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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 261 — The Competition between Strong Guilds

Chapter 261: The Competition between Strong Guilds

"Let’s talk about tactics while fighting, here we go!" Zhang Yang had already taken out his axe and shield and rushed towards "Left-handed" Phil.

The battle was initiated.

A black aura immediately appeared beneath "Left-handed" Phil’s feet. It reached out with its right hand which was completely skeletal and tried to grab Zhang Yang’s face.

‘Ding! "Left-handed" Phil initiated <Frost Aura>. Causes 1,000 Frost damage to all targets within a 30-meter radius range every 2 seconds!’


‘Ding! You are affected by Fire Receptive Effect, when you are receive Fire attack, damage increased by 200%, lasts for 1 minute!’

"Left-handed" Phil slapped Zhang Yang across his face, and a damage text immediately floated above his head, while a debuff icon popped up in his HUD.


Two seconds later, except for Zhang Yang and Endless Starlight, the rest of the people received the first tick of damage from <Frost Aura>.

"Endless Starlight, this boss constantly switches between two states, as of now, it is in its frost state. It may seem to be regular physical attacks, but it also causes Frost damage to the target *and* the Fire Receptive Effect! After a period of time, this boss will switch to its fire state where its physical attack will cause Fire damage and the Frost Receptive Effect! So, two tanks are required for this boss, one will need to tank the frost state and the other one will need to tank the fire state!

Zhang Yang shrugged off another blow from the boss and resumed his explanation, "This boss can be provoked! When you see the aura beneath his feet turn from black to white, use <Provoke> to take over!"

"Roger!" Endless Starlight nodded in understanding.

As a mini-boss, the tricky part of "Left-handed" Phil was its two states. As long as the players work against that aspect of it, the boss was more or less a pushover for the averagely equipped player.

Everyone performed ferocious slashes, and five minutes later, "Left-handed" Phil cried in pain and fell defeated, popping its battle loots all over the floor.

They quickly distributed the battle loot, ran through a dark passage and entered another prison building.

‘Ding! Blue team has entered the West side second prison!’

Just as they just stepped in, system notification immediately rang in everyone ears.

The other three teams were startled.

They were not exactly close to Zhang Yang’s team in terms of progress. Up to the first mini-boss, "Left-handed" Phil, they had kept up with their pace. However, because of the tactical issue and lack of knowledge on the boss, they would be wiped out once before they figure out out to defeat the boss.

"Lone Desert Smoke is strong as expected!" Mellow Venom gently whispered.

"Sisters, please fight harder, we are not here accompany Prince Reading! Lone Desert Smoke has already claimed a lot of First Clears, we must steal one from them!" Snow Seeker tried to raise the party’s morale with her clear and harmonious voice.

"Okay, for the sake of sister Snow, I’m going to fight really hard!" Perfumed Water screamed.

"Screw you, sister Snow is mine!"

The bunch of crazy women started to go berserk.

Zhang Yang’s team continued moving forward, where they defeated the minions easily along the way. About six minutes later, system notification rang as Imperial Sky had entered the North side’s second prison. Less than 30 seconds later, the system notification rang twice as Crimson Rage and Radiance cleared their obstacles.

Zhang Yang smiled to himself as he had overestimated the difficulty of the first mini-boss, "Left-handed" Phil. With the capability of Crimson Rage and the other strong guilds, this mini-boss had not caused much trouble for them! When Zhang Yang thought about it, it was absolutely logic, although "Left-handed" Phil’s damage increases by 200% due to his debuffs, it was not too difficult for the current top tanks to acquire over 15,000 HP, thus, they could use <Shield Wall> and withstand the boss with sheer force!

As long as they were not stupid, they would have surely used their off-tank to <Provoke> the "Left-handed" Phil. If that was the case, they would definitely have found the tactics to defeat "Left-handed" Phil with ease!

Because of the competition mechanism, even the leading team dared not relax or let their guard down, because the slightest misstep would cost them their lead! Therefore, Wei Yan Er and the rest silently hacked and sliced their enemies with extreme prejudice as they kept on urging Zhang Yang to speed up.

In a short time, Zhang Yang’s team found themselves standing in front of the second mini-boss.

["Three-Legged" Witt] (Gray-Silver, Spectre)

Level: 67

HP: 6,000,000

Defense: 700

Note: Leader of the prisoners in second prison.

"Three legged?" Fatty Han exclaimed incredulously. "Even I won’t dare claim that I’m three legged even if my third leg is 22 centimeters!"

"Fatty bro, I’m pretty sure you’ll only be 22 centimeters when we square it!?" Endless Starlight who had grown pretty close to Fatty Han, immediately fired at him.

"Buzz off, little brat, you only have a matchstick to speak of. Even you cube your ‘Matchstick’ it’ll never match up to my square-rooted leg!"

Lost Dream was an outgoing man, even though he was relatively new in the guild, he was already able to mix around with Fatty Han and the rest. He laughed and said, "It can’t be helped! My ‘stuff’ is extraordinary talent. Every time I go to the washroom, it leaves a trail on the ground, people would think someone just mopped the floor!"

"You three bastards, if you guys dare to discuss about such topics in front of Yan Er again, I will snip all of it off!" Han Ying Xue showed her queen’s power, one of her hands was placed on her waist while the other was pointing menacingly at their crotches in turn.

The three guys quickly clamped their legs together.

"Beware, this boss will swing its third leg about occasionally and cause an AoE damage, so those who get smacked must immediately withdraw or you’ll receive the subsequent damage!" Zhang Yang tried to keep everything short and simple. He yelled, "Let’s fight!"

Battle was initiated.

Zhang Yang’s team members were not your run-of-the-mill elite players. They would commit the simplest of instructions to memory and carry out their battle with great efficiency. Six minutes later, the boss fell to the ground, lifeless.

‘Ding! Blue team has entered the West side third prison!’

System notification rang once again in everyone’s ears.

"Damn, that bunch is really quick!"

One Sword Stroke had a frown on his face. He said, "Everyone, drink the potions, do not be afraid to splurge, all expenses will be reimbursed by Imperial Sky! As long as we win the First Clear, everyone will be rewarded with 500,000 in cash!"

At the mention of money, their morale shot up, and Imperial Sky pushed themselves to the limit. In only four minutes, they also entered the third prison.

Crimson Rage and Radiance also worked hard, with a small gap of 30 seconds, both teams also entered the third prison!

Now, it was the time to see which team would defeat the third mini-boss first! This was crucial, as only one team would get to fight the final boss. There were no runner-ups, only losers!

The minions were annoying. They hid in the shadows, snuck around like thieves, and had AoE normal attacks. However, they were merely created by the Atlman2. Indeed, the minions were cleverly designed to be troublesome, to ensure that time was wasted on them more than anything else, but the first "customers" they picked up were the four strongest dungeon teams of China. The minions fell flat on their faces before they could even hinder their quarry.

20 minutes later, Zhang Yang’s team was the first to reach in front the third boss.

["Musician" Beeshoven1] (Gray-Silver, Spectre)

Level: 68

HP: 7,000,000

Defense: 700

Note: Leader of prisoners in third prison.

Beeshoven with a name that was not unlike a certain musician was simply charming to look at in a Tim Burton way. It’s movements were otherworldly and graceful, its fingers light and deft, and it was dressed in dark tuxedo. It held a violin in its left hand and it was drew a bow along the violin’s strings with its right hand which produced beautiful music. If it was not for the fact that Beeshoven himself was a skeleton, it would definitely have the style of an artist.

A circle 20 meters away from Beeshoven, there were seven colorful small circles, some were colored in red and some were colored in green.

However, there was a milky-colored opaque barrier a hundred meters behind Beeshoven. They could not see past it, but they believed that this barrier would automatically break once Beeshoven is killed, and that the final boss awaited behind this barrier!

"After defeating this boss, then we can fight the final boss, right?" everyone was a little excited although fighting the final boss did not mean they would get the First Clear. Because of the special system of this dungeon, it also meant that the other three teams would not have the chance to challenge the final boss.

Zhang Yang nodded and replied, "That’s right! However, on the condition that we are the first one to defeat this boss!"

Zhang Yang looked at everyone and continued, "Because of this dungeon’s pain-in-the-ass system, the third mini-boss only slightly easier than the final boss, which means that those if we can defeat the third mini-boss, we can easily defeat the final boss as well!"

"Little Yang, don’t scare me on purpose!" Fatty Han patted his chest and pretended to faint.

"And…exactly how difficult is this boss?" everyone gazed at Zhang Yang, the "beta version" player.

"It won’t kill us as long as we work as a team!" Zhang Yang let out of a sigh in his heart, some of dungeons only required powerful teammates, while some dungeons required good cooperation. Undoubtedly, this dungeon which required both, was really annoying!

"There are seven circles on the floor; they represent the seven vocal notes in sheet music. The red color is Do, yellow is Re, blue is Mi, green is Fa, purple is So, orange is La and white is Ti. When the battle is initiated, Beeshoven will ‘play a song’. Yeap, play a song. That’s its ultimate skill. When playing the song, the colored circles on the floor will flash in line with the song. When the song is finished, we must strictly follow the order and step into the circles in the right order and ‘replay’ the song!"

Zhang Yang looked at everyone and said, "If we ‘play’ the song correctly, then the battle continues, otherwise, Beeshoven will turn into his rage mode. At that time brothers and sisters, all of us will rest in peace!"

"Isn’t this like the dancing machine you see in arcades? I’m a professional at those!" Han Ying Xue was fired up.

"Me too!" Wei Yan Er immediately popped up and spoke.

Daffodil Daydream also raised her hand and said, "I’m also good at playing this!"

Zhang Yang nodded and said, "That’s good. But this ‘dancing machine’ is a bit too big. Each time after a vocal note is played; we must repeat the note within 1 second. Otherwise, it will be considered as fail. Thus, each person would be responsible for a vocal note scale. After a person has played the vocal note scale, he or she must leave the circle immediately to allow the corresponding second person to quickly fill in their own circle!"

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