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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 282 — We are the Champions!

Chapter 282: We are the Champions!

After a short break, the climatic battle was beginning to unfold!

"Just charge forward! Use any violent means necessary and crush them!" Zhang Yang raised up his battle sword and let out a war cry!

The two sides drew closer, the battle had begun!

Both sides had {Vanguard’s Aggression} and {Shield Wall}. After using {Rearm}, Zhang Yang had activated {Vanguard’s Aggression} once again, forcing Imperial Sky’s thieves and spellcasters to activate their {Blur} and {Ice Barrier}!

The fire power of Lone Desert Smoke was already ridiculous to begin with, and after waiting out for their opponents to exhaust their life-saving skills, they simply took out the enemy one after another, under concentrated fire!

It was like breaking the dead branches off a tree, they were simply unstoppable!

In term of attack power, Lone Desert Smoke had the advantage. In term of defense, Zhang Yang had {Rearm}, giving him the ability to use {Vanguard’s Aggression} and {Sacrifice} two times in a roll! In terms of individual strength, Sun Xin Yu was the future monarch of thieves, while Daffodil Daydream will be one of the Top 10 Spellcasters, and Zhang Yang had an additional five years worth of experience in the game and knowledge of several intangible factors of the game!

After merely holding on for a minute, the final member of the Imperial Sky had finally been hewed right down to the ground courtesy of Wei Yan Er’s large axe! Violent, just as Zhang Yang said!


Victory has been claimed by Lone Desert Smoke!

"Congratulations to Lone Desert smoke for managing to obtain a victory after such an unfavorable start! I present to you, the Champions of this year’s Soaring Swords tournament!" Liu Wan Fei began to clap enthusiastically.

The audience quickly followed after her applause. Lone Desert Smoke had always been more popular than Imperial Sky. Also, due to the suspicious circumstances of Imperial Sky’s advancement through the tournament, many of their feats had been thrown into doubt.

Zhang Yang and his party members took off their game helmets, opening their eyes to the deafening cheers of the real world! Fatty Han and the others stormed to the stage, grabbing them in hugs. Of course, boys were only hugging boys while girls were only hugging girls.

After giving her obligatory, insincere congratulatory speech, Liu Wan Fei said, "Now, let’s begin with the award distribution! Firstly, this moment belongs to the four parties who made it to the quarterfinals! So let’s give our applause to the five members of the Radiance! Please step up to the stage to claim your rewards!"

The five of Radiance walked up the stage to claim their rewards, one after another.

A lucky-draw counter lay in the middle of the stage. All they had to do was to press the button, and the wheel on the screen behind the stage will begin to spin. After 10 seconds of spinning, it would stop, showing the name of the player and attributes of the equipment drawn.

The Radiance members were a bit out of luck, as none of them were able to hit the 10% rate for the special prizes! All they got were some Green-Copper equipment. However, strong guilds like Radiance would not even be interested in Gray-Silver equipment, so the entire event did not really interest them in the first place.

Afterwards, Crimson Rage, Angel Wings and Brilliant Star took their turns. The pretty ladies of Crimson Rage fared slightly better, with three of them drawing Gray-Silver equipment, and the left the stage cheerfully!

Next it was the turn of Sunset Amber and Breaking Dawn, the semifinalists.

Among the draws, Greensleeves Prince of Sunset Amber and Sardine of Breaking Dawn got lucky and managed to draw Yellow-Gold equipment for themselves, top of their range at that, too! The two of them were visibly ecstatic!

After that, it was the Imperial Sky’s turn, the first runner-up, to earn their draws.

"May the gods on the ground, and the gods in the sky, under the command of the father of gods, bless these scums with Black-Steel equipment!" Wei Yan Er began to draw circles in the air.

"Little girl, the first runner-up will get Yellow-Gold equipment at the very least!" Zhang Yang informed her.

"I know! That’s why I’m trying to curse them!" Wei Yan Er rolled her eyes backward towards Zhang Yang.

The first four members of the Imperial Sky obtained Yellow-Gold equipment, however, when it was One Sword Stroke’s turn to draw, he actually drew out a piece of Violet-Platinum equipment! Immediately, the attribute of that equipment was shown on the big screen!

[Ring of Endless Desire] (Violet-Platinum, Ring)

Vitality: +202

Strength: +58

Upon equip: when attacked, 116 damage absorbed.

Use: All damage received will be turned into health points, lasts for 2 seconds. Cool down: 30 minutes.

Level Requirement: 80

That was just wicked sick!

Seeing the attribute of the equipment on the big screen, all of the audience members ‘oooh’ed! Well, calm down, this is a Violet-Platinum equipment after all, it was to be expected!

One Sword Stroke had not anticipated that he would actually draw a Violet-Platinum equipment, so he burst out in triumphant laughter. While he was at it, he shot a victor’s pose at Zhang Yang.

"Wah argh! This is driving me mad!" Wei Yan Er immediately rolled up her sleeves.

"Little girl, did you actually bless them with a Violet-Platinum equipment instead? You got your chant all wrong!" Zhang Yang could not help himself but laughed.

"And finally, the long await turn for the Champion! Let us welcome Lone Desert Smoke up to the stage with a warm applause!" Liu Wan Fei was bouncing her badonkers up and down while walking to Zhang Yang and the party, and then she gave everyone a warm hug.

"The bounce is strong in this one, eh?" Han Ying Xue couldn’t help but teased Zhang Yang who had an uncomfortable look on his face.

She was absolutely worthy of the name ‘Sexy Goddess’. That pair of round, huge mountain tops, were probably more famous than their owner, dragging her to worldwide acclaim. Words simply could not describe the level of her sexiness! Zhang Yang smiled vaguely and said in a soft voice, "Don’t be jealous, I believe that yours are bouncier!"

Han Ying Xue blushed and turned beet red, for once rendered completely speechless.

The lucky draw had finally begun, Wei Yan Er was impatient, so she leaped on front of the line.

The big wheel turned for awhile, and finally, the prize was revealed!

[Silver Wolf Mask] (Violet-Platinum, Armor)

Defense: +80

Vitality: +806

Strength: +540

Agility: +240

{Level 3 Socket 1}

{Level 3 Socket 2}

Level Requirement: 80

The Champion party had a 30% of drawing Violet-Platinum equipment, this little girl was pretty lucky!

Following the first draw, Daffodil Daydream was the second person to walk up for the lucky draw. After a thrilling spin pf the big wheel, her prize was also shown on the big screen.

[Moonstream Gown] (Yellow-Gold, Cloth Armor)

Defense: +8

Vitality: +288

Intelligence: +270

Vigor: +115

{Level 2 Socket 1}

{Level 2 Socket 2}

Level Requirement: 60

Unfortunately, her luck was out of it on that day, she could only claim a piece of Yellow-Gold equipment. Although Yellow-Gold equipment were a luxury that commoners could only dream of, compared to the other potential draws, this was a letdown! She couldn’t help but walk away rather sadly.

However, Daffodil Daydream was already equipped with a full set of Yellow-Gold armor set, so this piece of Yellow-Gold equipment was basically useless to her. She could still earn a huge fortune by selling it, at least!

Han Ying Xue became the third person to step forward. This woman always had a ridiculous amount of luck, when it came to finding things, and earning equipment. She could have even bedded the system itself for all you knew, and the outcome of her draw was no big surprise!

[Gown of Devotion] (Violet- Platinum, Cloth Armor)

Defense: +16

Vitality: +806

Intelligence: +540

Vigor: +230

{Level 3 Socket 1}

{Level 3 Socket 2}

Required Profession: Priest

Level Requirement: 80

Heart of Devotion armor set (1/8):

3 pieces: increase your maximum mana points by 5000 points.

5 pieces: when player uses a healing skill, increase 10% casting speed, last for 10 seconds, can stack up to 3 layers at maximum.

8 pieces: Any of your healing skill has a 5% rate of summoning a mirror of yourself, aiding you in healing!

This woman really had a level of luck that challenged the gods in the heavens! Not only did she draw out a Violet-Platinum, that equipment was also an armor set piece!

The usually stone-faced Sun Xin Yu had an uncharacteristic gleam in her face, unable to hide her excitement. She walked to the stage with a rather lively gait that wouldn’t be usually associated with her.

The big wheel once again spun, and stopped!

[Titan Greaves] (Violet-Platinum, Armor)

Defense: +80

Vitality: +806

Strength: +230

Agility: +115

Equip: absorb 232 damage when attacked.

{Level 3 Socket 1}

{Level 3 Socket 2}

Required Profession: Guardian

Level Requirement: 80

Titan Armor Set (1/8):

{Titan Helmet}, {Titan Necklace}, {Titan Chest Plate}, {Titan Cape}, {Titan Gaunlets}, {Titan Greaves}, {Titan Boots}, {Titan Wall}

3 pieces: increase your maximum health points by 10,000 points.

5 pieces: With every effective {Block}, your {Shield Bash} will not consume any rage points, and you gain 100% damage! Last for 3 seconds.

8 pieces: Every time when you are attacked, there is 1% chance to acquire ‘Blessing of Titan’, stun enemy for 10 seconds. This effect is effective against all boss monsters below the grade of Violet-Platinum.

A Guardian’s Armor Set!

Zhang Yang could not stop himself from rubbing his hands against each other, and he basically drooled at Sun Xin Yu as she was on her way back, and he said, "Ice queen, you really are gorgeous today, I love you so, so much!"

Even the icy cold personality of Sun Xin Yu gave way, and she rolled her eyes at Zhang Yang, saying, "Did I ever mention anything about giving it to you?"

"Hehe!" This woman was a volatile flame. A little teasing would work on her, but any further, she would only be angered! Zhang Yang smiled wisely and walked towards the lucky draw counter to claim his prize.

Spin, and spin, and spin!

Zhang Yang reached out his hand and pressed the button, immediately turning around to look at the big screen on his back.

The wheel stopped!

The prize was ---

[Love’s Thorn] (Violet-Platinum, Dagger)

Attack: 1259-1659

Base Attack Time: 1.9 seconds

DPS: 768

{Level 3 Socket 1}

{Level 3 Socket 2}

Upon equip: Successful attacks on the target have the possibility to inflict ‘Love’s Thorn’, decreases 20% of the target’s attack, lasts for 5 seconds.

Level Requirement: 80

What a terrifying DPS! That is actually double the damage value compared to Zhang Yang’s [Dark Enigmatic Sword]! With the Base Attack Time of 1.9 seconds, it was definitely unmatched among the equipment of thieves. Being stabbed by this would not be fun!

Zhang Yang walked back towards his party and smiled, "Icy, it seems you stand to gain a lot more!" Thieves depended on their offensive power far more than anything else. This would turn her into a legend among thieves!

Sun Xin Yu smiled vaguely without saying a word, expressing naked, unrestrained joy on her face. It was a very fresh outlook of her.

"And now, we shall hand out the Most-Valuable-Player award! Let us move forward to the final lucky draw! And this final candidate is ---" Liu Wan Fei drew out a piece of paper from the envelop on her hands, paused for a moment and said, "Mr. Zhan Yu!"

The crowd instantly cheered for him.

Wei Yan Er pouted unhappily, "Hmph! Such bad taste! I performed so much better than that noob tank!"

Liu Wan Fei pulled Zhang Yang close and hugged him tightly, once again. This time, she made a point of bumping her massive badonkers against Zhang Yang’s chest a few times, before saying, "Mr Zhan Yu, you are the guildmaster of Lone Desert Smoke, and also the MVP of the Soaring Swords competition. Do you have any words to share with the players around the world?"

Zhang Yang gave it a thought before saying, "{{God’s Miracle}} is not just an outstanding platform of the gaming world, it is also a society within a virtual reality, one in which anyone can find joy and discover new worlds! I hope that more players will join {{God’s Miracle}}. Let us conquer the world together and claim our future!"

The hall erupted in cheers and applause.

"Hehe, well said, Mr. Zhan Yu! Then, let us proceed to the drawing of the grand prize for the MVP of the competition!"

Zhang Yang took a deep breath before pressing the button once again!

Spin! And spin! And spin!

And the wheel stopped!

One fine thick shield immediately appeared on the big screen behind Zhang Yang, and the incredibly strong attributes left everyone speechless!

[Titan Wall] (Violet-Platinum, Shield)

Defense: +1920

Vitality: +1344

Upon equip: absorbs 696 damage when attacked.

Upon equip: Increases the duration of {Shield Wall} for 5 seconds.

Required Profession: Guardian

Level Requirement: 80

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