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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 252 — The Gamble

Chapter 252: The Gamble

According to rumors, Lost Dream was the son of an official. In real life, his father was a high-level ranking official at the Provincial level!

That man had two special quirks. The first was that he could never keep his mouth shut. The second, he was a gambling addict. Not the kind in the casino, but one to never back down from small wagers and dares. According to rumors, he once took a dare from his "friends" to go into a gay bar and get some "dudes". In the end, the man did not back down from his bet and "changed" into a raging homosexual man going right into the city’s biggest gay bar!

However, where he least expected it, he saw the son of another Provincial level officer’s son! In the very same bar! Knowing that Lost Dream was a big mouth, he quickly approached the man and had begged him to keep it a secret from anyone. If he did that, he would advise his own father to help Lost Dream’s father get the Provincial Leader position! However, eventually, Lost Dream went back and wreaked havoc with his new-found news. What followed next was a budding grudge between the two otherwise neutral officers! Lost Dream had foiled his own father’s dreams for his "uprising"!

That was how stupidly loose-lipped Lost Dream was.

However, no one could deny that Lost Dream had a certain depth of understanding when it comes to playing as a Thief. How else could he be listed in the top 10 Thief Lord’s list? Being able to stun Sun Xin Yu at the same time as she did, preventing the opponent from getting the upper hand in battle, proved his ability!

{Ambush} four second stun ended the same time for Sun Xin Yu and Lost Dream, both of them flicked their left arms and disappeared with a "poof", entering {Stealth}.

However, just as the both of them entered {Stealth}, both of them were revealed again in the same time! This time, Sun Xin Yu had the upper hand. Her {Ambush} on Lost Dream was successful and she did not receive any status effect skill!

Zhang Yang mentally praised her again. Earlier, when the two of them used {Ambush} at the same time, the system was confused, even though Sun Xin Yu had activated her skill faster by a millisecond. Since the difference in effect frames was 0.01 second, the system could not determine which side had activated {Ambush} first and had caused both opponents to be stunned simultaneously. However, after the first {Ambush} had ended, Sun Xin Yu was one frame faster then Lost Dream in activating {Vanish} and {Ambush} for the second time, so her attack landed successfully on Lost Dream and stunned him.

Though the fraction of a second was nothing but a tiny blip in time, they mattered most in such crucial situations! In this case, Sun Xin Yu stood trimphant!

When two Thief class players clashed, whoever performs the first {Ambush} and {Kidney Shot} combo will surely be the first to kill the opponent. Taking into account that the difference in equipment tier gap was not that large, Sun Xin Yu’s equipment could only be better than Lost Dream and never be weaker. That was why death was a certainty when Lost Dream was stunned by Sun Xin Yu.

Shush! Shush! Shush!

The daggers in Sun Xin Yu’s hands glimmered with light reflecting off it as the blades flew around at an incredible speed. Each strike was so strong and fast that it chipped away a large chunk of Lost Dream’s HP! Since a Dagger’s attack speed was incredibly fast, its single attack was not really high. A Thief will be at a major disadvantage whenever he or she faces a high Defense boss or tank-class players! One can never fully unleash the full potential of a Dual-Wielding weapon! However, when a Thief faces a non-tank class player in PvP, the greatest threat would be the Assassin class!

This class is a specialized PvP character class!

"Ice Cube! Don’t kill him!" Zhang Yang yelled just in time to stop Sun Xin Yu’s final blow from killing Lost Dream.

Sun Xin Yu turned around to glance Zhang Yang. She then slid across the floor and went back to where the party was, and returned her daggers to their sheaths around her waist.

"Phew! This one says, lady, you’re super strong! This young master has never encountered anyone who could overpower him!" Lost Dream regained his mobility after recovering from {Kidney Shot}. He turned around and shot Sun Xin Yu a thumbs up. "However, this young master is not satisfied with one fight! Come! Shall we fight once more?"

Zhang Yang laughed. "In that case, shall we place a bet? You can’t win any one out of the four of us!"

Lost Dream got annoyed. "Excuse this young master. This one had been underestimating the enemy a while back. But now that this young master is prepared, and this one will not lose another fight!"

Zhang yang pretended to put on airs. "Oh well, if you’re not ballsy enough to bet on it…"

"Excuses me?" Lost Dream jumped to his feet. He was clearly infuriated. "Alright! Let’s bet on it then! Speak your desire!"

Like a fish in the net, Zhang Yang had trapped this stupid arrogant son of a b*tch. He smirked. "You can choose any one out of the four of us! If you lose, you’ll have to join me!"

"Haha! If this one wins…Let’s see…this young master doesn’t like being followed by men. However, this one does not mind being called Young Master Lost Dream!" said Lost Dream with his nose up high.

Zhang Yang twitched and raised an eye brow. With a smile on his face, Zhang Yang said, "I accept that wager! Please, choose your opponent!"

Lost Dream paced back and forth while observing all four of them. "This one had just fought this pretty face, so this young master will not bother her for a while. And you’re a Guardian! This young master has no fear fighting you, however, this one does not wish to fight an empty turtle shell! This young master does not like to take advantage of poor ladies, and will not fight the Priest! That leaves the Berserker!"

This bastard was not an idiot after all! Even though he admitted that he lost to Sun Xin Yu on the premise of being overconfident, he was actually afraid of her, which was why he was not keen on a direct rematch! However, he did not choose Han Ying Xue. That move proved that Lost Dream had some pride in him since Thief were exceptionally strong against Cloth Armor classes.

"Kick his *ss little brat!" said Zhang Yang.

"You betcha!" Wei Yan Er snickered as she walked up front.

Having been left close to death thanks to Sun Xin Yu, Lost Dream sat down and recovered himself with some recovery snacks. After a few seconds, he stood up and dusted off his pants. "Young girl, this young master will not pull his punches. Don’t be crying when you lose!"

"Tch! You think you can defeat this young lady? Dream on!" Wei Yan Er lifted her head up high. She was already referring to herself in third-person, clearly influenced by Lost Dream’s odd manner of speech.

"Haha!" Lost Dream laughed and entered {Stealth} promptly.

The little brat was a battle addict. Whenever she had the chance, she would drag Sun Xin Yu or Zhang Yang over to have a friendly PvP match in the city’s Battle Arena. Having been {Ambushed} by Sun Xin Yu numerous times, Wei Yan Er knew better than to try looking for a thief who was in stealth. You want to fight? Come at me! At least, she could gain some Rage points!


Lost Dream appeared from beyond the shadow, appearing behind Wei Yan Er. He slammed the back of Wei Yan Er’s head with the hilt of his sword and stunned her.

{Ambush}! Four seconds stun!

"Dummy Yu! Can Yan Er win?" said Han Ying Xue.

Zhang Yang smiled. "Ask the Ice Cube. Ask her the odds of the fight between her and the little brat!"

Han Ying Xue turned her gaze to Sun Xin Yu.

"Four to six!" Sun Xin Yu paused for a moment to think.

"I won six times, while she won four!"

Zhang Yang laughed mentally. He knew that this lady was never willing to admit her losses and wanted to prove her strength by adding a few details to clarify her statement.

Back at the fight, Lost Dream was slashing his swords at Wei Yan Er’s back furiously.

10, 20, 30…Along with the slashes, Wei Yan Er’s Rage points rocketed up as her HP dropped.

{Ambush} ended.

{4 Combo Kidney Shot}!

Wei Yan Er had lost so much HP that she was only left with 5,400 HP out of 11,000 HP! It didn’t look too good for her. Until…

{Warrior’s Will}!

Wei Yan Er was waiting precisely for this moment! Having used her opponent as a rage point provider, she had allowed him to strike her until she had sufficient rage points to do what she needed to do. She turned around as fast as she could and swung her glimmering battle axe at Lost Dream.


‘-8,912!’ {Destructive Smash}, Critical Hit!

Even though Wei Yan Er’s {Destructive Smash} could only deal 150% melee damage, her two-handed Yellow-Gold weapon had a long 3.5 second attack interval, and the total damage had reached exceeded 3,000! Without being a critical strike, {Destructive Smash} would deal at least 4,500 damage! Since {Warrior’s Will} was used, {Destructive Smash} would land as a Critical hit, causing massive destruction indeed!

Lost Dream was instantly killed!

"Aiya! You’re all mush now! Why didn’t you used {Blur}?" Wei Yan Er shrugged and expressed a "Dummy!" kind of look on her face. When Wei Yan Er fought Sun Xin Yu, Sun Xin Yu would always be prepared to use {Blur}. Right after Wei Yan Er uses {Warrior’s Will} to break out of the stun, Sun Xin Yu will respond with {Blur} or the Invincible frame1 {Vanish} to avoid the attack!

[Blur] (Level 1) : Harnesses the power of shadows. Causes all physical attack to have 75% of missing.

Last for 10 seconds.

Cool down time: 10 minutes

Lost Dream had never thought that Wei Yan Er was so strong, since only less than 100 players owned a Level 50 Yellow-Gold weapon! Even though he was strong, but he had never had a fight with a player as well equipped as Wei Yan Er! That was why he lost! He lacked experience and was in over his head!

Han Ying Xue was unable to revive Lost Dream with her skill since Lost Dream was still registered as an "Enemy". The status would only wear off after 10 minutes. Without waiting, the guy released his soul and ran to his coprse.

"Should we fight the boss first? That guy would probably take some time!" said Zhang Yang as he turned around and started attacking.

Zhang Yang and his party had lost any interest in Gray-Silver bosses. It did not take much effort to kill this boss. Even with 5,000,000 HP, it only lasted as long as 10 minutes against Zhang Yang’s party.

After defeating the boss, Lost Dream had just only returned his soul to his dead corpse, reviving just in time to see the boss fall. He sat down and recovered himself to full health.

Zhang Yang distributed all the [Fate Crystals] and smiled as he talked to Lost Dream.

"How about that. Hehe. You dared to bet, you better walk the talk. I’ll be seeing you more often now!"

Lost Dream’s face twitched. He felt that he had been played directly into Zhang Yang’s hands. He knew that he did not lose in term of control and skills. He had lost in terms of equipment! It was an instant kill! How careless could he be!

"Once more!" Lost Dream cried disgruntledly.

Wei Yan Er responded in the same manner. "Bring it! This young lady will wreck you upside down!"

The two of them entered the battle again!

{Ambush}, {Kidney Shot}, {Warrior’s Will}, up till this point, the battle was just as like the previous one.


Lost Dream’s entire character began to lose focus. Wei Yan Er’s {Destructive Smash} went through him and missed.

{Blast Wave}!

Wei Yan Er quickly cast {Blast Wave} instead, and stunned Lost Dream! The little girl started to laugh manically. It all fully depended on pure luck for a Berserker whenever a Thief uses {Blur}. The odds of {Blast Wave} getting through the 25% hit chance would determine the final victory.

That was why Sun Xin Yu had stated the odds of 4 to 6!

Wei Yan Er quickly turned around and ran away from Lost Dream as far as she could. After four seconds, Lost Dream recovered and started chasing after the little brat.

Five seconds…Six seconds…10 seconds!

Even though Thieves were naturally high in Dexterity, specialized builds that capitalized on that affinity would be really fast at moving! However, the little brat had a four second head start!

1Invincible frame: Also known as I-Frames are basically a period of time in which the subject is invincible. They will not take damage nor not suffer debuffs. They can't be interacted by opponents for the duration of their iframe.

It's a name that’s mostly widespread in fighting games, where certain attacks and animations would provide invincibility for a certain number of frames, lasting only a fraction of a second after the activation of a skill.

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