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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 285 — Stone Giant Herlow

Chapter 285: Stone Giant Herlow

After running forwards for some distance, the rate of Mud Men appearing from the sides began to decrease, and eventually, they disappeared. After going through a narrow and small exit, the gang instantly saw a stinging light in front of them, and a huge temple appeared right in front of their eyes!

This temple was in the shape of a pyramid. From the looks of it, there was no telling of how many floors the building had. Every single surface of the building was smooth and shiny, and the height of the building was approximately hundreds of meters. The base of the building alone was already 30 to 40 meters tall, it was a magnificent sight to behold!

Within the peripheral view of the temple, there was a large number of rock monsters patrolling back and forth, their heavy footsteps issuing out continuous rumbles, like the sound of thunder along with the tremors of earthquake!

[Stone Man of Mount Heaven’s Fall] (Elite, Elemental Creature)

Level: 73

HP: 146,000

Defense: 1000

"The game company is really mean, how am I going to play when each move consumes so much rage points?" Wei Yan Er began to complain about the new adjustments made by the company. Because after yesterday’s adjustment on several game mechanics, her damage output had been significantly reduced! She was really unhappy about it!

"Previously, the damage output of the warrior was indeed a little too high. For hunter and thief class, their focus points and mana points recover consistently, so their damage will more or less be constant, but warriors gain power the longer a battle drags on, meaning that the longer they engage in battle, the more powerful they become. Therefore, it’s only appropriate that they get nerfed to balance things out!" Zhang Yang spoke out pertinently, hittting right in the point!

He was a tanker, so the increase in the consumption of rage points did not hit him as much as imagined. Because as long as he is hit, he will be able to accumulate rage points.

"Oh yea, are we required to take part in the Professional League Championship?" Han Ying Xue asked in a sudden.

"Of course we are!" Zhang Yang nodded, "Why? Is your ‘Silky Soft Bra’ planning to crown it’s name upon our party again? Please no, I really am afraid of you people. Won’t we lose all our face and dignity if we are to be called the ‘Silky Soft Bra’ party every time we go on stage!?"

"I can’t believe you’re so childish! What’s wrong with the name ‘Silky Soft Bra’, are you saying that you don’t wear your underwear?"

"The main thing is neither the bra nor Silky Soft, it is because when these two name are combined together, it’s such a blatant statement! Would you run on the streets on the streets, shouting bra, bra, try out this bra?" Zhang Yang shook his head in shame.

"Pui! Of course anyone would treat you as an idiot if you shout and run like a madman on the streets, it wouldn’t matter what you’re shouting about!"

"Back to the topic, guildmaster, a party of 10 members is one of the absolute requirements for joining the Professional League Championship, and now that we are short of members, how do we solve this?" Daffodil Daydream voiced out to Zhang Yang about the issue.

Zhang Yang gave it some thoughts and said, "We are definitely pulling Hundred Shots and Lost Dream over to our party! As for the remaining three members, I have not thought about it yet. We really need to let some core players stay back at our second party to prevent them from becoming a laughing stock in the S rank category championship!"

Han Ying Xue said, "If we cannot find any good party members, I’d rather we withdraw our second party from the competition!"

"We shall see about that, we might be able to buy some skillful players over to our side!"

"Goodness, noob tank, I can’t believe you would do such an act, stealing players form other guilds! I’m wrong about you! Pui!"

The four of them pushed forward up the stairs. Although the stone monsters had very high defense, but Zhang Yang had {Eagle Eye} and Wei Yan Er had a two-handed weapon of a Yellow-Gold grade! So the monsters’ high defense did not affect either of them much.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The stone monsters were smashed into pieces of small stones onto the ground one after another, it was like watching a fireworks extravaganza! But unfortunately, there no valuable loots dropped from the monsters they defeated. What stingy developers!

The number of monsters inside were definitely much more numerous than the mud monsters out there. Zhang Yang and the gang had been clearing the monsters from the afternoon until the evening, yet they still cold not clear all of them! After having their dinner and logging back into the game, they found Sun Xin Yu online.

Zhang Yang added Sun Xin Yu into the party, and used the [Lover’s Charm] to teleport her over to their location. It was extremely convenient!

"Hey noob tank, why is there only one pair of this [Lover’s Charm], and none other have ever appeared since then?" Wei Yan Er was feeling depressed, because they had already slain the Frozen Fractal Witch Spectre, Luke Vick several more times, and there was still no sign of any [Lover’s Charms]. Sun Xin Yu had been generous enough to let her use it once, but she simply refused to part with it now!

Zhang Yang shook his head and said, "It’s possible that this accessory was just a one-time drop, you better give up on it already! Oh yea, Icy, here’s your [Love’s Thorn]!"

He traded over the top-class weapon, [Love’s Thorn] over to Sun Xin Yu while she handed over the [Titan Wall] over to him.

Zhang Yang could not hold his smile and he sent her a private message and said, "So does this count as us having traded our tokens of love with each other?"

"… " Sun Xin Yu could only roll her eyes at Zhang Yang.

With Sun Xin Yu joining their party, they started killing monsters in droves. In just an hour, they had managed to clear everything and enter the magnificent temple.

This gigantic temple was designed to only take up one floor, and on top side of the temple, there were countless stones, made of uncertain materials which glowed gently, lighting up the entire temple! They could even see the sand and dust on the floor! The floor of the temple is paved up with strong bricks, and each of those bricks were as large as approximately 10 square meters!

The temple had no pillars supporting it at all, the pyramid-shaped walls held itself up under constant tension, making it possible for such magnificent building to exist!

Anyone who stood in the middle of the temple will feel how tiny oneself’s existence is!

It surprised all five of them at the same time. As they thought that such large temple would be filled with monsters, they had not expected the interior of the temple to be so empty and quiet to the point that it was scary. It was like the noises on the outside had been totally blocked out of the temple’s interior area!

At the center of the temple, there was a large stone man sitting cross-legged. Zhang Yang and the party were like the size of an ant to the stone man, they seemed so insignificant before him!

[Stone Giant Herlow] (Yellow-Gold, Elemental Creature)

Level: 75

HP: 7,500,000

Defense: 2000

"I can sense your aura!" The seemingly asleep stone man suddenly opened it’s mouth to speak. His voice was thunderous, and the air began to surge as if a storm was just pouring over them, causing them to stagger back from the impact!

Zhang Yang took out his sword and walked forward, then he said, "I’m really sorry, we need to borrow your heart for something!"

"Let me guess, you are going to use my heart to destroy the ‘Mirror of Truth’?" suddenly, there was a strong fluctuation on the voice of Herlow, "So, you are the underlings of that wicked Snow White, you shall die!"

Herlow stood up and swung his fist towards Zhang Yang and his party!

The body mass of the boss was just too large, that right fist was already larger than a truck! Zhang Yang quickly shouted, "Dodge! Just dodge!"

He raised his shield up high and activated {Block}.


The large fist of Herlow was forcefully blocked back, but that was because Zhang Yang had activated his skill {Block}. If it wasn’t for his skill, all five of them would definitely taste the impact of the fist and become pancakes themselves!

Immediately, Zhang Yang raised up his sword and swung it, igniting a spark on the fist of the boss, inflicting a damage of ‘-1140’. After that, he swiftly charged towards the boss.

"Snow White is just pitiful! First she was framed as the murderer of the king, and then she has to bear with all these false accusations! You stinky rock monster, I will smash you to bits!" Wei Yan Er let out her high-pitched war cry. She dashed to the back of the boss and began to hit as hard as she could.

Another punch of Herlow was thrown into Zhang Yang.


Zhang Yang was inflicted with a significant damage value, but his rage gauge had been boosted up to 50 points already!

{Cripple Defense}! {Cripple Defense}! {Cripple Defense}! {Cripple Defense}! {Cripple Defense}!

Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er coordinated with each other, making the activation of {Cripple Defense} upon the boss as their priority. They stacked five layers of {Cripple Defense} onto the boss and weakened the defense of the boss down to 1000 defense points. That had significantly increased the total damage output of Zhang Yang, Sun Xin Yu, Wei Yan Er and Whitey!

Bosses that are Level 60 and above, nine out of ten, would be equipped with {Aura} skill. Of course, Herlow was one of them! His aura skill is {Rock Fall Aura}.

[Rock Fall Aura]: To attack with rock fall, the targets within the effective range area is inflicted with 1500 physical damage in every 2 seconds. Range of the aura: With the user as the center point, a radius of 60 meters in diameter.

Zhang Yang could ignore the damage, but for the rest of his party members, it was a headache that cannot be taken lightly! It was fortunate that Han Ying Xue is a priest, able to provide group healing. Furthermore, with her powerful equipment, she could still manage healing everyone up.

But having to heal Zhang Yang as well while making sure everyone’s health bars were at a safe state, Han Ying Xue was so busy to the point that she almost cried!

99%, 98%… The health bar of Herlow had finally began to reduce slowly.

Charge! Charge! Charge!

The battle had just began for awhile, suddenly, countless stone thorns drilled their way out from the surface of the body of Herlow, making the smooth body of Herlow to become spiky in an instant! Zhang Yang realized it and halted his assault right before his attack landed on Herlow, then he took a few steps back. Immediately he shouted out into the party channel and said, "Stop your attacks! Stop!"

But it was already too late!

He could control Whitey at his will, but Wei Yan Er and Sun Xin Yu could not halt their attacks in time, so their weapons had already been smashed against the ankle of the boss.



Two high damage values appeared right above the heads of Wei Yan Er and Sun Xin Yu respectively! Another additional wave of damage from the {Rock Fall Aura} would very likely finish them off! Fortunately, Daffodil Daydream had instantly canceled her own casting the moment she heard Zhang Yang’s words.

‘Ding! You are inflicted with 9800 physical damage from the {Stone Spikes Reflective Damage} of Herlow (200 damage reduction)!’

‘Ding! You are inflicted with 9880 physical damage from the {Stone Spikes Reflective Damage} of Herlow (120 damage reduction)!’

The two ladies received the notifications from the system respectively.

"The boss has a reflective damage effect!" Wei Yan Er quickly shouted out loud to remind everyone!

"… Your reaction… is indeed fast enough…"

It was fortunate enough that the reflective damage effect of the boss only lasted for 10 seconds. The intimidating stone spikes all over his body swiftly retracted into his body soon after, giving the party the opportunity to continue unleashing their assaults upon the boss.

"We must keep an eye out for those spikes! None of your health points are above 20,000, two reflects would be enough to kill you!" Zhang Yang explained.

After engaging them a little while longer, Herlow once again activated his {Stone Spikes Reflective Damage}. Upon closer observation, they realized that the boss would activate his {Stone Spikes Reflective Damage} once every 30 seconds.

After a few {Stone Spikes Reflective Damage}, everyone was very familiar with the skill of the boss. They could even pull back their attacks one second right before the {Stone Spikes Reflective Damage} was activated. That had largely decreased the pressure of Han Ying Xue in healing them all.

Although Herlow was a Yellow-Gold boss, but he was not too difficult to handle. Other than the annoying damages inflicted by the effects of the {Rock Fall Aura} and the {Stone Spikes Reflective Damage}, his other strong points were his physical damages. But to engage with an outstanding tanker like Zhang Yang himself, those physical attacks were basically useless. The health points of the boss was decreasing down slowly but steadily!

10 minutes later, the boss had finally crumbled down to the ground and dropped many loots, including a piece of shiny stone that glittered silver, about the size of a fist.

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