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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 300 — Takeshis Fort

Chapter 300: Takeshi's Fort

Zhang Yang launched another {Spear of Obliteration} at the boss, and resumed his assault on the boss.

Morchason was truly frustrated, and it let out a series of thunderous roars, fruitlessly gnashing its teeth against the rocks. Sun Xin Yu had immediately followed up.

Actually, if Zhang Yang wanted to, he could have used the special terrain of this crack hole to launch a series of attacks every six seconds, using his {Block} to immunize himself from any damage, even being able to slay the boss without receiving any damage! But if he did so, he would make Sun Xin Yu feel awkward, therefore, he abandoned the thought and decided to carry on.

From the looks of it, Zhang Yang seemed to have found a way to cheat. But the game initially encouraged players to discover new battle tactics to engage in battle. The repetition of using only the same tactics are just meaningless and boring! However, only a few players could implement newly discovered tactics like what Zhang Yang was doing right now, before the implementation of flying mounts!

After some time, Zhang Yang’s health bar was about to hit the bottom again. He quickly informed Sun Xin Yu, "Icy, I am about to retreat again, you can activate your {Blur} to force your way to stay alive for awhile!"

He went straight for the crack hole as he spoke.

As Morchason could not lay it’s assaults on Zhang Yang, it turned all it’s aggro towards Sun Xin Yu and immediately began to stomp it’s way towards Sun Xin Yu.

One toe of the boss was as large as seven or eight Ping Pong tables bound together! The damage from the stomping covered a large area, and even with the activation of {Blur}, it was inevitable for her to be inflicted with damage! Sun Xin Yu quickly activated her {Sprint}, increasing her movement speed. Then she began to run towards the opposite direction.

At that moment, Zhang Yang ran out of the crack holes in time, once again attracting the aggro of Morchason, luring the boss to abandon Sun Xin Yu. The boss turned around and began to charge back at Zhang Yang. But just before it reached him, Zhang Yang quickly withdrew again.

Morchason could only turn back around to attack Sun Xin Yu. However, Sun Xin Yu had already ran a distance away.

Apparently, Zhang Yang was calculating the time frames silently. The poor boss was being meddled with like a marionette! As the boss will turn to whoever had the higher aggro value within it’s range of attacks, it could only turn back to look for Zhang Yang.


That little time was enough for his {Block} to cool down, so he took the opportunity to give it another blow before running back into the crack hole. At the same time, the cool down for the [Bandage] had ended, and he quickly patched himself up, restoring himself back to his solid state!

Reengaging into battle!

The aggro value was the most important basic knowledge when it comes to battling against monsters and bosses! If the aggro value distribution is erratic, the monster would either be really easy to defeat, or impossible to fight! That would leave the battle full of unpredictable possibilities! And because of the existence of this aggro value distribution system, only could players be divided into different roles; tankers kiting, healers healing, and damage output!

Thanks to this aggro value distribution system, Morchason had become an idiotic monster from head to toe. It was more like a toy, instead of a Yellow-Gold boss, being played around by Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu!

As long as the boss does not heal itself, it will surely be taken down in just a matter of time!

Half an hour later, Morchason was left with only approximately 300,000 health points, close to it’s demise!

Zhang Yang once again patched himself with a [Bandage] and went out of the crack hole. Just when he was about to land on the ground, he activated {Charge}, clashing into the thick, muscular lower body of Morchason!

Safely landed!

Whitey landed in similar pattern, and then Zhang Yang leaped onto the back of Whitey, instantly boosting his health points to 52,381/57,810!

Morchason gave a thunderous roar and attempted to stomp on Zhang Yang with it’s gigantic foot claw.

190,000! 180,000! The boss was near death! Just when things were getting smooth, suddenly, a party of approximately 20 players rode into the scene. Their leader was tagged, ‘Sanada Jubei, Level 66, Male Human, Templar, {Takeshi's Fort}’ right above his head! The rest of his party members were maintaining a distance of about 3 meters away right behind him, clearly revealing him as their leader.

These players were all from ‘Takeshi's Fort’!

Zhang Yang was not familiar with any player from the other countries, so he had no idea if this Sanada Jubei was a famous player or not in his previous life! Every country, region used different languages, however, the game had an in-built translator. Even though the translations were not always accurate, the meaning would always be conveyed.

They were staring Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu, and three of them were pointing at Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu. As they were still very far away, Zhang Yang could not hear what they were saying. But he could recognize that those three were among the players that he and Sun Xin Yu slaughtered while they were searching for the boss!

Reinforcements! What ‘great’ timing!

"Icy, let’s pick up the pace! We’ve got company!"

The two of them were increasing their strength in slaying the boss, while Zhang Yang managed to push the boss a little backward!

There were over 20 Japanese players coming their way. Knowing the fact that these Chinese players had crossed the border over to their territory to snatch the bosses within their area, and killing three of their members along the way, who could ignore that!

The party started charging at them.

"Is your cool down time over?" Zhang yang asked.

"17 seconds left!"

"Alright. Let’s wait until they enter the aggro range of the boss, then I shall use {Shadow of the Void}, and you shall use {Vanish}! Let the boss handle those shorty japs!" Zhang Yang laughed.

The players of the Takeshi's Fort had already collided into them. Other than Sanada Jubei, the rest of them had jumped down from their own [Mounts] and had began their assaults on Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu. At first, Zhang Yang thought that Sanada Jubei had a [Battle Mount], but upon closer observation, the player wasn’t even attacking him, he was only trying to act tough!

Sun Xin Yu activated her {Blur} without hesitation as she turned around and began her counter attack against the players from Takeshi’s Fort. Her equipment was very powerful, and her assassin profession was specialized for player versus player battles! After a few sidesteps and slashes, an enemy fell! The player dropped a pair of gaunlets that glittered in a greenish light.

A Green-Copper equipment? They actually came to seek for a fight with such low grade equipment?

"Just, disappear!" Sun Xin Yu said.

Although Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu are powerful, kiting a boss while engaging 20 over players, was a little too much to ask!

"Time to disappear!"

{Shadow of the Void}, {Blur} were both activated at the same instant! Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu immediately disappeared from the sight of the Japanese players.

But poor Whitey could not disappear together with Zhang Yang. Immediately, it became the main target of the boss. Boom! Boom! Boom! With every stomp inflicting more than 10,000 damage, Morchason stomped Whitey to it’s demise!

The moment Whitey was dead, the aggro of Morchason immediately switched straight onto those Japanese players! With a deadly swing of it’s long tail and a resounding sonic boom, the Japanese players were all flung into the air!

When the city gate catches fire, the fish in the moat suffer from it!

Sanada Jubei and his party members were screaming in agony. Why did this boss turn against its ‘countrymen’?! It was alright if it did not aid in chasing down the foreign intruders, it actually began to attack it’s compatriots!

Left without a choice, they were forced to engage!

Although Morchason was basically a fool right before Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu, it now acted like a true Yellow-Gold boss! With some stomps and swings of it’s tail, the party was wiped out!

20 seconds had passed, and Zhang Yang came out from the void. Seeing how the boss was chomping down their asses, Zhang Yang could not help himself but to laugh out loud.

Afterwards, he quickly ran towards the boss --- because if Morchason killed every single players on it’s aggro list, it will disengage from the battle and recover all of it’s health points. By then, all of the trouble that he and Sun Xin Yu went through will all be for nothing!

"You filthy Chinese pigs! I am going to tear you both into millions of pieces!" Sanada Jubei was cursing in rage!

Zhang Yang arrived at Morchason, however, he did not launch any of his attack but only pointed the tip of his sword at Sanada and said, "Dream on! Just get lost!"

In China, many people had amicable terms with the Koreans and Japanese, several being fans of their media and culture, but so were those who used terms like ‘Shorty Japan1’ and ‘Gaoli bangzi2’. Zhang Yang had no idea which type of people were the majority, but he was very sure of one thing, he did not have any good opinion towards Japanese men!

Although Sanada managed to activate {Sacred Protection} to grant himself a 5-second of invincibility, it only prolonged the inevitable. The moment the {Sacred Protection} vanished, Zhang Yang pierced through Sanada’s chest with his sword and fresh blood oozed out like a fountain, depleting all of Sanada’s remaining health points!

Grunting in anger, his body slowly slipped onto the ground. How could this had happened? They were having the advantage in numbers, while the two China players were engaged in a boss battle! Logically speaking, it should be just a walk in the park to take them both out for good, but how did the situation get turned around like that?

"Just roll away with your ‘eggs’ and get lost!" Zhang Yang withdrew his sword and turned back to the boss, blocking the big mouth of Morchason! The moment these bunch of Takeshi’s Fort players were all dead, the aggro of the Morchason was instantly switched back onto Zhang Yang.

Sanada Jubei was releasing his soul back to the the graveyard while posting comments on his regional channel saying, "There are two China pigs trespassing over into our territory, just by the Mountains of Miduo, and he is a Guardian! Gather around and chop up the two China pigs into pieces!"

In just an instant, the regional channel was full of their unrestful voices, with countless of them swearing to start a war.

In their previous attempt, the players of the Takeshi’s Fort had managed to reduce the health points of the boss by a few 10,000, leaving Morchason with only about 70,000 health points left. Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu finished off the boss in a short time, leaving behind tons of loots on the ground!

Zhang Yang quickly began to search the ground. He did not have the interest of finding any equipment, what he was looking for was the drop of the [Monster Attack Order]! Hoping, praying for it to drop!

After conveniently picking a few of the Yellow-Gold equipment and some Gray-Silver equipment, and finally, Zhang Yang found a piece of pale purplish parchment. It was just the size of a palm, one side of it was had the word ‘Order’ and the other side had the word ‘Monster’.

[Monster Attack Order] (Consumable)

Use: Marks a territory and lead monsters into bring destructive damage to the territory that is targeted.

Zhang Yang could not help himself but to reveal a sinister smile on his face, having thought to himself, "One Sword Stroke, Liu Wei, I bet none of you would have guessed… that I would obtain a [Monster Attack Order]… I shall make you look ‘good’! Don’t you guys love to fight for glory? Don’t you guys want China to only have one territory? I shall fulfill your ‘dream’!"


1. Shorty Japan - a term used to make fun or discriminate Japanese.

2. Gaoli bangzi - a common Chinese slang term used in damning the Koreans.

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