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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 221 — Super-Powered Pet Mount

Chapter 221: Super-Powered Pet Mount

Zhang Yang kept his {Warrior’s Will} in reserve, instead of using it immediately. While the others could easily run out of the effective range, Zhang Yang had to remain tanking the boss! It was his job to begin with! Thus, by logic, the long he delayed his {Warrior’s Will}, the longer he will survive in battle!

Two minutes in!

Zhang Yang now had 40 stacks of {Deafening Roar}! His attack power was decreased by 40%. The damage he was taking had also increased by the same amount! Each time the boss smacked his *ss, Zhang Yang would take more than 8,000 damage!

"Zhan Yu! I can’t heal you fast enough! You have too many debuffs on you! Do something about it!" 30 seconds ago, Perfumed Water and Han Ying Xue had swapped places. In that short amount of time, Zhang Yang had already gained 10 more stacks of the unfavorable effect, causing Perfumed Water to receive the baton from Han Ying Xue for an uphill battle.

Zhang Yang nodded, acknowledging her complaint. It’s about time to do something.

{Warrior’s Will}!

Woosh! Like pressing select all + delete, all 40 stacks of {Deafening Roar} on Zhang Yang’s character was removed!

Han Ying Xue was taking a break about 50 meters away from the boss. She did some mental calculations and frowned. "Hey! Dummy Yu! I don’t think you have enough time to kill the boss! Even if you used {Rearm} and {Warrior’s Will} again, it will only give you another four minutes!"

The party’s total DPS was at around 10,000. However, with {Deafening Roar}’s effect of reducing their attack power, and the 30 seconds time that they need to "rest" on the sidelines would mean that their DPS rate had plummeted to 6,500. They would need at least 12 minutes to kill the boss with his 5,000,000 HP!

Zhang Yang had {Rearm} ready and waiting. It could provide them an additional four minutes. But, what about the remaining eight minutes?

Zhang Yang smirked. "Relax, I have a secret plan!"

Han Ying Xue rolled her eyes.

Four minutes up!

{Deafening Roar} had reached 40 stacks again!

"Hey! Do something, Stupid Yu! Don’t blame me if you’re dead!" screamed Han Ying Xue.

Zhang Yang holstered his battle axe on his waist and took out the [Eye of Medusa] from his inventory in a flash. He tossed the item to Wei Yan Er who had just come back from her "rest".

"Use it on me!"

Wei Yan Er was glued on her feet like a statue, stunned. "Huh? Why?"

Han Ying Xue gasped and cried. "Genius!"

"Tch! Stupid little girl! Just do as I say and use the bloody thing on me!"

"Hmph! You don’t have to yell at me!" Wei Yan Er pointed the object at Zhang Yang and pushed the button to activate its effect.


A dark light shot out of the [Eye of Medusa] and shone on Zhang Yang. Cracks could be heard as Zhang Yang was gradually turned into stone! Before the transformation was completed, Zhang Yang took the opportunity to raise his battle axe dramatically in a heroic stance, much like Freddie Mercury did.

‘Ding! You have received the effect {Stone Petrification}. Lasts for 5 seconds!’




For those five seconds, be it from the boss’ claws, bites, aura effect, Zhang Yang was left completely unscathed. In fact, {Deafening Roar} and the aura effect on Zhang Yang were removed as well.

Han Ying Xue laughed cheerfully and said, "The [Eye of Medusa] can be used three times. If you used {Substitute}, {Warrior’s Will} and {Rearm} all again, you can drag the time to 14 minutes!"

"You’re not as dumb as you look huh!" Zhang Yang complimented her and added one more sentence. "Too bad, you’re only as smart as Captain Obvious!"

"Hey! What are you saying?! Aren’t you being a little arrogant?! Hmph! Shameless prick!" Perfumed Water threw a little insult.

Zhang Yang smirked. "What? You don’t like it? Suck it up!"

"What!? You think I wouldn’t dare to suck!?" Perfumed Water refused to back down in a fight.

Zhang Yang smirked changed into an uncontrollable laugh. He stopped trying to come up with any witty come back. If Fatty Han had been present at the scene, he would said something that would leave them no turning back. Being the person who understood Zhang Yang the most, he would have already guessed why Zhang Yang was laughing at the word "suck"!

Perfumed Water was a bold girl. She had been hanging out with her own woman’s gang, how could she not being influence by them! Very much well aware of the context of what she had said, she quickly piped down and calmed herself before teasing Zhang Yang. "I’ll have you know that I been sucking on dozens of sausages and wieners every day or two. I couldn’t help when I accidentally "bite" them down. Could it be that it will hurt when I do so…?"


That joke was a little too cold for Zhang Yang; it sent a zap of chill down his spine, all the way down to his knees.

Oblivious and innocent as a child, the little girl thought that she had found Zhang Yang’s one weakness and laughed hysterically. "Noob tank! Haha! I see that you’re afraid of getting bitten! Hehehehe! NYAHAHAHAHA! If you dare to bully me again! I’ll bite you too!"

"Yan Er! Stop!" Han Ying Xue stopped her younger cousin from embarrassing the both of them any further. It’s fine if she did not get its meaning, having heard it only once. But when Perfume Water had been saying it in such a suggestive way, for so many times, there was no way that a girl at her age would not understand the underlying meaning!

Six minutes in, [Eye of Medusa] was used twice.

Eight minutes in, [Eye of Medusa] was used for the third time. At the last charge, the little gem-like, round, crystal eye ball-looking thing shattered into very fine dust, and dispersed into the air.

"Sigh…what a shame there’s only one of that toy." said Zhang Yang with a heavy heart.

"It’s just some random, fairy-dust trinket. We can always find more of those!" said Wei Yan Er flippantly.

Zhang Yang frowned and stared at her as if she had said something rather offensive. In truth, Zhang Yang was not offended, but he was rather disgruntled at her comment. She does not know that true value of the [Eye of Medusa]. Before Level 60, [Eye of Medusa] was truly as useful as a time machine. Thus, the drop was rate was so pathetic that you would better of trying your luck at winning the lottery. The only reason Zhang Yang could get his hands on the item was because Zhang Yang had 9 Luck points and it was also the boss’s first kill.

Wei Yan Er saw how Zhang Yang was staring at her and self-consciously looked away. "Stupid! Idiot! Dummy! Noob tank! If you want to insult me! Just say the word! Don’t stare me with those pitiful eyes! I’ll bite your little head of! I’ll bite it! I swear I’d do it! BITE BITE BITE YOUR LITTLE HEAD OFF!"

Zhang Yang twitched, his previous expression completely vanishing. Wei Yan Er’s cousin sister was red in embarrassment.

10 minutes in, Zhang Yang summoned [Servant: Clear Lotus] and used {Substitute} and shifted all 40 stacks of {Deafening Roar} to the servant.

12 minutes in, {Warrior’s Will} cool down complete!

14 minutes in, {Rearm} was used, and {Warrior’s Will} was immediately activated.

The boss had a little over 5% HP left. With victory in close sight, everyone cheered.

"Almost there!"

3%, 2%, 1%!

"Ouuu…" The Bear King wailed and dropped dead. Its massive body was clearly heavy, its fall sending tremors all over the cavern and even managing to send a few stalactites dropping down from the ceiling.

"YAASHH! Equipment! Equipment!" cried Perfumed Water as she rushed forward to grab the loots. However, when she tried to pick them up, none of the items were going into her inventory. She turned around with tears in her eyes. "Wuuu…Leader Distribution mode huh…"

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "Water lady, move! This super star will do the picking!"

Angry and abashed, Perfumed Water grit her teeth at Zhang Yang cried, "You stinky little scoundrel! Piss me off and I’ll sneak into your house and bite your tiny little s*ht off!"

"Right…right. Move, shoo shoo!" Zhang Yang nodded his head and gestured her to move aside like a dog. He then picked up the [Heart of the Winter Bear King] and proceeded with the rest of the loots.

There were a total of six Yellow-Gold equipment, with four of them being Level 60 set-equipment. The four set items were the Berserker’s specialized Helmet, Pyromancer’s specialized Armlet, Beastmaster’s specialized Boots, and the Cryomancer’s specialized Leg Guard. The items were all distributed based on their classes, Wei Yan Er got hers, as did Daffodil Daydream, Hundred Shots, and Snow Seeker.

Snow Seeker had only one Level 60 Yellow-Gold to wear and now that she had gained the Leg Guards, she was very pleased. Her radiant, cheerful smile was so refreshing. She was clearly happy to have accepted Zhang Yang’s invitation.

The remaining two were random Level 60 Yellow-Gold equipments. A cape and an accessory.

[Bear Skin Cape] (Yellow-Gold, Cape)

Vitality: +42

Intelligence: +42

Equip Effect: Increase 41 Magic Attack.


Level Requirement: 60

Before identifying an item, the item properties will only have 70% of its original properties in effect. Only after paying a sum of coins, would the properties of the item gain an additional 40% boost!

Every magic user in the party was so riled up by the cape that they pushed Zhang Yang to quickly decide on who gets the cape.

Zhang Yang scratched his head, thinking of a way. "Let’s go with this. Each magic type, Spellcaster and Priest alike will role a number. Who had the biggest roll will received the item. However, the winner will pay 3,000 gold coins to all the losers as consolation prize!"


Han Ying Xue and the rest of the girls rolled. As lucky as she has always been, Han Ying Xue scored 97 points, winning the roll! She snickered happily as she took the cape and placed in her inventory. She looked at Zhang Yang and winked at him seductively. "Honey dear, care to pay my debts to the other ladies?"

F*ck! That’s 3,000 gold coins!

Zhang Yang sighed regrettably. If he had known Han Ying Xue would be the winner, he would not have suggested the gold coin consolation prize in the beginning. Knowing the miserly sisters, they would curse him daily if he had forced them to pay the consolation prize money!

"You’re a real devil -- no, THE devil, aren’t you!" Zhang Yang stared angrily at Han Ying Xue. However, there was nothing that he could do. He took out 3,000 gold coins and divided it for the other three girls.

Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er giggled happily.

[Arcane Deflector] (Yellow-Gold, Accessory)

Equip Effect: Creates a 3% chance to deflect and cause any magic spell to {Miss}.

Level Requirement: 60

Percentage based damage nullification equipment were extremely rare. This was to prevent low-level equipment from being so strong that high-leveled armors would become unnecessary. If they had been even slightly more common, a tank could wear a set of 50% damage nullification equipment, lasting him for the next 30 to 40 levels!

This piece of accessory would still remain relevant up to Level 100 or even Level 200, as the percentage rate will always remain the same!

"Haha! A tank class item! I’ll take it then!" said Zhang Yang as he took the item without anyone objecting.

The other seven to eight equipment were Level 60, Gray-Silver tiered. Even though they were not as strong and powerful as Yellow-Golds, they were still rather strong for their level. Each of them was distributed following their class requirement. There was only one leftover helmet that was designated for the Sacred Knight class. Since no one wanted the item, Zhang Yang took the item, planning to sell it in the Little Merchandize Shop.

The time was already past 9pm. With two more bosses to go, the nearest boss was the Magic Treant King, located at the Swamp of the Ancient Moss. It was at least a two hour journey from where they were. Add in the fact that they would encounter several monsters and spend even more time searching for the boss, they could end up fighting past midnight if they were to start now!

Zhang Yang than decided. "Ok, let’s call it a day for now. Tomorrow, we shall find and kill the seconds boss at 9am! Is there anyone who cannot make it?"

No one answered.

Zhang Yang turned to Wei Yan Er and frowned. "Are you planning to skip class again?"

Wei Yan Er scoffed and place both of her tiny little hands on her waist. "Who said I was planning to skip class?! It’s not like I wanted to. I have to take care of the sick sister! Sigh! Which bloody idiot allowed that dummy to eat all that ice cream yesterday!"

"Yan Er. I see that you need some knocks on your head to behave properly huh!" Han Ying Xue came towards Wei Yan Er, cracking her knuckles angrily, looking rather intimidating. For a moment there, Zhang Yang could have sworn that he felt a sudden killing intent radiating from Han Ying Xue.

"Erhm…I erhm…I-I can e-explain! Wait! HELP! NOOB TANK! HELP ME!" Wei Yan Er wailed for a moment before her character disappeared from the game. After a brief second, Han Ying Xue’s character disappeared as well. It seemed like both of them had logged off to settle their little game of chase.

"Guild master Zhan Yu. Farewell, I’ll see you tomorrow at 9pm." Snow Seeker tore her [Teleportation Scroll] and waved goodbye to Zhang Yang.

Without saying a word, Perfumed Water stared at Zhang Yang and then slowly shifted her sight lower to his groins before tearing a [Teleportation Scroll]] and vanished.

Zhang Yang teleported to the Tukula Fortress with the main city’s Teleportation Point and came to the Wasteland. There, he summoned the [Gold-Eared Bear King] and started to raise his pet mount’s level.

Since the pet mount is at low level, the experience points that it could leech from the monsters around was relatively high! Still, its level will always be lower than the players it belonged to. After 20 minutes of grinding, it reached level 30 with a flash of golden light. Immediately, it disappeared from Zhang Yang’s side.

‘Ding! Your Battle Mount [Gold Eared Bear King] has reached Level 30. It cannot be summoned as a pet. Please summon the Battle Mount again!’

Zhang Yang took out the leash and summoned the bear again. The progress bar appeared briefly and disappeared after a short two second casting time.

"GROWL!" The bear appeared majestically with a loud growl. A huge, white furred bear with golden tipped ears stood next to Zhang Yang. Its massive size was approximately three-meter-long with four strong and tough limbs! Its body was completely covered in a thick, white fur with a pair of golden tipped ears. From the side, it looked very fierce and majestic.

[Gold-Eared Bear King] (Yellow-Gold Battle Mount)

Level: 30

HP: 8,400

Focus: 100/100

Weapon Attack: 1,116 - 1,516 (Attack Interval: 3 seconds, DPS: 439)

Skill 1: [Shared Life] (Passive): Combines both the owner and the pet’s HP as one.

Skill 2: [Wild Charge]: Rushes towards an enemy with great speed. Stuns the target for 1 second. Cool down time: 30 seconds. Effective Distance: 2 - 10 meters. Cost: 20 Focus.

After Level 30, this white bear had gained two additional skills. The {Shared Life} could only be applied when Zhang Yang mount the beast. The {Wild Charge} was a good replacement for his own {Charge} since he cannot use the skill while riding a mount. The Bear King might be just Level 30, but as a Yellow-Gold Battle Mount, it already had vast HP and attack, and it’s only natural for it to grow far stronger in the future. It was probably as strong as an equivalently leveled Yellow-Gold equipped player!

After summoning, Zhang Yang quickly hopped on the beast. When a Battle Mount is summoned, it will disappear quickly after two seconds if nobody mounts it. Immediately after Zhang Yang got on the bear, the {Shared Life} skill was applied and he gained a huge boost in his HP, raising to a whopping 25,560 HP!

"This is awesome!" Zhang Yang exclaimed, feeling the controls extending to the bear itself. He felt like the bear was an extension of his body, finding that he could easily control its every move.

In his previous life, Zhang Yang had a pet mount which was a Violet-Platinum Thunder Hawk. It was a Flying Battle Mount too, at that! Based on the tier, Violet-Platinum was one tier higher than Yellow-Gold. However, when he was riding the Thunder Hawk, other pro players were riding Mythical tiered pet mounts! Some were even riding Ethereal tiered pet mounts! It could not be helped, Zhang Yang was a little too late in joining the game and had not been able to get his hands on rare items.

Still, his current Gold Eared Bear King Battle Mount, despite being only a Yellow-Gold tier, was, by far, the strongest Battle Mount that any player would have, at this stage of the game!

"Let’s go, Whitey!" Zhang Yang named the mount and with a command in his mind, the Bear King growl and galloped towards a Snow Wolf.


{Wild Charge}!

The Snow Wolf was immediately stunned. Zhang Yang kept his hands to himself and allowed Whitey to attack on its own.




Even though the white bear’s basic weapon attack was strong, the level gap between Whitey and the Snow Wolf was too far apart, and the damage had suffered a penalty. Luckily, the pet mount and the owner shared the same life bar, defense value, damage nullification skill and other passives. To attack the pet mount was like attacking the player itself. All attacks that the bear received was completed zero-ed! It could basically slowly kill the Level 55 Snow Wolf without Zhang Yang needing to do anything at all!

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