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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 303 — The Ravine of Coyotes

Chapter 303: The Ravine of Coyotes

Zhang Yang gave it some thoughts and then he said, "You two young ladies should be more careful about this. They may be your relatives, but you will be taking a load of money off their hands. Who knows what may happen!"

In his previous life, he had not heard about Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er, was it because they had an accident before he knew about them? Some people would kill for tens of thousand dollars. Silky Soft Holdings was a large-scale company, worth tens of millions! That kind of profit would drive people into the madness of greed and kill for it!

The Kingdom of Oz was just located by the north side of the Forest of Tanila, being the nearest map from Thunderstorm Castle among the six Level 70 maps. Of course, it would naturally become their first choice to grind their levels.

After rushing for a distance, they arrived at a narrow valley. Looking at the valley side, the place was crawling with demons. There were small-sized demons with Crimson red bodies, there were also blue apparitions, and also a bunch of scantily clad succubi.

"Let’s begin our work here!" Zhang Yang tapped on the head of Whitey, Whitey immediately let out a roar and began to charge into the valley.

The five of them were so powerful that they quickly wiped out the monsters, providing Zhang Yang and his party a sea of experience points. After grinding for more than three hours, Zhang Yang had finally achieved a level up, reaching Level 72, bringing him one step closer to equipping the [Titan Armor Set].

The five of them were slaughtering their way through, forcing their way through to the other end of the valley. Before them was a small camping site with only ten tents being set up there. The surroundings were set up with defensive fences, built with sharpened woods. There were also two heavily armored soldiers guarding, by the entrance of the camp site.

The armors on the two soldiers were heavily weathered, and they were stained in aquamarine blood. It seemed that they did not even have the time to fix their equipment, or even wipe them clean!

[Ravines of Coyotes - Soldier] (Elite, Humanoid Creature)

Level: 74

HP: 74,000

Defense: 400

The information of these NPCs were shown in green words, it also meant that this entire camp site was a friendly station. To find a camp in such a desolated place, Zhang Yang was 90% sure that such places would have quests to complete!

"Hold it right there, who are you people?" The two soldiers instantly drew their swords after catching sight of Zhang Yang’s party. They did not sound friendly at all.

Zhang Yang smiled and said, "We are adventurers!"

"Adventurers? God damn it, I knew it! That god damn state of Empire abandoned us and left us for dead! Alright, fellow adventurers, you may enter our camp site. Maybe our chief will give you some small errands to run!" One of the soldier informed them.

As the five of them entered the camp site, they saw a pergola, set right in the middle of the entire camp site. There was an officer with the name ‘Captain Kang Na’ shown right above his head, standing right in front of a table, revealing a worried frown on his face. Beside Kang Na, there was a warrior equipped in a full body of armor, with a name ‘Quartermaster Patna’ right on top of his head.

[Captain Kang Na] (Gray-Silver, Humanoid Creature)

Level: 75

HP: 3,750,000

Defense: 800

[Quartermaster Patna] (Gray-Silver, Humanoid Creature)

Level: 73

HP: 3,650,000

Defense: 800

D*mn, a captain and a quartermaster --- Gray-Silver bosses! Ever since they they entered the high level maps, Gray-Silver bosses had been all over the places, meaning that they were certainly losing their prestige over time!

"Adventurer?" Kang Na raised his head up and glanced Zhang Yang and his party, before scowling, "Just the five of you? What can you do?"

Zhang Yang smiled and said, "If the five of us were able to clear a path and arrive at your camp site, does that not speak for our strength?"

Kang Na blinked in surprise and said, "That is true, this valley is crawled with demons in all corners. You making it here should mean that you really have some skills! However, our camp is now facing a crisis that cannot be solved with skills alone!"

He then stared at the five of them and said, "Alright, rookies, I shall give you a chance! Our camp is seriously lacking of supplies, and our soldiers are required to stay and guard this camp site. So, you rookies go ahead and get us something to eat! Hmm, preferably meat, large pieces of meat! We have not been eating fresh meat for weeks!"

‘Ding! Captain Kang Na has given you a quest: Supply for the Camp, accept or decline?’


Zhang Yang approached the Quartermaster Patna and asked, "Quartermaster, anything here for sale?"

Patna gave a good laugh and said, "Adventurer, you have good intuition, knowing that I have some here! Here, feast your eyes upon them!" the NPC reveal his interface for sales.

Holy god, there were really plenty of good stuffs in there! Alchemist recipes, a variety of blueprints for different professions such as Blacksmiths, and also a variety of [Skill Books] for different professions. However, these items could not be bought with gold pieces, but a type of item called the [Demonic Stone].

These so-called [Demonic Stones] can be bought from the NPC, but the price is 1,000 pieces of [Demonic Stone Shards] for each stone. Zhang Yang tapped on the description of the [Demonic Stone] with his finger and immediately, the information popped right out: You must be equipped with the [Soldier’s Badge] to be eligible to collect [Demonic Stones] or [Demonic Stone Shards] from the dead bodies of the demonic monsters within the Ravines of Coyotes. The higher the grade of the demon, the higher the rate of dropping a [Demonic Stone]!

Zhang Yang was curious, so he asked, "Quartermaster, how do we get [Soldier’s Badges] then?"

"Only brave warriors who have earned our approval will be eligible to wear the [Soldier’s Badge]! So, rookies, get the quests done well and you might gain the captain’s approval!" Patnar explained.

"Silly Yu, are the stuffs here good?" Han Ying Xue asked.

The descriptions of [Skill Books] and [Recipes] were not visible to people who have not learned them yet. Therefore, the four ladies on his party could only stare at the names of those [Skill Books] and [Recipes] dumbly.

Zhang Yang nodded and told them, "It’s worth the shot!"

The warrior profession [Skill Book] was named {Heroic Leap}! In his previous life, he did not acquire this [Skill Book] through any quests in this location, but he had acquired it through slaying a boss. This skill allowed a warrior to leap from one place to another, the effect was basically similar to {Charge}, but the only difference was that {Charge} could not travel through obstacles, while {Leap} could!

Of course, the obstacle must not be too tall.

"Let’s go and get these NPCs some food to eat!" Zhang Yang flipped on his [mount].

Although each [Skill Book] was sold at only one piece of [Demonic Stone], but judging from the fact that 1000 [Demonic Stone Shards] were required to exchange for only one [Demonic Stone], Zhang Yang knew that it was not going to be easy at all, and they had no clue on the drop rates of those [Demonic Stone Shards]!

Han Ying Xue and the girls once again summoned their [mounts] as well and rode out of the camp site with Zhang Yang.

[Supply for the Camp] (Difficulty: D-rank)

Description: The captain of the Ravine of Coyotes - Kang Na would like you to collect 200 pieces of Iron Back Rhinoceros leg meat! "Humph, it’s been so long since we have tasted good meat, the thought of it is making us drool!" You can find Iron Back Rhinoceroses by the Swan Lake in the Ravine of Coyotes.

Completion: Collect the thigh meat of Iron Back Rhinoceros 0/200

Quest reward: Soldier’s Badge

As the five of them came out from the valley, they arrived at the Swan Lake. Along the lake, there were many white rhinoceros chewing on the grass and drinking from the lake. Although their numbers weren’t small, they were scattered across the entire area, making it difficult to round them up.

"The quest says that each of us must collect 200 pieces of thigh meats of the rhinoceros, I think it’s best we split up!"

So they went out into the area in four different directions. Han Ying Xue, as always, tagged along with Wei Yan Er.

Although the Iron Back Rhinoceroses were quite large in size, but they were just regular Level 73 monsters, posing no threat at all to Zhang Yang. But as the number of monsters around was low, the effect of the [Dark Enigmatic Sword] could not be triggered often. It could only function as a regular Level 60 Yellow-Gold weapon!

Although the number of monsters in the area were abundant, the drop rate of the quest item was not high at all. It took about an hour for Zhang Yang to complete collecting all 200 pieces of thigh meat of the Iron Back Rhinoceros! On the other hand, Sun Xin Yu and Daffodil Daydream were almost done with the quest as well, but Wei Yan Er and Han Ying Xue still had a certain number to collect in order for them to catch up.

Zhang Yang went on to help the two ladies finish up, and after another 20 minutes, everyone in the party had finally collected all 200 pieces of the meat. Then they headed back to the camp site ready to turn their quests.

"Very good, you are more capable than I thought, after all! But don’t get ahead of yourselves, you people are just a tiny bit better than those rookies! Compared to my soldiers, you are still far behind!" Captain Kang Na had a holier-than-thou look on his face.

‘Ding! You have completed a quest: Supplies for the Camp, obtained 200,000 experience points!’

‘Ding! You have acquired an item [Soldier’s Badge]!’

[Soldier’s Badge] (Accessory, White)

Equip: allows you to collect [Demonic Stone Shards] and [Demonic Stone] from the demons you slay within the Ravine of Coyotes.

Level required: 70

"Rookies, you have completed one simple quest! Now, here’s another! The reason remains unknown for the sudden increase of these foul demons around this area. Go and investigate!"

Captain Kang Na still had that arrogant look pasted on his face, ordering Zhang Yang and the others around with his loud, annoying voice.

‘Ding! Captain Kang Na has given you a quest: Investigate the Demon’s Territory, accept of decline?’

Wei Yan Er began to complain, "This NPC is so full of himself! I really want to beat the crap out of him!"

"It’s just an NPC, it’s all part of the script. If you want to beat someone, beat the designers from Dream Technology!"

[Investigate the Demon’s Territory] (Difficulty: B-rank)

Description: The Captain Kang Na of the Ravine of Coyotes wants you to investigate the Demon’s Territory, and find out the reason behind the increasing number of demons lurking around. The Demon’s Territory is located approximately 20 kilometers from the Ravine of Coyotes.

Completion: Investigate any anomaly within the Demon’s Territory 0/1

The five of them rode out on their own [mounts] towards the west. After traveling through a forest, a large camp site was spotted right in front of them. The camp site was about seven to eight kilometers in radius. The previous campsite was more like a hut compared to this!

Around the campsite, there was a large number of demons wandering around. Succubi prowled around the outside, showcasing their scantily clad, seductive bodies, with nothing but a piece of leather around their ample chests and tight spats that barely covered their butt cheeks. At their lower spines, devilish tails sprouted out. More importantly, compared to the previous succubi that they encountered before, these succubi were all elite monsters!

[Succubus] (Elite, Demon)

Level: 75

HP: 75,000

Defense: 400

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