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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 296 — Defend the Territory 6

Chapter 296: Defend the Territory (6)

A lot of Death Knights charged into the castle, some of them clashing with players. However, most of the Death Knights which had not been attacked by the players were riding their Spectre Skeletal Horses directly towards the territorial hall!

After all, the ultimate goal was not to annihilate each other! One side had to destroy the guild flag in territorial hall, while another side had to defend and protect the flag from being destroyed by monsters within the time limit. Therefore, Zhang Yang’s ultimate goal did not necessarily involve the annihilation of the enemy!

As a result, a lot of Death Knights directly rushed into territorial hall once they entered the castle! The guild flag always was the target of attack within Death Knights’ aggro list, and unless Death Knights were attacked by players, they would ignore everything else and head directly towards the hall!

"Pull back!" Zhang Yang frowned as he shouted.

The purpose of castle gate was to block the enemy from coming into the castle, but, once the castle gate was broken by the enemy then castle gate would lose its purpose! Besides, this was the last wave of monsters attacks, they merely had to survive for another 20 minutes, not wipe out all their attackers!

Lone Desert Smoke’s remaining players retreated inwards one after another, and Zhang Yang stayed back to slow the advance of the Death Knights wave after the tank defense lines were destroyed.

However, not all tanks were like Zhang Yang and Endless Starlight. Lone Desert Smoke’s members were being overwhelmed by the attacks of the Level 79 elite monsters, and a lot of players were either killed or wounded heavily! These Death Knights would also launch {Death Strike} and cause double attacks. Due to the differences in levels, the Death Knights’ attacks were magnified by at least three to four times. As a consequence, one {Death Strike} could actually kill a tank with Level 60 Gray-Silver equipment instantly, which was terrifying!

The number of surviving players kept reducing. Halfway through the retreat, the number of surviving players had been reduced to 2,000 players!

"Get into the territorial hall. We’ll make our stand there!" Zhang Yang roared.

The attacks were violent and ferocious, if it Zhang Yang had not used his [Friendship Jade] to summon Smaug’s phantom, all of them would already have been annihilated by the fifth wave’s boss, Moriarty. They wouldn’t even be around to continue resisting at this point.

Damn it, One Sword Stroke and Liu Wei! Zhang Yang had made up his mind. He too, must get the [Monster Attack Order] and let Imperial Sky taste their own medicine!

Zhang Yang did not believe that One Sword Stroke also had something like the [Friendship Jade]!

‘Ding! Hoarfrost Death Knight Alps has joined the battle!’

It was the 170th minute and the last boss also made his grand entrance at the battlefield!

Zhang Yang and the rest stayed inside the castle. They could not even see what Alps looked like! They were flooded by thousands of Death Knights who struggled to rush into the territorial hall that was located at the highest point of the castle.

Ouch! Ow! Ah!

Along the way, players were constantly whittled into pieces by Death Knights’ rapiers. A lot of players had already died three times, so they had been directly teleported back to White Jade Castle! They could only cheer for the surviving players in guild channel. At this moment, Hundred Shots was too busy to bother about the non-chatting rule.

Pulled back! Pulled back again! We just need to hold up for another 10 minutes!

With the efforts of Zhang Yang and Endless Starlight holding the defense line, nearly a thousand of players eventually made it into the territorial hall. Now, they could only concentrate their fire power on the final bottleneck at the entrance!

The Death Knights kept coming! Luckily, the entrance of territorial hall was narrow, which was easier to defend, compared to castle gate. Zhang Yang and the rest of the players formed a defense line to hold up for a short time!

Due to the huge level restraint, except for Zhang Yang, the rest of the players’ attacks were extremely low, which barely slowed the monsters down! Only Zhang Yang’s occasional usage of {Horizontal Sweep} and {Blast Wave} could cause huge damage to an area of monsters.

Except for Zhang Yang and Endless Starlight, the rest of tanks hardly survived more than a few seconds under Death Knights’ attacks. Players’ screams were uttered from time to time and fall defeated. Some players could still be resurrected, and had come back running, continuing their resistance, while, some players experienced their third deaths and had to return to White Jade Castle!

The tanks at the back rapidly filled in the defense line. They used their own bodies to prevent the monsters from crossing!

Two minutes later, the Death Knights’ finally started to thin out!

"Have we killed them all?"

"We won?"

Sha! Sha! Sha!

Some strange whispers hissed through the air, carrying ancient voices, they could not even understand what they said.

Clop! Clop! Clop!

At this moment, a skeletal war horse with burning flames on its whole body went into the passage of territorial hall. It seemed far heavier than its skeletal frame suggested. Emerald flames burned within its eye sockets, it puffed out fire from time to time.

A Death Knight in full armor sat atop this spectre war horse, its eyes were burning with white gas which turned into frost and fell on the ground around it!

[Hoarfrost Death Knight Alps] (Violet-Platinum, Spectre)

Level: 80

HP: 20,000,000

Defense: 2,400

This was the second Violet-Platinum boss to appear in the game!

"Violet-Platinum boss, we are going to make a big fortune this time!" Fatty Han was drooling as he said.

"Brother Fatty, you must act like a professional, stop drooling!" Endless Starlight said.

"Damn, take a good look at yourself in the mirror first, you aren’t any better!"

Alps did not wait for the players to prepare themselves. His head turned to the guild flag in the territorial hall. "Qiang!" Alps took out his war blade, the war horse under him raised its hooves and dashed towards the guild flag.

Zhang Yang quickly used {Charge} to intercept it and wielded his [Dark Enigmatic Sword] to slash Alps!

Alps uttered a low roar, he flung his war blade and slashed at Zhang Yang’s head.


A huge damage text floated across Zhang Yang head immediately. This damage had almost reduced 40% of Zhang Yang HP!

Zhang Yang wanted to use {Block} but he was more worried about Alps’ {Death Strike}. {Death Strike} was an ulti that could cause double damage! Zhang Yang could not use his battle mount in the territorial hall, and as a result, his masimum HP was only about 29,000. If Zhang Yang received damage from {Death Strike} without a full HP bar, he would definitely be killed instantly!

Alps’ single attack was powerful. However, Alps did not have much AoE skills other than {Dividing Slash}, and as long as Zhang Yang did not stand in front of Alps, he would not receive any damage!

There were a lot of surviving healers in territorial hall, Han Ying Xue, Fantasy Sweetheart and a healing Knight started healing Zhang Yang’s HP. They managed to keep up with the boss.

"Leave the boss be, and go hold up the monsters ahead! We just need to hold up for another six minutes!" Zhang Yang yelled loudly.

Without a doubt, Violet-Platinum bosses were precious. No matter how precious the Violet-Platinum boss was, it still had far less value than a territory!

Everyone circled around the fight, running to form defensive lines.

Four minutes, three minutes, two minutes, one minute!

1,500 players, 1,000 players, 500 players, 100 players!

As the time went by, the number of players kept reducing!

"Everybody, let’s work harder! Just a little bit more! Victory is in front of us!" Daffodil Daydream cheered everyone up.

50 seconds!

30 seconds!

10 seconds!

"We are almost there! We are almost there!" everybody started counting down, "9, 8, 7…"

3, 2, 1!

"Server Announcement: Claim for Terra Nullius has ended, the final holder of [Territory Command Order] is player One Sword Stroke! Margulos town is now a private territory, everyone will be sent back to the main city!"

‘Ding! You and your companions have held fast, you have successfully beaten back the monsters and obtained victory!’

Two system messages rang in Lone Desert Smoke’s members ears at the same time. The players in White Jade Castle began cheering!

When the time limit of three hours monster attack had ended, all the elite Death Knights disappeared out of thin air like they had never existed before! However, Alps was still in the territorial hall and continued to slash at Zhang Yang violently!

Zhang Yang cried jubilantly, "Well, well, they left us a grand prize! The boss is still here! Everyone, hurry back here and fight the boss!"

At Zhang Yang’s command, all of his members started rushing back to Thunderstorm Castle. After that, they summoned their mounts and rushed towards territorial hall!

1,000 players, 3,000 players, 7,000 players!

The numbers kept increasing!

Although most of the players had no way of breaking through Alps’ defense, only causing 1 point of damage, their numbers were slowly whittling down his HP! This was because Alps did not have any strong AoE skills.

10 minutes, 20 minutes, 50 minutes!

They used about an hour to defeat Alps by slowly emptying out his HP bar. Alps uttered a cry, and crumpled into a pile of bones along with his horse.

Zhang Yang looted the drops as swiftly as he could, shoving them into his inventory! The monster attack had ended and non-Lone Desert Smoke players could also enter Thunderstorm Castle. It would be most wasteful any of these Violet-Platinum and Yellow-Gold equipment were looted by anyone else!

Only when the last Yellow-Gold equipment was placed into Zhang Yang’s inventory did he let out a sigh of relief and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, with everyone working together, we have successfully defended the territory! This victory belongs to everyone! This honor also belongs to everyone!"

"Roar!" everyone in the guild roared loudly.

Zhang Yang laughed loudly as he said, "Alright, let’s distributes the equipment! Alps dropped four pieces of Violet-Platinum equipment and nine pieces of Yellow-Gold equipment. All of these will be auctioned using the guild’s contribution points. Since everyone is already familiar with the rules, let’s get right on it!"

[Death Blade] (Violet-Platinum, Two-Handed Sword)

Weapon Attack: 2,246 - 2,646

Attack Interval: 3.5 seconds

DPS: 699


Equipment: Each time the target is struck, there is a 3% chance of causing {Death Strike} to the target, causing double attack.

Level Requirement: 80

"The average weapon attack is at least 2,400 before identifying. After identifying, it will exceed 3,400?"

"En, DPS will be increased by about 1,000 after identification!"

"That’s amazing! Look at the special effects, after identifying, there is at least a 5% chance of activating special effects!"

"The basic weapon attack is so strong, if the special effects and critical attacks were triggered side by side, oh my god, there will be at least be 20,000 points of damage from an attack!"

Everyone was acclaimed and astonished by this [Death Blade]

"Auction starts for 500 guild’s contribution points, with a minimum increment of 20 contribution points for each bid. All Berserkers and Templars also can join the bid, be quick!" Zhang Yang said.

Those members who had enough guild’s contribution points quickly placed their bids, whereas those members who did not have enough guild’s contribution points could only drool at one side! This was a Violet-Platinum equipment! These days, having a full set of Gray-Silver equipment was enough to attract looks of envy. What if a player had a piece of Yellow-Gold equipment? Most players would worship them.

If I could get this Violet-Platinum equipment… A lot of players kept drooling, lost in fantasy.

Zhang Yang saw Wei Yan Er standing aside, watching the auction. He asked, "What happened? Little brat, you don’t like it?"

"The attack interval is fast, and it’s no axe. I won’t get any bonuses!" Wei Yan Er pursed her lips as she replied.

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "Although the attack interval is 3.5 seconds, it’s a Violet-Platinum weapon. Even without the axe specialization, it is still far stronger than your broken axe!"

"Hmph!" Wei Yan Er clenched her little fist and said, "So you have to find me a high-quality Violet-Platinum axe with an attack interval of 3.8 seconds before I reach Level 80! That will be my 18th birthday present!"

"Eh, are you really near 18? I just don’t see it!" Zhang Yang sympathetically gazed at Wei Yan Er’s flat-chest.

Daffodil Daydream asked, "Yan Er, when is your birthday?"

"About half a month more!" Wei Yan Er fiercely stared at Zhang Yang, before she turned around to Daffodil Daydream and answered, "23rd January, easy to remember, right?!"

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and said, "Little brat, when you celebrate your birthday, will you be asking your guests to bring lunchboxes with their own money?"

"You idiot, am I that stingy?" Wei Yan Er snorted angrily, she tilted her head to one side as she said, "Noob tank, sister Sun and you must come! By the way, please do not forget to bring along my presents, it doesn’t have to be expensive, at least ten thousand dollars will do!"

Fatty Han looked at Wei Yan Er with his disgusting puppy eyes and said, "Little brat, why didn’t you invite me?!"

"I’m going to invite the girls in my class, you pervert fatty. You’ll scare them off!" Wei Yan Er replied flatly, with a straight face.

Fatty Han was instantly filled with tears and ran to one side to mope. I’ve been behaving well these few days!

"By the way, sister Daffodil and the others from out of town don’t have to came. We’ve just eaten at the hotel anyway. I’ll be able to save some money with fewer guests!" Wei Yan Er’s next sentence immediately exposed her intrinsic nature, "However, you guys still can send me presents! Although I will be embarrassed, but if you insisted, I will not refuse your kindness!"

Everybody broke into laughter.

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