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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 291 — Defend the Territory 1

Chapter 291: Defend the Territory (1)

‘Ding! The first wave of monsters have started the attack!’

Zhang Yang rode on the back of the white bear towards the castle wall. From the high altitude, Zhang Yang observed the far horizon and saw a cloud of dark dust rushing towards their direction. The earth trembled from the sheer number of monsters charging their way to destroy the castle. After just a few moments, the cloud of dust had dispersed, leaving a massive horde of monsters closing in. At that distance, Zhang Yang could finally identify the types of monsters.

It was a large number of Twin-Head Demonic Wolves, covered in pitch black fur. Panting frantically, their eyes were unfocused, with fresh blood dripping from the edge of their sharp fangs.

[Twin-Head Demonic Wolf] (Normal, Beast)

Level: 64

HP: 6,400

Defense: 60

"These normal monsters are easy to deal with. Do not fire the cannon on them. Save the ammo for later." Zhang Yang commanded all three of the cannoneers. Under his personal command, there were at least close to 1,000 players following him. All of them were the strongest, well-equipped, and best players in the guild. The cannoneers were also in his small party of 50 men to allow better communication between them.

After a few short moments, Zhang Yang finally decided to act. He came down to the castle gates and commanded. "Open the gates, I’ll take the front line!"

Zhang Yang knew that all the monsters around were unable to deal any damage to him. Knowing that, he stood at the forefront to better protect the castle gates. As long as the gates were unharmed for as long as possible, the chances of them winning the Monster Attack event would be higher.

"Dummy, do you need me?" asked Han Ying Xue.

"No need. Save your MP. These monsters would not be able to put a single scratch on me."

Klang! Klang! Klang! Boom!

The gates were lowered and Zhang Yang was the only player emerging out of the castle. He stood bravely at the front lines, facing approximately close to 1 million monsters all by himself. Because of such an epic scene, many female players were already on the verge of climaxing, thinking in their mind that Zhang Yang was the bravest and coolest guy that could ever be encountered.

"I’ll be d*mned! I should have picked a Guardian or a Defender! If I could only be standing next to Zhang Yang, I’m sure the girls will be wetting their pants for me as well! Argh! I’m proud of you Little Yang! You’re living the dream! Every men’s dream!" Fatty Han cried.

As the horizon was finally covered with a sea of black wolves, Zhang Yang got himself ready. Her unsheathed his sword and stabbed it in the ground. With a calm heart, Zhang Yang closed his eyes and waited.

The noise got louder. The tremors felt stronger. An uncountable number of wolves could be heard, their roar and pants nothing compared to the nervous heartbeats of the players inside the castle.

500 meters…400…300…

The tiny pebbles underneath Zhang Yang’s feet started to dance around violently.


The sound of water splashes could be heard. The wolves had gone through the river around the castle and were approaching the gates, to where Zhang Yang stood guard.

10…5… 3 meters!

Shriing! At lightning speed, Zhang Yang pulled out the sword and imitated the quick sword drawing technique of the samurai and slashed one of the millions of wolves that had engulfed him completely.


His Rage point rose to 42 points. Zhang Yang used {Blood Rage} and activated {Horizontal Sweep}.

Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham!

In an instant, waves of monsters were damaged with more than 4,000+ damage. Two of which had died with a critical strike. It did not end there, the sword effect was triggered and {Horizontal Sweep} was procced for a total of four counts! In that split second of chained attacks, the monsters around Zhang Yang dropped to the floor dead, filling the ground with corpses!

Since dead bodies in the game were non-corporeal, and anything else could phase through a dead body, other monster from behind had started to flock forwards to fill in the empty space in front of Zhang Yang to surround him. Know that the all Level 60 normal tier monster have less than 1,500 attacking power. Their attacks were strong, but Zhang Yang’s defense was impeccable. Their attacking power could never penetrate Zhang Yang thick defense, and they could only deal 0 damage to him!

Zhang Yang waited until the space in front of him was filled with monsters before he activated {Blast Wave}.

Unlike {Horizontal Sweep}, {Blast Wave}’s damage was far from strong, however, the skill was a true AoE attack type, which meant that, all monster within the effective AoE will receive damage! Within less than a fraction of a second, close to 20 monsters in front of Zhang Yang had received more than 700 damage! The more targets the skill struck, the higher the rate of which the Dark Enigmatic Sword could proc! Before the damage texts could float away, another wave of damage texts proc again! Be it DPS or total damage output, Zhang Yang would always do something that no one else could comprehend!

Witnessing the prowess of their guild master in action, the players who were positioned up in the castle walls were all stunned and had forgot to start attacking!

"Holy lord baby jesus! Guild master! You’re just too awesome!"

"Hmph! As expected of our guild master! His damage is much higher than a boss!"

"Hm~ Guild master Zhan Yu! Please take me in! Please be my boyfriend! Marry me!"

Zhang Yang laughed. "Haha! Guys! Enough with the jokes! Please, start attacking!"

"Sir! Yes, sir!"

Spells and arrow filled the sky as players from the top of the castle wall flung their attacks out, killing waves of monsters that were further behind!




Out of the blue, more than 10 {Fireballs} were blasted out of the mouths of the Demonic Wolves. They peppered Zhang yang with minor damage. Though the damage was insignificant, in large numbers, it might prove to be a little more dangerous for him. A few more monsters could deal more than 10,000 damage would only make the defense of the gate harder than expected. Zhang Yang had to resolve this matter quickly before the situation takes a turn for the worse.

"Press the attack!" Zhang Yang roared.

The first wave of monsters were not strong to begin with, with the low HP, players positioned at the top of the castle could easily defeat a large number of the monsters with a few AoE skills. Within 5 to 6 seconds, most of the threats were removed. The atmosphere became casual as players could chat and attack nonchalantly. The melee attackers were bored to death. Those behind the castle gates could only gaze up at the ranged attackers who could at least throw a few skills out now and then.

20 minutes passed, the monsters outside the gates started to thin out. As the sounds from them grew softer, a sudden loud roar could be heard from afar.

‘Ding! Twin-Head Wolf King, Karmos has joined the battle!’

A twin headed wolf, with size larger than a full-grown elephant appeared from the horizon. With the speed of the wind, the beast sprint towards the castle.

Zhang Yang prepared himself and took every chance he could to examine the properties of the incoming boss.

[Twin-Head Wolf King, Karmos] (Gray-Silver, Beast)

Level: 65

HP: 10,000,000

Defense: 700

"The boss is here! Team 1, get out of the castle and attack the boss! We must take this boss down as soon as possible! Do not let the second wave of monster to spawn before the boss is down!" Zhang Yang commanded.

The gates was lowered and a group of 1,000 players flooded through the gates and came rushing out to form a proper formation around the castle gates. These 1,000 players were the strongest players of Lone Desert Smoke, with incredible power and strength. With haste, the party wiped the area clean of monsters before the boss could arrive.

Zhang Yang leapt onto his white bear and rode towards the incoming boss without delay. His current level was so much higher than the boss! This time, instead of being overpowered by it, with a complete Yellow-Gold equipment on him, and the OP Dark Enigmatic Sword in his hands, Zhang Yang practically butchered the wolf with no mercy! The party joined the fray and managed to kill the boss within 3 to 4 minutes!

The boss dropped a total of seven Gray-Silver equipment. Zhang Yang looted all of them and auctioned them all to the guild members.

The first wave of monsters was dealt with smoothly without any hiccoughs. After a blood bath, not a single player was down. The only prick in his beautiful strategy was that the castle gate had sustained more than 50% damage to it, leaving only 520,000 HP left.

30 minutes passed, and the system started the second monster wave.

‘Ding! The second wave of monsters had started the attack!’

Again, from the horizon, monsters started flooding in. This time, instead of a cloud of dust, bright little orbs of light was observed from as far as 500 meters away from the castle wall. As they approached, players could easily identify their enemies as burning little red imps that were only half a meter tall!

[Burning Imp] (Normal, Demon)

Level: 67

HP: 6,700

MP: 3,500

Defense: 60

D*mn! Magic type!

Zhang Yang cried out loud, "Everyone! Into the castle! It’s a magic type!"

"Ah! So even you would withdraw from battle, guild master!"

"F*ck! This is not the time to put up an act! You could really get your *sses burst into a nice crisp!"

Everyone laughed. Unlike Hundred Shots, who was managing the guild’s public relations and human resource, Zhang Yang was slightly fun to be with. Everyone could have a good time chatting or joking with him. But if Hundred Shots was there, none of them would dare to make a noise. The only sound that could be heard, would be the sounds of crickets!

In no time at all, the burning imps had flocked and flooded the grounds near the castle gates. From the top of the castle wall, you could just see a sea of flame instead of monsters. The flames on the imps were so hot that you could see and feel the heat wave gushing up to the sky!

"Kill them all!"

Once the monsters had entered the ranged distance, the attackers on top of the castle walls started their assault. With nothing better to do, Zhang Yang stood from afar and only used {Spear of Obliteration} to attack one Burning Imp one at a time. Since it did not need any Rage to begin with, it was a good way deal some damage!

The monster started to retaliate!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The monsters below the castle wall started to show their strength in numbers. With the unorganized attack pattern, the aggro was in complete chaos. Some players were only being target by one monster, while the unfortunate ones were target by seven to eight monsters simultaneously! One monster could deal around 1,600 damage with one blast, seven to eight of those blasts could easily insta-kill a poorly-equipped player!



Lone Desert Smoke started lose men! One by one, players that were killed had started to fall down from the top of the castle wall! Even though the players killed could easily run back and revive from the nearby graveyard, they will be inflicted with a debuff that will reduce all attributes by 10%! The worst part was that, if those player were not careful enough and got three stacks of the debuff, they will be sent back to White Jade Castle and could no longer participate in the defensive battle!

Sensing that the players would need some help, Zhang Yang commanded. "Attention! Please withdraw after casting your AoE skills! Balance out the aggro value! Don’t think you could just stand at the front at keep on attacking!"

"Aye sir!"

The players started to form their own organization. All ranged attackers formed three lines volleys. After the first line of attacker had casted their skill, they withdrew to the back and allowed the second line of attack to attack. That way, with the aggro still on the first wave of attackers, the monster could not attack them since the first line of attacker had withdrawn back! The death rate of the player was greatly reduced!

However, this tactic was a double-edge sword! To attack the players who still had the aggro of the monsters, the monsters moved further up the river and attack the castle gates in order to get closer to the fore mentioned players. Seeing how things had turned, Zhang Yang cried out and signaled the party. "Team 1 tanks! Follow me! We will go out of the gate once it’s breached! We will stand ground there and make sure no monsters enter the castle!"

"Hurah!" everyone acknowledged!

This party of tanks were the best tanks in Lone Desert Smoke. In term of skills and equipment, they were the best. However, even though they were the best, they were only equipped with a full Gray-Silver Level 50 equipment. Their maximum HP was only close to 9,000! But with their damage reduction skill and damage absorption equipment effect, in a large group, they could form a nigh-impregnable wall of blockade!

Without lady luck on their side, the castle gate was breached in just seven to eight minutes. The flock of burning imps rushed into the castle, signaling the next stage of the war!

Gates were meant to be broken in the first place. Zhang Yang was expecting to have the gates to down in the first wave itself! It was out of his expectation that even the second wave of monsters would take quite some time to breach the gates!

"Have at them!" Zhang Yang roared.

The tanks picked up their swords, axes, and shields and started to attack. They kept on pushing the monster further and further away from the entrance and utilized the narrow walkway to bottleneck the monsters, allowing a better killing rate!

The fighting had entered close quarters!

Zhang Yang took the liberty to stand in the front to intercept a great deal of attacks! With strong damage reduction and absorption passive, coupled with his boss-like HP, his tanking ability shone in the face of these weak monsters. Their weak attacks, around 1,600, were reduced down to only around 300! After combining his HP with the bear, his long 50,000 HP allowed Zhang Yang to stand a little further up. He would be safe, as long as he does not allow himself to get overwhelmed! Without delay, Zhang Yang readied his plans and attack pattern in his head and rushed into the flock of monster, killing his way further like a giant dragon weeding down weaklings!

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