.

The stun effect lasted for one a second. Zhang Yang immediately cast {Provoke} when he recovered. He activated {Blood Rage} at the same time and slashed the boss. He immediatley followed up with {Destructive Smash}.



As the aggro on Zhang Yang stabilized, everyone flawlessly synced with his rhythm and killed the monster without breaking a sweat. The team’s firepower was so strong that it would not have made a difference if no one was tanking, the monster would not have survived for more than 10 seconds. How could it kill anyone in that short amount of time?

Snow Seeker was rather impressed and said, "Guild master Zhan Yu, I’m really impressed with your teamwork. No wonder you guys could easily take down dungeon after dungeon, claiming First Clear Achievements!"

Wei Yan Er snickered and said, "Sister Seeker! Actually, it’s all because of me! I’m the strongest attacker in this team!"

"Little girl, do you not know shame or humility?!

"Hmph!" Wei Yan Er shrugged. "Humility is nothing but a lack of self-esteem. There is no reason for me to be humble in the first place! I’m merely stating the truth!"

Everyone laughed and the girls giggled. The little girl was always the clown of the party, bringing laughter and joy to them.

One of the ETC drops of the Winter’s White Bear was a piece of [Bear’s Tail], which could be sold for at least 10 silver coins. However little it was, Han Ying Xue still insisted on keeping the item since they could be stacked up to 200 pieces!

The team proceeded on forward, killing more bears as they proceed. When the 14th monster was killed, it finally dropped something useful.

[Frost Bear Coat] (Green-Copper, Leather Armor)

Defense: +6

Vitality: +60

Equip Effect: Increases 100 Frost Resistance.

Level Requirement: 50

Bear Coat Set (1/5):

{Bear Helm}

{Bear Coat}

{Bear Glove}

{Bear Leg Guard}

{Bear Boots}

Three Equip Effect: Increases all attack by 5%.

Five Equip Effect: Increases Frost Resistance by 300.

"Are resistance based equipment for Thieves and Hunters?" Everyone was curious. "Field monsters drop set equipment as well?"

Zhang Yang answered. "In the future, there will be all kinds of set equipment with all sort of effects! This one here specializes in elemental resistance. If you were to wear this and fight a Cryomancer, that player would be annoyed to the high heavens!"

After asking around for a brief period, Zhang Yang called out, "If no one wants it, I’m going to keep it!’ Zhang Yang took the item and kept it. However insignificant it seemed, it was still a set equipment! There are crazy collectors around who would pay a nice sum of coins just for novelty!

"Hey! I haven’t said anything yet! I want it! I want it!" Perfumed Water cried out suddenly. Snow Seeker was rather shy and had remained silent since she was rather well-mannered.

"Moving on!" said Zhang Yang, ignoring Perfumed Water.

"GRAHH! I’m pissed! Just you wait, Zhan Yu! I’ll show you how frightening I can be later!" cried Perfumed Water.

The party moved on and killed more and more bears. There were more bears in the cave! Perfumed Water was a Priest class, but she had chosen Leather Work as her profession. Whenever a monster was dead, Perfumed Water would pester Zhang Yang to quickly loot all the items and let her use them for her Leather Work.

That had led the miserly sisters to admire her work. Pieces of Bear Skins were rather valuable!

Even though the team’s firepower was so strong that they could kill a bear in no time, they had spent more than two hours roaming around the cave, because of its sheer size! There seemed to be no end to it!


Out of the sudden, a ball of white fur appeared out of a corner. The team was ready to attack but stopped when they saw that it was only a mini size white cub. It was only the size of a small puppy. White fur covered its entire body. It had a golden sparkle on each of its ear and eyes that were big and round. When the bear saw Zhang Yang and his "monstrous" friends, it was so shocked that it lost balance, sitting on its bottom with its eyes growing even bigger in surprise. It was so cute to look at!

"WAA! It’s so adorable!" cried the girls in his team. Everyone was caught up by its natural cuteness.

"Bear bear is so cute! KYAH! It’s so fluffy! It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!" cried Wei Yan Er as she cuddled the little critter.

"That’s…that’s a rare monster!" Zhang Yang eyes glinted and he pulled the little bear away from Wei Yan Er.

Everyone’s face sharpened into seriousness as they quickly looked up the little bear’s properties.

[Golden-Eared Bear King’s Cub] (Rare Yellow-Golden Battle Mount, Beast)

Level: 0

HP: 50

Note: Can be sealed.

"Battle mount!" Everyone was both surprised and happy simultaneously. Everyone quickly took out their [Sealing Leash].

"Wait!!!!!" Zhang Yang screamed.

"We have only 10 tries to seal the beast! Let’s talk about this first!"

With only one cub and many players around, the important way to solve it is to find a neutral stance! Everyone wants the battle mount! But only one of them could own it. So, how do they "divide" it?

"One by one! We’ll take turns!" said Zhang Yang.

"In that case, who shall be the first?" asked Snow Seeker. Sealing can only be done, one player at a time. Only when the said player had failed, others can target the beast for sealing. Now that they had a total of seven players, if they all failed the first round, who would be the next three after that? In that case, how do they properly sort this out?

Zhang Yang stopped to think for a while.

"Let’s roll for the turn. Whoever rolls the largest number shall be the first to seal. From there, we will follow the rolls and go by descending order. If all of us fail, then we shall roll again, and only the three largest rolls shall be able to take the last three chances!"

Everyone nodded in agreement and felt like it was the best method. Since it was fully based on luck, no feelings will be hurt.

"In that case, shall we roll? One roll each! If anyone rolls again, the smallest number shall be used!" said Zhang Yang. Roll-the-dice system was a special command that was always available in the game. It’s not solely used to roll for equipment or items. Player often use the rolling system to place bets.

Everyone rolled and the best of them was Han Ying Xue, the manifestation of lady luck herself. She had rolled a hundred points and was automatically the first in place to attempt sealing. In second place, Snow Seeker rolled 92 points, followed by Hundred Shots at 88 points. The fourth place was Daffodil Daydream at 79 points, Wei Yan Er was the fifth at 77 points, Zhang Yang, sixth place at 55 points and Perfumed Water was the last at 42 points.

"Come here little one! Obey me and I will treat you better that my little cousin sister! I’ll raise you well and treat you amazing snacks! I’ll even help you find the most beautiful female bear!" said Han Ying Xue as she petted the little white fur ball. Han Ying Xue took the chance to throw the [Sealing Leash] towards the little bear. The [Leash] had an auto-targeting system. It landed on the little white bear’s head with extreme accuracy. A golden light formed, connecting both Han Ying Xue and the little bear. A long progress bar appeared on Han Ying Xue’s head and fill up extremely slowly.

3%,9%, 17%…

Wei Yan Er was squatting by the side, drawing a circle on the ground while cursing endlessly. "Fail! You shall fail! Fail! FAIL!"


When the progress bar reached 43%, the Leash on the little bear’s head broke and a system notification popped up, indicating that she had failed. The little bear looked up at Han Ying Xue and lifted one of its hind paw to scratch its face. It continued to display its natural cuteness.

"HAHAHAHAHA!" Wei Yan Er jumped in joy while clapping her hands happily.

Following next was Snow Seeker.

"Fail! Don’t hate me, sister, but I hope you fail! PLeash fail!" Wei Yan Er continued to curse.

Pak! Snow Seeker’s attempt was worse. She failed at 31%.

Hundred Shots tried to seal. He failed at 22%.

"NYAHAHAH! I’m invincible now! No one can stop me! Suck it!" cried Wei Yan Er as she laughed proudly.

Daffodil Daydream went on and started her attempt. Sadly, she failed at 3%. Wei Yan Er did not even manage to start cursing. This little brat was like a cursed charm, bringing on misfortune! She thought to herself, perhaps her curses were so strong that she did not even need to act!

"Finally! It’s this lady’s turn now!" said Wei Yan Er as she took out her [Sealing Leash] and used it on the little bear.

1%, 2%, 3%…95%, 96%, 97%!

Seeing her own progress bar about to complete, her smile grew larger and larger, in accordance to the progress bar itself. When the progress bar had reached 99%, the smile on her face was so large that it could have reached her ears!

Pak! Failed at 99%!

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