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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 281 — Here I Come!

Chapter 281: Here I Come!

It was 7:30 pm, the first match of the Soaring Swords Competition Finale had begun!

The audience immediately noticed the situation and started chattering among themselves! Would a guild master and party leader simply not show up at such an important event? Did he get cold feet? Was he lost in some paradise of his own?

The rules of the competition, only the five players who registered for the competition can enter the competition. If anything led to the shortage of one person or so, they would have to make do!

There came a wave of ‘Boo’ from the audience!

Since the beginning of the quarterfinals, those parties who went up against Imperial Sky all seemed to suffer some misfortune! During the quarterfinal match, the spellcaster from the Radiance was acting silly; during the semifinals, the thief from the Yellow Flame was floating about like an idiot; and now, someone was completely missing!

Everyone could connect the dots at this rate!

Even if Han Ying Xue and the others unleashed 120% of their real strength, they were outnumbered and mismatched from the start. Furthermore, One Sword Stroke was the number one tanker in Zhang Yang’s previous life, and was a powerful player in his own right! With his coordinated control between his {Sacrifice}, {Vanguard’s Aggression}, {Blast Wave} and {Thunder Strike}, and some additional outstanding tactical commands, the ‘girl-team’ had to swallow down the first trace of defeat ever since they debuted!

"I’m so mad now!" Han Ying Xue crossed her arms with a violent, sudden jerk, causing her massive, outstanding pair of jugs to jiggle in shock as they were momentarily crushed, before spilling over her arms, as she surveyed the area with her bewitching eyes.

"Why isn’t the noob tank here yet?!" Wei Yan Er was positively wailing now, her tough facade completely shattered! They now saw clearly, the importance of a Guardian. Although Guardians definitely lacked offensive power, they were an irreplaceable class in the arena. They provided massive support to their allies, while controlling the movements of the enemy!

"This is bad, the second round of the match will begin in 10 minutes time…" Daffodil Daydream almost looked nauseous.

It was not that they were sore losers, but to be defeated under circumstances was laughable!

Without a word, Sun Xin Yu took out her cellphone. The girls could only hear something about "cutting the power" and "I shall take full responsibility". They could not help but to look at each other in the face. What sort of woman possessed such power?

This is Shang Hai City! In an internationally recognized financial metropolis, how much influence would it take to cut the power supply of a large hotel?

Liu Wei laid back against his seat, smirking contentedly.

The rich would always control the world! He would only need to sit back while setting his grunts to work! What good would the skills and combat prowess of Zhang Yang be when he could just make him disappear like that! This was just the beginning, since Zhang Yang had insulted him time and again, he intended to slowly ‘take care’ of him! First, he would buy over the core members of Lone Desert Smoke, and after hollowing out their ‘backbone’, he would leave Zhang Yang as a general without an army!

In an online game, what can one person do? Give a player a full set of Yellow-Gold equipment, and have the player triumph over tens of thousands of players?

After securing the championship of the Soaring Swords competition, Imperial Sky would rise to fame, while under the lead of One Sword Stroke and his leadership, Imperial Sky shall become the strongest guild in the whole of China! When that time comes, their ‘backbone’ too, shall be hollowed out. After ousting One Sword Stroke from the guild, he could finally write his own myth of ‘Liu Wei’!

That’s right, myth! And after that, his guild shall be named after as ‘The Myth’!

"All contestants please log in, the second round of the match is beginning shortly!" the voice of the hostess, Liu Wan Fei began to echo.

Victory was almost at hand! The smile on Liu Wei’s face only grew wider with each passing moment!

Pak! Pak! Pak!

The lights of the showcase hall went out of a sudden, and the crowd rose in uproar and shrill screams. Soon after, people started turning on their cellphone flashlights. They started muttering unhappily.

"What’s with this power failure!"

"A big hotel like this having power outage? Where’s the backup generator?"

"Time for some touchy touchy in the dark!"

"Argh! Pervert!"

"Someone touched my butt!"

"Beat him!"

A brawl instantly broke out!

"Everyone, remain calm, the hotel management is doing all that they can, the power will be restored shortly!" the hotel staff shouted over the din.

Liu Wei was stumped, he had not considered power outage, out of all things! But… power failure was just a power failure, Zhang Yang was still sitting in the jail, this would only be a short delay to his great uprising!

"Sister Sun, you are really something, you know that, did you really do this?" Wei Yan Er looked at Sun Xin Yu in admiration.

Sun Xin Yi only smiled knowingly for an instant.

Even after 10 minutes, there was no sign of power being restored, and the crowd was getting hot and furious, trapped in warm, stale air, and darkness.

Sun Xin Yu’s phone rang and after listening to the other end, she simply said, "Let’s give them back power!"

Pak! Pak! Pak!

The hall was instantly lit up again.

Liu Wan Fei was shaking her round butt to left and right as she catwalked up to the center stage. Those with sharp eyes immediately spotted a trickle of white, milky liquid at the edge of her lips. There was only red wine on her table, there was no milk on it!

At that instant, countless pairs of murderous eyes swiveled around to burn holes in the straight faces of the two officials sitting close to the back of the stage.

"Alright, the power has been restored back to normal, let us now move back on to the match between Lone Desert Smoke First Party VS Imperial Sky, the second round of the match shall carry on immediate---"

"Wait!" the voice of Zhang Yang suddenly echoed through, as he bounded towards the stage, "Hahaha, can you believe it I actually overslept! My bad, my bad!"


The audience lost their minds. The very air shook with their cheers and screams, as if the messiah himself has arrived!

"Hehe, guildmaster Zhan Yu’s timing couldn’t have been any better! Your party has already lost one round, things were really looking back for them!" Liu Wan Fei pointed her finger towards the location of Han Ying Xue and the party, and then her tone got more serious, "Guildmaster Zhan Yu, please make ready, the competition is about to start!"

Liu Wei’s eyes almost popped out of his sockets then!

What was going on? Didn’t he already ‘notify’ them to keep Zhang Yang in a 24-hour custody? They couldn’t even handle such an easy task?

"Are you Liu Wei?"

Just as Liu Wei was scratching his head, wondering about the incomprehensive situation, two policemen in uniforms went up to his side, flashing their badges. The two bodyguards of Liu Wei immediately stood up, with the ‘I dare you to make a move’ expression on their faces.

Liu Wei quickly reached his hands out, hinting the two bodyguard not to act rashly! This is Shang Hai, not Ling Hai, and he could not flaunt his prowess without knowing what is in these waters! He spoke calmly, "I am Liu Wei, so what brings you two officers here?"

"We suspect that you are connected to a murder case, please come with us!" One of the policemen took out a pair of handcuffs and dangled it in front of Liu Wei, "Please cooperate!"

The blackout was unfortunate, and the sudden appearance of Zhang Yang was unprecedented. They could have been dismissed as unfortunate coincidences, ridiculous as they seemed. But now, something was really wrong here! He could not help but go numb with shock!

Anyone with a fair bit of connection could easily arrange for Zhang Yang’s release. But to cut the power supply of the entire hotel, and for as long as ten minutes, required serious power! What sort of influence did this guy possess, or rather, who was it who had this man’s back?

People do not fight against the government, which included their government servants, and furthermore, a powerful dragon cannot crush a snake in its old haunts1! Liu Wei searched his thoughts hopelessly before looking up to where Zhang Yang was. With the face of a defeated man, he slowly raised his hands up in surrender.

"Noob tank, you are finally back!" Wei Yan Er patted her flat chest, "You made us miss you so much!"

"Oh? To think that the little girl actually has a crush on me!" Zhang Yang chuckled while putting on the helmet.

"Humph! How rude! I only meant well! If that’s how you’re going to respond, I’ll throw you back in the cell!"

The five of them went online one after another, and immediately, they were teleported into the virtual arena once again.

"This time, we are going to handle them with ‘care’!" Wei Yan Er was cracking her knuckles with ferocious intent.

"Yes!" Daffodil Daydream nodded earnestly.

Zhang Yang glanced at the formation of the opposition party, and he said, "I will take care of One Sword Stroke, I shall leave the rest to you guys!"


The formation of five members of the Imperial Sky are ---

One Sword Stroke, Level 63, male human, Guardian, health points 19,120.

Blooming Ichor, Level 63, male elf, Assassin, health points 15,780.

Fire Fountain, Level 62, male human, Pyromancer, health points 15,420.

Soul Striker, Level 62, male human, Priest, health points 16,390.

Lord Wicked Virulence, Level 62, male dwarf, Sniper, health points 16,740.

‘Ding! Lone Desert Smoke First Party VS Imperial Sky will begin in 10 seconds!’

10, 9, 8… 3, 2, 1!

As the invisible air walls vanished, all party members from both sides immediately charged out. Zhang Yang followed closely behind Whitey, and when they were 10 meters away from One Sword Stroke, Whitey instantly used {Wild Charge} and knocked One Sword Stroke into a stunned state.

Zhang Yang did not activate his {Charge}, but said, "Everyone try to stay 10 meters away from One Sword Stroke, don’t give him get the chance to use his {Charge} on you!"

Under Zhang Yang’s control, Whitey turned and began to charge towards the opposition’s healer, Soul Striker.

One second later, Zhang Yang activated his {Charge}, stunning One Sword Stroke again!

He then weaved to the back of One Sword Stroke and began to work with his weapon.


One Sword Stroke took damage, while the rage gauge of Zhang Yang increased from 12 points to 30 points.

Another second passed, and One Sword Stroke recovered from the stun effect. Knowing that Guardians worked best with their team mates, he decisively ignored Zhang Yang and ran straight towards Wei Yan Er.

{Thunder Strike}!

One Sword Stroke was inflicted with a damage value of ‘-0’, but his movements were visibly slowed!

After struggling to move forward, he had to abandon the stupid intention of his, and swiftly, he turned around, ready to engage with Zhang Yang for one big battle! But, there was no sign of Zhang Yang! His blood boiled in frustration.

Zhang Yang had already left him behind, and was attacking Lord Wicked Virulence. With a {Blast Wave}, the sniper had been stunned!

Zhang Yang glided through the battlefield, more like an assassin than a guardian, as he followed up with {Horizontal Sweep}, inflicing a damage of ‘-2183’ on Lord Wicked Virulence, while immediately turning towards Blooming Ichor who had, in that moment, been forced out of stealth by Sun Xin Yu! He was constantly moving across the battlefield, giving this guy a slash, that guy another blow, sealing up their movements!

One Sword Stroke was dragging his two feet that had been loaded with lead, crawling like a snail. Gritting his teeth, he threw his {Vanguard’s Aggression} out onto Blooming Ichor!

Because the disadvantage of {Vanguard’s Aggression} was that it could not be moved once cast, it was best used on an existing area where another buff is active! If used like how One Sword Stroke just did, it would only bring out it’s life-saving effect! An ideal situation for the usage of {Vanguard’s Aggression} was for a thief to keep someone locked up in the bubble with him, while the party finished off that unlucky bastard, all the while taking only 10% of the damage from the enemy who would try to save their team mate!

"Focus fire on One Sword Stroke!" Zhang Yang calmly voiced out. The other four members of the Imperial Sky had already entered the effective area of the {Vanguard’s Aggression}, having no intention of attacking at all!

One Sword Stroke had finally obtained the chance to use {Charge}! He knocked Wei Yan Er who was running in front of him into stunned state, while at the same time activating his {Shield Wall}!

Fire Fountain and Lord Wicked Virulence are both ranged profession players, so they could still launch their assaults from within the effective area of the {Vanguard’s Agression}.

Instantly, they targeted Wei Yan Er.


The entire party fell back, drawing a distance of more than 30 meters between themselves and the party of Imperial Sky who had refused to leave the effective area of the {Vanguard’s Aggression}. That distance had exceeded the maximum range of any Imperial Sky party member.

After the first clash, One Sword Stroke had been forced to use his ultimate skills like {Shield Wall} and {Vanguard’s Aggression}. The same could not be said of Zhang Yang’s team!

10 seconds had passed, and both {Vanguard’s Aggression} and {Shield Wall} expired uneventfully!

"Stay put for now, let my {Charge} and {Blast Wave} cool down first!" Zhang Yang smiled slyly.

"Noob tank, you are really mean!"

The five members of the Imperial Sky had been forced onto the defensive, and had no intentions of chasing after their opponents. With a wave of his hand, Blooming Ichor disappeared into thin air, entering stealth mode with {Vanish}.

With a ‘humph’, Sun Xin Yu mirrored her counterpart’s move. After approximately 10 seconds, Zhang Yang’s {Charge} had been completely cooled down, and with {Blast Wave} almost ready, he said, "Go!"

The second clash was underway!

Poor One Sword Stroke was once again stunned by Whitey and Zhang Yang. After recovering from his extended stun, {Blast Wave} was waiting for him, and he was forcefully pinned to the ground for another 4 seconds! He instantly removed the stun effect of {Blast Wave} by activating his {Warrior’s Will}, and quickly activated {Sacrifice} on Fire Fountain who had become the focal point of their attack!

Zhang Yang activated his {Thunder Strike} and left One Sword Stroke unattended! As his ultimate skills had been forced out into the field already, as long as they stay away from the range of his {Blast Wave} and {Thunder Strike}, he had been rendered totally useless!

Lone Desert Smoke began to focus their assaults on Lord Wicked Virulence. Zhang Yang activated his {Vanguard’s Aggression} while Sun Xin Yu used her Status Effect skills to pin the sniper who fell shortly after! They turned around and began to focus their assaults on Fire Fountain, forcing him to use his {Ice Frame}. During that moment, Blooming Ichor used {Ambush} on Sun Xin Yu, but Sun Xin Yu quickly shook it off with {Blind}.

It was now five members of Lone Desert Smoke vs four members of Imperial Sky!

Blooming Ichor was killed!

Fire Fountain was killed!

Soul Striker was killed!

One Sword Stroke sighed dejectedly, and automatically, he admitted defeat and left the arena.

The score was 1:1, the final clash was coming up next!

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