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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 258 — Smaug’s Revenge

Chapter 258: Smaug’s Revenge

"Yes! I’ve finally got her in my hands! I finally have her now! I was afraid to even approach her when Smaug was still alive! But now…He is dead! Muahahaha! What a good death! Such a good death! My wish shall be completed! That b*tch wanted to commit suicide, but she went mental when I tried to threaten that little parasite in her belly!"


"Ahh…that b*tch is such a precious little jewel. Especially when her belly has grown bigger and bigger! What a wonderful sensation to **** that b*tch!"


"D*mn it all! How did that frog-faced lady know about me and the little b*tch! It must be the work of Martha!"


"Such a waste! The little b*tch was beaten to death by the frog-faced lady! What a shame, she was a beauty to behold…"

Zhang Yang closed the book. A hurtful sorrow lingered in his heart. Even though it was purely fictional, could real humans already commit such crime? After all, humans have been around for a long time. Who knew the atrocities of the past!

Zhang Yang rode the bear as fast as he could, passing through the Tanilla Forest and entered Didier Flatlands, reaching towards the Crimson Blood Mountains. Zhang Yang did not waste any more time and skipped past all the monsters around. He rode up the mountain, unsummoned the bear, and used {Shadow of the Void} to remove all aggro on him. Once Zhang Yang reached to where Smaug was, he stopped from afar. He could see Smaug still gazing towards Balin. Even with the eerie human skull, Zhang Yang could feel the love, compassion, and longing from his face.

Zhang Yang was stunned. He did not know what to do next. Should he continue the quest? At least, right now, Smaug still had the untainted memories of Liya and their child was safe from the attacks of the spectre, living peacefully in the small town of Balin.

People say that man is at the top of the food chain, for not even a ferocious bear or fearsome tiger could defeat a human’s intellect. In the future, the largest threat to humanity, the most devastating force, will always be human themselves, not any other races or species!

"Adventurer! You bring news of my wife and child?" Smaug noticed that Zhang Yang had arrived and quickly got up to his feet. Zhang Yang could tell, even with that eyeball-less skull, Smaug was extremely eager to hear about his wife and child.

What a cruel world! However, everyone would have to face their greatest obstacle in order to move on. Zhang Yang pondered for a while, hesitating before he took out two diaries and gave it to Smaug. He then quickly withdrew to leave the spectre to his sorrow.

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: Last Wish. Obtained 1,000,000 Experience Points!’

"ARGHHHHH!!" A loud roar was heard, ever so thunderously, bearing pain and anger in its tone. The sky and earth trembled. Clouds started to flocked and clumped together as a heavy killing intent was generated. It was so strong that it was almost suffocating. The miasma-like pressure was too intense. Over the entire mountain, vengeance that was left behind from countless warriors and spectres alike pooled up, formed a dark colored ball of gas that in turn formed into a long black snake. The vengeful miasma started to gather up above Smaug.

Zhang Yang stopped running away and turned around quickly to witness the event. Smaug had his skeletal arms wide open as he cried with anger and sorrow into the air. The half-liquid, half-gas-like miasma was being sucked into his body in a vortex that seemed to enter a bottomless pit, an abyssal black hole!

A dark, almost black crown was forming on the top of Smaug’s head. As Smaug absorbed more miasma, the crown became more solid. The entire process took as long as 10 minutes. After that, almost all of the vengeance miasma on the field had been completely absorbed by Smaug.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

Losing their life-force, all the spectres lost their "life", and one by one, all the skeletal soldiers turned into powerless, regular skeletons, falling into pieces without any force to move them. Each of them returned to the ground from whence they came, resting forever in the depths of the earth.

Smaug clapped his hands together with such force that he could feel a sudden burst of wave. The flame in his eyes burst into a more violent, vibrant flame. The dark clouds in the sky started to clump even closely together and started to generate thunder and lightning.

Zhang Yang could felt the rage in boiling inside him. This rage had made him absorb all the vengeance from all the spectres in the field and morph himself into Ashura the avatar of vengeance, capable of delivering a sea of blood from the high heavens to the depths of hell! No more was the spectre who let the days pass in peace, who was ready to meet his death, knowing that his wife and child were safe and happy!

Thump! Thump!

Smaug walked towards Zhang Yang with heavy steps that shook the ground. "Adventurer! I will require your assistance!"

"As you wish!"

"I need you to take me into Balin. I require you to search for the Blood Shadow Blade which was sent back after my death in the war!"

‘Ding! Smaug has a quest for you: Revenge. Will you accept it?’


[Revenge] (Difficulty Level: B)

Quest Description: Smaug requires you to search for his Blood Shadow Blade and bring it to him! Hint: Blood Shadow Blade was Smaug’s beloved sword, Liya must have taken good care of it when she was alive!

Progress: Blood Shadow Blade 0/1

Zhang Yang summoned his bear. Both of them rode the bear towards Balin. After one hour, they stopped one kilometer away from the entrance of Balin. Zhang Yang took out a black cloak and gave it to Smaug. "Please put this on or else, we might not be able to enter the town!"

The cloak was a Green-Copper tier equipment that was found by Zhang Yang. He was unsure if an NPC could really put them on.

Smaug took the cloak and covered his entire body, hiding the heinous skeletal body under the thick fabric.

It worked!

Zhang Yang patted the bear’s forehead and both of them rode slowly towards the entrance.


The same guards stopped Zhang Yang and one of them demanded. "As per order from Lord Aiden, all visitor must pay one gold coin per pax!"

Zhang Yang threw two gold coins towards the guard and walked pass them towards the town.

"Wait!" One of the guard stopped them. This time, he pointed at Smaug and said, "What are you hiding so desperately? Are you a magnificent beauty or a demonic being that cannot make contact with the sun! Take off the cloak and show me your face! We will conduct a full body inspection!"

"Argh!" Smaug growl angrily as he reached out with his skeletal hands to grab the guard’s arm.

"S-Spectre! It’s a spectre!" Smaug had accidentally reveal himself as he grabbed the guard. Simultaneously, all four guards begun to attack him.

All of these guards were elite tier, with basic attacks at 4,000 damage. Smaug was just a normal tiered, Level 65 monster with 6,500 HP. How could he take on all those attack? Instantly, Smaug was left with just 1 HP and fell to the floor. Kneeling down and struggling fruitlessly, Smaug’s ragged breath was all that indicated that he was at his limit, unable to get up!

Zhang Yang had wanted to sneaked into the town, but when Smaug had exposed himself, Zhang Yang would have to deal with this by force. He immediately used {Charge} to rush towards the guards. {Blood Rage} was used, {Horizontal Sweep} was activated, Zhang Yang could not stop at attacking the guards and quickly tried to end the fight as soon as he could.

"Which spectre dares to infiltrate my town! Kill the monster!" Just when Zhang Yang had just started the battle, the plump Aiden walked out of the town, along with 12 ferocious and tough looking personal guards! Aiden thrust his flabby arms out and commanded them to kill Zhang Yang.

F*ck! 16 elites, one Yellow-Gold boss! How to fight?

Zhang Yang ended up using {Shadow of the Void} and sneaked into the town, leaving Smaug behind. After reappearing at the far end, he saw Smaug had already been detained by the guards! Growling in defeat, Smaug could only stare angrily with all his hatred at Aiden.

"Make a fire pit in the center of the town’s plaza! I want this spectre to be sentenced to death by fire!"

With Aiden’s command, the guard took Smag away.

‘Ding! You quest: Vengence has been updated. You have one hour to search for Blood Shadow Blade and deliver it to Smaug or the quest will be deemed as a failure!’

The system notification rang in Zhang Yang ears just as Smaug was taken away. There was no time to lose!

Zhang Yang rushed towards Liya’s house and practically ransacked the entire house to search for the sword. After a long search, there was no trace of the sword in the house. Frustrated, Zhang Yang left the door steps and saw the same old man who had scolded him before, standing outside his house. Zhang Yang went over and asked. "Excuse me sir, do you know about the sword that was delivered back here after Smaug’s death?"

The old man scratched his head and said, "You mean the sword with a blood red blade? I think I had saw a young brat name Larry waving it around while showing off. It has to be that sword!"

Sighing heavily, Zhang Yang rode his bear to search for Larry. He found him inside a rundown house. "Three-Finger" Larry was found hiding inside, he was extremely skinny but upon further inspection, he was younger than he looked.

Zhang Yang approached the man and grab him by the collar, roraing in his face. "Larry! I know you have the sword that you stole from Liya’s house! Give it to me!"

Larry pushed Zhang Yang away and said provocatively. "If you want it…you’ll have to beat me!"

In an instant, Larry’s yellow name tag turned to red!

["Three Finger" Larry] (Elite, Humanoid)

Level: 65

HP: 300,000

Defense: 350

The NPC jumped at ZhangYang and began to attack him.

However, even with that surprise attack, Zhang Yang beat Larry to a pulp without breaking a sweat. Currently, with Zhang Yang equipment, only a boss could take him on, elite monsters were nothing but soft tofu! Left with just 1 HP, probably because the lore requires it to be, Larry was sent down cowering. Basically, since the system had set it that way, Zhang Yang had only thrown a single strike, which had dealt 10,000,000 damage and left the NPC with only 1 HP left.

"I’m sorry! Please don’t hit me! I’ll tell you where it is!" said Larry as he covered his head. "That broken sword was already sold to the blacksmith Jim!"

Zhang Yang then proceed as fast as he could towards the blacksmith and quickly glanced through the weapon display cupboard. Without delay, Zhang Yang had spotted the sword among the other. The entire sword was literally blood-red in color! It was as red as fresh blood! He quickly talked to the blacksmith NPC Jim, Blacksmith Shop Owner and said, "Excuse me, How much is this?"

"Oooo! You have some good eyes there adventurer! That sword is an excellent piece of work, I’ll tell ya!" Jim responded immediately. After gritting his teeth and procrastinate a little, Jim looked at Zhang Yang with an unwilling face and said, "Well…since you want it, I could sell it to you at a cheap price of only 10,000 gold coins!"

Cheap my *ss!

Zhang Yang wanted to just snatch the sword and run away, however, as he tried to lift the sword up, he could not do so, no matter how hard he tried. D*mn system would just want to rob players of their hard earned gold coins!

Zhang Yang paid the man 10,000 gold coins and went on his way. However, before he left the place, Zhang Yang had held back his feelings to punch the man in his face. He left the shop and quickly made his way to the town’s plaza.

Luckily, the time remaining was at 18 minutes and 36 seconds.

Zhang Yang reached to the plaza and had already found a large platform with many wooden planks beneath it. Smaug was tied to a large iron pole, propped right in the middle of the wooden stage. There were many more wooden poles, as tall as he was, placed beside him. Not far from the stage, 10 guards surrounded the area while the fat Aiden sat slightly further away. Even further away from the stage was a large number of spectators filling up the entire plaza.

Zhang Yang activated {Shadow of the Void} and phased through the crowd, heading towards the center of the plaza.

Since he could not see any being in the realm of {Shadow of the Void}, the only guidance he had was the iron pole right at the center of the stage. Just as he reached, the skill had ended, and he appeared right in front of Smaug.

"Your sword is right here!"

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