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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 274 — Dark Enigmatic Sword

Chapter 274: Dark Enigmatic Sword

"Woohoo…" the little girl cried her eyes out. "Why didn’t you spare her? It’s so pitiful!"

"Okay. My bad, in that case, I’l take full responsibility. I guess I should be the one taking all the loot then…" Zhang Yang whistled as he pretended to pace towards the battle drops.

"Ayyy! That won’t do." Wei Yan Er jumped to her feet and headed straight for the drops.

"Aw yea! There’s three Yellow-Gold items here!" said Wei Yan Er as she pulled a piece of accessory out. "This one’s mine! You’re not allowed to take it!"

[A Spider’s Kiss] (Yellow-Gold, Accessory)

Equip-Effect: Grants your weapon a poison coat. Grants a certain chance to an attack to inflict the target with 1,000 Natural damage. The success rate is increased if the attack interval of the weapon is longer.

Level Requirement: 60

Zhang Yang nodded. "No problem. That’s just a trinket with some minor bonuses."

Wei Yan Er grinned. She immediately put it on. Female accessories are mostly worn on the ear like an earring. The [A Spider’s Kiss] hung at the lowermost part of the ear lobe. It looked like a green, tiny little spider dangling down. It was too tiny to be repulsive, rather it had a cute, delicate quality.

[Blade of Spider’s Fang] [Yellow-Gold, Dagger]

Weapon Attack: 411 - 611

Attack Interval: 1.9 seconds

DPS: 269

Equip Effect: 20% chance to inflict {Poison} to a target on attack. Causes the target to receive 70 Natural damage every 3 seconds for 30 seconds. Maximum 5 stacks.


Level Requirement: 60

"And this is for Sister Sun! Right now, she only has a Level 50 Yellow-Gold secondary weapon! If she equipped this as her main weapon, her DPS would soar beyond the clouds!"

"No arguments there. What’s the last Yellow-Gold item?" Zhang Yang asked.

"Hehe! You’re in luck! Speak of the devil, it’s really a Yellow-Gold sword hilt!" Wei Yan Er pulled out a shiny golden sword hilt and passed it to Zhang Yang.

[Sword Hilt of the Dark Enigmatic Sword] (Yellow-Gold, Weapon Shard)

Use: Assembles all seven Sword Pieces and one Sword Hilt. Able to smith a Dark Enigmatic Sword through Smithing.

Level: 60

"I wonder how strong will the sword be…" said Han Ying Xue curiously.

"Little brat! Look again, I’m still lacking two more sword pieces!"

"Ok." Wei Yan Er pulled more drops out one by one and smiled happily. "Haha! I found one! Noob tank! You’re really lucky today! The boss actually dropped two pieces of sword pieces."

At last, Zhang Yang gathered the sword pieces from Wei Yan Er and kept them all nicely in his inventory. Staring in satisfaction, he knew that this time, he was able to gather all seven pieces of sword pieces and one sword hilt because of it being the boss’ first kill, and Zhang Yang’s 9 points of Luck. All these factors had worked together to give him everything he needed in a single run.

"Noob tank, are we going to finish up the questline?"

Zhang Yang shook his head slightly. "No, I have to return to the village to submit my current quest. Could you guys help find out where the Kingdom of Spiders is?"


The two sisters tore their [Teleportation Scrolls] and went back to Thunderstorm Castle. Zhang Yang unequipped all his gears and ran to the fourth floor of the Spider Palace and killed himself by jumping into the herd of monster. He then revived himself at the graveyard and went to the Village of White Lambs.

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: Eliminate the Spider Queen. Obtained 2,000,000 Experience points!’

‘Ding! You have obtained: Chaos Gem x2!’

Zhang Yang went to the elderly woman NPC who had given him the quest and completed the quest there. Other than the mountainload of experience points, he also obtained two [Chaos Gems] which were used to increase his inventory slot from 80 to 100!

By the time he was just done with business, Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er chirped on the party channel, pestering Zhang Yang to return to city to forge the sword. Zhang Yang laughed and used his [Teleportation Scroll] to return to Thunderstorm Castle, and traveled to White Jade Castle from there via the Teleportation Point.

"Come on! Quickly! We are waiting for you at the Smithing Shop!"

Zhang Yang summoned his bear and rode like the wind towards the Smithing Shop. Itching with curiosity all the way, he went up the Smithing NPC, Smithing Master Dwarf Banderash. He too wanted to know the power of the first Assembled Weapon in the game.

"This is…" Banderash examined the sword pieces one by one with an intriguing eye. "I can feel it…The ancient power that radiates from these weapon shards! This weapon had seen battle in one piece during the ancient times, in the hands of figures who walked among legends, if not legends themselves!"

Zhang Yang asked, "Great master, could you fix it?"

"It’s not that I can’t…But, the ancient art has been long forgotten. Even if pieced it back together, it will never be as powerful as it once was!" said Bandarash as he caressed the weapon shards as if it was his own daughter.

"In that case, I have the highest of faith in you, Grand master!"

"10,000 gold coins!" said Banderash as he lifted his head up. The grand master of smithing was now gone, what that stood in front of Zhang Yang was a typical, greedy, old Dwarf. The legends were so true about Dwarves and Dragons being equal in greed!

Still…f*cking hell! 10,000 gold coins! Expensive as f*ck!

The developers had already implemented the Identifying system that would cost a few hundred gold coins, yet now they introduce another method to rob players of their hard-earned cash! 10,00 gold coins!? More like day-light robbery! Might as well point a gun to my f*cking face and I’ll sheet out 100,000 worth of gold coins for you!

Zhang Yang turned back and said flatly to Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er. "If both of you were to become the presidents of Dream Tech, I’m sure you’ll be in cloud nine!"


"Bleh!" Wei Yan Er stuck out her tongue.


After a successful transaction, Banderash started hammering. After 10 minutes or so, a bright golden light ray beamed, and the completed form of the sword formed in Banderash’s hands.

‘System Announcement: The first Assembled Weapon has been found in White Jade Castle! Behold of golden luster of the sword! Beware of the ancient power! Please refer to the official site for more information on Assembled Weapons and how to acquire them.’

"Take it young man! Treat the sword with care, and it shall do the same for you! The ancient power that once dwelled in it may be a shadow of its former self, but the blade itself still has tremendous attacking capability." said Banderash as he carefully handed over the sword to Zhang Yang.

He quickly examined the sword’s properties.

[Dark Enigmatic Sword] (Yellow-Gold, One Handed Sword)

Weapon Attack: 652 - 852

Attack Interval: 2.8 seconds

DPS: 269

Equip Effect: Grants a 1% chance to attack one more time after an attack. The mirrored attack will be the same as the previous attack.


Level Requirement: 60

OP! Super OP!

Do not look down on 1% chance, after being Identified, the rate will most likely be 2%! Still, that was not even the main point, the reason behind this item being so OP was the fact that it would generate another same attack! Fighting just one monster wouldn’t change much, however, what if the targets were a huge bunch of monsters?

One {Horizontal Sweep} could hit at least 10 monsters! As long as one of the strikes procced the sword’s effect, it will generate another wave of {Horizontal Sweep}! Instantly! If your luck is superbly good, the sword could be procced again repeatedly! A killing machine! An OP, killing, godly sword!

Since the sword was a Level 60 Yellow-Gold tier, Dark Enigmatic Sword’s DPS was about the same as all other Yellow-Gold tier swords. The one thing that split the gap a million kilometers wide was the effect it carried!

"Hey! Stop drooling over it! Let us see it as well!" Wei Yan Er smacked Zhang Yang’s back.

Zhang Yang smiled from ear to ear and posted the Dark Enigmatic Sword’s properties on the party channel.

"Hmm? Just one extra attack? What’s so good about it? It’s only 1% chance. Why would you smile like you just popped your cheery." said Han Ying Xue while pouting her lips.

Zhang Yang did not bother explaining. He went to the Socketing Shop and told her, "Give me a few Vampiric Rune Stones."

After paying 120 gold coins, the final stat of Dark Enigmatic Sword was revealed.

[Dark Enigmatic Sword] (Yellow-Gold, One Handed Sword)

Weapon Attack: 975 - 1175

Attack Interval: 2.8 seconds

DPS: 384

{Level 2 Socket 1}

{Level 2 Socket 2}

Equip Effect: Grant a 2% chance to attack one more time after an attack. The mirrored attack will be the same as the previous attack.

Zhang Yang hurriedly put on the Dark Enigmatic Sword. Even though he would lose his 5% damage increase, and 5% Critical rate from the passive skill, {Axe Mastery}, the Level 60 sword was enough to compensate for his old Level 50 axe. Especially since that the Dark Enigmatic Sword had the super OP multi-kill effect!

He then inserted the runes into the sword, giving an additional effect of {Vampiric +2}. Even though the {Lifesteal} effect was weak, it was still better off than not having any extra effect!

"Noobie tank! I had just gone through the official site. The Kingdom of Spider is located in the Chaos Realm!" said Wei Yan Er. She had logged out of the game for a brief moment before reappearing again.

"That’s too bad. We cannot continue the quest until we get to Level 100 then," said Zhang Yang.

The Chaos Realm could only be accessed by players over Level 100. So, as of now, there was nothing much that Zhang Yang could do. However, having the new sword in his hand, Zhang Yang had a sudden desire to test the weapon out. He traveled to the Thunderstorm Castle and rode the white bear and search for monster to kill. Around the area, there were many Level 60 players around. Tanilla Forest had become a popular spot for grinding now. For Zhang Yang to find a quiet place for him to test his new sword had become a sudden chore.

Left with no choice, Zhang Yang had to move on. He came into the Didier Flatlands and found himself a large valley with a huge number of Elemental monsters. He circle around the valley and started "collecting" as many monster as he could. After being tailed by a hoard of monsters, Zhang Yang jumped down from the bear. He activated {Blood Rage} and activated {Horizontal Sweep}.


More than 10 damage texts, all with 4,000+ damage popped out. Following closely was a glow of golden light, and another blast of 4,000+ damage. But, it did not stop there, after the first proc, the sword effect proc again and caused another blast of 4,000+ damage to the monsters! To Zhang Yang’s surprise, the sword’s effect was triggered four times in a row. He had dealt more than 200,000 damage in just a span of a few seconds! His DPS could easily exceed more than 50,000!

Thud! Thud! Thud!

One by one, all the Elementals dropped dead and turned into a pile of dead bodies.

{Blast Wave}!

Zhang Yang tested it out again. This time, he used {Blast Wave} and stunned more than 20 monsters around him while dealing only around 700+ damage to them. The chain started again; another blast boomed out and procced for a total of five times. The effect would only be triggered by melee skills. It was all good, but the copied attack would only mirror the damage and not the skill effect. For example, {Blast Wave} was copied 5 times, but the monsters were only stunned for the first time. It was a pity but, how could he ask for more? Those repeating attacks were far too good to be true!

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