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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 235 — Super-Ultra-OP Reward!

Chapter 235: Super-Ultra-OP Reward!

Walking together, Zhang Yang and Serena proceeded slowly into Tukula Fortress.

The horns of war have been sounded!

Kill all those who stood guard over the bodies!

Kill all those who took advantage of the war!

Kill all enemies!

Bodies of Lone Desert Smoke continuously revived as the duo passed through them. All of them joined the "revolutionary" army and their numbers soared!

500! 900! 1,700!

Pride, annihilated!

The Dominators, wiped out!

Axe Gang, vanquished!

As the army exited the fortress, all three enemy guilds were completely destroyed! Half of them were sent to jail by Serena, the other half killed by Lone Desert Smoke! As such, the fallen players revived and joined the army. Their numbers surpassed 10,000!

Watching his enemies in pieces, Zhang Yang summoned [Gold-Eared Bear King], mounted it and shouted at the top of his lungs. "I’m back, b*tches!"

Everyone laughed at his actions.

With the system repeatedly announcing Zhang Yang position, Zhang Yang proceeded towards the city. Word finally got out about Zhang Yang having a mysterious woman beside him, massacring everyone he met. At first, players did not believe such an overpowered character could exist. But when a recording of the scene where Serena had struck down thousands of players got out into the internet, the news started to spread like wildfire.

Such devastating power!

Those who still had the intention to behead Zhang Yang, finally had second thoughts. They would have to see if they could fight on toe to toe with that mysterious woman!

There were other players who did not trust anything except their own eyes, and had meekly tagged along the large army of Lone Desert Smoke from behind. They would only believe it if they could see it with their own eyes. They were in luck. Oblivious and ambitious players had come, attempting to kill Zhang Yang. Some guilds like Counts of the Rose and Dragon Rampages were small guilds that wanted instant fame, and had come up to fight Zhang Yang. Of course, naturally, they were wiped clean when Serena furiously lifted the Sword of Life and Death, sending them all to dust.

The players who were tagging along got to watch the "movie", and were left awestruck.

However, if they even had a little bit of IQ in their brains, players would easily guess that Serena was not a player!

Think of it, Zhang Yang was accused of killing the princess and had a kill order on his head. Yet after a miraculous effort, he managed to turn the tables around with just one woman. How cool was that!?

For 30 years the river has flowed to the west, the water would return to the east 30 years later.

After having been persecuted so heavily, the tables have turned for Zhang Yang and now he had the grandest of luck.

"D*mn. I wish I could become the king’s son in law! Think of it guys! If I could bring my wife with us into dungeons, or wars, we would be invincible!" said Fatty Han rather earnestly.

"Fatty bro, with that kind of body, how could you even become the princess’s husband? Where would White Jade Castle hide its face? If one wants to become the husband of a princess, one must at least have a handsome face such as I!" said Endless Starlight as he tried to snatched the spotlight.

They had managed to bring Serene back to the city after a total of three hours! By then, the number of players following behind Zhang Yang was exceeded beyond 8,000,000! It’s either that or 10,000,000! If there was a Guinness World Record for a number of spectators in a game, they would have successfully been drafted!

As they entered through the castle entrance, the 12 elite soldiers standing guard there saw Zhang Yang and immediately unsheathed their swords. They surround Zhang Yang and one of them shouted. "You murderer! Surrender now!"

"Impudent!" cried Serene as she got down from the bear. "Stand down, right now!" she bellowed.

"Y-You are…" When the soldiers saw Serena, they were bewildered and did not know what to do next.

"In the presence of the crown, why do you not kneel!" Serena was no longer as furious as she was before, rather, she was only treating her own soldiers as a superior would. Either way, she had managed to strike fear and doubt into the hearts of the soldiers.

"M-My princess! We heard that you were k-ki—" One of the soldier spoke, his voice trembling.

"Hmph. That’s not of your concern! Stand down! All of you!" said Princess Serena as she thrust her fair hands out, gesturing them to withdraw from their attacking stance, like a true noble.

"Yes! Princess!" All the soldiers withdrew and allowed the party to proceed.

With Serena leading the way ahead, the path was cleared until they reached the King’s Chamber in White Jade Castle. This time, only Serena herself and Zhang Yang were allowed to enter the chamber.

Foom! The doors opened at her call and the two of them walked in extravagantly. Maids and soldiers along the way were kneeling down and hailing their princess.

Royal Chamber of the Dawning Light!

This hall was the king’s own forbidden chamber. Even though it had almost the same structure of the Royal Chamber of Star and Luna, this hall was much larger and luxurious! The towering pillars of the hall were so large that it was estimated to be at least a few hundred meters tall! The pillars only could express pride, honor, dominating power of the citizens!

"Father!" The moment Serene entered the hall, stepping forward and bowing down to an elderly King who was seated upon the throne.

[Derick, King of the White Jade Kingdom] (Ascended, Humanoid)

Level: ???

HP: ???

Defense: ???

King Derick was clearly shocked, a look of child-like wonder dawning upon his wizened face. He quickly raised to his feet and said faintly. "Serena…Y-You---"

"Father! I’m not dead! I’m alive!" said Serena with a smile on her face. "Three years ago, I was ambushed and imprisoned by the spectres! This hero saved me! The princess before me, was an impersonator who had used half of my soul to impersonate me!"

"Is…Is that true!?" said Derick. His voice tremble with doubt. He thought for a while and said, "Follow me to your chamber! I want to see the true form of the accursed spectre with my own eyes!"

The King and the Princess strode to the chamber with guards and maids following closely behind. The crowd arrived at the Royal Chamber of Star and Luna. At the center of the hall, a huge jade coffin lay there. On top of the coffin were fresh flowers that were maintained by several maids who quickly got to their knees. There were a total of 12 maids dressed in white, beautiful maid uniforms.

"My King! P-P-P-P-Princess!?" The maids got up to their feet and bowed respectfully to their king. But when their eyes saw Princess Serena standing next to the king, they trembled. Confusion, bewilderment, shock filled their faces.

Derick thrusted his hands out and gestured. "Open the coffin!"

Four guards walked quickly to the coffin and each of them took a corner. With a simultaneous heave, they pushed the lid open.

A dried, wrinkled skeleton was revealed to everyone. The face was distorted so badly and the corpse and the real Princess Serena shared no common features!

"Without my soul, this wretched spectre could no longer maintain the illusion!" said Serena.

"Oh! My child! My precious child! I’m so happy that you’re safe!" The king hugged Princess Serene as tightly as he could, with tears flowing down his old, tired eyes.

Standing at one side, Zhang Yang was tapping his boots repeatedly, thinking, "Old fart, it’s time for my reward! At least rescind the kill order and give me back my shop!"

Luckily, it was only a matter of minutes before the King Derick turned to Zhang Yang and praised him. "Young warrior! You have saved my only daughter! You have also foiled a major conspiracy and saved the entire kingdom! You are now a hero! I must reward you handsomely!"

About d*mn time old fart!

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: Return to White Jade Castle. Obtained 1,000,000 Experience Points!’

‘Ding! Main Story Quest Link: The Spectre’s Scheme. Complete. Evaluating…’

‘Ding! Your quest score: Perfect!’

‘Ding! You have obtained the reward: Level +5, Skill Point: +1!’

‘Ding! You have obtained the reward: Indistinct Skill Book {Beast Taming}!’

‘Ding! The King has removed all charges pressed against you. You have regained all the authority you have in White Jade Castle! Your Reputation Point in White Jade Kingdom has been raised to Revered1!’

‘Server Announcement: White Jade Kingdom has canceled the kill order on player Zhan Yu!’

‘Server Announcement: Player Zhan Yu has completed the Main Story Quest Link: The Spectre’s Scheme. His achievement will be recorded in the Achievement Board!’

‘Server Announcement: War of the Spectres will be launching next mouth! For more information, please visit the official website!’

Zhang Yang’s notification channel was constantly flashing with new notifications until finally it stopped. When he read everything, he was stunned.

Indistinct Skill Book!?

Zhang Yang’s knees went weak from the sudden news! He felt like he had been given a huge pie! A hot, delicious, luxurious strawberry rhubarb! The kind that you’ll never get sick of eating!

In ‘God’ Miracle’, skill books were categorized into two types. Normal skill books and Indistinct skill books.

Needless to say, Indistinct skill books will grant an awesome, mega, OP skill! Yet, at the same skill, they will grant a normal, extremely common skill such as {Regeneration} or {Force Strike}. These types of skills were the most basic of their respective classes. Basically, skill books will grant a skill, requiring a specific class requirement. An Indistinct skill book however, would completely ignore such requirements! Any class could learn from them! Because of them, there will be rare cases of Warriors casting magic spells, Spellcasters using {Stealth}!

However, an Indistinct skill book was, at most, extremely, awfully hard to farm! In fact, in his previous life, after ‘God’s Miracle’ had been operating for five years, according to the data statistic from the ‘5 Years Game Review’, the entire world had only manage to produce 127 counts of Indistinct skill books!

The rarity of the skill book was beyond any measure!

As such, since Indistinct skill books could only grant basic class skills, it had its advantage and short comings. For example, if a Warrior had learnt the Thief’s skill {Shadow Assault}, it would only grant the Warrior an additional attacking skill. However, what if the Warrior manages to learn the skill {Stealth}? That would be a whole different story!

{Beast Taming} was a Hunter’s basic skill. With this skill, a Hunter can capture a Wild Beast and tame it to be his pet. They could also use the skill to use their pet mount as their pet! Now that Zhang Yang had learnt the skill, his pet mount could remain in the field as a pet instead of a Battle Mount or a Mount! In fact, his pet would exactly be like a Hunter’s pet, fighting alongside Zhang Yang in dungeon, Battle Arena, and even indoor instances!

It would turn him into part-Hunter!

He quickly took out the skill book and observed the item that he had never even got a whiff of in his past life!

[Beast Taming] (Indistinct Skill Book)

Use: Teaches you {Beast Taming}.

Level Requirement: 10


Without any hesitation, Zhang Yang pat the book on his chest and learn the skill.

[Beast Taming]: Captures a wild beast to be your pet. Allows Battle Mounts to be summoned as pets. During a beast’s capture, you have to be the target’s main aggro or the capture will fail. You cannot capture any beast that is higher than your current level. You can only summon one pet at a time.

Casting time: 30 seconds.

Zhang Yang took out the [Lease of the Gold-Eared Bear King] and summoned it. After two seconds, the fat, white bear appeared beside Zhang Yang and lay down on the floor lazily. It scratched its chin with its claws and even yawned.

Once a mount was not ridden within 2 seconds, it would instantly disappear. Now that he gained the skill, the mount would not disappear.

Zhang Yang cracked a wide smile! Even though the main story quest had caused him so much trouble, the rewards were definitely worth it!

"Hey noob tank! What’s your reward!" The impatient little Wei Yan Er had seen all the server announcements and had quickly rushed to Zhang Yang to ask.

"Hehe! Increase five Levels. One skill point. And an Indistinct skill book!"

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