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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 223 — Demonic Treant King

Chapter 223: Demonic Treant King

Everyone frowned with varying degrees, some twitching their eye brows, some baring their teeth in disgust, but one thing was for certain, they were all disgusted by Fatty Han.

"What’s with that? I’m serious!" said Fatty Han like a wrongly accused housewife. He did make a rather pitiful expression before he got angry. "If you don’t believe me, have a seat and try it!"

A sudden thought struck Zhang Yang. He looked at the tree that had "poked" Fatty Han’s butt. He tilted his head upwards to look at the tree and manage to catch a glimpse of its peak. For a moment, he thought he had been mistaken but after a closer glimpse, he was sure that the silhouette carried a name tag! And the name tag said: Demonic Treant King!

The monster’s name tag was in yellow, which means it is a neutral monster that will not attack unless provoked. This was why the group did not notice the monster since it had remained motionless, just like a real tree even when the group was standing right next to it.

[Demonic Treant King] (Yellow-Gold, Elemental Being)

Level: 60

HP: 5,000,000

Defense: 1,500

What thick defense! Even after a 50% armor reduction, it would still have 750 Defense value; enough to nullify 90% of the majority of players around!

Zhang Yang went back to the group and pointed at the boss saying, "This…is the boss I supposed."

"What?" Everyone was startled. Everyone went up closer to the "tree" and observed carefully before they accepted the impact of that revelation. While the others were nodding their heads, Fatty Han was sulking on one side, clenching his teeth angrily.

"What a perverted tree! It actually poked my butt hole! What a shameless bastard! Don’t stop me! I’m going to have this tree have a taste of its own medicine!"

The rest of the team could not help drip cold sweat.

Riding the mount, Zhang Yang’s HP had gained a massive boost. With a stronger commanding presence than ever, he commanded. "Get ready! We are going to start the boss fight soon!"

Without much delay, Zhang Yang took out his battle axe and laid the first strike on the boss, following closely with a {Blood Rage} and {Horizontal Sweep}!



Facing a boss with 1,500 Defense, Zhang Yang’s attack was greatly diminished even with his {Eagle Eye}. As for Whitey, its attack was only around 700, so low that it was completely negligible!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The ground quaked violently as the boss begun to stir. The tremors were so strong that it was like an earthquake occurring. Cracks begun to form all around them as the boss "wiggled" itself out of the ground. Two long and extremely large tree trunks came out of the ground. To their horrors, those were its legs! Each of the legs were so large that each of them could be wider than a basketball court! But, if those were only the legs, how about its entire body? Standing at the bottom of it, Zhang Yang and his party were like ants in the face of a gigantic elephant!


The Demonic Treant King stomped the ground, covering an area so wide that no one was able to dodge! In an instant, everyone received 9,000 damage. Even Wei Yan Er, who was positioned behind the boss took at least 6,000 damage. The attack did not kill Wei Yan Er, but, the rest of the party was killed instantly.

Zhang Yang had only received 5,534 damage, a small wound considering that he had close to 30,000 HP!

"D*mn! How are we supposed to fight this thing?"

Fatty Han and the rest had released their souls and had started to run back to their bodies, complaining as they did.

Zhang Yang had an idea and commanded Whitey to run back towards the lake in the center of the Valley. Even though the bear’s movement speed was faster than average, it could not outrun the boss! With one stride of its long legs, it easily stomped the ground, the shockwave still reaching Zhang Yang.


Luckily, Zhang Yang had already moved 60 to 70 meters away from its previous location. That attack did produce a shock wave but it was far enough to miss Wei Yan Er. She had been so apprehensive of the attack that she patted her own flat chest, sighing in relieve.

Wham! Slam!

The Treant King chased after Zhang Yang, managing to get a few hits in at the same time. When Zhang Yang’ HP had reached below 10,000, he quickly activated {Berserker’s Heal} and continued his way. Eventually, the boss’ attack could not reach him since he was riding the mount! The chase continued and the boss remained on Zhang Yang’s trail, unable to attack.

Several moments later, Zhang Yang arrived at the giant lake. Riding the bear, Zhang Yang commanded Whitey to leap forward and into the lake. After a huge splash, the bear floated on the water surface, paddling constantly like a dog.

The Demonic Treant King had managed to caught up to Zhang Yang. He sighed a breath of relief. He feared that he might have lost the boss’ aggro, his arduous journey to the lake for nothing. Within range, the boss lifted its leg and sent it towards Zhang Yang.


The massive stomp caused a gigantic wave that was at least 10 meters tall. Both Zhang Yang and Whitey was sent deep into the lake and after a while, they floated back up to the surface, taking only 734 damage.

Its massive attack was greatly reduced!

Just as planned!

Zhang Yang smirked. Bosses that relied on stomping attack will have its attack power reduced when dragged into water. In ‘God’s Miracle’ there were many examples of using the surroundings to nerf the boss’ attack. In his previous life, there was a guild that had killed the undefeated Frost King Poseleus by kiting the boss towards the peak of the Angula Volcano. Using the hot environment to diminish the boss’ Frost damage, the team had successfully killed Poseleus, and the news soon spread like wildfire!

This game was designed with realism in mind! Use your imagination to create endless possibilities!

{Cripple Defense}! {Cripple Defense}!{Cripple Defense}!

Zhang Yang reduced the boss defense and called out to his team. "Once everyone is revived, get over to the lake! We’ll kill the boss here!"

Wei Yan Er healed herself with [Bandage] and quickly head over to the lake.

"Little brat! Stay away from the boss! Wait for the rest of the team!" Before she could jump into the lake, Zhang Yang quickly stopped her. Even though the boss’ attack had been reduced, it was still strong enough to kill a Berserker without the backing of a healer!


Another stomp landed and the lake had formed several more waves that rose up higher than any waves in the beach! Since the boss was just too ridiculously huge, it could easily stand on land and still managed to be in range to attack Zhang Yang. One strike at a time, Zhang Yang could only hack at its root-like feet. Whitey was also attacking with its might.

Even in water, Zhang Yang was still taking around 700 damage. He was losing HP a lot more slower than before, but with no one around to heal him, he could not endure for long. Fearing that, he quickly cried out. "Hey! B*tchy Snow! Where are you guys?!"

"What’s the hurry?! We have just been revived, let us eat up! Sure! I can come right now if you want me to! With zero MP, what you want me to heal you with!?" Han Ying Xue scoffed arrogantly.

Fatty Han giggled. "With your love!"

"F*ck! Don’t waste time! Please hurry up! I’m dying here!" said Zhang Yang. Seeing that his HP was about to be depleted, Zhang Yang quickly activated {Shield Wall} and summoned {Merlinda’s Shadow}.

Before he leveled up, he was much weaker. Back then, {Merlinda’s Shadow} was so strong that it could over-heal Zhang Yang! Yet, right now, with that massive HP, {Merlinda’s Shadow} could only heal roughly one third of Zhang Yang maximum HP! Sadly, things could not remain permanently strong! What was strong then would be weak now!

"Please hold on, Zhan Yu! We are coming now! Hold on!" At least Snow Seeker was courteous enough to say the words that Zhan Yang wanted to hear the most


As the {Shield Wall}’s duration ended, the 10,000 HP that he had regained was quickly being hacked away. Zhang Yang quickly used {Rearm}, using {Berserker’s Heal} again!

Finally, just as he had reached his limit, the team arrived out of the forest, riding their own mounts!

Splash! Splash! Splash! Splash!

Everyone jumped into the lake and Wei Yan Er swam towards the boss’ back. Others swam behind Zhang Yang, engaging their own roles; healers prepared to heal and attackers ready to attack.

In the water, the boss’ stomping attack power had been reduced by roughly a third. The resulting damage was around 3,000. Even though the number might seem powerful and devastating, a tank could take the damage head on without flinching. As long as Han Ying Xue or Perfumed Water could maintain {Regeneration} on Zhang Yang, they could leave him be and focus on healing the rest of the team! Priests are natural group or mass healers. Perfumed Water was the main healer in Crimson Rage. Not only were her equipment top-notch, her skills were no less impressive! She even had {Healing Rain} and {Mending Prayers}; two powerful mass healing skills!

With two of them, Han Ying Xue and Perfumed Water working hand in hand, they easily managed the other seven players in the party, excluding Zhang yang. The battle was now shifting towards Zhang Yang’s side!


The Demonic Treant King suddenly swung an arm made out of long tendrils, and whipped Zhang Yang, dealing more than 5,000 damage. The attack had also sent Zhang Yang and his bear flying out of the water, towards the other end of the lake, where they would land on hard ground!

‘Ding! Demonic Treant King has used {Whip Attack}!’

Before Zhang Yang and Whitey was sent out of the water, Zhang Yang quickly grabbed on Whitey’s neck tightly and quickly activated {Wild Charge} the moment their character leaves the water surface. In a flash, Whitey dashed forward, dragging Zhang Yang along on its back, before it slammed forcefully against the boss! Zhang Yang had jumped into the water right before the moment of impact.

The boss’ {Whip Attack} was really fast and strong! However, the one at the receiving end of the attack had reacted even faster!

"Nice one!"

Everyone cheered. If Zhang Yang was really sent flying, he would received additional {Falling} damage if he collided with the ground. What’s more, he would have been so forcefully displaced that the healers would be out of range. He would have been killed with just two to three hits if the boss decided to turn around and stomp on his pathetic, little character.

Now that the dangerous moment had been dealt with, the team focused on attacking the boss. After all, solving sudden problems were no better than actually killing the boss.

After five stacks of {Cripple Defense}, Whitey’s damage had increased by a level. Its average damage rose from 250 to 1000! That was almost four times stronger! Although other physical attack classes had increased attacks after the boss’ defense was reduced, they attacks were still extremely weak due to the ridiculously high base defense of the boss! The only player in the party that truly received the full benefit of {Cripple Defense} was Daffodil Daydream. Being a Pyromancer, her fire elemental spells were extremely effective against woodland creatures like treant monsters! Having {Eagle Eye}, Zhang Yang would consistently maintain his average damage power. Snow Seeker was a Cryomancer, her ice-based damage was not effected; they were neither diminished nor boosted.

However, Daffodil Daydream’s strong fire attacks were not enough to cover up for Wei Yan Er, Hundred Shots, and Fatty Han’s weakened attacks. All three of them had their attack reduced by 35% on average, causing the entire team’s DPS to be lowered by a significant amount.

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