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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 255 — Soaring Swords Professional League

Chapter 255: Soaring Swords Professional League

Zhang Yang shook his head, smiling weakly as he asked, "Lend me your gaming helmet. I’d like to log in for a while."

Yu Li got up from her bed and immediately cringed in pain with a loud "ouchiee" as she limped towards her closet. Digging among the neatly arranged clothing, she bent down, causing her firm breasts to sway about as they dangled down. She straightened up with a gaming helmet. After handing the helmet to Zhang Yang, she returned to bed rather disgruntledly.

"D*mn, it really hurts…"

Zhang Yang snickered and put on the helmet to log into the game.

"Noob tank! Have you seen the system’s announcement? The preliminary rounds of ‘Soaring Swords’ starts next month!"

"Little Yang, registration for ‘Soaring Swords’ opens tomorrow."

"O Guild master! Please babysit me!"

Just as Zhang Yang logged into the game, he was instantly bombarded with private messages from Fatty Han, Wei Yan Er, and a few other members of his guild. He was stunned. ‘Soaring Swords’ was already starting? But then again, it was about time too! He was the one who was out of place.

Soaring Swords, was Dream Tech’s first world class, international level, PvP competition. Each region would host their own tournament. This was the starting point, or rather the filtration point for the future Professional League. Unlike the future Professional League, Soaring Swords would only allow team fights. Only players in a party formation could register, up to a limit of five members.

After a series of preliminary battles, each major city will only produce 4 parties each. All 32 parties in entire China will have the final decisive match in the city of Shanghai. Other than the luxurious grand prize, all 32 parties that had been carefully selected from the preliminary round will be seeded in the S-Class Professional League held next year!

Keep in mind that the League had a 10 player limit in their battle team. The League will also have 1v1 competitions. Thus, not only did they have to possess good teamwork, but each member of the party must be able to hold their ground in a solo fight!

Zhang Yang proceed to create a party and invited those that he discerned to have a certain level of potential. He then switched to the party channel and announced, "I’m sure everyone has heard of and wants to join the Soaring Swords!"

"You betcha! Noob tank! The champions will have the best rewards! Each member will gain three levels, one skill point, and a chance to participate in the lucky draw! According to the official statement, there’s even a 1% chance to draw a Violet-Platinum tier equipment! You hear that? Violet-Platinum!" Wei Yan Er was wild with excitement. She was already picturing herself standing on the champion’s podium.

"Those parties who make it to the finals will earn 20,000 dollars a person as a reward! Final 16, will have 40,000 per person. Final 8 will have 80,000 dollars per person, and Final 4 will have 160,000 per person! As for the top three teams, the 3rd place will have 200,000 dollars per person, 2nd place will have 500,000 dollars a person. And the final champion’s team will have 1,000,000 dollars per person! Dream Tech sure is going all out for this competition!" Hundred Shot’s own salary was already raised to 100,000 dollars a month. Still, he was shocked when a million dollar prize was presented as a prize.

Zhang Yang laughed. "In that case, we must think of a way to get ourselves all top 3 places!"

"Noob tank! This time, you must be on my team! This young lady will allow you to fight. I will not be dragging the team down this time!" Wei Yan Er snickered evilly.

"Puh! Little Yang will surely be with this Fatty bro!" roared Fatty Han as he jumped out of the crowd.

"Bullsheet! The guild master will surely be in my team!"

Everyone already knew about Zhang Yang strength. Just with his {Destructive Smash} that reduced healing effects by 75%, there was nobody who wouldn’t be willing to be a vegan monk for him.

Finally, the excitement died down, and everyone turned their expectant gazes to Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang put up a serious face and said, "As of right now, our guild is the strongest guild in all of China. I can’t say for sure, but I’m sure that many guilds have set their eyes upon defeating us. They will try to take our places and kick us down the rankings. So I say this, we must take this chance to rise up among others, to fight for the glory of the guild, to earn our place, not just in the hearts of all players, but for the world to witness! Let them see, Lone Desert Smoke, the champions of China!"

Everyone nodded. A man’s wants far outweighed the benefits of the guild. As long as the guild’s position remained unfazed, unshaken, everyone in the guild would have bright futures!

Zhang Yang swept across the crowd to quickly observe every one of them. "I plan to create two permanent battle teams. The target of these teams is to be among the four teams who will represent China. The first team will have, me, that little brat, that b*tchy snow, Ice Cube, and Daffodil Daydream. The second team, Hundred Shots, that fat guy there, Lost Dream, Fantasy Sweetheart, and Galileo."

Galileo was a Berserker who had recently joined Lone Desert Smoke. His controls and intuition were impressive. He had performed extremely well in the secondary raid party, drawing Zhang Yang’s attention.

In the first battle team, Han Ying Xue would be the healer of the team. Without her "ginormous" support, the team will not be able to perform well. Sun Xin Yu, a.k.a Ice Cube, will be China’s Thief Lord in the future, the best of the best, so naturally, she was in his team. As for the little brat, if he had not proactively recruited her, she might grovel at his feet, sobbing until he looked like the villain instead. That being said, her skills and equipment were above the average member around. She had some potential, to be able to win four out of 10 matches against Sun Xin Yu.

Daffodil Daydream was in his team since there were already three melee fighters around. Her nuking style, her burst damage was a necessity in the team. Besides, she was the only ranged attack! Compared to the second battle team, Daffodil Daydream’s capabilities exceeded even Hundred Shots, and Fatty Han. Fatty Han was a PvP dumb*ss, through and through. He could be in the team solely because of his equipment. Hundred Shots had yet to obtain the mini-Red Dragon as his pet, and was nowhere at the strength Zhang Yang knew him by. Without it, he would never be a super strong tier player like Zhang Yang!

"Little Yang, bro, come on. Why are you being so greedy! Four ladies all to yourself? Dude!" Fatty Han stared in envy.

Zhang Yang shrugged. "Team 1 and Team 2 have been decided. Anyone else who wants to participate in the competition may form their own team! The guild will not interfere!

After a quick grinding session, Zhang Yang logged out of the game and used Yu Li’s computer in the room to access the official site, looking up for further information on the Soaring Swords. After all, his memory of Soaring Sword Competition was all but covered in memory dust, he could not possibly remember all the tiny details.

According to the announcement in the official site, any player above Level 50 can participate in the event. The number of participants in the battle team is limited to not more than five members. Player can still participate in the event with a team less than five members. There was nothing that said a single player was not eligible. If one thinks that one is strong enough to take on five players, one may do so proudly and even win the grand prize!

The registration would start at 00:00 the next day, ending on the 30th of November. However, players owuld need to purchase a Party Registration Log for 10 gold coins if they wished to participate. The registration would be completed after all team mates had placed their forms and signature into the book, which would be submitted to the system.

A player is and limited to only one battle team. After the submission, no one is allowed to switch sides or join another team.

The preliminary rounds would start on the first day of December and end on the 10th. Only 32 battle teams will be selected from the preliminary rounds to join the semi-finals. On the 20th of December, all 32 teams will have to proceed to Grand Skyline Hotel in Shanghai, fully sponsored by Dream Tech. Further information would be added upon further notice.

Zhang Yang read the entire announcement carefully before turning off the computer and going back to bed.

Yu Li was already sound asleep, all curled up like kitten. Zhang Yang sighed heavily. He knew a little thing or two about body language. When a person sleeps in such a position, curled up into a ball, it showed signs of insecurity and depression.

Zhang Yang felt sad for her. He reached out his hands and pulled her gently into his embrace, falling asleep with her in his arms.

The night passed by silently.

The next day, Zhang Yang opened his eyes. He was extremely surprised when the first scene he saw was a completely alien surrounding. It took a while before he remembered that he was in Yu Li’s bedroom and that he had spent the night at her house. He turned his head to the other side only to find an empty bed. He sucked in a deep breath, taking in the fragrance of a woman from the pillow beside him.


Zhang Yang let out a long breath and got up with a flip. He got his cloths on properly and opened the door. Just then, the smell of fried eggs came rushing into his nostrils. He walked to the kitchen and found her there cooking breakfast.

Zhang Yang leaned on the corner of the wall and observed the woman. After transitioning from a young maiden to a full fledged woman, she was wearing tight jeans that had did nothing to hide the shape of her curvy long legs. Her ass was held firmly by the fabric of the jeans, creating a perfect peach like curvature that sent Zhang Yang’s blood boiling with desire again.

He sneaked up behind her and embraced her.

"Ah!" Yu Li was startled. She turned to him and plucked his nose lightly.

"Don’t play now. If the eggs get burned, there’s no breakfast for you, young man!"

"Doesn’t matter. I’ll just have you for breakfast!

Now filled with desire, Zhang Yang’s hands slithered up from Yu Li lower waist, slipping beneath her shirt. His hands made their way slowly up to her warm, perky breasts. Gradually and sexually, Zhang Yang pressed his lips on her snow-white neck and nibbled them a little.

"Let go you, little minx! I’m serious! Ah! My eggs! It’s going to burn!"

Now that he was already heated up and ready to go. Zhang Yang shut the stove off before scooping her off her feet and carried her into the bed room. laughing manically as he did.

"Hehe! Little minx? Did you just call your man little minx? That would not do, missus! I must teach you a lesson!"

After a long and draggy plead, Yu Li begged Zhang Yang to let her off the hook this time. She was still fresh from the session that tore her apart, the stinging pain still deep within her forbidden area. In the end, Zhang Yang caved in and had Yu Li suck him off instead.

After having breakfast and "dessert", Zhang Yang left the building and took a cab home. Along the way, Yu Li’s bashful expression from yesterday flitted through his mind. He clenched his fist, knowing that from today onwards, he would soon often find himself late for work, due to a certain activity in the morning.

Back at his home, he regained his composure and logged into the game.

The first thing he did was to buy himself a Party Registration Log Book. After having all the girls sign, Zhang Yang went to the Registration NPC in White Jade Castle to submit their application.

‘Ding! You have submitted the name list of your battle team for Soaring Swords event. Party Name: Lone Desert Smoke Team 1. Team Member: Zhan Yu, Frost Night, Drizzler, Little Snow, Daffodil Daydream. Please confirm the details before proceeding!’


‘Ding! You have successfully registered your battle team: Lone Desert Smoke Team 1. Please wait patiently for the event to start! Please remain connected during the event period. Penalty will be incurred for not fulfilling the requirement!’

What a fraud! One team’s Registration "fee" was at 10 gold coins each! With China’s 6,000,000 players, which added up to 1,200,000 battle teams, that would be 12,000,000 gold coins! F*ck! With that amount of gold coins, it was no wonder that they could provide such a grand rewards, and complete with traveling and accommodation fees for the hotel! It’s like a government building a tower from the blood, sweat, and tears of its citizen’s tax, and then further expanding influence of ‘God’s Miracle’ upon all that! That’s killing two birds with one stone!

Still, even if he knew about the future development of the game, the one earning the most profits would still be the gaming company themselves! This was the true difference between a gambler and a casino!

Zhang Yang put those thoughts behind him and summoned the bear, riding all the way to Crimson Blood Mountains of the Didier Flatlands.

In the game, humans did not only have 64 major cities in eight regions of the world. In high level maps, there were many other kingdoms and other small forces that existed as their own sovereigns. These kingdoms and forces did not ally themselves in the Union. Some of them had even struck a deal or agreements with the Spectres.

Didier Flatlands was ruled by Count Didier. A long time ago, this land had once been a part of the human empire. However, after the invasion of demons and spectres, Count Didier took the chance and leave the human empire and started a small reign in this very land. Even though his reign was not an official kingdom, he had the authority of one. Since then, seven generations since had passed since the creation of this place.

Three years ago, according to the lore, all seven generations of Didier decedents had led an army to fight a bloody war with the spectres, managing to stop the invasion.

However, the warriors who had sacrificed their lives for the safety of the people had been reanimated as walking zombies. They had become the very thing that they had sought to kill. Losing their memories, emotions, and consciousness, they were doomed to roam forever in this Crimson Blood Mountains.

Please take note that we have made some changes to the term PK. In the untranslated texts, the author used the word PK as in player killing. We have changed that term to PvP (Player versus Player) to suit the author’s true intention.

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