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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 262 — Dancing Machine

Chapter 262: Dancing Machine

"This is fun!" Wei Yan Er clapped her hands and said, "I'm responsible for Do!"

Zhang Yang shook his head and said, "It actually tests the players’ memory! It will also turn into Rage mode if we don’t defeat it within 8 minutes!"

"We need to memorize the order of stepping into the circle we are responsible for, at the same time, we need to attack the boss at our best effort! It’s going to get quite messy!"

Zhang Yang assigned the gang, "Currently, little brat and ice cube are the strongest attackers, so both of them will attack throughout the entire battle and will not participate in ‘playing the song’. I will tank Beeshoven and the remaining seven will responsible for a vocal note scale each person!"

Zhang Yang thought for a while and said, "Also do not expect to pass this at once! We have to start with ‘playing the song’ until we are able to cooperate without any mistakes before we can really unleash our DPS! Don’t bother drinking potions, we’re going to test it out first!"

Zhang Yang took out his axe, raised his shield and ran towards Beeshoven.

"Vulgar hillbilly, you actually dare to disturb an artist in the midst of composing a masterpiece, such insolence must be punished!" "Musician" Beeshoven snarled angrily, as it grabbed hold of the violin’s strings in its hand and lashed them out at Zhang Yang like a whip.

Battle was initiated. Except for Zhang Yang, Sun Xin Yu and Wei Yan Er who were slashing furiously at Beeshoven, the rest of the party had stepped behind the vocal note scale circles. They paid no attention to Beeshoven, only keeping their ears open and their eyes on the circles, learning how to ‘play the song’ smoothly without any mistakes.

30 seconds later.

"You are boors, tremble before my "Stringer Requiem"!" Beeshoven growled loudly, ignoring Zhang Yang and started playing its violin.

The seven vocal note scales on the floor immediately flashed according to the melody of the music. The colorful lights blinked repeated like a nightclub.

Beeshoven ‘played the song’ for 15 seconds in total, and once again it wielded its violin’s strings and attacked Zhang Yang.

Han Ying Xue and the rest immediately followed the order of the notes, hopping in and out of their circles. Those players who had some understanding of music certainly had the advantage, but the others had their own methods of playing along. At worst, they just numbered the circles from one to seven and repeated the sequence by numbers, such as "371625263" for instance.

15 seconds later, the teammates successfully ‘played the song’. The battle resumed without the boss raging.

Another 15 seconds later, Beeshoven stopped attacking once again and played the second "Stringer Requiem", but this time, it was "Part II" which was a completely different melody!

This was purely a memory test and it was not too difficult for the team members. All of them successfully ‘played the song’ once again and resolved Beeshoven’s ulti.

They repeated this back and forth, and eight minutes rapidly passed.

"I've had enough all of you idiots, go to hell!" Beeshoven roared ferociously. Its body instantly became bigger as it flashed red.

‘Ding! "Musician" Beeshoven has entered rage mode!’


A beam of black light radiated from underneath of Beeshoven’s feet, ‘-10,000’ damage texts appeared on top of everyone heads, right after a second later, another round of ‘-10,000’ damage texts pooped up once again. Other than the two tanks, the others were killed instantly!

Zhang Yang quickly used {Shadow of the Void}.

"Boss, not this again! You should be following us, in sickness and in health!" Endless Starlight rasped, as he took a few more hits and was sent tumbling to the ground, his heavy armor clanging.

The battle ended, and "Musician" Beeshoven went back to its original position, elegantly played its violin.

"33%!" Zhang Yang spoke in the party channel, "Beeshoven was still left 33% HP, we were still far away from killing it!"

However, it was not a big deal. The first round was to let the team members practice with their ‘song playing’. The ones who were preoccupied with the circles could actually join in on the attack, as long as they ran back to the circles on time.

Everyone started to run back after resurrecting.

A benefit of this dungeon was that once they released their corpses, they would automatically be resurrected at the entrance of dungeon. They only had to run from there instead of having to retrieve their corpses. When everyone had restored their conditions, the battle started once again.

Eight minutes later, Zhang Yang’s team was annihilated by Beeshoven once again. But this time, Beeshoven’s HP was reduced to 21% which was an improvement.

All of them ran back after resurrecting. Similarly, they were annihilated again after eight minutes while Beeshoven’s HP was reduced to 12%!

"Boss, it seems like Lone Desert Smoke also trapped at this stage!" Ghostly Leaf said to Sword of Light.

Sword of Light, Radiance’s guild master, male Dwarf, Guardian, Level 60. In Zhang Yang’s previous life, Sword of Light was also one of the China’s Top 10 Tanks, ranked third! There was no argument that both Guardians and Defenders were tanks, but eventually those who made it in the top 10 tank list were the Guardians, except for Hundred Foot Icicle who was ranked ninth as a Defender!

Sword of Light nodded and said, "That’s right. They had a five to six minute lead earlier on, and we’ve already been wiped out by the third mini-boss, they’ve yet to get past it either! The other two teams should be in the same situation. It seems like the real competition actually started here?!"

"We must surpass them!"

Radiance’s 10-man team yelled loudly!

"Annihilated again… 34%!" One Sword Stroke frowned, "This boss is kind of special, eight minutes is not enough to defeat this boss. We are distracted by memorizing the ‘sheet music’, all this running back and forth is really throwing us off our game!"

"Guild master, I’m sure the other teams have the same problem?" Fire Fountain smiled.

"That’s right. There’s no point rushing earlier on. This boss would actually determine it all!" Blooming Ichor nodded in acknowledgment.

One Sword Stroke expressed renewed hope, "Let’s us prove to Lone Desert Smoke that they are not the strongest guild in China server! The strongest title belongs to us, Imperial Sky!"


"Sister Snow, this dancing machine boss is most advantageous to us ladies. We already managed to reduce Beeshoven’s HP to 20%, we’ll get familiar to it soon!" Flirtatious Lady clenched her fist, nodding vigorously.

"That’s right, that’s right. Zhan Yu has already taken away so many First Clears, this time should be our turn!"

"Sisters, if we are the first to defeat the bosses, I will treat everyone to a seven-day trip to Thailand!"

"Little Pearl, are you kidding?"

"My words are more genuine than any pearl you can find in the ocean!"

"Wow, sisters, all of you heard that right? In the name of vacations, let’s fight!"

"Let’s fight!"

Lone Desert Smoke’s team had already managed to reduce Beeshoven’s HP to 7% on the forth attempt!

All of them sat on the floor and ate health recovery cakes to restore their conditions. Zhang Yang nodded and said, "Everyone is doing well! This time, we must defeat this boss! Guys, drink all the potions and activate all the long cool down skills!"

Everything was ready, all sorts of aura were activated, Zhang Yang swung his axe and said, "Let’s start!"

Another round of the battle was initiated.

Seven minutes later, Beeshoven left only 19% HP. The attackers had some sort of skill like {Killing Cleave}; all of them had activated this kind of skill.

Although {Killing Cleave} did not utilize much Rage, it caused a shortage of rage which prevented use of other skills that had already cooled down completely. As long as {Blood Rage} cools down however, {Killing Cleave} could always be activated.

For Guardians, as they often receive the brunt of the attacks, such as this battle with Beeshoven, they would not experience such a thing as insufficient Rage!


After Wei Yan Er activated {Indiscriminate}, she drank a bottle of Power Potion, and with her full bar or Rage, her {Killing Cleave} caused terrifying damage!

"Ha ha ha, noob tank, did you see that? My {Killing Cleave} caused almost 40,000 damage at once, I’ll kill you easily! Sigh, you are really noob, you can’t even withstand an attack from me!" little brat laughed smugly.

18%, 17%, 16%… Beeshoven’s HP dropped continuously!

Eight minutes later, Beeshoven’s HP remained only 4%!

"Alright guys, get over here, leave those circles. I will use {Vanguard's Aggression}!" Zhang Yang shouted loudly, throwing the {Vanguard's Aggression} protective barrier on top of everyone heads, while at the same time, also activating {Shield Wall}!



‘-1,000’ damage texts floated above everyone heads while Zhang Yang’s HP kept on reducing by 3,000!

Beeshoven’s rage mode was really powerful, although everyone had 90% immunity, they still received 1,000 Darkness damage every second which was really terrifying!

"Snow b*tch, Fantasy Sweetheart, heal the rest of the people, leave me be!" Zhang Yang said loudly, "Attack Beeshoven with your full force!"

Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart cast {Healing Shower}, {Mending Prayers} and the other AoE healing magic to maintain everyone’s HP!

10 seconds later, {Vanguard's Aggression}’s protection barrier ended and Beeshoven’s HP remained at 1.5%!

{Berserker's Heal} instantly recovered the HP to full!


{Vanguard's Aggression} protection barrier and {Shield Wall} activated once again!

70,000! 40,000! 10,000! 5,000!

"No, no! I will be the greatest musician in history, my name has not yet been known across the continent yet. I cannot die yet!" Beeshoven growled angrily, fell defeated and dropped its battle loot all over the floor.

"Hu! Finally we defeat Beeshoven!"

Everyone sat down, exhausted.

Zhang Yang thought in his heart, if not for this dungeon’s competitive nature, they could have taken their time, practicing like how they did with Master Waller in Shadowmoon Castle, doing it over and over again for several days before they defeated the boss.

However, under the right circumstances, true human potential can be unleashed. Out of fear of being overtaken by the other teams, his members had actually unleashed 200% or even 300% of their capabilities and they had defeated Beeshoven after only five tries!

Seems like I’ll have to keep the pressure up!

Zhang Yang smiled evilly, sending a shiver down their spines.

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