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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 253 — Another War General ! Get!

Chapter 253: Another War General ! Get!

Lost Dream’s {Blur} ended.

Wei Yan Er cracked an evil smile. She stopped running away and turn around to greet the oncoming Lost Dream. Lost Dream’s face turned white when he saw the malicious grin, but he was too slow to react.

{Tornado Sweep}! {Destructive Smash}!



Wei Yan Er had successfully defeated Lost Dream in two slashes.

"Hell yea!"

"Wait!" 10 minutes later, Lost Dream came back again after reviving. He did not take his defeat wholeheartedly since he still had one more trick up his sleeve. He had not activated {Vanish} earlier. If he had used {Vanish} right after {Blur} had ended, he would have been able to stun Wei Yan Er again and surely win the battle!

The party was already walking away when Lost Cream cried out. Wei Yan Er had her axe resting on her shoulder when she turned around. Zhang Yang frowned and clicked his tongue intentionally. "Lost Dream. Come on bro. You’re such a sore loser! Accept your defeat and get a move on! What a loser, if you know you’ll lose, don’t bet on it!"

"What did you say to me?" Lost Dream flipped. He cringed to hard that his left eye brow was twitching rapidly like an old telegram machine. His speech reverted back to a natural person’s. "I lose? Me? Hmph! In that case, come on and fight me! You and me! Mano e mano!"

If he could, Zhang Yang would he shaking his head disappointingly. Besides the rumor describing Lost Dream as a gambler and blabbermouth, but he had never imagined Lost Dream as one who was full of excuses! He laughed and said, "Argh…Every time you’d lose, I’ll be hearing only excuses. I bet that you’ll give more excuses when you lose this around!"

"Oh please, this young master does not behave that way! A good man shan’t fight with a lady! I only let her win!" Lost Dream rolled his eyes. "Fight me! If you win, I shall join you then! Or else, you shall address me as the young master!"

Zhang Yang paces towards the white bear and pats the bear’s fully head. "If you can defeat my pet, victory is yours!"

"Excuse me?" Lost Dream cocked his head. "You’re a Guardian correct? How do you have a pet?"

Zhang Yang threw up a hand, flashing the victory fingers with his index and middle finger. "If you want to know, you’ll have to worship me!"

"Hmph. I accept that challenge. If I win, you’ll teach me how to catch a pet!" Lost Dream turned his gaze to the white bear and imagined himself killing players with a pet of his own! He drooled at the thought of how cool he would be!



Lost Dream disappeared into the shadows.

"Growl!" The Gold-Eared Bear King roared and walked a few steps forward. With Zhang Yang controlling the bear mentally, the bear sat down on its bum and started scratching its head with its rear claw, a lazy and nonchalant posture.


Lost Dream appeared behind the white bear and used {Ambush}, stunning the bear as he appeared, and started attacking.




The bear had 1,200 Defense while Lost Dream was only wearing a full set of Gray-Silver equipment on him. With 1,700 weapon attack in his main hand, he was able to deal a certain amount of damage to the bear. However, his secondary hand’s weapon was so weak and it could only deal ‘-1’, heavily penalized damage!

At least, the skill {Malign Attack} was strong. Taking up 40 Stamina points, the skill can deal 150% of the main hand weapon’s damage to a target.

However, Stamina points were limited! Also, hard hitting skills often had longer cool down! After the four seconds stun effect of {Ambush} ended, Lost Dream had only dealt a little more than 3,500 damage. It was a puny scratch compared to the bear’s 17,720 maximum HP!

"Crap! What bear is this? Such thick skin!" Lost Dream got frustrated.

Zhang Yang and the rest of his party laughed.

After {Ambush}, Lost Dream chained the attack with a {Kidney Shot}. Since Bandits could not raise their combo count as swiftly as an Assassin, the strike Lost Dream had just used was only a four-combo count {Kidney Shot}, stunning the bear for only five seconds!

After the five seconds stun, Lost Dream had only damaged the bear for slightly over 4,000 damage. Swiftly, Lost Dream used {Vanish} and entered {Stealth}.

{Wild Recovery}!

A green light engulfed the white bear and its HP slowly regained, 5% at every second.

"F*ck me!" As Lost Dream was waiting for his Stamina to recover, he could only stare at the bear as it healed itself back to full health!

After 10 seconds, Lost Dream started all over again with {Ambush}. After {Ambush}’s four seconds stun and {Kidney Shot}’s five second stun, Gold-Eared Bear King’ HP had dropped down to 9,000 before it could regain control of its movement.

Counterattack start!



The bear dealt more than 7,000 damage with one normal attack and one {Claw Attack}. The attack was so strong that Lost Dream activated {Blur} promptly. He exclaimed, "Ooi! What sort of pet is this? What the heck have you been feeding it?!"

{Blur} was a powerful life-saving skill. However, the evasion rate was only 75%. It did not provide perfect invincibility. If one had extremely bad luck, one might even receive more than one attack! Lost Dream did not exactly draw the short end of that stick, as he evaded the first attack from Gold-Eared Bear King. The second attack however, did land. The claw smacked Lost Dream so solidly that he was instantly killed.

After running back and reviving at the same spot, Lost Dream sulked and recuperated with recovery snacks.

If Zhang Yang was a Hunter instead of a Guardian, Lost Dream could choose to kill the Hunter, knowing that the pet would fall no sooner! Even though Lost Dream did not clash with Zhang Yang, he knew that a Guardian would be even tougher than the bear! "Killing the head of the snake" would never work in this situation!

"The reason why I have a pet is because of an Indistinct skill book called {Beast Taming}. I originally had a battle mount to begin with. This skill allows me to use the pet mount as a Hunter’s pet!" Zhang Yang proactively explained the secrets of his Gold-Eared Bear King. He thought explaining it would not make any difference to him.

Lost Dream was delighted. It wasn’t because he had learned the secrets of the bear, but he felt that Zhang Yang was a promising character. He stood up and casually patted his shoulder. "Brother! This young master shall grant the privilege of having you as a friend! Ah right! This one doesn’t even know who you are!"

Zhang Yang smiled and reveal his profile information.

Zhan Yu, Crypt Slaughterer, Physician’s Friend, Hero of Snow Sprite City, Centaur’s Brave Warrior, Hero of White Jade City, Level 62, Human Male, Guardian, {Lone Desert Smoke}.

Typically, a player’s name tag would be easy to read in one second, but Zhang Yang’s name tag was so long that Lost Dream quickly gave up halfway through!

He laughed. "Haha! So, you’re the infamous Zhan Yu! This one assumes that all of you here are from Lone Desert Smoke as well! Hahaha! No wonder! No wonder this one lost so pathetically!" The man’s characteristic was rather well-mannered. He was no longer sulking, looking rather jubilant instead.

"Join us!" Zhang Yang sent an invitation to Lost Dream. This guy may be a little weaker than Sun Xin Yu, but his skills as a future top 10 thief was apparent! He would definitely be one of the important assets in the future Professional League!

"Huhu! This one sees that you’ve humbly asked for this young master’s presence. In that case, this young master shall be courteous for a change! But be warned! This young master is ridiculously good looking! There’s isn’t anyone else like this one! Please do not fall in love with this one! This young master is only but a passing legend!" said Lost Dream while running his fingers down his hair in a way that was so cringey, that the girls were rolling their eyes!

Lost Dream then proceeded to withdraw from his own guild and accepted the invitation from Zhang Yang. The battle team for the future Professional League got even stronger!

The party then distributed the boss loots and went back to the Thunderstorm Castle via [Teleportation Scrolls].

Just as they returned to the castle, they heard a loud explosion roaring in the night sky. The night sky was then illuminated by many colorful lights of fireworks. The flowery design of the firework was indeed dazzling and beautiful. The last explosion burst out so brightly that it was clearly visible five to six kilometers away!

"D*mn! Who would burn their money for that!’ Zhang Yang scoffed.

Fireworks were priced at different prices in the game. Small ones would cost one to two gold coins, while larger ones would even cost thousands! The one that they had just witness probably cost more than 5,000 gold coins! What a waste of hard-earned money!

After some time, another wave of fireworks burst out in the sky, and the last one formed the words saying, "Little Snow! I love you!"

Five words formed out of the sparkles of the fireworks. Each word was so big; as large as Thunderstorm Castle itself! A final blast was fired, forming a beautiful heart-shaped frame around the sentence.

"Bleh…it must be the work of that bastard, Luo Yang Ming!" said Wei Yan Er as she frowned.

"What a disgusting prick!" Han Ying Xue pout her cheeks.

The words lingered around for five minutes before dissipating into the night sky. Many players started chattering, wanting to know who was willing to spend such a huge amount of money for that extravagant fireworks display. Just so you know, the kind of fireworks display that would form words required special reservations! From how large the word should be, to how long it should be display in the sky, all that would take up an extremely large sum of gold coin!

On the other end, female players were extremely jealous of the said, "Little Xue". Thanks of Lou Yang Ming, the female players now expected their own partners to do the same for them!

As the fireworks display ended, Luo Yang Ming popped up at their location. With a passionate expression, he stared at Han Ying Xue. "Little Xue, please accept my love!"

"You stinking, rotting, piece of useless meat! How persistent can you be! You’re f*cking annoying you know that?! I asked you to stay away from her a long time ago! Why would you crawl back here!?" Zhang Yang walked up and stand between Han Ying Xue and Luo Yang Ming.

"Little prick! Move!" Luo Yang Ming has had it. He no longer wore the proud aristocratic posture and began insulting Zhang Yang.

"You move!" Zhang Yang roared. He lifted his axe and cleaved Luo Ming Yang into two. Luo Ming Yang was only Level 20. That blow was enough to send him off to the graveyard.

"F*ck you! You dare to snatch my woman!? Just because you have a guild with ten thousand players, you’re acting all high and mighty? Hmph! Arrogant little bastard! I see what you truly are! Bastard could even be a road sweeper or worse than that! So what if you’re the guild leader of Lone Desert Smoke! I’ll form a guild of my own and use my money to buy all the members from your guild! I’ll see what you do next!" said Luo Yang Ming to Zhang Yang through a private message.

Zhang Yang did not reply but laughed at his futile threats. This man did have a small fortune, but he thinks that the world revolved around him. Zhang Yang himself has the Thunderstorm Castle and the Little Merchandize shop! Both could generate him approximately 75,000,000 gold coins a month! Even if the exchange rate drops to 1:2.5, you would still earn 180,000,000 dollars a month! Although his total revenue could not be compared to the earnings of Silky Soft Holdings, Zhang Yang’s profits alone were enough to exceed even Silky Soft Holdings!

It’s safe to say that with the Territory and the Little Merchandize Shop, Zhang Yang was already earning more than Silky Soft Holdings! He believed that when investors learn about the nature of the Territory and Little Merchandize Shop, they would be willing to emptied their wallets just to have share or even buy the place down!

Luo Yang Ming was just a frog in a well! How could he know such things? He was from a prim and proper family, it was only natural that he will not touch online games! He was completely clueless about the impact ‘God’s Miracle’ would have in real life! Coincidentally, it had created a brand new market in the world economy!

Sigh…he was just like a dog barking up the wrong tree -- or in this case, a tree that carried a squirrel that was larger than him!

Zhang Yang laid down a new command to the troops in the Territory, to kill a player called "iLuvHanYingXue" on sight!

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