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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 298 — Heading to the Japan-Korea Region

Chapter 298: Heading to the Japan-Korea Region

Hundred Shots did not disappoint Zhang Yang, as it only took two days to come back with useful information!

Imperial Sky had defeated a Yellow-Gold boss, the Mythical King of Tyrannosauruses Morchason, and this boss actually dropped [Monster Attack Order]!

Hundred Shots had purposely searched the information about Morchason at the official website: Level 70 Yellow-Gold boss, Beast, 7,000,000 HP, Melee Attack, Body height of 56 meters, Basic Attack of 11,000, Attack Interval of 2 seconds, Spawns in Northern part of Mountains of Miduo at Meadow Flatlands, Re-spawn time is 1 month (Real time)!

Zhang Yang grew frustrated, realizing that they needed to wait for a month for the re-spawning of Mythical King of Tyrannosauruses. Even if they defeated this boss, it would not necessary drop a [Monster Attack Order]! According to the information from the official website, there was 20% chance of dropping [Monster Attack Order] for First Kill but the subsequent kills would have only 1% chance of dropping [Monster Attack Orders]!

In ‘God's Miracle’, as long as the players knew the name of the monster, they could get the specific information of the monster, such as monster’s HP amount, basic attack amount, type of attack and even its special drop. But if the players searched for the information of items in the official website, such as [Monster Attack Order], the official website would only show the attributes of [Monster Attack Order], without telling the players where to get this item!

Wait a minute!

Zhang Yang’s eyes suddenly shone, he immediately logged out from the game and switched on his computer, checking on the official website. He searched for Mythical King of Tyrannosauruses Morchason in official database and rows of information about Morchason were all listed out.

Zhang Yang scrolled the web page as he browsed the database and he stopped at the number of killings!

Currently, Mythical King of Tyrannosauruses Morchason had been killed seven times in the eight servers around the world but the Morchason in Japan-Korea server had not been killed yet!

Zhang Yang revealed a happy smile on his face and logged onto the game once again. He checked his friend list but Sun Xin Yu was offline.

Zhang Yang loitered around when he finally saw Sun Xin Yu logging onto the game in the evening. Then, he quickly sent a party request to Sun Xin Yu.


"Do me a favor!" Zhang Yang replied, "I need you…"

"… Pervert!" Sun Xin Yu immediately shot him down.

Zhang Yang was stunned, realizing Sun Xin Yu had already jumped to conclusions and he immediately explained, "Don’t get me wrong, only you can do this, and I really need you…"

"Do you want to die?" Sun Xin Yu started to grit her teeth.

"Damn it, will you please let me finish?!" Zhang Yang shouted.

Strangely, Sun Xin Yu remained silent after Zhang Yang shouted.

"I need you to go to Mystical Turtle City and head to the Meadow Flatlands, and then find a place known as Mountains of Miduo. After that, I will use the Lover's Charm to teleport to your location, as I want to kill a boss!" Zhang Yang explained.

Sun Xin Yu pondered for a while and asked, "How do I go to Mystical Turtle City?"

The teleportation portal between main cities could only function within the region, and if they wanted to travel across the region, they must first enter Chaos Realm and then go through the realm gate and enter another region! However, players must reach Level 100 in order to enter the Chaos Realm!

Zhang Yang smiled as he answered, "A hermit must have her own ideas!"

"Flattering lips!" Sun Xin Yu complained.

Even an icy woman like her would bother lecturing people? Zhang Yang felt his heart flutter. It was not that he liked to be scolded, but it was rare to see so much emotion from Sun Xin Yu! Zhang Yang ran towards Sun Xin Yu atop his Whitey.

After running for a while, he saw Sun Xin Yu standing elegantly in one corner. Although her face was still covered with a black cloth, her exquisite leather armor outlined her voluptuous body shape, like a beautiful piece of art!

Zhang Yang dismounted from his Whitey and took out his precious [Destination Teleportation Scroll] that had already been stored a long time ago in his inventory. He had won this [Destination Teleportation Scroll] from Ghostly Leaf after making a bet with him. Zhang Yang handed over the [Destination Teleportation Scroll] to Sun Xin Yu and said, "This is a [Destination Teleportation Scroll], you can use this to teleport to any main city in all eight regions of the world!"

A trace of curiosity appeared across Sun Xin Yu’s eyes and she immediately made to tear off the [Destination Teleportation Scroll] after taking it from Zhang Yang.

"Wait a minute!" Zhang Yang suddenly said.

Sun Xin Yu stopped tearing off the scroll, looking at Zhang Yang with her puzzled expression and large, elegant eyes.

"Please be careful!" Zhang Yang said with serious expression.

Sun Xin Yu’s fair cheeks immediately blushed, even through the black cloth that covered her face. Her delicate body shivered slightly, unable to hide her emotions. Staring at staring Zhang Yang with anger and embarrassment through those big eyes, she continued tearing the [Destination Teleportation Scroll].

A mini teleportation circle rapidly appeared beneath her feet, a white light flashed and encircled her body which was already in stealth mode. Then she was gone.

Stealth mode!

This was the reason why Zhang Yang had asked Sun Xin Yu to travel on his behalf!

Across the world’s eight regions, each of the regions were hostile to each other. If Zhang Yang was teleported to Mystical Turtle City, he would be beaten to a pulp by the players and NPCs in Japan-Korea server! No matter how strong Zhang Yang was, what chance would he have against all the players in a region?

In contrast, a thief could enter stealth mode and stalk about! Sun Xin Yu was a peerless Thief Lord and her skills were unmatched. After Zhang Yang had considered so many other factors, he could not find any other candidate than her!

Lost Dream? That was right, he is a strong Thief but the main issue was that, Lost Dream was a male and Zhang Yang would be unable to use Lover's Charm to teleport to Lost Dream.

Sun Xin Yu was sneaking into the enemy’s region alone so she would need to be extra careful. Zhang Yang shrugged, settling down at a place and started training, by killing monsters.

Because of the in-game time and real time adjustment, the players now would gain levels faster! Before Zhang Yang had reached Level 72, Han Ying Xue and the rest were already catching up. Currently, most of them were at about Level 69.

However, once they reach Level 70, that speed would drop!

After Zhang Yang pulled and cleared two rounds of monsters, he received a voice call from Hundred Shots, "Zhan Yu, our people discovered a mining cave!"

Zhang Yang blinked in surprise and asked, "What sort of materials?"

"Mithril, and small amount of brass!"

"That’s great!" Zhang Yang clenched his fist triumphantly, as mithril was a third grade mineral and it only spawned in Level 60 and above area maps, and was difficult to get into mass production! The mining cave made it so that players would not need to run around the area maps to obtain the ore. Having enough miners in the mining cave would do!

In Zhang Yang’s previous life, each time a new mining cave was discovered, guilds would fight for it! In the later stages of the game, a standard of measuring the strength of a guild was determined by whether the guild owned a territory or mining cave. If the guild did not have any of these two, then the guild would not be considered strong!

This should be the first mining cave in the China server. Other guilds would even be aware of the existence of mining caves yet! Zhang Yang commanded, "Send our miner type players, and station them in that mining cave. Then, arrange the appropriately leveled members to train in that vicinity and protect the mining cave!"

"Roger that!"

Hundred Shots was a very compliant right-hand man, Zhang Yang had complete faith in him. So, Zhang Yang did not ask about anything else, other than the exact location of the mining cave, which Coral Jade Mining Cave, in the west of Forest of Tanila.

Zhang Yang continued pulling and clearing monsters to gain experience. After at least seven to eight hours, he received a private message from Sun Xin Yu: "Come over!" Zhang Yang immediately equipped the [Lover's Charm: Yang] and then he was teleported to Sun Xin Yu’s location.

‘Ding! You have entered Meadow Flatlands (Japan-Korea Server). This is a hostile region, any players can initiate the attack on you and they will not be penalized with the Red Tag! You will be automatically have a red-tag on your name, and if you are killed, the chance of dropping your equipment has been increased by 100%!’

The system notification immediately rang around Zhang Yang’s ears.

Sun Xin Yu stood there, silent and still, like a snow lotus on the iceberg, as pure as settled snow.

Zhang Yang suddenly had an urge of pulling her down to the secular world from high above the clouds, to see what this lukewarm woman would actually look like if she started laughing out loudly! Zhang Yang could not help but asked, "Will you laugh?"

Sun Xin Yu looked at suspiciously and answered, "What nonsense!"

"Then, show me how you laugh!"

"…" Sun Xin Yu’s pretty eyebrows were furrowed. This was definitely a sign of her getting angry soon.

Zhang Yang laughed as he asked, "Do you still remember when you last had a laugh?"

Sun Xin Yu’s eyes widened in recognition, as if she did remember, but she did not reply Zhang Yang.

"Look at you, you don’t even remember when was the last time you laughed out loud happily!" Zhang Yang shook his head and asked again, "Are you happy with your life, at where you stand?"

"None of your business!" Sun Xin Yu answered coldly.

"On what days are you off work?"


"I want to take you out and have some fun!"

"I don’t want to go!"

"Then I’ll look for you at police station!"

"I just said that I don’t want to go!"

Zhang Yang stared at Sun Xin Yu, who maintained her gaze evenly. The main characteristic about this woman was that she was unwilling to lose.


Zhang Yang walked up to Sun Xin Yu and she backed off uncertainly, but she saw the intensity in Zhang Yang’s gaze. When Zhang Yang came even closer, Sun Xin Yu finally took another step backwards, keeping a distance of about one meter from Zhang Yang.

"Tomorrow, 8.00 pm, I will take you out for dinner. I won’t take no for an answer!" Zhang Yang said.


It was tiring, talking to this woman!

Zhang Yang relaxed his tensed up body and summoned Whitey, saying, "Let’s go for a boss!"

Both of them summoned mounts and started to gallop within the Kalojar Highlands of the Japan-Korea server. Luckily, this area was not a popular place for training, so they only met a few players who they tried to avoid.

Although both of them had hidden their character information, this server would forcibly display all their information. Both of their names were shown, along with the "China Server" tag. Being red-tagged also attracted a few hostile players.

However, this was Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu. They wouldn’t be beaten by any random party!

After killing off the annoying players, Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu made their way into Mountains of Miduo. Although the official database showed the Mythical King of Tyrannosauruses - Morchason’s approximate location, it did not show the specific coordinates, so players would have to search for the specific coordinates themselves.

After an hour, both of them reached a canyon. Zhang Yang felt that they had come to the correct place, as the monsters in this valley were all Mythical Tyrannosauruses!

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