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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 301 — Monster Siege again!

Chapter 301: Monster Siege again!

"Icy, let’s go, it’s time to leave!" After getting his hands on the [Monster Attack Order], Zhang Yang naturally felt contented.

"You go on ahead, I am going to slaughter some more Japanese pigs!"

Looking at her excited eyes, Zhang Yang could not help but to feel riled up, and he suggested, "Fine! Let’s go kill some more of them piggies! Just let me activate this [Monster Attack Order] first!"

With a gentle tap on the [Monster Attack Order], a three-dimensional projection of a map appeared right in front of his eyes. On the left hand side of the map were the names of the eight main regions while the right hand side of the map was empty.

‘Ding! You have used the [Monster Attack Order]. First, please confirm the region!’

Zhang Yang reached out his finger and gently touched the ‘China region’ on the map, then, the projection on the right side instantly began to shift and a complete map of the China region appeared! Within the map, the Thunderstorm Castle and the Imperial Castle were both highlighted.

‘Ding! You have selected the ‘China Region’. In this region, there are two territories available for attacking, known as Thunderstorm Castle and Imperial Castle. Please select your specific target!"

Zhang Yang revealed a wicked grin on his face and gave a gentle, steady tap on ‘Imperial Castle’.

‘Ding! You have selected your target as China Region, Imperial Castle! The [Monster Attack Order] can only be used once. Once it is used, you cannot recover it anymore, proceed?’

Poof! The [Monster Attack Order] instantly turned into a piece of scrap, breaking up in Zhang Yang’s palm and dispersing into the air.

"Let’s go! Time to slay some shorty Japs!"

Zhang Yang summoned his regular [Mount] and rode for the valley together with Sun Xin Yu.

Not long after they departed, Zhang Yang received a private message from a fuming mad One Sword Stroke, "Zhan Yu, you ruthless sun of the beach!"

Zhang Yang shook his head without any pause and said, "Hey you, you used the [Monster Attack Order] on my territory back then. I didn’t make much fuss about it then! What, I’m not allowed to do the same back to you? How shameless!"

"… You just wait, I’m definitely not going to let this go! I’m decreasing the fare for my territory teleportation fees! Even if it means I’m not earning anymore, I’ll deprive you of your income!"

"Ha, by all means, if you succeed in keeping your territory! Oh right, I’m very busy right now, no time to chat now, bye!"

After ending the conversation with One Sword Stroke, Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu began their ‘conquest’ on hunting down the players in the Japan and Korea regions. When they came across a large number of enemies, they would stay hidden and not engage. When they came across a small number of enemies, they would simply engage and slaughter them all! Since the Level 60 maps are all so large, all they had to do was to hide, and the enemies would never find them unless they dispatched tens of thousands of players to sniff them out!

At that moment, the players in Korea and Japan regions were throwing all sorts of curses. Other than the parties of at least 20 or 30 players, any other small parties would not dare to set foot on the leveling grounds of Kalojar Highlands.

Both of them continued sweeping the area clean, day and night, however, as the real world time was already close to dawn, and Sun Xin Yu needed to go to work, both of them tore their own [Teleportation Scrolls] and made their way straight back to Thunderstorm Castle. Some well-informed news ‘transporters’ were posting the news about their deeds on the game forums.

‘Slaughtering within the land of Shorty Japan and Gaoli bangzi, boosting the morale of Republic of China!’. This person used an exaggerated title which instantly attracted a large number of clicks and replies. At first, many players thought that he was simply trolling, but later on, a bunch of players from Japan and China regions started replying furiously on the thread. They were calling them bullies, and challenging them to face the professional players from their own region!

Looks like it wasn’t fake news afterall!

In just a short moment, the reputation of Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu were escalated high up into the sky, even being called ‘heroes of the race’! Zhang Yang could not help but frown, he only intended to get the [Monster Attack Order], those players were simply collateral.

The enemies of the Lone Desert Smoke such as Imperial Sky and The Dominators also revealed themselves one after another on the forum page, trying to defame Zhang Yang by saying that he was only asking for attention! However, they ended up being drowned in the saliva of the ‘Online Water Army1’ to the point where they started being insulted instead --- it was an act that boosted the morale of the entirety of China, so do it yourselves if you are capable of doing it, if not, just drown yourselves by the drains at the side!

5th January, 7 pm!

The moment where the monsters would attack the Imperial Castle was finally here!

Zhang Yang and the gang abandoned the thoughts of grinding their levels, and instead, they went to the Meadow Flatlands. Although they could not join the battle Imperial Castle, but they could still at least watch the scene from afar! It was not a bad idea at all!

A few days back when they were defending their own territory, they were always hoping that the monsters were weak! But now, they could only hope that the monsters were all stronger than average bosses! It would be ideal if the first wave of the assault can level down Imperial Castle!

Apparently, Lone Desert Smoke weren’t the only ones who came by to enjoy the scene, guildmasters of the other large guilds such as Crimson Rage, Sky High, Sunset Amber, Radiance and others, along their own core players were showing up one after another to enjoy the scene as well!

First wave, second wave, third wave…

The main gate of the Imperial Castle was already been broken through! The battle was invading into the inner side of the territory!


A flash of white light passed, the Magic Cannons had been fired!

"They have already activated their Magic Cannon in the forth wave!" Lone Desert Smoke could not help themselves but to compare their own experience, as they only activated their Magic Cannon on the fifth wave!

"The monsters who spawn starting from the second half of the forth wave are all elite grade, it was indeed very challenging to handle!" Zhang Yang was happily retelling his experience to the other guild leaders.

Snow Seeker revealed a smile on her face and said, "From the looks of it, looks like Imperial Sky won’t make it through the day!"

Indeed, the Lone Desert Smoke had relied on Zhang Yang’s [Friendship Jade] to survive the assault, and even so, their territory was almost destroyed by the end of the assault!

After defending against the assault of the forth wave, the monsters of the fifth wave began to arrive!

The Magic Cannons on the upside of the wall were emitting out a series of blinding white blasts, wiping the invasive monsters away. However, as the those cannons had limited shots, they were quickly used up!

A large number of elite monsters gushed into the Imperial Castle. The spectators from afar could not see the events that were happening within the castle, but all they could see were wave after wave of monsters gushing, in like water going through a ruptured dam!

The boss of the fifth wave finally appeared! It was that farting boy Moriarty the Wind Surfer! His appearance was the last straw that broke the camel's back!

‘Server Announcement: The territory: Imperial Castle was destroyed by the monsters!’

"Oh yea!" Fatty Han and the other spectators were cheering and clapping, celebrating! Meanwhile, the people from Sunset Amber, Radiance were smiling from the bottom of their hearts. Previously, they were sabotaged by the Imperial Sky during the Soaring Sword Competition. Since then, they had bore deep grudges towards Imperial Sky! Nothing pleased them more than to witness the loss of their territory!

Zhang Yang was also receiving a tons of cursing and scoldings from the members of Imperial Sky through private messages. One Sword Stroke knew that there was no point in any of it, so he chose to let Zhang Yang walk away with a smile, without saying a word.

Setting the status to not accepting private message from strangers, Zhang Yang found his tranquility without trouble.

After logging out from the game, Zhang Yang confirmed with Sun Xin Yu on their dinner with her before he began to prepare to go out.

Walking beside a pretty police officer whose militaristic uniform did nothing to hide her voluptuous body, brought lots of envious looks from the street! After having dinner, he forcefully brought Sun Xin Yu to a movie, {Heart of the Knight}, which was shot in the {God’s Miracle}.

This movie was in high demand, and a lot of people were watching it, making the tickets hard to purchase. However, the movie itself was not that good, the story line was a little dull and old-fashioned, but the special effects, on the other hand, were off the charts.

However, Rome was not built in one day, to melt the ice frost of Sun Xin Yu and see her blooming with with joy and laughter wasn’t going to be easy, the amount of effort to do so must be tremendous!

After the movie, Zhang Yang escorted Sun Xin Yu back to her house before taking a cab back to his own apartment.

When he went online, Zhang Yang received a message sent by Sun Xin Yu, saying "Thank you!".

He could not help but smile, then he began to sweet talk, "Am I not your ‘boyfriend’? It’s my obligation to do so!"

"… Don’t think I had no idea about it. You were only saying it to save yourself from getting shot in the face!"

"Then, why didn’t you call me out?"

"Did you really want to die so badly?"

"No, not at all!"

"So let’s stop playing pretend now, I officially declare that I am dumping you!"

Although he had previously been trying to rid himself of that ‘Boyfriend’ title, now that his dream had come true, Zhang Yang suddenly felt a little heavy-hearted…

Sun Xin Yu may be icy cold and all, but she was a beauty nevertheless. Her body was out of this world! Pui! Zhang Yang could not imagine who would be picking away such delicate flower in the future!

As the Imperial Castle had been destroyed by the monsters’ assault, there was once again, only one territory in the whole of the China region. Players who had linked their [Teleportation scrolls] to Imperial Castle would have to rush all the way to Thunderstorm Castle to link [Teleportation scrolls] there.

Players who knew about the story from the beginning to the end could not help themselves but to laugh at the Imperial Sky for writing their own death sentence! Initially, they were planning to use the Monster Assault on the castle to get rid of Lone Desert Smoke’s Thunderstorm Castle. Not only did Lone Desert Smoke manage to defend themselves, they had replied with a [Monster Attack Order] of their own! Unable to hold out against the exact, same assault, they had lost their own Imperial Castle instead!

Lifting a rock up only to drop it on their own feet!

In the modern age of the internet, secrets no longer existed! The Imperial Sky had become the public joke, pushing them to go low profile ever since, rarely even appearing on the forums.

Since the Level 70 Dungeon, ‘Vestibule of Stones’ was for a party of five, Zhang Yang waited for the four ladies; Han Ying Xue, Daffodil Daydream, Sun Xin Yu and Wei Yan Er to reach Level 70 for starters. Only then did he make his move to acquired the first clear of the dungeon.

Currently, only the party who won the Soaring Sword Competition championship had crossed over the threshold of Level 70. Therefore, there was no stress at all for Zhang Yang and his party in acquiring the First Clear of the dungeon. All of them easily acquired one skill point for themselves!

"Guildmaster, guildmaster! There are two shorty Japs calling out for you and Ms. Sun Xin Yu on the official forums!"

Zhang Yang was looking for good stuff in the Auction house when he received a private message from a member of his own guild. He could not help but to smile, and he replied, "If they want to challenge us, why not! Just let them come over here if they are capable of doing so!"

"But they mentioned saying that they want a match on the ‘Hovering Amphitheatre’! Guildmaster, what is a ‘Hovering Amphitheatre’?"

Zhang Yang was shocked for a moment. That’s right! He knew very well what a ‘Hovering Amphitheatre’ was!

Hovering Amphitheatre was some sort of an arena which exist for players to challenge each other. But to activate the Hovering Amphitheatre, a player must pay a large sum of gold pieces first. Once the Hovering Amphitheatre is activated, the player can simply challenge another player to battle. No restriction on regions. However, the challenged player can choose to accept the challenge or decline the challenge.

The battle mode on Hovering Amphitheatre had the Level-Drop Penalty! There was a total of 3 grades. In a C-grade challenge, the loser will lose 1 level; in B-grade challenge, the loser will lose 2 levels; and finally in the A-grade challenge, the loser will lose 3 levels!


1. Online Water Army: a group of Internet ghostwriters paid by either enterprises or companies to post online comments with particular content that affects the flow of the situations.

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