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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 289 — The Second Territory Command Order

Chapter 289: The Second Territory Command Order

The shadow of Smaug continued slashing away like a butcher, hacking away Snow White’s HP down from 8,000,000 as if it was just a piece of butter. How could a mere Violet-Platinum boss last for long, under the attack from a Holy tier summon?! One hack and 200,000 HP was gone!

That being said, no matter how strong Smaug was, being their ally and all, Han Ying Xue and the rest of them had just jumped out of the pan, and surely enough, they know where is the fire was. As far as they could go, there’s they will be. Smaug was hacking Snow White like madman slapping his child. However, Snow White was still a fearsome boss with attacks strong enough to whack everyone dead with a slap to the face. If they were to get a little hot headed, it would be like ants trying to walk between the battle of two huge tornadoes. Since a pet mount can only be summoned 10 minutes after being killed, Zhang Yang’s own 30,000 HP would not be enough to guarantee him a safe sideline show. Not that he could even deal much damage to begin with anyway.

In the end, Snow White slain by Smaug’s shadow in just less than two minutes. After the usual wailing and cries of utter defeat, Snow White fell defeated and dropped a heap of battle loots. There were even a few metallic purple glows among the loots!

‘Ding! Congratulation on being the first party to defeat an Open-World Violet-Platinum boss! Your glories achievement will be recorded in history! As the party leader, please name your party to be registered in the records!’

A system notification, followed by an input box appeared right the moment when Snow White was defeated.

Zhang Yang shrugged and keyed in the advertisement-like comment. Just one second after he hit the enter button, the server was flooded with the system announcement, followed by roaring responses from players from China. There were discussions, arguments, minor discourses, but overall, players were impressed with the ability of Lone Desert Smoke managing to pull off this feat. The guild was even rowdier than ever with players cheering and applauding Zhang Yang, on and on. How could they not? When the guild’s fame increases, they could wear their guild tag over their heads proudly.

Snow Seeker, Sky Shaman, Sword of Light, and Greensleeves Prince all sent their private massages to congratulate Zhang Yang. At one point, he was so busy replying them, that Han Ying Xue had to walk over to him and give him a nudge.

The reward for having the First-Kill of an open-world boss was a Luck attribute. After killing Snow White, Zhang Yang’s Luck was raised to 10.

"S-S-Spectre!" Shaenita cried and glared at Zhang Yang with hatred in her eyes. She quickly reverted to a defensive stance.

Zhang Yang swiftly unequipped the [Friendship Jade] and reverted back to his original human form. As the item was removed, Smaug’s shadow followed and disappeared into thin air. It was quite a huge waste there since Smaug’s shadow would have remained for another 10 minutes. If only he could actually kill Shaenita. Since she was a Yellow-Gold boss…her loots would be…

NPCs would always behave like NPCs, clueless as ever. Once Zhang Yang returned to his human form, Shaenita relaxed and lowered her guard, talking to Zhang Yang as if nothing odd had happened a few seconds ago.

"You have atoned for your mistakes! You have my thanks! However, you must know that you had destroyed the Mirror of Truth. Still, you also helped in eliminating the evil Snow White from Oz, for good! With that, I thank you again!"

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: Atonement. Obtained 5,000,000 Experience points!’

‘Ding! You have obtained the reward: Obtained 5,000,000 Experience points!’

‘Ding! You have obtained the reward: {Unyielding Rage}!’

With his eyes wide open, Zhang Yang quickly open his inventory and took out a deep purple skill book.

[Skill Book: Unyielding Rage]

Use: Teaches you the skill {Unyielding Rage}!

Class Requirement: Warrior

Level Requirement: 10


Without further delay, Zhang Yang pats the book on him to learn the skill.

[Unyielding Rage (Passive)]: Increases your maximum Rage point to 120.

Good stuff. Be it only 20 extra Rage point, this upper limit not only will allow the user to use more skills, but will also increase the maximum destructive power f the skill {Killing Cleave}.

"Did you obtain a skill book?" Zhang Yang asked the team.

"Yeah! I got {Unyielding Rage}!" Wei Yan Er answered swiftly.

"Mine was {Inferno}! Daffodil Daydream spoke up.

"Haha! What a loot! We were quite lucky!" Zhang Yang smiled.

"And then there’s still the Violet-Platinum equipment!" cried Wei Yan Er happily as she collected all the gold coins and equipment on the floor.

Snow White was the first Violet-Platinum boss that was killed in the game, thus, the battle loots were so rewarding that just equipment-wise, there were three pieces of Violet-Platinum and seven Yellow-Gold, enough to fill a player’s equipment tab!

[Ancient Killer Long Boots] (Violet-Platinum, Leather Armor)

Defense: +48

Vitality: +564

Strength: +161

Dexterity: +378


Class Requirement: Thief

Level Requirement: 80

Ancient Killer set (1/8):

Ancient Killer Face Mask, Ancient Killer Necklace, Ancient Killer Cape, Ancient Killer Chest Plate, Ancient Killer Gloves, Ancient Killer Leggings, Ancient Killer Long Boots, Ancient Killer Ring.

3 Set Equip Effect: Increase 500 Dexterity.

5 Set Equip Effect: Reduce {Vanish} cool down time by 1 minute.

8 Set Equip Effect: Grant a 1% chance to cast a shockwave attack on every attack. 5000 physical damage will be deal to all target in a small conical shape area in front of the caster.

Finally, a Thief set equipment!

Without a doubt, this piece of equipment went to Sun Xin Yu.

[Titan Necklace] (Violet-Platinum, Necklace)

Vitality: +141

Strength: +40


Equip Effect: Absorb 81 damage.

Equip Effect: Grant a 5% chance after a successful {Block} to cause 2000 physical damage to the attacker.

Class Requirement: Guardian

Level Requirement: 80.

Zhang Yang was extremely pleased. "Very nice! The third piece of the Titan set equipment! I could finally bring out the first set equipment effect!"

It was a pity that the third Violet-Platinum equipment was not a set equipment.

[Heaven’s Hunting Bow] (Violet-Platinum, Ranged Weapon)

Weapon Attack: 1,843 - 2,243

Attack Interval: 3.8 seconds

DPS: 538


Level Requirement: 80

"Haha! It’s either Hundred Shots or Fatty Han who’s gonna get lucky!" exclaimed Zhang Yang as he kept the bow.

The remaining seven Yellow-Gold equipment were rather good, however, most of them were equipping Level 60 Yellow-Gold set equipment, and were unwilling to break up their set effects. To make things simpler, they were aiming directly for Level 80 set equipment. Thus, all the Yellow-Gold equipment loots were headed straight to the shop for sale. It would be worth a whole lot since Yellow-Gold equipment was the gold standard for other players, and even major guild masters out there had not yet even managed to get their hands on a complete Yellow-Gold set!

This time, they had just realized that they have not yet gone through with the battle loots from Angelo! However, though Angelo’s fight seemed easy, the battle drops were appropriately level to its difficulty, that is, two Yellow-Gold equipment and five Gray-Silver equipment, which were all going to the shop to be sold as well!

As they finished their quest, the five of them went back to Thunderstorm Castle and teleported back to White Jade Castle via the Teleportation Point. One by one, they Identified their new equipment and burned a hole in their pockets just to socket a Level 3 Gemstone.

Each Level 3 Gemstone costs at least 500 gold coins each, and had a 30% socket failure rate! At their current stage, the exchange rate between in-game currency and real-world currency had leveled out with each other; 1:1. 500 gold coins was now worth 500 dollars!

After the money-wrecking ordeal, Zhang Yang stored the three Titan set equipment in his storage warehouse. He could not help but sigh at the sight of the purple metallic luster of the equipment, counting down the days as he got closer to equipping them. With that, his motivation to reach Level 80 was as high as ever.

‘System Announcement: The second Territory Order has been found. The battle for the Territory will commence tomorrow night at 7pm (real-world time). Please make your preparations! The location of the Territory is Meadow Flatlands. The coordinates for the battle will be announced at the start of the battle! The battle for the Territory will last for three hours! After the battle is over, the last person who still holds the Territory Command Order will become the Territory owner!’

A system announcement flared up, causing a ripple of chaos throughout the entire server. Discussion, argument started again, some were debating which guild will the second Territory belong to. The other professional players were worried about the battle tomorrow, whether it will become a bloody ordeal or a complete chaos.

It did not take long before the news spread, claiming the guild that found the second Territory order was none other than Imperial Sky, and the person who found it was One Sword Stroke!

As expected of the rival guild of Lone Desert Smoke, the runner up of the Soaring Swords competition. Looks like they might have some luck on them after all!

The new about Imperial Sky obtaining the Territory Order was revealed by One Sword Stroke himself. He had broadcasted it proudly at his own Violet Star City and have blatantly requested that all players from that city assist his guild to secure the Territory. As a reward, all teleportation fees will be waived once he secures the second Territory Order!

Never underestimate the value of just one gold coin. It would still be a mountain of gold coins once accumulated. On average, a player would have spent at least 10 to 20 gold coin on travelling alone! With the huge incentive offered y One Sword Stroke, players all over Violet Star city had given their support and had expressed their willingness to help Imperial Sky fight in the war!

"D*mn bro, that One Sword Stroke guy is quite impressive!" Lost Dream sighed. Zhang Yang had gone up and recruited all of the main attacking force.

A city would approximately have at least 6,000,000 players! Mind you that the number would only grow larger and larger! To waive one whole city’s teleportation fees would be losing out on approximately 1,000,000 players! (Since they was still a majority of players that were still below Level 50). That being said, the profits lost there would be close to 20,000,000 gold coins a month!

Zhang Yang grined. "He’s smart. When we took down Thunderstorm Castle back then, we had helped from Crimson Rage, Lost Paradise, and also Sky High. He may have sacrificed the earnings of an entire city, but he has been compensated for it by having a large army to defend his position."

"Hey hey! Are we going to make some trouble for them tomorrow?" Ever since the PvP competition in Shanghai, Wei Yan Er had been treating Imperial Sky with hostility since their dirty methods had been made known.

"Of course we would. How could we let them sit comfortably and get that Order? I’d say, let’s bring them hell!"

"Hell yeah! Even if we don’t get that second Territory, we should not let it fall into the hands of Imperial Sky!"

"That bunch of wenches! Let’s f*ck them up!"

Just two days after the Soaring Sword competition had ended, Venshi from Radiance and Lonely tree from Sunset Amber had left their own guild and joined Imperial Sky. By doing so, everything was made clear!

Not only were Radiance and Sunset Amber had been raging on about this matter, their anger was shared among other players as well. One by one, they had filed their complaints to the organizers to rescind the runner up title from Imperial Sky, for cheating.

‘Ding! Player One Sword Stroke has used Monster Attack City Order on Thunderstorm Castle! 7pm tomorrow (real-world time), there will be hordes of monster attacking Thunderstorm Castle. The defensive battle will last for 3 hours! During the war, the teleportation point in Thunderstorm Castle will be deactivated. This Territory will only allow access to Lone Desert Smoke players at this time! If monsters have destroyed the main hall of the Thunderstorm Castle, the entire Territory will be erased permanently.’

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