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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 286 — Destroy the Magic Mirror

Chapter 286: Destroy the Magic Mirror

[Heart of the Stone Giant Herlow] (Quest Item)

Item Description: The entire essence of the stone giant concentrated into a rock. This is the world’s strongest rock that can break anything!

"We got it!" Zhang Yang picked the stone giant’s heart and kept it in the inventory before looking at other items.

"Oh man…Why didn’t this boss drop any weapon shards?" said Wei Yan Er. She had yet to get over Zhang Yang’s Dark Enigmatic Sword. Even though there were three Yellow-Gold items and a bunch of Gray-Silver items around, there was not a single piece of weapon or armor shard.

Zhang Yang snickered at her and said, "This boss is as easy as a pie. Moreover, it’s a quest based boss. It was kind enough to drop some Yellow-Gold items for you! What more can you ask for?"

"Stop talking and start picking! And don’t forget to post the item descriptions if there are any good equipment!" said Han Ying Xue disgruntledly.

Who best to tame the raging Han Ying Xue besides little Wei Yan Er? Instantly, she had picked up the three Yellow-Gold equipment and posted it on the party channel.

[Obsidian Ring] (Yellow-Gold, Ring)

Vitality: +50

Strength: +47


Use: You have received the blessing of the Obsidian stone. Increases 700 Strength for 5 seconds.

Cool Down Time: 30 seconds

Level Requirement: 70

"Not bad. This item can grant a sudden burst damage. The cool down is a little too long though," said Zhang Yang.

"Rings have bonus attributes while Accessories doesn’t, that should explain the length of the cooldown. Correct? After Identifying the item, the bonus Strength should be around 1000, right?" Wei Yan Er asked.

"Hm. That’s right." Said Zhang Yang. He scratched his chin and added, "Little brat, I think I want this ring. High Vitality, good strength, yea…I like this. Besides, I only have two Level 50 rings!"

Wei Yan Er then quickly clutched the little metal ring in her hands and shook her head left and right vigorously. "Hell no! No way! Mine! Mine!"

Everyone could not help but laugh at her comical act.

[Emerald Crown] (Yellow-Gold, Cloth Armor)

Defense: +8

Vitality: +202

Intelligence: +189

Spirit: +100


Level Requirement: 70

Zhang Yang voiced out promptly. "Snow b*tch and Daffodil have Yellow-Gold equipment. I say we leave this one out for Fantasy Sweetheart."

Han Ying Xue immediately pouted. "*Cough* Somebody sure have a greedy heart. Just when you can’t get enough from your own bowl, you’ve started to scoop from the pot!"

Zhang Yang frowned. "What are you saying?"

"I’m saying, you already someone for you! Why are you still trying to pick up someone else?"

"Huh? Since when have you been in my bowl?"

"Oh please…I’m not talking about me, I’m talking about Daffodil! That girl is full on lady wood for you. Just look at the poor girl, she’s been your guild secretary and personal assistant!" Han Ying Xue pulled Daffodil by the sleeve and pushed her forward, turning her cheeks crimson vermillion.

"Sigh…calling you a b*tch would be an insult to all b*tches out there. Please calm your titties! Why would you even try to tease her?"

[Defender’s Gauntlet] (Yellow-Gold, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +40

Vitality: +101

Strength: +40

Intelligence: +20


Equip Effect: Absorb 81 damage on attack.

Level Requirement: 70

"Damn! That Endless Starlight is freaking lucky!"

Disgruntled, Zhang Yang kept the equipment that was meant for Defenders into his inventory. They may have looted plenty of Level 60 Yellow-Gold equipment from this boss, but since there were so many mouth to feed, there was a situation that even the main tank of the secondary raid team, Endless Starlight had not yet have a complete set of Level 60 Yellow-Gold equipment.

"Hmph! We can’t just give it to him for free! We should charge him for it!" said Wei Yan Er.

"Yeah. I agree. At least 5,000 gold coins!" said Han Ying Xue.

Endless Starlight had always been hanging out with Fatty Han, a lot. Both of them had been casually spouting nonsense annoying the females.

Zhang Yang sighed at the pathetic Endless Starlight and said, "Cut him some slack, girls! Do you really think that charging 5,000 gold coins would be too much for that kid? I say, we charge him 50,000!"

"…what the hell…I had never knew that noob tank would be that sly! Nyehehehe!" said Wei Yan Er.

After collecting all the battle loots on the ground, the team went out of the temple and headed back to the valley to finish up the quest.

Along the way, the entire team was silent and quiet. There was not a single conversation going on. Eventually, the party, mostly just Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue, had to create some kind of joke just to tease the little girl, which had annoyed the ever so hyperactive Wei Yan Er. After "cutting ties" with Han Ying Xue for god-knows-how-many times, the team had arrived at the Butterfly Valley and spoke to Princess Snow White.

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: Strongest Stone in the Universe. Obtained 4,000,000 Experience Points!’

Snow White held the stone and pressed it against her chest and expressed her appreciation. "Adventurers! You have done it! You have brought the stone back!"

"It was nothing but a small task, my princess!" said Zhang Yang as he saluted the princess.

"I do not wish to pour cold water over this celebration, but the toughest part would be what comes next!" said Snow White as she gazed into the distance. "You will have to take this stone and infiltrate the Royal Castle. There, you will need to search for the magic mirror and destroy it with this stone! Only then, would the magical power of the evil witch be weakened! Dear adventurer! I plead of you, would you extend your help to save this Kingdom of Oz?"

‘Ding! Princess Snow White has a quest for you: Destroy the Magic Mirror! Will you accept it?’

Zhang Yang stretched a little, doing a little warm-up before saying, "My princess, your wish is our command!"

"That’s wonderful to hear! Here, I have something for you." Snow White took out a large cloak and gave it to Zhang Yang. "This magic cloak helped me escape the Royal Castle. Imbued in this cloak is the magic from my godmother which can be used to hide your body! Without it, I would have…*sigh*. Now, I give this to you. You can use this cloak to sneak through the Royal Castle outposts with ease. The magic mirror should be hidden in the deepest part of the Astrology Tower."

[Snow White’s Magical Cloak] (Quest Item)

Item Description: Holy smokes! This cloak is truly fantastic! It could actually increase in size!

"Please make haste! That evil magic mirror is omniscient! If the evil witch had asked the right question, your lives might be in danger! Please hurry! Godspeed!" said Snow White nervously.

Zhang Yang received the cloak and turned to the princess. "My princess, rest assured, we will bring good news upon our return."

The five of them left the valley and not long after, Wei Yan Er slammed the back of her chocobo hard and it jumped in surprised. "Oh crap! I forgot to enter the house to check out the seven dwarfs!"

Other were also shock and thought that it was something more vital…

Along the way, Zhang Yang and the team rode rather quickly. He looked at the time and spoke. "After tonight, the time in the game will be altered. The time in the game will be three time slower than reality. A 3:1 ratio. Additionally, you can also play the game in sleep! It’s 11.38pm. Let’s logged off first and wait until midnight. Let’s play together in our sleep then!"

"…Please! Who would want to sleep with you!"

Everyone agreed and logged out of the game to have their late-night supper, rest, and carry out other temporary recreational activities to pass the time. After 12 midnight, they logged back into the game and noticed the system announcement, saying the time in game and reality had been set from 1:1 to 3:1.

"I’d say, if the game time ratio was set to infinity, would that mean that we could live forever in the game?" asked Han Ying Xue.

"I think that would be an endless dream!"

"Somehow, that’s a little scary."

"Pssh. Let’s just focus on doing our quest. Let’s not dwell too much on this."

After the game time was set, the players could feel no difference. Zhang Yang and his merry friends did not behave nor responded differently. The five of them rode down to a small town to inquire the location of the Royal Palace.

As the party venture on, they had spent more than five hours, and finally arrived to an ancient castle with high walls and barricade. Standing at the bottom of the mighty construction, they felt like they were literally ants in a gigantic mega structure. (Author’s Note: Whenever time was mention in the game, unless specified, will be game time, not reality.)

Riding around the castle wall, they found a huge door and immediately entered the castle.

‘Ding! You have entered Hera's Castle!’

You can observe the entire detail of Hera’s Castle simple by opening the world map and focused on the castle. The Royal Palace was located at the center most point! Thus, the party rode forwards from the wall, towards the center.

Outside the Royal Palace, stood 16 well-armed, heavily-armored soldiers guarding the entrance to the palace. The ones to the right were armed with swords, and the remaining were armed with long spears. Each of them were extremely well-built, irradiating with enough malice to send any weak-spirited soldiers back home and cry for their mama.

[Royal Guard of Oz] (Elite. Humanoid)

Level: 78

HP: 1,000,000

Defense: 400

Note: Oz’s most powerful soldiers. Each of them have been through thousands of battles and have been honed to perfection.

"16!? 1,000,000 HP elite monsters!?" Zhang Yang felt like his balls had just shrunk a little. "This is just the front gate! God knows what we will expect inside!"

"Quick! Take out the magic cloak!"

"Calm down, Harry Potter. Don’t need to be that feisty!" Zhang Yang laughed at the little girl and took out the magic cloak. "Come to me. Try to squeeze in a little bit more. I think this cloak could fit us all!"

Even though the decryption had mention about its flexible size, there was still a limit to how large it could expand. The party literally had to squeeze together like sardine in a can to have the cloak effect.

"Gah! I---I have trouble breathing!"

"Can we even move properly like this?"

"Damn! Please woman! Have the courtesy to start dieting! You’re so fat that you’re taking up more space than I am!’

"Please, boy! Are you calling me fat? Just so you know, I’m well-figured!"


It was rather hard for the five of them moving together. They hobbled together at snail’s pace. Like five drunkards wobbling about, the five of them bumped into each other repeatedly while they made their way into the palace.


They had even accidentally bumped into once of the guards. Fortunately, no matter how realistic the graphics of the game may be, the system of the game still relied on the visible spectrum in the sight of monsters to trigger their aggro. Since aggro was decided on sight and proximity, the party had not triggered any aggro and the guards remained silent and stoic.

"Nyehehehe. This is fun!" said Wei Yan Er. The little girl had taken the liberty to have fun while being squished like human sandwich; playing around and pushing the persons in front, while using her butt to bunt the person behind her.

"Damn! Stop playing, stupid! That dummy is touching me all over now!" Han Ying Xue squeaked. She was positioned directly behind Zhang Yang. Since Wei Yan Er had been playing around, she had caused Han Ying Xue to pressed her ample breasts against Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang immediately took offense and snarled. "Come on! This is just a game! Even if I were to unleash my beastly desires on you, you won’t be affected one bit! That precious hymen of yours will still be there! Geez!"

"D-D-Dummy…" Han Ying Xue whispered quietly as blood rushed to her cheeks.

Obviously, rape or any sexual intercourse would not occur in the game. Still, everything we feel, see, hear, smell, and touch are all decided by electrical impulses in the brain. Even though in reality, Han Ying Xue and Zhang Yang had not made any physical contact, the game would generate a similarly tactile sensation that could not be distinguished from real life!

Secretly, Han Ying Xue was greatly aroused by the constant rubbing and pressure. Her breath was getting ragged and the most embarrassing part was, she could feel the tips of her globes stiffening up.

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