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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 302 — Hovering Amphitheatre

Chapter 302: Hovering Amphitheatre

The Japanese players were trying to wash away their humiliation, and they were really putting in a lot of effort and money into doing so! It was actually unbelievable that they actually managed to dig out something such as this Hovering Amphitheatre!

Zhang Yang gave it some thoughts and replied, "Since they are wiling to spend money to buy more humiliation, then I shall grant them their ‘wish’!" He quit the game and looked up the official forum page where the Japanese posted their challenge invitation. By looking at it, he found out that the post was already been replied over tens of thousands of times. Some were summoning Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu to stand out and accept their challenge, while some other were cursing and scolding these two Japanese players for not knowing their own boundaries.

However, someone exposed that these two challengers actually belonged to the runner-up party of the Soaring Sword Competition held in the Japan and Korea regions, one being a tanker and the other being a thief. They definitely shouldn’t be underestimated --- but why didn’t they get the first place in the competition then? It was unfortunate, that they shared the same server as Korea, and Korea had always been a strong force in the world of online games. Naturally, they had a powerful presence in {God’s Miracle} as well, constantly oppressing the players from Japan.

Zhang Yang used his ID that had already been verified by the officials to comment, and he accepted the challenge of the two shorty Japs.

In just a short period of time, the two Japanese players replied. The duel matches were set to happen on the next day on 7th of January by 9 pm. It will be Tanker VS Tanker and Thief VS Thief, and the duels would answer all questions! The two Japanese players were shouting out like mad men, claiming that they would give a good beat down on Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu until they were on their knees, begging for mercy!

Faced with the provocation from the Japanese players, the players in China region were also agitated. One by one, they were posting their supports for Zhang Yang and SunXin Yu.

Before the real duel had even begun, the battle of words had already reached the peak!

The officials of the game even took the opportunity to sell tickets for the duel matches, and whoever wished to watch the matches must pay for it! And it’s not expensive too, just two gold pieces! But think about it, how many players are there in China and Japan, that amount of profit…

One day had passed quickly, and the time to duel had come!

"Noob tank, you better not lose!" Wei Yan Er stared up at them as if she was the one in charge.

Han Ying Xue threw a flirty wink and said, "Silly Yu, I shall give you a sweet kiss as the reward of winning the match!"

Zhang Yang felt a shiver down his spine for one brief moment and said, "Are you trying to make things hard for me? I have to consider whether to win or not now!"

"Don’t worry, I shall solve your problem and accept the kiss on behalf of you!" Fatty Han thumped his chest and said.

"Sister Sun, do you best! We are rooting for you!" Wei Yan Er also cheered for Sun Xin Yu.

"Zhan Yu, now that you are representing the entire China region into this battle, if you dare to lose this to these shorty Japs, I shall slaughter you with my own bare hands!" Greensleeves Prince of Sunset Amber said.

"Zhan Yu, if you win against those shorty Japs, I will stay with you for a night!" that was from Perfumed Water.

‘Ding! Player Kigetsu Zan (Japan-Korea Server) has sent you an A-rank Hovering Amphitheatre Challenge, accept or decline?"

Zhang Yang heard a voice notification from the system right by his ears, and almost at the same instant, Sun Xin Yu had also received a A-rank Hovering Amphitheatre Challenge from Player Kichiku Michi as well.


Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu both vanished in an instant and they were teleported into a virtual arena.

‘Ding! The duel will commence in 5 minutes, please make preparations for it!’

Meanwhile, the players from both China and Japan-Korea were tossing in their gold pieces to enter the spectator area, and the number of the audience was increasing rapidly as time passes. Unfortunately, the two matches were held at the same time, so everyone had to choose!

Zhang Yang did not summon his Whitey out, and on the contrary, he took off every single piece of his equipment and only kept the [Dark Enigmatic Sword] and the [Titan Wall] on him!

If he was on a battlefield, he would do anything necessary to kill all his enemies! But this was a highly prolific match, and it involved the name of their countries, their races! So, he had to win, and he had to leave the opponent with no excuses for it!

Seeing Zhang Yang taking off almost everything, most of the audiences were puzzled by his act. What is going on? Was Zhang Yang trying to let go of the winning chance of this match?

But those who knew Zhang Yang well, began to smile.

Fatty Han cheered, "Little Yang is about to get real! Those Japs are going to drop their pants to the ground, and then they’ll have to bow down and sniff them!"

"These shorty Japs really need to be taught a good lesson!" Lost Dream was tossing his fists around and said, "Unfortunately I can’t go to the Japan-Korea server, or else I will kill them myself!"

"Guildmaster, do your best! Go go go!" The entire guild cheered for him.

‘Ding! The match of Zhang Yang VS Kigetsu Zan will commence in 10 seconds!’

10, 9, 8… 3, 2, 1!

Zhang Yang raised up his [Dark Enigmatic Sword] and [Titan Wall] and walked towards his opponent slowly.

Two opposition sides ---

Zhang Yang

HP: 9,520

Attack: 1,178 - 1,378

Defense: 800

Damage absorb Attribute: 300

Level: 71

Kigetsu Zan

HP: 19,840

Attack: 1,576 - 1,776

Defense: 730

Damage absorb Attribute: 820

Level: 69

Judging from the attributes from both sides, the regular attack of Zhang Yang could not even penetrate the defense of Kigetsu Zan, not at all! So how would this carry out then?

Kigetsu Zan stared at Zhang Yang, full of rage and said, "Are you trying to humiliate me?"

Zhang Yang shrugged and said, "Don’t get me wrong, now that we are evenly matched with this current situation, people won’t say anything about me picking on you!"

"You mother of… Argh!" Kigetsu Zan pulled out his battle axe with murderous intent and said, "I shall make you regret your actions!"

The two dashed towards each other and used {Charge}!

As the two of them clashed into each other, both of them were stunned almost at the same instant. But why ‘almost’? Zhang Yang had initiated his Charge by just a few fractions of a second earlier!

That had cause him to recover from stun a tiny bit earlier than his oponent!

It was enough to determine the results of the battle!

Zhang Yang swiftly circled to the back of Kigetsu Zan and activated his {Blood Rage}, instantly boosting his rage points up to 42 points, and he swung his sword at his opponent.


The damage was so low that the audience went ‘awww’, and the rage points accumulated from that hit was just 5 points.

Kigetsu Zan had also recovered from stun, and he turned around trying to face Zhang Yang. However, Zhang Yang had predicted his movement by observing all the micro movements of his body, and with a swift slip again, he stayed on the back of his opponent for about 3 seconds, and he gave another hit that inflicted about ‘-73’ points of damage.

Poor Kigetsu Zan continued to make attempts to face himself towards Zhang Yang, trying his very best to shake Zhang Yang off his back, but he never succeeded. All he could ever do was to let Zhang Yang continued to poke his ass from his back! His health points was around 20,000 points, to kill him by inflicting these small amount of damages that Zhang Yang is doing to him right now requires at least 3 minutes, enough for his {Berserker's Heal} to cool down!

But the main point was the indignity! This time around, it was them who invited Sun Xin Yu and Zhang Yang for this match to stand up for the dignity and the pride of their Imperial Japan, isn’t it? Allowing Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu to travel into their lands just like that was already an insult!

Things were worse now! The fact that a near-naked player could toy with him like that! This… nobody would be able to swallow in this kind of humiliation!

{Destructive Smash}!

Zhang Yang had finally accumulated enough rage points, with a flash from his [Dark Enigmatic Sword], he finally inflicted Kigetsu Zan with more decent damage!


Kigetsu Zan was moving left and right trying to turn around, and as he began to realize that he could not shake off Zhang Yang, he began to run forward in a straight line.

--- Zhang Yang almost had no equipment on him, so his agility attribute must be very low now, his movement speed would definitely be no match to Kigetsu Zan’s!

After Kigetsu Zan ran forward for some distance, he turned his head around, only to get even more enraged! Apparently, Zhang Yang was resting his [Dark Enigmatic Sword] on his shoulder while staring at him nonchalantly! He had not even tried to pursue Kigetsu Zan!

"Bastard! Bastard!" Kigetsu Zan had lost it and began to curse continuously. He ran all the way back to Zhang Yang. Swinging his axe up into the sky, he tried to cleave Zhang Yang’s head.

Approach, activate skill!

Zhang Yang dodged the slash from Kigetsu Zan without much effort, and then he raised his shield up to engage, and used his {Block} to block the following {Wave Blast} from his opponent. With another swift glide, he went right to the back of Kigetsu Zan once again!


As the [Dark Enigmatic Sword] struck by, another damage value appeared right on Kigetsu Zan.

The battle progressed with Zhang Yang continuously staying behind Kigetsu Zan and poking Kigetsu Zan’s ass with his sword, and every time when Zhang Yang’s {Block} was completely cooled down, he would create a chance for Kigetsu Zan to attack him, accumulating 30 rage point with his skill {Block}. The rest of the time, he would just focus staying on behind Kigetsu Zan to poke his ass with his [Dark Enigmatic Sword], and activate {Destructive Smash} whenever he had enough rage points, to reduce the healing effects on Kigetsu Zan.

The battle was absolutely one-sided, took a lot of time, but within two minutes, Kigetsu Zan was already close to death! But what humiliated him the most was that he was not even be able to touch his opponent yet!

Kigetsu Zan was drowned with his shame. He was running forwards, attempting to gain distance between himself and Zhang Yang while waiting for the reduction effect on his healing effects to fade, planning to use {Berserker’s Heal} to heal himself back to his full health!

But Zhang Yang had already predicted his moves, and with a stomp on the ground, he activated {Thunder Strike} and reduced the movement speed of Kigetsu Zan!

Kigetsu Zan quickly used his {Thunder Strike} as well, leaving both of them moving slowly, at least he had the higher agility value still!

The logic was right! Initially the agility attribute of both parties were different, the agility attribute of Kigetsu Zan was 110 points, which was 10 points higher than Zhang Yang’s 100 points of agility attribute. But after the speed reduction was applied on both of them, the difference between the two agility attribute points was shortened! It became a situation where the agility attribute of Kigetsu Zan became only 55 points, which was only 5 points higher than Zhang Yang’s 50 points of agility! As the movement speed was reduced, the difference between their speed was shortened quite much! Both of them were moving like snails!



Zhang Yang was still poking Kigetsu Zan’s ass with his [Dark Enigmatic Sword]!

Left with no choice, Kigetsu Zan grit his teeth and activated his {Berserker’s Heal}.


It was a pitiful healing value, because of the 75% reduction on healing effect by {Destructive Smash}, the {Berserker’s Heal} could only heal Kigetsu Zan not more than 5000 health points! It was a tragedy, a tragedy that was too cruel to even look at!

Kigetsu Zan was tearing up. What a menace! To actually toy with people to this point!

Having activated his {Shield Wall}, his other life saving skills, and his {Berserker’s Heal}, Kigetsu Zan had nothing left to defend himself in the arena!

Time to slaughter!


Zhang Yang had finally emptied out Kigetsu Zan’s last drop of health points with a fatal blow using his sword.

It was a total torture and slaughter! Kigetsu did not only suffer the lost physically and mentally, he also received the penalty of the A-Grade Challenge, being ‘downgraded’ by 3 levels! He was definitely going to be cursed upon after this, a tragedy that he will never forget in this life!

Everyone on the audience area was speechless with what they had just witnessed! Previously, they thought that the ‘Butterfly Steps’ that Zhang Yang invented during the Soaring Sword competition was already the best creation in the world of Player VS Player! But no one had thought that Zhang Yang would pull off a performance that far transcended that!

Quite a large number of people were stunned to see that it was actually not that difficult to bring a Guardian down to the ground. After witnessing Zhang Yang taking off almost all of his equipment and defeating the fully equipped Kigetsu Kan, it seemed that the officials were right all along! No profession was stronger than the other, only players!

Meanwhile, somewhere in a corner, One Sword Stroke could only frown! He knew that Zhang Yang was a skillful player, but he had considered himself close to that level as well. But he knew, that he would never have been able to defeat Kigetsu Zan after taking off his equipment like Zhang Yang did. And Zhang Yang had not taken a single damage from it!

That would require skills that go far beyond one’s imagination! One must also have an incredible motor nerve system, and also a very sensitive feeling towards the situation of battles! These all 3 criteria are a must for a player to be so good!

But as Zhang Yang grew stronger, One Sword Stroke only grew more determined! It would be a true achievement to defeat Zhang Yang at his top form! He couldn’t wait for the Professional League Championship to begin. He was very eager to have a battle of the century with Zhang Yang in the arena!

After Zhang Yang was teleported out from the arena, Sun Xin Yu was already waiting outside. The real battle between her and her opponent merely took 17 seconds, the rest of the time was spent on playing ‘hide and seek’ in the arena. In the end, Sun Xin Yu was far more superior in term of skills! She successfully caught her opponent, which sealed her victory!

"Little Yang, good job! You’ve tortured that Jap well enough to entertain me! I feel so much happier now!" Fatty Han was smiling very happily, "Let’s go, we shall go and have a good drink together!"

Zhang Yang reequipped himself and replied, "No go! Not unless it’s on you. You always leave the bill to me!"

Han Ying Xue and the rest of his gang had rounded up on him. One by one, they congratulated him, and after some idle chatter, they finally left.

"Time to grind for experience points!" Zhang Yang recruited Han Ying Xue, Sun Xin Yu, Wei Yan Er and Daffodil Daydream into his party, and they departed to the Level 70 map, the Kingdom of Oz.

The five of them rode on their [Mounts].

The [Crimson Red Mythical Tyrannosaurus] that Sun Xin Yu was riding had leveled up to Level 63. It had grown up from a mini tyrannosaurus to a 3-meter tall tyrannosaurus! It’s body is completely covered in crimson red skin, it was very attractive! From afar, it looked like a gigantic ruby!

Han Ying Xue was envious of it, so she said, "Silly Yu, you really are biased! I don’t care, you must take the responsibility and find me a [Pet Mount] too, and it should at least be a Yellow-Gold grade!"

"I want it too! Me too!" Wei Yan Er quickly took the opportunity to beg as well, raising her hands high up to the sky.

"Sigh!" Zhang Yang let out a breath of sigh and said, "You two should be more like Daffodil Daydream! Look at her, when did she ever demand for anything like this before?"

"Daffodil Daydream, you can’t be like this forever. It is the fate of a mistress to demand for everything from her man!" Han Ying Xue continued with a straight face, "Furthermore, even if you become the main wife, you’ll have to throw more tantrums. You need to keep him in check! Sooner or later, you will be replaced by another mistress out there!"

Zhang Yang dripped cold sweat all over his head, and he said, "What the heck are you talking about?"

"Oh yea, the 23rd of January is upon us, I’m about to become an adult, and finally, I will be claiming the company back!" Wei Yan Er did a fist pump.

Zhang Yang could not help himself but to laugh, "What an ungrateful daughter you are, to actually want to kick your dad off the company so urgently!"

"What choice do I have, if dad does not step down, those bloodthirsty relatives of mine shall suck the company dry! By then, it will be too late to chase them out of the company! If I leave the company to them, they will definitely taint everything that my mother and my aunt worked on, for so many years!" For once, Wei Yan Er was dead serious.

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