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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 234 — Counter Attack!

Chapter 234: Counter Attack!

Where the Sword of Life and Death was swung, million would be deprived of their lives instantly!

The massive surge of players storming up the Twilight Hill were instantly wiped out, nothing but a fading trace of golden light remaining at where they stood. Bodies were piling up, streams of blood flowed down, dyeing the hill red!

What a deadly princess! Such strength! Such power!

No wonder they say that one does not anger royalty! Zhang Yang was witnessing raging fury incarnate! Like a storm, simply going on its way, leaving destruction in its wake!

Inspired by the scene before his eyes, Zhang Yang called out to Hundred Shots in the guild channel. "Hundred Shots! Are those bastards from Pride and The Dominators still standing guard over the bodies of our guild mates?"

"Yes!" said Hundred Shots, a man who rarely let his anger show, but nothing could be hidden from his tone at this moment. "They said that if they are unable to kill us to Level 0, they will remain here and kill us until we drop all our equipment!"

Zhang Yang smirked. "Keep your heads down, don’t revive just yet! Wait for my arrival! I have just finished my quest and had procured some sort of killing machine as a result! When I reach you guys, we will strike back and get their equipment as revenge!"


"Guild master completed his quest!"

"Haha! Yeah! It’s time to give those bastards a taste of their own medicine!"

"Let them bark all they want! We’ll have our revenge soon enough!"

The entire guild cheered. Right then, Hundred Shots was kind enough to not pour cold water on their heads. For once, he allowed them to chit and chat in the guild channel.

"Warrior! Can you summon a beast mount?" asked Serena.

"Yes! I am!" Zhang Yang quickly summoned Whitey and got on its back. Serena got up as well and sat with both her legs on one side of the bear. One of her hands was upraised, ready to attack, the other holding onto Zhang Yang’s shoulder.

"Run, run like the wind…" Just as Zhang Yang started to move the bear, Serena murmured some words out. Spheres of wind gathered at all four feet of the bear and the speed of the bear was greatly increased. The beast ran forward, having gained three times its original speed.

This is good sheet! If any players ever got their hands on this skill, they would have hit the jackpot!

One death every10 steps, over a trail that could not be traced! The legendary Chinese war general, Guan Yu was known for his killing spree of Yan Liang, Wen Chou, and Old Lou. Those who heard his tale could say one thing, "Guan Yu! Such speed!" 1

He had taken more than two hours to get to the tomb, but he had only spent less than 20 minutes to travel all the way from the tomb to the fortress. With haste, Zhang Yang rode the bear to the front of the fortress.

Since Serena had not regained her official title, and Zhang Yang still had the "wanted" status on him. The system would still announce his position every 10 minutes.

A majority of the players around who had not joined the chase earlier knew that there were at least millions of others going after Zhang Yang. Thus, realizing that it would only be a waste of time, they had packed up and left the fortress. So far, the only players remaining in the fortress were players from Pride, The Dominators, and the Axe Gang, guarding the dead bodies of players from Lone Desert Smoke.

The grudges that Pride and The Dominators had against Lone Desert Smoke were well founded, however, Axe Gang was a simply doing it out of their presumptions. The guild had only been recently created. They wanted to use the fame of killing Lone Desert Smoke to boost themselves, reaching the peak of stardom in an instance!

Shocked, the players from those forementioned guilds realized that Zhang Yang was making his way all the way through the Flatlands of the Passing, Land of Deteriorating Bones, and Frozen Sky Wasteland. The most shocking part was the fact that the most recent announcement had revealed Zhang Yang’s current position -- in front of the fortress!

What’s going on?! Has he come to kill himself?

Humbly Gentleman was to demented to think twice about it. He was already pissed since he had taken such a long time to arrive to the fortress. By the time he had arrived, Zhang Yang had already broken through the fortress. He had missed the most climatic event! Frustrated, he had directed his frustration to the members of Lone Desert Smoke. He had brought along over 10,000 players to guard the bodies.

But all of that did not matter any longer! Zhang Yang had returned! Humbly Gentleman was pleased. Now that a second chance had presented itself, he would be more careful this time. He commanded a large number of members to ready their guard. At a single command, hundreds of Spellcasters rushed towards Zhang Yang. Not matter how strong he was, he could never survive hundreds of attacks from Spellcasters. Even if he had an unlimited duration of {Shield Wall}, the sheer cumulative attacks from that many Spellcasters will kill him eventually!

Now that the guild master of Pride, Floating Fire Ball had been sent to the jail, the rest of the Spellcasters from Pride had form a small party to rush out of the fortress to join their counterparts from the Dominators in killing Zhang Yang. Riding the tide of battle, the Axe Gang, not wanting to miss their chance for stardom, joined in! Right now, Zhang Yang had the glory of being China’s number one tank! Stepping over his dead body would be the best way to gain great glory and fame!

Knowing that Zhang Yang’s was strong against physical attacks, the two guilds had gathered up their spellcasters, sending them all in one shot! All three guild’s attacking parties came out of the fortress practically at the same time. All three leaders exchange a look, but neither of them looked like they were willing to cooperate with each other. After all, Zhang Yang had only one head. In the end, only one person would be holding up his severed head! Only one of them could claim the prize!

"Let’s just kill him first, and talk about it later! We take some time off to discuss about whoever gets the final prize!" Humbly Gentleman cried.

The other two guilds exchanged a look and nodded at the same time, agreeing to Humbly Gentleman’s terms.

Humbly Gentleman smirked. In his heart, he was gazing at those guilds in contempt, for being ignorant of his power! Only those who were worthy may challenge The Dominators! The Dominators was one of the four super guilds in White Jade Castle! Even if Pride and the Axe Gang were to combine their forces, or even double their strength, they would still be weaker than The Dominators!

They focused on the scene of the approaching Zhang Yang.

"My princess…" Zhang Yang raised his fingers and pointed at the dead bodies, piled outside the fortress’s entrance and said, "Those people had given up their lives to protect me! They had sacrificed their own well-being to ensure that the soul container could reach you! Those people, gathered outside the fortress were the ones who had sullied their hands with the blood of those that stood up against injustice!"

Serena remained as stoic as ever. This kingdom’s princess must be from a generation of iron-bloods! She made her decision quickly and leaped off the bear, landing on the ground. She flung out her right arm, and the gigantic sword materialized in her slim hand.

"Hahaha! Zhan Yu…Zhan Yu…No matter how much you try to run around, you will fall by my hands!" Humbly Gentleman gloated. He somehow knew that Zhang Yang had to run back into the fortress to complete his quest! His prediction was right on the mark, but he had not predicted the appearance of Serena the killing machine.

The guild master of the Axe Gang spoke up. "Zhan Yu! Do you know who I am?"

Zhang Yang snickered. "Some random guy who came out of nowhere. I don’t need to know your name!"

He frowned and patted his chest proudly. "Bastard! Don’t act all high and mighty just after gaining a little bit of fame! I want you to remember me! Because today is the day that I, Moon—"

"Stop yapping and start killing!" Humbly Gentleman bellowed. Hundreds of Spellcasters led by him started to march forward. All started to cast their spells as soon as they entered the effective casting range.

"Tch!" the guild master of Axe Gang clicked his tongue. "Zhan Yu! Etch my name in the back of your brain! Because the person that will be killing you is Moon—"

"Die! Zhan Yu!" Kindling Chest Hair screamed from the top of his lungs. Almost everyone from Pride let out their hatred, making sure that Zhang Yang would receive their sentiments.

The guild master of Axe Gang dropped to his knees and sobbed. How hard was it to just announce his name?

Shush! Shush! Shush!

Thousands of Spellcasters got together and covered the sky with {Fire Ball} and {Frost Arrow}. Now that it has come to this, even if Zhang Yang used {Shield Wall}, he had no chance of surviving such an onslaught!

"Those who worship chaos and evil shall face the wrath of my sword!" Serena held out her left arm and created a large barrier. Her right arm, holding the gigantic long sword was raised up high. A glowing aura of great destruction could be felt emanating from it!

Absorbed! Absorbed!

All attacks that had made contact with the barrier simply vanished from existence, as if they had passed through a wormhole! There was not even a single ripple on the shield!

"How could this be!?"

Humbly Gentleman could not understand what had just occurred right in his eyes! Everyone was stunned.

Because Serena did not have any name tag, and players had come to believe that she was just another player who had hidden away her profile information. She had just raised an arm and was neutralized all the attacks from nearly a thousand Spellcasters! This…this…

It’s just bullsheet!

"F*ck! Hack! She must be using some kind of hack!"

"Sheetty developers! What bullsheet were they saying about no hacks being used in this game! F*ck them! Suck my d*ck!"

"Get your lazy *sses out here now, GMs! I want to report a f*cker here for using hacks!"

Serena scanned the area and locked onto her targets. With gleaming eyes that radiated death itself, she swung her sword and created two pillars of light that came out blasting towards Humbly Gentleman and the players around him.

"Holy Light, Cross Soul Slash!"

Shush! Boom!

The blast flew straight into the herd of players and sent bodies parts flying into the air. Nearly thousands of players were killed, leaving only 30 to 40 survivors, only because they were standing at the edge of the party, missing death by an inch!

After dying, the guild master of the Axe Gang was hugging the iron bars of the jail with tears flowing nonstop! What a pitiful scene…even in death, he had yet to find the opportunity to announce his name!

Zhang Yang laughed happily. He then switched to the guild channel and announced, "Those who are still waiting outside of the fortress may revive now! Get up! Let’s fight back! It’s our turn to kick some *ss!"

Over 300 players outside the fortress heard Zhang Yang’s call and quickly revived themselves. They got up and starting killing off the players who had survived Serena’s mega blast.

Even though the recently revived members had only 20% HP, these 300 members from Lone Desert Smoke were the elites among the elites. Without breaking a sweat, they easily wiped out the enemy.

"What a relieve!"

"F*ck yeah! Kill these sons of b*tches!"

After waiting for more than three hours, the itch in their heart was finally solved.

"Hey noob tank. How did you suddenly become so strong?" Wei Yan Er ran over to Zhang Yang after she revived. She cocked her head to one side while asking him.

In the soul state, a character’s range of vision was limited. Just like {Shadow of the Void}, the character could not see other monsters or characters unless they traveled to where their dead bodies were. This system was implemented to prevent spying during a major war. A player could purposely die and spy on the enemy’s army while in their soul state, undetected.

That was why Wei Yan Er had no idea what exactly happened. In her vision, as were the vision of the others who had died, they could only witness Humbly Gentleman and his men being slaughtered. But they had no idea what killed them!

Zhang Yang pointed at Serena and said, "Recognize her?"

"Hm. She’s very pretty! D*mn, noob tank! What are you showing her off for! You already have my cousin sister! Why would you still be finding other girls to play with!? Hmph! You have lost my respect!" Wei Yan Er scoffed and cross her arms angrily.

Zhang Yang was rendered speechless. Sigh…the elder one is a broken compass and the younger one is a complete idiot!

"She is Princess Serena! The one we killed before was the spectral impersonator! This one is the real deal!"

"Oh!" said Wei Yan Er as her eyes widened. She observed the princess carefully from top to bottom and finally scoffed after a while. "Hmm. She does look a little similar."

Just in the nick of time, Han Ying Xue, Sun Xin Yu and the rest of the gang arrived. Fatty Han was wheezing in anger as he bellowed angrily, "Little Yang! I reckon we can fight back now, right?!"

Zhang Yang nodded. "I don’t care whether its Pride, The Dominators or even players from the Axe Gang! I want you to kill whoever you see! If it’s a fight they want, it’s a fight they’ll get! They better be prepared to lose when they’re the ones who declared war! F*ck! If they won’t leave White Jade Castle after this, we’ll kill them until they do so!"

"Hell yeah!"


Members from Lone Desert Smoke had been piling up their anger after being guarded for hours after death! After such a speech from their Guild master, their blood boiled, spewing out their battle cries!

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