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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 283 — Second Adjustment of Class Mechanics

Chapter 283: Second Adjustment of Class Mechanics

One Sword Stroke was sure that he had popped a vein somewhere in his temple. But he did not care!

This was just too convenient! Lone Desert Smoke has been well-known to be highly efficient in dungeon progression. To witness Zhang Yang being conveniently provided with two pieces of Violet-Platinum equipment, it was stupidly ridiculous! By the time Zhang Yang achieves Level 80 who in the world would stand a chance against them?

He may have obtained one piece of Violet-Platinum equipment, an accessory at that too! Normally, accessories such as rings and necklaces are extremely difficult to find, they were a gem among all other equipment, but the odds of drawing two set equipment would put that accessory to shame!

Zhang Yang had obtained two pieces of the [Titan Armor Set], if he could only get one more piece of the set, then he would have fulfilled the conditions for first set effect! He will instantly gain an additional 10,000 health points! This would only mean that his error margin for dungeons would be widened--it wasn’t like his skills needed further cushioning--and he would also last much longer against open world bosses!

Holy sheet, this is bad, this is really bad! How did he draw so many good items!

One Sword Stroke was already sinking into despair, his face darkening with each passing moment!

In contrast, Zhang Yang was experiencing utmost joy, because for Guardians, their shields defined their entire being! Getting a good shield was so much more important compared to anything else!

After the lucky draw session, a few officers of the Organizing Committee took turns giving their utterly useless speeches, and finally, the Soaring Swords competition came to closure.

The servers of {{God’s Miracle}} would be shut down for 6 hours starting from 2 a.m, for a server maintenance, and new patches and updates would be implemented.

Other than that, the large-scale epic movie -- {{Heart of the Knight}} which was filmed entirely in the {{God’s Miracle}} by the ‘Counting-Gold-Stones Film company’ in association with ‘Dream Technology’, had already been wrapped up, and ready for release. The movie would be aired in cinemas and in the game on the 1st of January, so audiences can choose to watch it in the cinema or to experience a spectator’s view of the epicly marvelous and magnificent war movie!

The Organizing Committee had already aided the contestants in purchasing their tickets back to their respective homes, but they did not provide anything for players such as Zhang yang and Han Ying Xue who lived closer to Shang Hai. As the 10 members of the Lone Desert Smoke left the hotel, they arrived at the beach located 10 miles away from the metropolis. Although the cold wind was strong, but it did not cool down their warm hearts, as they had supper, and fulfilling conversations. They only went back to the hotel to rest at almost 3 am in the morning.

As the Organizing Committee only took responsibility for the staying cost until 12 pm the next day, if any players wished to stay, they would have to dig out their own pocket money to cover the expenses.

On the next day at about 9 am, everyone only began to wake up one after another. After a heavy-hearted goodbye, Zhang Yang, Fatty Han, Sun Xin Yu, Han Ying Xue, and Wei Yan Er finally began their journey back to Zhou Su city.

Sun Xin Yu reported straight back at the police station after her leave of absence, while Fatty Han drove Zhang Yang back to the narrow road of his housing area.

"Little Yang, just who is that lady cop?" Fatty Han finally asked, out of curiosity. Releasing Zhang Yang out of the prison cell with one call, and cutting the power supply of a high-class famous hotel in Shang Hai for more than 10 minutes just by saying ‘I will take full responsibility’. It was mind-blowing!

Contacting the local police station demanding for the release of a person charged in ‘dealing with prostitutes’ wasn’t that difficult, even an influential person like Lost Dream could have done it. But to cut the power supply of a large hotel for more than 10 minutes, even the grandfather of Lost Dream might not have the power to do so!

It was not that his grandfather could not do it, but if the matter was found out by the government and used it as a ‘weapon’ against his family, there would be no way out for them!

However, even the next day after, the incident of the ‘Jin Yuan’ hotel blackout had not been published or even mentioned in any of the news channels, and not even a crumb had shown up on the internet! Just how terrifying is her influence and strength then?

Although Lost Dream had a big mouth, he was no idiot. He had stated that unless his grandfather became the governor himself or was the governor’s aide, only then could he pull off this sort of thing in his own turf!

So who is Sun Xin Yu? Zhang Yang had never asked her before, leaving him to question himself: He was really a failure of a boyfriend!

After sending Zhang Yang back home, Fatty Han continued to coast around the area slowly. Zhang Yang could see the wretched fatty stopping his car to pick up a woman after driving a few hundred meters away from his drop off!

That pervert!

He could only shake his head, as he went up the stairs, opening his door, embracing his home. He squeezed himself back into his comfortable lair that he had left unattended for days.

He went straight online to check the official website of the game to see if there was any new information about the upcoming updates.

The first information was about the adjustment of the profession skills, and the information related to warrior classes were ---

‘1. All instant spells, skills will have a 1 second common cool down period after activation.’

Not just warriors, but this one statement would weaken every single class in the game!

For example, when a berserker is being {ambushed} by a thief, losing health points in the stunned state, would still boost their rage points up to 100 points. As long as there is 1 health point left, the berserker would have one chance of retaliating, and regular attack + {Tornado Cleave} + {Destructive Smash} + {Force Strike} could all be activated in the same instance. Due to the extreme power of a two-handed weapon, it might even instantly kill an opponent!

However with this new implementation, after doing a regular attack + {Tornado Cleave}, berserker players would have to wait for 1 second before they can activate their {Destructive Smash}, then wait for another 1 second before being able to activate {Force Strike}.

It did nerf every class, but it would affect warriors the most!

‘2. The skill {Vanguard’s Aggression} has been revised. It is now similar to an {Aura} effect, the shield can be moved around with the activator as the center point, it would still be 3 meters wide in diameter, and still last for 10 seconds.’

This can be considered to be a powerful upgrade, as it increases the flexibility and possibilities in both party PK and dungeon battles.

‘3. The rage point consumption of some warrior’s skills are adjusted! The rage point consumption for {Force Strike} has been increased from 30 rage points to 40 rage points. The rage point consumption for {Tornado Cleave} has been increased from 20 rage points to 45 rage points. The rage point consumption of {Destructive Smash} has been increased from 30 rage points to 45 rage points. The rage point consumption of {Horizontal Sweep} has been increased from 20 rage points to 45 rage points.’

That was simply ruthless, seriously impeding the explosive force of the warrior class!

After that, the Professional League Championship which Zhang Yang had long waited for finally surfaced on the news feed!

Just like it was in his previous life, the Professional League Championship will be divided into two levels, the S rank and the A rank, and the championship will be held in the form of regional matches.

There would be a total of 16 parties in the S rank level while there would be 32 parties in the A rank level championship. All of them will be ranked based on their accumulated Championship Points.

Each party can have 10 party members, and the competition will implement seven 1 VS 1 battles and one 5 VS 5 party battle as the layout. 1 match point is awarded to the winning side in the 1 VS 1 match, while 2 match points will be awarded to the winning side in 5 VS 5 match!

When one party has acquired 5 match points, they will be awarded 1 accumulated Championship Point.

Each player can only enter 1 VS 1 match once, but the 5 VS 5 party match would not take note on whether the player has taken part in any previous matches or not.

The championship is scheduled to begin by the beginning of February, spanning until the end of December. After that, the top two winners on the ranking list in every region of the S rank championship will be appointed to join the World Elite League Championship for the finals which will be held in January, entering into contest for the title of the worlds best achiever’s champion!

Other than that, the last four parties on the ranking list from the S rank championship will compete with the best four parties from the A rank championship, and their opponents will be decided through the drawing of lots. The winning party will either proceed further into the competition or continue to stay in the S rank championship for next year, while the losing party will be pushed down to the A rank championship.

The contestants of the S rank and the A rank championships will be paid annually by Dream Technology, but only the contestants with an active rate higher than 30% will be paid. Because of having only seven 1 VS 1 matches, and the same contestant being able to repeatedly enter for the 5 VS 5 party battles, Dream Technology was worried that some parties may deliberately hide two or three inactive names to rob them of some cash!

Other than the S rank and A rank championship, there are also the other B, C, D rank championship which implemented the ‘ladder climbing’ method of accumulating points. As long as the contestants are capable, they can swiftly leap from the D rank championship straight into the B rank championship.

Similarly, when S rank and A rank championships are on break, the eight parties of the bottom eight of the A rank championship shall compete with the eight parties of the top eight of the B rank championship in the elimination matches.

Those who win will be able to proceed into the A rank championship while those who lose will have to fight in the B rank championship!

The parties that managed to enter the top 16 in the previous Soaring Swords competition in Shang Hai will be selected as the seeded parties in the S rank category championship. As for the A rank category, 32 parties will be competing against each another. 16 parties out of the 32 will be selected as the seeded parties in the A rank category championship. As for the remaining available 16 slots in A rank championship, players who decide to take part will have to compete among each other in a regional competition among main cities, and the top 32 entries of this regional competition will go through an elimination competition to secure their slots into the remaining 16 slots in the A rank category competition.

Parties that have been selected as the seeded parties had a choice of dropping out, but they must report to the system by the 10th of January, next year so that the organizer will have an easier time finding replacements.

Other than that, the comparative ratio between the game time and the reality time will become 3:1 starting from 1st of January, and players can also adjust themselves into sleep mode while playing the game. In other words, three days in the game would be equal to one day in the reality, and players can play while they slept, this function has given the white collar workers a great blessing!

At the same time, otakus would be able to play for half a month without having to worry about food and sleep!

Zhang Yang took up his game helmet and logged into the game, and instantly, a series of system voice notification exploded in his ears.

‘Ding! Congratulation on acquiring the ‘Champion’ title of the Soaring Sword competition (China)!’

‘Ding! You have leveled up by 3 level!’

‘Ding! You have obtained 1 skill point!’

‘Ding! You have acquired an item: [Love’s Thorn]!’

‘Ding! Your cash prize has been deposited into your locked on bank account, please check the amount!’

‘Ding Congratulation on acquiring the ‘MVP’ title of the Soaring Sword competition (China)!’

‘Ding! You have leveled up by 1 level!’

‘Ding! You have acquired an item: [Titan Wall]!’

The body of Zhang Yang streamed in continuous beams of gold light, and his level was elevated from Level 67 to Level 71 in just a brief moment, becoming the highest leveled player in the whole of China!

He added the skill point that he acquired from reaching Level 70 and the award he received from being the champion onto his {Warrior’s Will}, with the addition of the skill point he earned from the First Clear of the Thunderbolt Prison, his {Warrior’s Will} had been upgraded up to Level 7, and the cool down time had been shortened to only 4 minutes!

At his logging in, his members flooded their leader with congratulatory messages, one after another. Hundred Shots was still on the plane, so everyone was taking that opportunityto butter up Zhang Yang through the guild channel. If they missed this opportunity now, when the ‘tiger’ is back in the lair, these kittens will never get another chance to fool around!

As Zhang Yang did not have the momentum to level up at that moment, he decided to go for some bidding in the Auction House. As he looked around, he unintentionally found the recipe for the [Beginner Mobility Potion]! The person who was auctioning this piece of recipe was obviously not aware of the value of this piece of alchemy recipe, and only wanted 500 gold pieces for it!

Zhang Yang immediately locked in on the auction and bought the recipe. Yu Li happened to be online, so he contacted her, handing over the recipe for her to master! Then, he took out the [Frozen Ice Weedings] that was stored in the warehouse long ago and passed it to Yu Li to craft the potions!

Yu Li had returned to {{God’s Miracle}} ever since her mother had been discharged from the hospital, and she had dedicated her time in the game to her alchemy profession. Under the strong support of Zhang Yang, she had managed to upgrade her alchemist skill to the professional level in just a short amount of time. However, the recipes of the [Beginner Anti-Shadow Potion] and [Level 3 Fire resistance Potion] were not easy to come by, so she did not get the chance to master them.

It was fortunate that the demand for these two type of potions had passed their peak seasons, so she had not lost out significantly.

Ever since the night when he popped her cherry… the two of them had repeated their nightly activities several more times after! Ever since that night, Yu Li had been sexually awoken, and her appetite had only grown, as did her finesse and skills in that field, giving Zhang Yang a really ‘hard’ time!

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