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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 272 — The Assembled Weapon

Chapter 272: The Assembled Weapon

"Master Liu~~" Liu Shi Shi moaned silkily. As a woman, she had a heightened sense when it comes to a male’s attention. She realized that Liu Wei’s attention was now directly onto someone else but not her. She tried her best to draw back Liu Wei’s attention.

Compared to the manufactured charms of Liu Shi Shi, Han Ying Xue was a natural. Just her glinting pair of eyes could set a man burning with the raging fire of lust. Those two women could not be compared as they were both on a different scale! Liu Wei immediately responded to her pathetic attempt.

"Miss Liu must be tired after having to work for the entire day! Please head back for some rest!"

A direct slap to the face! A hidden command to "get lost!" so that he could court with the ladies in peace!

Working in the entertainment industry, Liu Shi Shi could easily understand how a man thought, and got the message clear and simple! With that bold statement to her face, she turned emotionless and stood up. "They say, that once you obtain a new toy, you’ll forget about your past passion! Prince Liu surpasses even that statement. The first night with his wife would probably bore him already! *Cough*"

She turned away and placed her slim hands on her slender waist, shaking it while walking out of the restaurant.

Liu Wei turned around to glace at her. A sudden, unsatisfied emotion boiled up in him. He had not had his fun with her yet…Right now, it was not the good time to call her back. Perhaps he shall give her a call later. Something as simple as donating some money to invest in her upcoming film should suffice, that amount of money would not even faze him one bit!

Zhang Yang noticed what was going on and quickly took out a silver bank card, tossing it through the air towards Fatty Han. Fatty Han caught it midair with a questioning look. Zhang Yang whispered something in to his ears. With a straight face, Fatty Han nodded, slipped the card into his front pocket and walked away quickly.

Liu Wei did not know what were they planning, and he couldn’t care less about it. Right now, the main agenda was Han Yang Xue.

"Miss Han, I’m very interested in the current development of Silky Soft Holdings. Perhaps if we could find a time to discuss this matter?"

Han Ying Xue had no spare energy to deal with him. She was busy battling Wei Yan Er over a piece of white truffle cake on the table. The only response Liu Wei got was the noisy clicking of her chopsticks.

Liu Wei frowned at her reaction. These two sisters had to be the type of generation who inherited their family’s wealth, raised in an environment of surplus. Yet, they were behaving as if they had never seen anything like a cake in their life! They were actually fighting over a piece of cake! He was already tempted to just say something like, "Please stop fighting. I’ll buy you all the cakes you want as long as you be my woman!"

However, little did Liu Wei know, it was not really about the cake, but the bond Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er had as sisters.

Liu Wei was always confident of his diplomatic sway, and his charm. However, this was the first time that he had encountered such a woman like Han Ying Xue. It was the first time Liu Wei would actually doubt his own ability. That, or this woman actually swings the other way.

Wei Yan Er completely lost to Han Ying Xue who was more experienced with her chopsticks. She pouted her lips and puffed her cheeks as she could only stared at Han Ying Xue slowly chewing on the last piece of cake that they had been fighting over for at least three minutes. Boiling with anger, she slammed the table with her petite little pair of hands and snapped.

"What is a stupid faced person like you still doing here?!"

Stupid face? Liu Wei’s cheek twitched, Zhang Yang could have sworn he saw a vein pop on Liu Wei’s forehead. Liu Wei was the vice-president of Ming Sheng Technology, the man who was bound to inherit all the fortune from his family, the man with a natural born elegance and looks that could easily attract any single woman with a wave of his hands, the man who was dubbed as "China’s most eligible bachelor"!

With such grace, mannerism, and wealth, he was the perfect woman’s perfect prince charming! How could a man such as him, take an insult like "stupid face"!

Tak Tak Tak!

The sound of those familiar high heels, striking the floor, echoed through the restaurant. Liu Wei turned around to glance and was so shocked that he almost fell to the floor again.

It was Liu Shi Shi, the same woman who had flung herself to Liu Wei. The same woman that was now clinging to the fat guy like glue! The two of them were giggling and chuckling away as if they were madly in love! Anyone who was oblivious of the situation could easily mistake them for a couple that had been together for a few years!

What just happened? Not only had he yet to obtain the two fishes in front of him, but he had already lost one good fish to some fat f*ck!

Now Liu Wei had finally understood why Zhang Yang had thrown his card to that fat guy! Liu Wei’s gaze turned cold and distant.

The first strike, Zhang Yang had purposely kicked his chair and embarrass him in public by having him plant his ass on the ground.

The second strike, deliberately withholding the identity of the two important ladies and spilling his rotten self to them.

The third strike, knowing clearly that Liu Shi Shi was his woman, Zhang Yang had made the fat guy court her openly and deliberately.

As Sun Tzu said, the first and second mistake could be of natural causes, but the last strike was deliberate and intentional!

What did he ever do to offend Zhang Yang? Why must he be so blatantly against him!? Liu Wei was racking his mind, finding for a reason, but the more the thought about it, the more confused he became! He was sure that the two of them had never even met before this! He was from Zhou Su and Liu Wei was from Lin Hai, the two cities were completely far apart and passing by each other on the street was completely impossible!

"What’s up bro!" Fatty Han sat down with a wide grin on his flabby face. Liu Shi Shi, she was leaning softly and gently against that fat guy’s overly large shoulder, completely ignoring Liu Wei!

It was as if Zhang Yang was wielding a massive Celestial hammer and using it to pummel his emotions. The slam was so strong to his face that Liu Wei could not take it anymore.

Looking at Fatty Han’s ridiculous folds of fat, Liu Wei had completely lost the intention to f*ck Liu Shi Shi anymore. He had no desire of putting on the same old broken slippers worn by that fat f*ck. Twitching uncontrollably, Liu Wei finally gave up. He knew that if he overstayed his welcome, he would only face more embarrassing moments. He stood up abruptly, dropped a "see you later" and moved away like a centipede that had lost all its legs save for two.

"Hey! Noob tank, did you have beef with that guy? Did he offend you in the past?" said Wei Yan Er with her eyes opened wide.

Zhang Yang shrugged nonchalantly. "Oh, nothing of that. His face just pissed my off. Oh right, b*tchy snow, I want to fight a couple of bosses later, I might need you to help me. Get the Lover’s Charm from Ice Cube and teleport over to me."

"I wanna come too!" cried the little girl.

Zhang Yang sighed.

"How about this? If Ice Cube isn’t online, both of you girls come over. But if Ice Cube happens to be online, don’t waste time and let Han Ying Xue come over alone." Zhang Yang laid down an ultimatum.

All of them finished what was left on the table and quickly went back to their room.

"Little Yang, I swear to god, whoever says that Liu Shi Shi can’t act, I will personally shove his head up my *ss!" said Fatty Han as he waved goodbye to the departing Liu Shi Shi. The card that Zhang Yang had just given over to Fatty Han had over 100,000 dollars in credit, and was only used to hire Liu Shi Shi to put up a show and act in front of Liu Wei.

Zhang Yang could not help but laugh.

Liu Wei would never be dissuaded from ruling over ‘God’ Miracle’ in spite of failing to own Lone Desert Smoke. There were still plenty of other guilds for him to choose from. However, Zhang Yang will never allow that him to succeed. No matter which guild Liu Wei tries to buy, he will go all out and declare that guild as public enemy number one. He will never allow Liu Wei to set his foot safely in the game!

According to his memories, Liu Wei will first invest a large sum of money in a particular guild. Slowly and eventually, he will use money to buy over the high-ranking officers in the guild and execute a hostile takeover, a coup from within. He will then proceed to create a new guild called "The Myth"!

In this life, he will never allow "The Myth" to even come into fruition!

Zhang Yang arrived at his room and quickly logged into the game. Sun Xin Yu was offline, so he had to wait for Han Ying Xue and her little cousin sister to slowly take their time to reach his position.

If Zhang Yang used the [Friendship Jade] and summoned Smaug’s shadow, he believed that he could easily take down the boss. However, this treasure was just too valuable to be used on this Gray-Silver boss. With its limited use, he would at least keep it for a Violet-Platinum boss’s first kill!

It took them two whole hours to reach to where Zhang Yang was. When Wei Yan Er saw the boss difficulty, she pouted. "Oh come on! It’s just a Gray-Silver boss! What a complete let down, noob tank!"

"I had never thought that you had such high expectations of me!" Zhang Yang laughed.

"Well? Go on then, kick the boss’s butt!"

Zhang Yang nodded and went up charging at the boss.

"I smell the scent of a man!" Marzarrock cried out excitingly as it shifted on its massive legs and turned towards Zhang Yang.

The battle started promptly. Now that Han Ying Xue was present with her {Dispel}, the boss was turned from a formidable foe to a street thug. As long as Zhang Yang had a {Regeneration} on him, there was nothing left for Han Ying Xue to do other than {Punishment Ray} at the gaps between her {Dispels}.

Within five minutes, Marzarrock wailed and fell defeated, dropping many loots.

"Hmm? Hey! Noob tank! What is this thingamajig?" asked Wei Yan Er as she poked out a piece of Gray-Silver object among the loots.

[Sword Piece of Dark Enigmatic Sword] (Gray-Silver, Weapon Shard)

Use: Assemble all seven Sword Pieces and one Sword Hilt. Able to forge a Dark Enigmatic Sword through Smithing.

Level: 60

"Assembled Weapon!" Zhang Yang was surprised. "Just as the item describes. Once you gather all seven sword pieces and one sword hilt, you can forge a weapon through the main city’s Smithing Shop. This is not limited to only swords or weapons. You can also find shards of armor, rings, and also necklaces! Based on the rarity of this weapon shard, the completed [Dark Enigmatic Sword] will have the same power of a Yellow-Gold tier weapon!"

"Huh? Why didn’t it just drop a Yellow-Gold tier weapon then? It’s so complicated and waste of time!"

Zhang Yang laughed. He was always amazed at how oblivious the little girl was.

"Alright. Listen up. Firstly, the Assembled Weapon system was created to balance out the extreme scarcity of high-leveled bosses. However, since the Assembled Weapons require many weapon shards, it will balance out the number of weapon availability. That way, the prestige of higher leveled weapons will not be effected. Second, its just another way for the gaming company to earn some profit. The Assembled Weapon is required to be forged through a Smithing Shop, which naturally, requires a large sum of gold coins. After that, you will need to visit the Identifier to reveal the item’s hidden specs! That’s gold vacuum!"

"Hmph! I already have a Level 60 Yellow-Gold axe!" she growled, waving it up high. "It’s not that rare then, is it?"

Zhang Yang facepalmed in disappointment. "You…sigh…Listen closely. There are two types of Assembled Weapons. Take this sword for example. The sword pieces will most definitely be all Gray-Silver, and if the sword hilt is also a Gray-Silver tier, the final product will be the same as a Yellow-Gold tier. But what if the sword hilt was a Yellow-Gold? The final result will be stronger than an average Yellow-Gold tier!"

The topic piqued Han Ying Xue interest and she raised one of her seductive eye brows. "How so?"

"For example, if the same Level 60 Yellow-Gold weapon had 3.1 seconds attack interval, and the other had a 3.8 seconds attack interval. Which one would you choose?"

Wei Yan Er squealed. "The one with the 3.8 seconds! Not only it will be less effected by the weapon defense, skill damage will be increased as well!"

"Exactly!" Zhang Yang nodded. "Now, if this [Dark Enigmatic Sword] was forged, and if the sword hilt used was a Gray-Silver tier, the final product would not be as good. A One handed sword would have 2.3 or 2.5 seconds attack interval, while two handed swords will have 3.3 or 3.6 seconds attack interval. It would definitely not have the slowest possible attack interval of its class! However, if the forged sword used a Yellow-Gold tier sword hilt, the final product will definitely have the slowest attack interval! Not just that, it will also have a special effect, such as {Lifesteal} effect or a special cooldown reduction effect!"

"That’s very good!" Wei Yan Er crossed her arms and nodded, pretending to be a scholar agreeing to a statement.

The only loot that was worth looking at was the weapon shard, the rest of the items dropped by the boss were three counts of Gray-Silver weapon and eight more Green-Copper equipment. Zhang Yang did not even bother inspecting them and just hauled them all into his inventory.

"Those Gray-Silver equipment might not be useless to us anymore, but at least they could be worth a few gold pieces in the market."

"Hehehe!" both Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er grinned as their eyes flashed with the dollar sign.

"Let’s push on!"

Being it a dungeon or an open field, the minions or none-boss monsters will still be plenty. Zhang Yang and the two others had spent more than two hours to reached the second boss. However, like taking a candy from a baby, the party killed the boss without breaking a sweat and found themselves another sword piece weapon shard.

"What a shame it didn’t drop any sword hilts." Wei Yan Er sighed. The weapon shards did not come in any specific order and can be obtained by killing the same boss again and again. The weapon shard for the sword hilt was special. Unless dropped, you can never forge a complete sword even with 100 pieces of weapon shards.

Zhang Yang smiled. "It’s good that the sword hilt did not show up here! Just so you know, if it did, the sword hilt will be a Gray-Silver tier! Since the last boss will be a Yellow-Gold tier, the sword hilt dropped there should be a Yellow-Gold tier! And that is what we should look forward to!"

The three entered the third floor and cleared the monsters there. However, before they could fight the boss, both sisters said that they wanted to call it a night as burning the midnight oil will affect their skin.

Without them, Zhang Yang had no means of continuing the raid. He could not possibly kill the boss alone. Since the elite monster around will respawn after five hours, he would have to expect being surrounded by them when he logs in first thing in the morning. Zhang Yang sighed and logged out as well.

The next day, at the break of daylight, Zhang Yang dragged Fatty Han to the hotel’s gym for a nice one-hour workout. After having breakfast, Zhang Yang spotted Liu Wei ogling over the two sisters. When the two girls saw Zhang Yang walking over, Han Ying Xue jumped to Zhang Yang as if he was the hero and she was the damsel in distress, wailing dotingly as she went. "Hubby~~"

She dragged Zhang Yang into the guys’ room and left Liu Wei standing alone outside.

"What luck! Just when I managed to get away from Luo Yang Ming, I thought I could have a few days without having any guy chasing after me, and here comes this jack*ss who thinks that all the girls in the world are obligated to grovel at his feet. D*mn! I’m f*cking pissed!" Han Ying Xue walked over to Zhang Yang’s bed and fell flat on her back without any elegance of a woman, not caring for the parts of her body that would jiggle when faced with impact!

Zhang Yang turned away and said, "Perhaps the one who carries the surname Luo is already here. And if he knew which room you were in, he would sleep at the doorstep!"

"Like I care." Said Han Ying Xue as she bolted upright. She slammed the soft mattress with her hands and stood up. "That Liu-what-his-name must have left by now, I’ll head back to my room and play my game!" She dragged Wei Yan Er and scampered back to their room.

Zhang Yang shook his head and flattened the bed before logging into the game. Together, they cleared the monsters and continued raiding the Spider Palace. In his Friend List, Hundred Shots and Daffodil Daydream’s icons were blackened. It looks like they were currently in-flight towards Shanghai.

Lost Dream and the rest were supposed to arrive over the next two days. By 15th, everyone should be gathered together.

Zhang Yang and the two sisters took a whole day just to clear the rest of the palace but had yet to kill the boss. Together with the weapon shards from the two previous bosses, they had accumulated a total of five sword pieces. All that was left was just the boss.

When night fell, Hundred Shots and Daffodil Daydream arrived at the hotel and checked in.

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