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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 254 — First Shot

Chapter 254: First Shot

Han Ying Xue and the rest of the gang were progressing really quickly. So far, they had already reached Level 59, and were on the brink of reaching Level 60!

The second and third [Land Leases] were released and taken respectively by the guilds Radiance and Crimson Rage. However, these two guilds had two very different levels of luck. Radiance was lucky enough to produce their land in Blue Ocean City. Although the positioning of the land did not allow it to be as lucrative as Little Merchandize Shop, it was still inside a major city! Crimson Rage had an unfortunate draw. The land that their [Land Lease] produced was some random small town outside the Emerald City. It was rather bad. Since it was not worth anything at all, at most, Crimson Rage could only use it as an extra warehouse storage unit! Snow Seeker was so angry and frustrated that she even went to Zhang Yang to complain about it!

However, as Zhang Yang would have guessed, this sly fox of a woman had only done so to gain some sympathy points from him. She would then ask to have a portion of the profits gained from Thunderstorm Castle.

It was November the 17th. A day that Zhang Yang would never forget.

6pm. In the evening.

*Tu Tu Tu*

The phone ranged just as Zhang Yang logged out of the game. He rushed to the table and hurriedly picked it up.


"Zhang Yang~~" A soft, sultry voice of a female was heard.

"Oh! It’s Teacher Yu! Right! How was auntie’s surgery?" Zhang Yang scratched his head from the itch he had after having laid down for a long time. He recalled the kidney surgery her mother had undergone a fortnight before.

"It was all good! The doctor had not found any signs of rejection! The doctors said that she could be discharged the day after tomorrow!" Yu Li squeal with joy. She was practically chirping with happiness. "I have something to discuss with you. Could you swing by?"

Zhang Yang sniffed his armpit before answering. "Yeah! Sure…I’ll drop by later. I’ll need to go get dinner first!"

"I’ve made dinner at home! Just come over and eat with me!"

"Sounds good!"

"Can’t wait!"

Zhang Yang felt something off, as Yu Li was rather cheerful considering how recent the "tragic" incident back then was. He took a bath, got out of his apartment, and hailed a cab to get to Yu Li’s place. It was no surprise that Zhang Yang could still remember her address. He was not drunk back then.

The cab took only 20 minutes or so to reach the doorstep of her home. He ran upstairs and knocked on her door. He quickly sniffed at his armpits and nodded satisfyingly. Although he did not smell good, at least he did not smell!

"Come in!" said Yu Li as she opened the door, leaving the front door open for Zhang Yang to walk in. Yu Li was wearing a long black dress. The fabric was smooth and silky, tightly plastered to every inch of her bodyline. Zhang Yang could see the perfect curvature of her entire body, from the round peaks of her chest, down to the impossibly slender waist, and finally, the her round, perky butt that simply wanted to burst through the fabric. Every inch of her body screamed for a man’s touch.

Yu Li bent down, causing further creases in the already tight fabric, to lay down a pair of slippers for Zhang Yang to step into. After that, she quickly turned around and headed to the kitchen. As she walked, her perky butt jiggled in tandem ever so seductively as Zhang Yang stared after it, having bent down to change into the slippers. His crotch tingled with a burning sensation and it took all of his willpower to repress the urge as his member threatened to tear through his trousers.

What’s wrong with me?

With the dedication that would have graduated him from a monk’s temple, Zhang Yang forced his mind to work over matter, removing himself from the gutter. He sucked in a deep breath and let it out slowly. After he was 100% sure that his pants were loose once again, he went to the sofa and sat down comfortably.

"Teacher Yu! Is dinner ready? I’m starving here!"

"Almost ready! Sit tight!"

It did not take long before Yu Li walked out of the kitchen with dishes in her hand. One by one, she placed the dishes onto the dining table gracefully and took out a bottle of red wine.

"Have a seat!"

The dining table in the dining area was not wide enough for two people to have their dinner. Instead, Yu Li had placed all the dishes on a makeshift table in the living room. Zhang Yang got up from the sofa, pulled out the chair and sat down. Steaming hot, fresh from the kitchen, one could instantly see that the food was way more than the serving for just two people! Zhang Yang took a whiff and said, "Wow! They smell great! But…I don’t think the two of us can finish it!"

Yu Li uncorked the wine and poured two glasses of wine for each of them. "I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. So, here’s to you!" Yu Li raised her glass up high.

"Hehe! Don’t mention it!" Zhang Yang had never been a good Samaritan to begin with. If it had been someone else, he would not have lifted a finger to help. Zhang Yang raised his glass and clinked it with hers.

"For health!"

"For health."

Without saying anything more, Zhang Yang and Yu Li began to dine. He picked up the cutlery on the table and started to scoop fill his plate. He was famished. Zhang Yang was a big eater to begin with, and since he also disliked seeing wastage, he walloped the entire table of food clean.

After half an hour, Zhang Yang had successfully "raided" all the food. He patted his bloated tummy and belched. "Fuu! That was awesome! I’m completely stuffed! I could probably go on for a week without food now! Teacher Yu! Your dishes were excellent! You can really cook!"

Yu Li smiled and took a sip of the wine. "Thanks! If you like them, feel free to come over anytime!"

Fidgeting around with his own half-emptied wineglass, Zhang Yang finally stopped and said, "Alright. Now that dinner is done, I better head back!"

"Wait!" Yu Li cried. She puts down the wineglass and strode over slowly. Her movements were deliberately slow and seductive as she placed her chin right next to Zhang Yang’s shoulder. She gazed into his eyes and whispered, "You’ve had your dinner, but you haven’t had me yet now, have you?"

Her lustful voice sent waves of raging hormones coursing through Zhang Yang’s body. Hid mind went completely blank for a good second as the burning lust in him almost overwhelmed everything else. Frantically, Zhang Yang tried his best to summon the image of Brother Chun and Sister Fung1, the two god-tier bosses to calm himself down. He shook his head like a mad dog, jumping to his feet.

"Stop teasing me Teacher Yu!"

"Why? Am I not pretty enough for you? Am I not woman enough for you? I can’t move you heart one bit? Or is it that your little wee wee doesn’t even work?" said Yu Li with a playful wink.

"Not functioning---" Zhang Yang scoffed. "Teacher Yu, why are you trying so hard to mess with me?!"

"You know what? Fine. If you want to leave, go ahead! However, just so you know. Once you leave, I’ll just change into my sleeping gown, the sexiest I can find and go knocking from door to door starting from the sixth floor! I’m sure at least one man would be willing to sleep with me!"

"You wouldn’t dare---"

"Yes! I will!"

Yu Li was serious. She was staring into Zhang Yang with the same look in her eyes that she had when she was serious about failing one of her students back then. Somehow, he really took her words for it and believed that this woman would actually get out there and start knocking on random doors, just to get back at him! If he had not experienced his emotional crisis back then, he would never ever do anything to betray Lin Yu! However, as of right now, barely any of the love that he had for Lin Yu remained in his heart, buried, not deep within his heart, but more like in a graveyard somewhere in a dead corner, to the point where he was not even bothered to try and exhume it back up!

Dammit! Might as well treat it as an exercise after a meal!

Zhang Yang was as normal as a man could be. Since he possessed the memories back from before he was reincarnated, the memories of a man and a woman in bed together, with their limbs entwined and their bodies conjoined, was deeply etched in his mind. Ever since he restarted his life, he had been enduring for more than five months! During the entire time, he had not even had the opportunity to beat his stick, sexual deprivation had caged up a wild beast in his pants!

His could feel the rhythm of his breath changing. He was almost sure that the vapors of his breath had turned into steam. His vision blurred, as his eyes went unfocused with lust and desire. The male instinct took over as his gaze slid down to enjoy every inch of the woman’s curves.

Yu Li had started to feel the same way as he did. She felt his gaze like a magical, invisible hand that ran all over her body. Wherever his eyes laid, turned hot and frisky, craving for the man to touch them, to rub them, till her voice broke through the silence of the night! Her cheeks were filled with red-hot desire as they blushed pink. In fact, every part of her exposed skin, her breast, her cleavage, her thighs practically glowed with the vermillion color of lust!

"Take me!" She whispered into his ears silkily, as Yu Li embraced Zhang Yang in her arms, pressing her body against him. Zhang Yang felt something soft and amazing, and her scent filled his senses, as his rough hands explored her bare back. She was like a cotton filled viper, soft and lovely but at the same time possessing a deadly hidden strength as she curled her body around Zhang Yang with other-worldly flexibility, squeezing herself against Zhang Yang’s chest as her own hands slid down between Zhang Yang’s thighs.

The fire in him burst into a an inferno. His hands went faster, running themselves up and down Yu Li’s back, feeling her hot, smooth skin. They ventured down south, to find a pair of soft, supple mounds that conveniently fit in his palms. It was like they were the perfect size for his preference as were his hands…he grabbed onto them tightly without a care--his nails happened to be clipped.

Zhang Yang’s desire threatened to tear through his body and soul. He scooped her off her feet and carried her -- princess-style towards her bed.

As he carried Yu Li in his arms, their eyes silently met. Her eyes reciprocated his gaze with their own silent screams of desire. Take me, they said. Just take all of me, they said. Slowly, she welcomed him and slithered her arms behind Zhang Yang’s neck, gently purring like a cat.


Zhang Yang kicked the door open with a foot. His body was burning on overdrive, fueled beyond its capacity. Unable to control his own strength, he nearly gave the door a new hole as it swung open. He summoned his strength and tossed Yu Li onto her bed, as he turned and locked the door behind him.

"Ahhh~!" Yu Li yelped in surprise she fell onto the bed, her chest bouncing along with the mattress.

Zhang Yang attacked her before she could even react, piling his body on top of hers, grabbing hold of her outstretched wrists. Yu Li has never done this before, but was well aware of the steel pole that protruded against her lower abs. She knew what Zhang Yang wanted and she would give him just that.

"Yu Li…" Zhang Yang’s ragged breath tickled her ear. His face was flushed red, as he gazed at her with clouded eyes, a depraved being possessed by a mix of alcohol and lust. Swiftly, he buried his face into her breasts, going wild with the soft flesh that parted, submissively giving way to him. Even with a layer of fabric still shielding them, it did not take long for Zhang Yang to feel the hard bumps against his cheek. Instinctively following them with his mouth like a predator picking up on the scent of its prey, he took them in his lips, teasing around with his tongue.

"Uhh…Ahh…" Yu Li’s voice leaked out, the tell-tale crescendo accenting the end of her expression as she arched her head back, as her erect protrusions were sucked on, flicked about in Zhang Yang’s mouth. Her hands ravaged Zhang Yang’s back, her fingers digging deep.

Like an animal, Zhang Yang ripped off her dress. The zipper was on her lower back, and he felt that it was rather troublesome and that it would kill the mood. Instead, he used his brute strength to rip the dress apart, tossing the pieces aside as it slid down the bed, and onto the floor with a light clink.

With the dress gone, all that was left now was her fair, snow-like skin and her black undergarments that clutched her chest together in an explosive pack.

"Beautiful…" he said. He buried his face deep into the cleavage of her chest. He licked the center, reaching out for the deepest part of her cleavage. It sent a violent wave through her entire body. He bit the lower part of the cups and tugged them down to reveal her pink, cute bumps that stood out beside the black material.

Yu Li’s breath was ragged, matching Zhang Yang’s. She was in her own world, lost just like Zhang Yang was. She moved her hands to his face, feeling the contour of his face like a passionate potter, slowly sliding them down his neck. She arched her back, drawing his attention to the pronounced curvature of her chest.

Zhang Yang traced his fingers up her back, until he found the one thing that he wanted to remove. He unhooked the latch and tossed laced cups as far away as he could. Having lost all restraint, her breasts jiggled out of control. As she laid back down on the bed, a tiny quake jiggled over her breast ever so violently and Zhang Yang was almost hypnotized by the sight.

He lowered his head and attacked one of her nipples, while he kept his hands busy on the other. He squeezed the tiny protrusion between his fingers, gently stimulating the stiffening tip.

Unable to contain the rampaging impulses, she twitched and lurched in her throes of pleasure. Her sweet cries rose in intensity as she moaned and moaned endlessly as Zhang Yang tortured her breasts. Her firm breasts were perky and smooth, yet so soft that they jiggled back to shape whenever he released them, as he kneaded them with vigor.

"Zha…Zhang Yang…Oh…Zhang. Yang!" Her cries filled the room as she gripped the back of his head, pulling at his hair. He looked up at her and their mutual desire was made apparent as their eyes met.

Zhang Yang pressed his lips against hers and delivered a passionate burning kiss that left her craving for more. He left her gaping, panting lips as he moved down her neck, down her breasts, following the smooth curvature of her abs and found himself a little obstacle. Just a little lower, would be Yu Li’s last line of defense, before being fully exposed to him. He raised his head, parting his lips from her belly. Yu Li looked at him passionately, as if she had just given away that which was most previous to her. That alone had made Zhang Yang to bury himself deep inside her more. Sliding one hand beneath the material, he grabbed, and pulled it all the way down her fair legs, tossing them aside once they were free.

Yu Li felt a cold breeze down there. Amid her confusion and her ecstasy, she had finally realized that her final line of defense had been torn through. She opened her half-closed eyes, only to find Zhang Yang nuzzling between her legs. A sudden wave of embarrassment surged up, her cheeks was dyed in pink now. Squeezing her legs shut, she bolted upright and pulled Zhang Yang back to her level. "Stop staring…I know you want me…"

If Zhang Yang was in a game now with a meter to gauge his level of desire, he would have broken the game already! He pressed himself against Yu Li, their foreheads pressed against each other, and Zhang Yang finally said the one thing he had been thinking all night long, the one thing all men would want, "I’m going to make love you…I’m going to f*ck you now."

"Take me! Make me your woman and show me you’re a man…f*ck me Zhang Yang." It was particularly embarrassing for her to finally use the f-word for its most literal meaning.

Even though Zhang Yang was still a cherry boy in this life, he had already been to twenty-toes with the same woman in his past life. In essence, he had a body of a virgin, but a mind that carried the experience of a past life. His manly part twitched and jerked as Yu Li’s ragged breath brushed past his ears. It was as if this was all she wished for entire life. Granting that wish, Zhang Yang would. With a swift stroke, Zhang Yang plunged into her warm, forbidden crevice.

The silence of the room was finally filled with the scream of Yu Li’s first being torn away. Tears filled her eyes but she quickly wiped them away. After letting her catch her breath for a second Zhang Yang began moving, slowly at first, but like a locomotor warming up, he picked up the pace, until finally, he was pistoning like a bull going all out on her. The room was once again filled with noise, with Yu Li’s cries of pain and ecstasy, Zhang Yang’s own ragged breath, and the fleshy, wet sound of impact as their bodies collided again and again.

30 minutes later, silence finally fell. Light fell upon the naked bodies of a couple clinging to each other, as if they were madly in love.

Zhang Yang got up and looked into her tired eyes. Though they were fully exposed to each other, there was nothing to be ashamed of anymore.

"Does it hurt?" Zhang Yang asked a relatively stupid question.

"How would you feel if I used my finger to dig your nose till it bleeds?"

"Why didn’t you say anything?"

"Do you really think a little bit of pain would stop me?"

"Well, at least I could do it, a little more gently?"

"Sigh…this pain would only be felt by a woman once in her lifetime. I wanted to savor every bit of it." said Yu Li as she caressed Zhang Yang face.

She suddenly giggled weakly. "I would have never thought that my first time would be taken away by my very own student! If word got out, others would definitely be call me names like slut, harlot, minx!"


Zhang Yang understood how she felt. He wanted to embrace her once more but she placed her hands on his tight, muscular chest.

"There’s no need to console me. I’ve already give this much thought." Yu Li bounched up and got on top of Zhang Yang. "Now, let me get on top!"

Zhang Yang reached out to wrap his hands around her slender waist. "Why…why did you do it?"

"Honest to god? I was feeling a little one sided. I was dissatisfied. Back then, when you said you wanted to hire me, it wasn’t just for your good, wasn’t it. You really wanted to help me."

Yu Li looked up to the ceiling and stared at the empty surface. "When I was dating—for four years, I thought I had found it. My one true love. But eventually, finding right partner, the right man turned out to be extremely tough. Perhaps, in one far corner of the world, there will be a right man for me. Who truly loves me for who I am! But, until I find him, I’ll probably be a 40 or 50 year old hag!"

She looked back down at him and ran her hands playfully over his abs. "The day you find your woman. I will quietly leave you in peace. I will never bother you anymore." Yu Li smile. This time, her smile was different. It was not forced nor pretentious. It was her genuine smile.

"Now, I’m a free woman. I can do whatever I want to do! And now, I want to have you inside me! I want you to f*ck me everyday!"

Those words brought a sudden life back in him. The flames that had just died down came up scorching, sending the blood pumping into his meat pole as it reared up, ready to go for a second round.

"Hey!" Yu Li jumped when she felt Zhang Yang pressing against her behind. "What’s wrong---No! No more! It did hurt for me, remember?"

Like a needle in his brain, her words struck him deeply. After a woman’s first time, the pain will linger on for what seems to be forever. It wouldn’t subside until two to three days later. In worse case scenarios, the pain would remain for a week, even! It could leave a trauma that went past biology and emotions that would scar them for life, making them averse to men and love.

"Don’t make that expression. Let me tell you a little secret. At first, it hurt like hell. But after that, I felt pleasure like never before." Yu Li whispered into his ears, biting on them playfully.

Another question rose inside him. Dreadfully, he needed to know. It would say a lot about his performance. It would determine on a man’s confidence in himself. "Did…did you cum?"


"No! You lying minx!"

"No! I’m serious!"


Zhang Yang crossed his arms. Puffing with confidence, he grabbed her hands and pulled her back down to the bed. "In that case, I’ll give you one right now!"

"Please no!"

Yu Li was shocked. Her precious part had just been torn open, she knew that she would not endure a second session. She frantically pleaded. "Alright! Alright! I did! I did!"

"Did what?" Zhang Yang playfully questioned her.

Yu Li winked at him. "Sigh…do all men love teasing like that?"

Zhang Yang laughed. Sometimes, men can be rather generous and humble. But, sometimes, there were things that they cannot let pass. In this case, it did wonders for a man’s pride!

The two of them cuddled around for a little while when Zhang Yang finally left the bed. "I have to go now."

"There’s no need to rush things. I told Fei Fei about this. She will only be back tomorrow morning, she will be staying at a hotel for the night. You can go to sleep with no worries!"

In all honesty, Zhang Yang did not want to leave Yu Li’s warmth embrace. Who wouldn’t? He nodded obediently and went back to bed.

Yu Li raised one of her eye brows and said sarcastically, "How about this. I’ll call her to come back now, and you can take her in as well! She’s been finding a man of fortune to be a lover! You can have your threesome here !"

Zhang Yang felt a jump in his heart. His raging cock down there responded the same way as well.

Yu Li saw it and scoffed. "I see that all men sure are greedy. You already have a fish in your tank, and you’re still searching for other fish in the sea!"

Zhang Yang did not mind tasting other women in his life, of course he thought of doing the hanky-panky all the time! To have his body respond to her sly, alluring suggestion would only be natural. He cast it aside with his mind and asked her. "So, your mother will be discharged the day after tomorrow?"

"Yes. That’s why I ask you to come over tonight! Or else, you might never have the chance to do it anymore!"

Zhang Yang patted her head and slowly caressed her fair face. "Buy a new house! Do you really wish to cramp in three persons in this god-forsaken building?"

"Sure. You’re my exulted master. Your wish is my command!" Yu Li agreed. She did not want to have her mother staying in this small space.

"After I go back, I’ll send you another 1,000,000 dollars."

"Is that your way of paying me back after shredding me apart?"

"You can say that. Since you’re my woman, I can at least treat you a little better, now can I?"


1. Brother Chun and Sister Fung: Brother Chun was the nickname of Li Yu Chun who gained fame in China as an ambassador of gender-neutrality. She was always seen in sharp suits. Sister Fung was the nickname of Luo Yu Feng, gaining fame by critizing others on the internet. Self-proclaimed to have known Chinese drawing, Chinese instrumental, and Chinese poem since childhood. In year 2010, she went to America, vowing never to return to China. However, in year 2011, she was deported by the Americans, under the premise that her messages were causing too much harm in society.

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