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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 280 — Tricks

Chapter 280: Tricks

After Sword of Light and Greensleeves Prince left, Zhang Yang went deep in thought.

Although he had not known One Sword Stroke well in his past life, he would never expect such a distinguished figure to use such contemptible ways!

Liu Wei!

That’s right! Zhang Yang’s eyes shone, only Liu Wei would slink around and manipulate people in such manner! Only with his wealth could offer such important key persons in Radiance and Sunset Amber to turn their coats!

Everything about it spoke of Liu Wei. In Zhang Yang’s previous life, Liu Wei had headhunted all the talented members in Blue Sea and had left with only an empty shell. Finally, he built The Myth and replaced Blue Sea!

What if Liu Wei bribes Zhang Yang’s 5-man team?

Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er were money-grubbers, however, they were in it for the fun of earning, not the money itself. They had more than enough wealth to go around for themselves. In fact, if Liu Wei really wanted to bribe these two money-grubbers, Liu Wei would definitely lose his money and go bankrupt! These two ladies were billionaires, it was an absolutely ludicrous idea!

Sun Xin Yu? You won’t be bribing her, you’re just paying for your own execution fees!

Daffodil Daydream? That girl may not have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but she has been with Zhang Yang for a while, and in addition to the fixed 100,000 dollars monthly salary, she still had additional earnings from the sales of her dungeon runs, as a result, she would already be earning millions! As long as she did not have a screw lose somewhere, she definitely would not consider such short term benefits! Besides, she had proven her loyalty time and again, directly managing the guild’s wealth and storehouse!

Well, that leaves only Zhang Yang himself! Oh, Liu Wei did already approach him, but only got humiliated in return!

His team was basically impregnable!

"Ding Dong!"

The doorbell rang once again.

Sword of Light and Greensleeves Prince again? Zhang Yang walked to open the door and saw a waitress who came with a dining trolley. He frowned and said, "Wrong room, I didn’t order anything!"

The waitress looked at a paper, revealed a smile and apologized, "I'm sorry to bother you!"

"It is okay!" Zhang Yang took a step backwards, but when he wanted to close the door, he saw the waitress holding a spray bottle and an odd smell rushed into his nasal cavity, "You…" Zhang Yang could only speak a word, before dizziness overcame him and he lost his balance. He leaned against the door and sank to the ground. His world became dark.


Zhang Yang stirred. As his vision recovered, he found himself lying on the bed in the room with about seven to eight cops with uniform surrounding him!

What was happening here?!

"You are under arrest for prostitution!" a cop with a strong Shanghai’s accent said.

Two cops immediately came over and cuffed him!


Zhang Yang scanned the surroundings, and realized that a woman lay at his left side, blankets wrapped around her naked body. Her long hair covered her face, hiding her identity! Liu Wei…only he could come up with such a scenario!

However, prostitution was not a serious crime. Zhang Yang would only be slapped with a fine and spend a few nights in lockup!

But he had much bigger things to worry about now!

Tomorrow would be the finals of the Soaring Swords competition, and as long as Zhang Yang remained in the lockup, Lone Desert Smoke would be severely handicapped. In a four versus five matchup against Imperial Sky, they stood no chance!

Zhang Yang did not have time to bother about being wrongly arrested or falsely charged. Zhang Yang would only bother about it after the Soaring Swords competition!

The Liu family’s home base was in Lin Hai City, and Liu Wei could easily pull the wool over everyone’s eyes in Lin Hai City! In Shanghai City, Liu Wei had so much sway that this was child’s play for him!

Zhang Yang forced his body to move, but he heard one of the cops mutter, "Resisting arrest?" The next moment, he felt the sting and shock of an electric baton, and fell back helplessly. Still weak from the drug, he was basically rendered comatose.

A few cops bodily manhandled Zhang Yang out of the hotel and drove off.

After they reached the police station, the cops simply flung him into a cell without any due process, and went on their own business.

What should I do?

Zhang Yang was deep in worry! Claim his innocence? Obviously, the cops were acting under Liu Wei’s orders, they would not listen to him!

He had no chance of making a phone call, for he was basically naked when they discovered him, all he had was a blanket to cover himself!

Damn it! Damn it!

Liu Wei must have sent that sexy girl to get Fatty Han away and leave Zhang Yang alone in the room! It was pointless no matter how cautious Zhang Yang was, as Liu Wei would have thought up of a plan anyway!

There was no other way of undermining Lone Desert Smoke, so Liu Wei had to come up with a different kind of trap! Liu Wei’s motive was to keep Zhang Yang in the lockup for at least one day!

Zhang Yang racked his brains to find a solution, but could not think of anything else until next day, at 5.00 pm, a cop came patrolling, and Zhang Yang’s eyes shone suddenly.

In front of the Soaring Swords competition showcase stage.

"Eh, where is that silly Yu? Where in the world is he?!" Han Ying Xue tapped the ground with a foot impatiently as their match was only half an hour away!

"Little Yang is not back yet?" Fatty Han panted, running over.

"Fatty pervert, aren’t you staying in the same room with silly Yu? How could you do not know where he is?" Han Ying Xue questioned Fatty Han.

Fatty’s face turned red and answered, "I’m sorry that I’m so charming. I was approached by a sexy girl last night, and as a result, I was ‘busy’ the entire night! I did not see little Yang when I went back to the hotel room this morning. Maybe he got jealous of me getting all the action and decided to go hunting himself? Heheh, he’s really ‘busy’ huh, doing it for almost a whole day!"

"Fatty, can’t you ever say anything good? Guild master is not a person like that!" Daffodil Daydream immediately spoke up.

"Ha ha, pretty sis Daffodil Daydream, don’t you fancy little Yang?! Do you want me to be your matchmaker?" Fatty Han started to ramble on.

"Something’s not right! No matter how dumb silly Yu is, he will not go missing at such a critical moment. What should we do? The match is going to start!" Han Ying Xue was anxious.

Sun Xin Yu was leaning against the wall at a corner, her face deep in thought.

"What happened in the hotel?" Lost Dream scratched his head.

"Little Yang left his mobile phone behind. I glanced through the room just now and his clothes are still in the room. It’s weird, as if someone took him in his sleep or something!" Fatty Han started to worry, but thought about Zhang Yang’s skills and shrugged the thought off.

"Lone Desert Smoke, the final will begin in 20 minutes, please hurry up and prepare!" a staff member walked towards them.

"Alright!" Han Ying Xue answered and turned back to the group, worry lining her face.

"Forget about it, since noob tank is not here, it’s up to us four ladies. Let them taste the capability of our female army!"

"Eh, aren’t you are Miss Han and Miss Wei?" Liu Wei suddenly came to them, smiling sinisterly, "I do not seem so see your guild master here? Sigh, oh dear, what an irresponsible person? How could he go missing at such a moment?"

"Pretty boy, what are you talking about?!" Fatty Han rounded up on him.

"It is nothing, I just wanted to remind you guys. Ah, the final will be started in 19 minutes and 12 seconds! Ha ha, I should not disturb you guys, I shall look for a seat to watch the contest. See ya!" Liu Wei laughed out loud and went into the hall.

"What an annoying fellow!" Wei Yan Er spat on the ground.

"Let’s go in!"

"Excuse me, may I know who is police officer Sun Xin Yu?" when all of them wanted to go in showcase stage, a policeman in uniform ran towards them, his brow shiny with sweat.

Sun Xin Yu took a step forwards and replied, "It is me!"

That policeman was astounded by Sun Xin Yu’s beauty, and he quickly blinked, he whipping out a mobile phone while saying, "I’m Zhang Yang’s university friend, oh, right, you guys know him as Zhan Yu. He is in our lockup now, and he got a recording for you guys. He thought of calling you guys, but he cannot remember any of your phone numbers and he also thought of calling the hotel, but you guys were nowhere near your rooms!"

"Your police station?"

"Why is little Yang captured?"

"What happened to silly Yu?"

"How could the boss be in the police station?"

All of them peppered him with questions.

Sun Xin Yu played the recording in mobile phone, and Zhang Yang’s frantic voice rang out, "Ice cube, quickly make a call and get me out of here! That bastard Liu Wei set me up, he drugged me last night, and got me arrested! Some prostitution thingy, I don’t know the details! I will tell you everything else when I get out of here, the owner of this phone is an old friend from my university, his name is Zhao Xiao Song! He will cooperate!"

"F*ck, it’s that pretty boy!"

"No wonder he came over just now, it was his doing!"

"Such a shameless person!"

"So despicable!"

"Sister Sun, do you have any connection in Shanghai? Otherwise, we’ll get Lost Dream to help us. Isn’t he always saying that his dad is so capable?" Fantasy Sweetheart said.

"Damn, my dad is really very capable!" Lost Dream retorted as his father was a Deputy provincial level’s military office! However, he did not bother to elaborate further and quickly asked Zhao Xiao Song, "Which area is your police station?"

Sun Xin Yu had already taken out her phone and was dialing furiously.

"Dong Ming Street Police Station!" Zhao Xiao Song quickly answered.

Sun Xin Yu walked to a side and started talking. Then she walked back to the crowd within 30 seconds, her facial expression remained unchanged like nothing had happened. Lost Dream was also on the phone, chatting like a machinegun.

"How long does it take to travel from Dong Ming Street?" everyone looked at Zhao Xiao Song.

"If there is no traffic jam, at least 20 minutes!" Zhao Xiao Song answered immediately.

"Even if that silly Yu is released now, he won’t make it for the first match!" Han Ying Xue thought for a while and said, "Let’s just buy him time in the first round, and hope he makes it to the next round!"


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