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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 222 — Valley of High Tree

Chapter 222: Valley of High Tree

After another two hours of mindless grinding, Zhang Yang’s Pet Mount, Whitey had amassed a large amount of experience points and was already Level 40. It had gained much more HP, Weapon Attack, and Defense, along with another skill!

[Claw Attack]: Attacks the target with a beastly claw. Deals 100% melee damage.

Cool down time: One second.

Cost: 50 Focus.

After the Level 40 hard bracket, every level gained will be exponentially harder and tougher than before. Even if they were to fight any monsters beyond Level 50, they would take two to three days, killing monsters one at a time instead of nuking them with large scaled AoEs. Zhang Yang involuntary yawned and realized that it was already past 11pm. Stretching his arms, he then decided to return to White Jade Castle. Before calling it a day, he mounted Whitey and made his way to the Little Merchandize Shop. Along the way, many players were mesmerized by the majestic mount. One by one, they asked as Zhang Yang rode by.

"Brother! Where did you did you buy the mount?"

"Big Bro! Which shop did you buy the mount from?"

Arriving at the shop, Zhang Yang did a quick check on the shop accounting and made a few [Fire Resistance Potion] to be placed in the shop’s storage before logging off to have his rest.

The next day, Zhang Yang logged in at 9am, after his routine breakfast and exercise.

This time, Fatty Han was present along with the crew members from yesterday. However, Sun Xin Yu and Endless Starlight were absent since the both of them needed to work during the day. Unfortunately, they would have to miss out on the second boss as they could only log in during the night. Everyone gathered together in the Tukula Fortress before taking off.

Before everyone else arrive, Wei Yan Er and Han Ying Xue were already in the Fortress waiting. Yesterday, both of the sisters logged off in the Bear King’s Cave. To save time and money, they had unequipped all their equipment and waltzed towards some monsters, allowing themselves to be killed. They had revived and made their way towards the fortress after that. Little Wei Yan Er had been waiting for a while and got slightly agitated when Zhang Yang was late.

"Noob tank! Hurry up and get your *ss over! I wanna see little white white!"

Zhang Yang choked, laughing as he said, "Little white white is now Big Whitey!"

He then teleported to Tukula Fortress and summoned [Gold-Eared Bear King], riding it towards Wei Yan Er.

Observing the bear with great admiration, and a little jealousy, Wei Yan Er ruffled her tiny hands all over the massive bear’s white fur. After she had her fun, she turned to Zhang Yang and said, "Hey, noob tank, when will another little whitey will spawn?"

Zhang Yang shook his head and shrugged. "I have no idea! Rare pet mounts and bosses are not the same. There’re no fixed spawn times. However, one thing is for sure. The rarer it gets, the long it will take to respawn! Bear King is the Frozen Sky Wasteland’s rarest monster. I predict that it might take one or two months to spawn a second one!"

Wei Yan Er puckered her lips and move her jaw side to side, displaying her discontentment. Suddenly, she bumped her fist against her palm and said, "Are there other Yellow-Gold pet mounts in other maps?"

Zhang Yang nodded. "Yes, there are. However, you must know. The higher the rarity, the harder it would be to seal it. If you want to have a higher success rate, you’ll have to start pumping your Luck attribute!"

"Oh!" said Han Ying Xue. "No wonder you could seal the bear in one try! Now I understand that Luck could affect the success rate in sealing a pet mount!"

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "Having 9 luck points is really something!"

"Noob tank! What are the current stats of Big Whitey?" Wei Yan Er asked Zhang Yang. While others could easily check on the beast’s HP and Level, only the owner could access the Attack and skills. Zhang Yang posted the properties of the Bear King in the party channel.

[Gold-Eared Bear King] (Yellow-Gold Battle Mount)

Level: 40

HP: 11,200

Weapon Attack: 1,554, - 1,954 (Attack Interval: 3 seconds. DPS: 585)

Skill 1: {Shared Life}

Skill 2: {Wild Charge}

Skill 3: {Claw Attack}

Everyone was stunned. They had long known that a Yellow-Gold Pet Mount is strong, but those numbers far exceed their own expectations!

"F*ck! Even the attack is much stronger than mine!" cried Fatty Han. "D*mn bro! How could you be that selfish! Why didn’t you tell me that you were hunting for a pet mount!?"

"Hey hey! If you want to have a battle mount? Get in line! We’re all waiting for our chance for it! In this case, you’re the last in line! Hah!" said Wei Yan Er.

"Hah! It’s the Final Countdown! Tu tu tu do!" Fatty Han joked.

Wei Yan Er raised an eye brow. "What was that?"

"Oh come on! Count down? How do you count downwards?"


"Exactly! So which number did you said first?"

"The last one?"

"Exactly~" Fatty Han post a victory sign.

"Lame!" Everyone responded.

The team chit chatted for a little while, while waiting for everyone to gather.

"Onward! To the Swamp of the Ancient Moss!"

It took the entire team approximately two hours to reach the Swamp. They had to make their way through the Frozen Sky Wasteland and the Tirgua Mountains. Even though all of them knew that the Demonic Treant King was located in the Valley of High Tree, the mini-map around them was still covered in shadows. The system will not blatantly reveal the location of the boss to them. To locate it, they would have to search for it themselves. The team split up into several groups, repeating the same procedure as they did the previous day. Anyone who locates the boss will have to notify the entire party.

Lo and behold, history repeated itself as Han Ying Xue, the goddess of luck found the boss after not more than 10 minutes. She giggled as she announced, "It’s here! I found it!"

Zhang Yang opened the world map and examines Han Ying Xue’s location. He frowned. "I’d say, you were assigned to search the location in the direction of three o’clock. Do you realize where you are now? That’s seven o’clock! Where are you trying to go? Timbuktu?"

Han Ying Xue scoffed. "I was the first one to find the boss, not to mention, saving everyone’s precious time and effort! Now look at you, calling me stupid and calling me a directional idiot! Well, look at me, the world’s dumbest girl with no sense of direction! Oh wait, I was the one who found the boss! The first one! You’re calling me idiot!? Looks who the idiot now!"

After being yelled at, Zhang Yang felt a little guilty and remained quiet. The rest of the party felt the same way, having been called a directional idiot by an actual directional idiot! Everyone started to change their courses and headed towards Han Ying Xue.

The Swamp of the Ancient Moss truly lived up to its name. Every corner, every inch, every part of the swamp was covered in greens. Not the light green of plants you’d see in a rain forest. This green, would be the deep, dark green of mosses that you would normally find in a drain or an abandoned toilet wall. There were algae growing where there was water. The monsters in this map would also be found in real life swamps. There were crocodiles, frogs, giant crabs and other swamp dwellers. The Valley of High Tree, on the other hand, was jam-packed with trees that went up to several meters tall! They would easily dwarf any real buildings in the real world! In the center of the Valley was a huge clear lake, while the rest of the map was just normal terrain.

Controlled by Zhang Yang, the bear walked up with its gigantic, heavy foot steps forward, sinking its feet into the ground as it moved forward.


A shadowy figure rushed towards Zhang Yang with a flash when he had set his foot into the Valley. With a quick command in his mind, the white bear dashed three to four meters towards the front.


With a loud crash, the huge shadow stopped in its tracks. It turned out to be a huge rock, about the size of a sedan car. The rock was smashed into many tiny particles, scattering all over the place. 20 meters away from them, a treant was making its way towards them, lifting another huge rock. The treant was at least 10 meters tall. When the treat stood upright to face them, its massive size was large enough to block off the sunlight, casting a huge, long shadow over them.

[Demonic Treant] (Elite, Elemental Being)

Level: 58

HP: 58,000

Defense: 600

With another thought. Zhang Yang sent a command mentally and the bear growls as it rushed towards the treant.

{Wild Charge}!

The bear stomped the ground with great force and blasted itself towards the treant, raising its claws as it flew through the air.

‘-876!’ Normal Attack.

‘-989!’ {Claw Attack}.

Zhang Yang activated {Blood Rage} and started his attack.

‘-1,482!’ Normal Attack

‘-3,356!’ {Horizontal Sweep}.

A pet and its master, fighting alongside each other, dealt an instant 6,700+ damage to the monster in no time! Everyone could not help but gape at the sight of it! Everyone could only fantasize about having one at that point.


After receiving the attack, the treant monster returned fire, swinging a massive tree-arm and smashing Zhang Yang with it. Zhang Yang took damage, but having "morphed" together with his mount into one single unit, Zhang Yang had gained a huge HP boost, reaching 28,360 maximum HP! That puny, little hit was nothing but a tiny scratch on Zhang Yang.

"D*mn son! With that HP, you’re just like a boss now!" screamed Fatty Han.

"Haha! That’s right! We might even get some Yellow-Gold equipment if we kill Zhan Yu!" said Perfumed Water rather passionately. "Hey Fatty bum! If you kill Zhan Yu and get me three to four Yellow-Gold equips, I’ll give you a kiss myself, saving you the trouble of sending me those perverted messages!"

"*Pui* Do I look like someone who would go hoes before bros!?" Fatty Han crossed his arms confidently. However, it did not take him long before he was intrigued by her suggestion. "Make it at least three kisses and I’ll consider it!’

Everyone was amused, laughing at their conversation. Even though the damned Fatty Han talks before thinking, he was an interesting fellow to be with. With him around, the atmosphere would never be dull.

As always, with the team attacking together ferociously, the treant did not last for long and was turned into a rotten old tree trunk.

Wei Yan Er went on ahead and picked up the loots. She was expecting some sort of equipment but only obtained three counts of [Thick Branch]. Annoyed at her loots, she pouted.

Fatty Han saw what she had obtained and made his usual joke. "Hehe. Thick eh…Hehehe…Thiccc…hehehe!"

Zhang Yang could see where his conversation was about to go and quickly interjected before Fatty Han could say anything else. "Fatty…can you just shut your mouth for three minutes? Three, god-d*mn-minutes!"

Fatty Han crossed his arms unwillingly and kept quiet. However, how could someone as perverted as him could let a chance like that slip by! In just four seconds, he opened his mouth and begun to start a conversation. "Yesterday, when I was out shopping with Yun Yun, we stopped at a grocery store. Yun Yun wanted to buy some cucumbers for the night and picked two rather large and rough cucumbers! I wonder what would she used them for…"

Han Ying Xue and the girls of the party started blushing. In unison, they screamed at Fatty Han, "Fatty Pig!" Only Wei Yan Er started at Fatty Han in confusion and said, "The rough ones aren’t tasty you know! The rough ones are bitter!"

Fatty Han laughed extremely loudly, swiping a glance towards the ladies of the party. "Yun Yun bought those cucumbers are her beauty treatments! Hahahahaha! What are you girls blushing for, huh! Hehehehe, I must have struck the jackpot! Look what I found? Four perverted vixens! Now, who’s the real pervert here huh!"

The four girls were rendered speechless. How could they not think of something indecent when he had to say it that way? Large and rough?! Any mature lady would quickly come to ‘that’ conclusion! If she was to use it for her face, why did he had to say it that way?

"Pervert! Fox! Pig! Bastard!" The ladies lashed out their insults and rolled their eyes.

The team proceeded on and not long after, another treant was found. It pulled itself out from the ground it was in and swung its arms around to attack the party. The team killed the treant and went on. As they chopped their way deeper into the Valley, they picked up a few Green-Copper tier equipment. Since they were not set-equipment like the ones found in the Winter’s Wind Bear Cave, they were barely as valuable as set-equipment, and were given to Han Ying Xue to disassemble for profession experience.

"Noob tank, why are there no pet mounts here?" Wei Yan Er wouldn’t stop pestering Zhang Yang, repeating the question again and again.

"Sigh…if pet mounts are so common and easy to find, they wouldn’t be called rare pet mounts now, would they?" Zhang Yang would repeatedly answer her question with different variations of phrasing. Still, no matter how hard Zhang Yang tried to twist his words, the message would simply not get through to her.

The Valley was extremely large and wide. It was so wide that the party had to spend at least two hours to kill every elite treant monster in the Valley, before managing to get into the deepest part. However, their efforts remained unrewarded; where they stood in the deepest part of the Valley, with no boss-like monsters to be seen.

The good news was that after such a long and draggy spree of kills, Whitey had gained three levels.

"Hey, Dummy. Where is the boss?"

Everyone had scanned the entire area but could not find anything resembling a monster.

Annoyed and frustrated, Zhang Yang scratched his head. "The quest said it would be here!"

"Could it be killed already?" asked Hundred Shots, hoping he was wrong.

"YAWWZAH!" Fatty Han screamed to the high heavens. "Something just poked my *sshole!"

Other than Zhang Yang, the rest of the party members had been on foot the whole time. Fatty Han had grown tired, and had sat down on a large popping root nearby. He had let out a sudden scream as his face twitched in a strange manner.

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