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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 297 — A Handsome Reward

Chapter 297: A Handsome Reward

Wei Yan Er not joining the auction of [Death Blade] was good news for the other Lone Desert Smoke’s members. As part of Zhang Yang’s team, naturally, should she choose to bid, nobody would be able to outbid her!

Even if she did, they wouldn’t be complaining! No one could deny their contributions that brought such fame to Lone Desert Smoke in the first place!

Finally, the auction ended, and the [Death Blade] was finally obtained by the Berserker in the secondary team, Galileo. The young cute little boy was so overjoyed, that he feverishly bowed to everyone, greeting them by big brother, big sister. Everyone laughed at his antics.

[The Heart of the Abyss] (Violet-Platinum, Necklace)

Vitality: +141

Intelligence: +94


Equipment: When your spells cause any damage or healings, you have a 1% chance of increasing your spell’s damage by 200 points. Lasts for 5 seconds.

Level Requirement: 80

Han Ying Xue fought for the bidding without hesitation, instantly obtaining [The Heart of the Abyss].

[Agulos's Hat] (Violet-Platinum, Leather Armor)

Defense: +48

Vitality: +564

Strength: +161

Dexterity: +378


Level Requirement: 80

This was a high-quality hat for Thieves and Hunters, but neither did Sun Xin Yu, or Lost Dream, or Fatty Han or Hundred Shots placed any bids which made Zhang Yang greatly puzzled. After asking them, only did he find out that these four persons planned to directly acquire their Level 80 Violet-Platinum set equipment!

Zhang Yang started to sweat, Do they think that set equipment would come raining from the sky? The second set equipment could be found in dungeons, so the chances of open world bosses dropping Yellow-Gold set equipment parts were high. But starting from the third set equipment, set equipment would not be found in dungeons, and even the open world bosses would rarely drop set equipment!

Instead, minions held the chances of dropping their variations of set equipment! But the grade of set equipment dropping from minions would be very low and the set equipment effects were ordinary, nothing like the set equipment dropped by bosses!

After the auction of the hat, next up was a pair Defender’s boots and this boots was successfully bid by Endless Starlight! This person was easily satisfied and his greatest wish was to lead a bunch of pretty girls to fight dungeons every day, a dream that was already more or less achieved!

Alps’ last Violet-Platinum equipment came up, and finally, it was something that Zhang Yang could use!

[Ring of Imprisonment] (Violet-Platinum, Ring)

Vitality: +141

Strength: +40


Equipment: Absorbs 81 damage points when you receive attacks.

Use: Imprisons the target, stunning it. Lasts for 2 seconds. Cool down time: 30 minutes.

Level Requirement: 80

Endless Starlight was already greatly pleased after earning a piece of Violet-Platinum equipment, so he did not compete with Zhang Yang for the ring. Besides, Endless Starlight would not possibly have matched up to him in terms of contribution points. The ring fell into Zhang Yang’s hands without incident. Before Zhang Yang reached Level 80, he had already collected four pieces of very powerful Level 80 top grade equipment!

11 pieces of Yellow-Gold equipment were also distributed and those who got the equipment were extremely happy.

Lastly, there were two skill books that Zhang Yang did not put on the guild’s auction. These skill books were different, as equipment would be phased out over time but skill books would grow over time. Skills would remain relevant for a long time!

So Zhang Yang intended to keep the skill books, giving it only to the suitable players to learn!

The first skill book was {Death Strike}!

[Skill Book: Death Strike]

Use: Grants the skill {Death Strike}.

Class Requirement: Berserker, Templar, Death Knight

Level Requirement: 80

Zhang Yang posted the description link in the party channel. Han Ying Xue and the rest were astonished.

"Silly Yu, what’s this Death Knight class? Obviously, this class option is not available during character creation!" Han Ying Xue opened her pretty eyes widely as she said.

"Is that a hidden class?" Lost Dream asked excitedly.

‘God's Miracle’ was a virtual reality game, but its realism features was off the charts! However, with only six classes, branching out into a total of thirteen specialties, the options of creating your perfect character was somehow limited. Compared to the various mechanics in ‘God’s Miracle’, they just didn’t add up!

Zhang Yang thought quietly of a way to enlighten them as "beta player" instead of someone who travelled from the future, and then he said, "I have never hear of hidden classes in ‘God's Miracle’. But after players achieve Level 100, they will obtain some special class’ inheritances by collecting a series of items, and completing a series of quests! I believe that’s the equivalent of earning hidden classes, because not only to you get to retain your original class, and you will learn a few new class’ skills as well!

"Oh!" their eyes lit up and even Sun Xin Yu also asked, "For example?"

"For example…" Zhang Yang thought for a while and said, "Let’s talk about the vampiric inheritance. There are seven [Inheritance Fragments], each respectively representing the head, neck, torso, left hand, right hand, left foot and right foot. You are required to collect all these seven [Inheritance Fragments] in order to activate the inheritance quest! The inheritance quest is cumbersome and very lengthy. But when you have completed this quest, you will be entitled to the vampiric inheritance! One of the skills in vampire inheritance is that the player’s body can be turned into thousands of bats for a short period of time, the player can fly physically and also rush to their enemies suck their blood and recover own HP bar!"

Fatty Han suddenly gave out a perverted smile, who knows what thoughts ran through his mind at that moment.

"So, there’s a Death Knight’s inheritance?"

"I guess so!" Zhang Yang nodded and continued, "It is also very troublesome to obtain inheritance. In the case of the vampiric inheritance, you must collect the seven [Inheritance Fragments] in order, not missing a single one of them, and it is impossible to retry or restart the quest! Some of the inheritances can be obtained repeatedly but some inheritances are unique! If two players held pieces of the same set of inheritance, they would be lighted up in each others maps. They would then have to fight for it!"

"Seems to be fun, I’m looking forward to it!" Wei Yan Er chirped happily.

"Alright, alright. Quick, little brat, do you want this [Skill Book: Death Strike]? Otherwise, I will give it to Galileo!"

Wei Yan Er quickly nodded her head repeatedly and replied, "Yes! Of course I want it!"

After little brat received the [Skill Book: Death Strike], she patted it against her body and learned the skill. She also posted the description of {Death Strike}.

{Death Strike} (Level 1): Immediately launches an attack on target, causing 100% melee attack of Shadow damage and recovering 10% HP. Requirement: Two-handed melee weapon. Cost: 50 Rage points. Cool down time: 30 seconds.

"Not bad!" Wei Yan Er smiled with satisfaction.

Zhang Yang shook his head again and again as he said, "That’s really too much, this skill does not only cause Shadow damage which ignores defense values, but it also recovers your HP turning it into both an offensive and a defensive skill. And all you have to say about that is ‘not bad’. What more do you want?!"

The other skill book was not for the players to learn, but was a pet’s skill book {Iron Build}!

Zhang Yang privately kept this skill book to himself, and he immediately handed it over to his Gold-Eared Bear King.

{Iron Build (Passive)}: Increases the pet’s HP by 30%.

Currently, Gold-Eared Bear King’s HP had exceeded 20,000 points, while its 30% HP was equivalent to 6,000 HP. After "combining" with Zhang Yang, this skill also increased Zhang Yang’s HP by 6,000!

Zhang Yang thought for a while and said, "Hundred Shots, get some people to find out, where did Imperial Sky get that [Monster Attack Order]!"

If it was not Zhang Yang’s [Friendship Jade], 90% of them would be annihilated! Although [Friendship Jade] had one use remaining, Zhang Yang couldn’t get this off his mind. Zhang Yang wanted to turn the tables on Imperial Sky and Liu Wei. It’s best he let them taste their own medicine.

Hundred Shots immediately nodded in acknowledgement.

He did not care about the means that Hundred Shot would use to obtain this information. Be it by bribery, or favors, it did not matter. He was willing to stoop to the same level of these villains in order to get back at them!

Zhang Yang disbanded the team. Some of the members logged out from the game to rest and relax. Others continued training.

After a while, one of Zhang Yang’s guild members sent a message to Zhang Yang and said, "Guild master, Imperial Sky’s territory has changed its name to Imperial Sky Castle and their territory’s teleportation fee is only 90 silver coins. They are now advertising in all main cities!"

Zhang Yang could not help get riled up again, as the most annoying thing about doing business was this kind of price war that purposely attempted to ruin the market’s value. In the end, nobody was bound to win in this!

When Zhang Yang reached in White Jade Castle, Imperial Sky’s members had flooded the area channel by asking people to boycott Thunderstorm Castle, and instead go to their Imperial Sky Castle! They even wantonly slandered Lone Desert Smoke, saying that teleportation fee of one gold coin simply exploited the players!

Zhang Yang felt disgusted. Was Imperial Sky not doing the same? Would a 10% discount make all the difference?

For the majority of the players, it did not matter which territory to go to and as long as the teleportation fee was cheap then they would choose the territory! Therefore, a lot of players immediately changed their mind and bound their [Teleportation Scrolls] to Imperial Sky Castle. However, some of the players did not really bother to switch places as they had already adapted to Thunderstorm Castle’s environment. Besides, it was just difference of 10 silver coins, it was not really a big deal for them!

After a day, Zhang Yang’s usual 7,000,000 gold coin profit of teleportation fees was instantly reduced to 3,280,000, with at least half of going to Imperial Sky Castle!

Fatty Han acted like a gangster and said, "Little Yang, let’s lead a team block the way to Imperial Sky Castle’s gate, and rob them, scare them into coming back to us?"

Zhang Yang started to boil up in anger instantly, but quickly burst in laughter upon realizing what Fatty Han said. He choked, "Do you have any idea of stopping 3,000,000 players? You can defeat one or two players but if you provoke everyone’s anger, at least a few hundred thousand players will come for your head. Tell me, how many soldiers should I dispatch to rescue you?"

Zhang Yang gazed into the distance and continued, "Currently, we only have to find out how Imperial Sky found the [Monster Attack Order]. As long as we also find this [Monster Attack Order] and use it on them, Imperial Sky Castle will be flattened to the ground. It will take care of all these problems at once!"

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