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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 304 — Investigation in the Demon’s Territory

Chapter 304: Investigation in the Demon’s Territory

"Why aren’t there any male succubi?" Wei Yan Er asked.


"Are they even called male succubi to begin with?"

"I think they are called incubuses…" Daffodil Daydream whispered to herself quietly.

"Hmm…In that case, could they just give birth to male succubus?" Persistent till the end, Wei Yan Er refused to let the topic die off without getting a satisfied answer.

Zhang Yang rustled his hair furiously. If he did not answer her question, it would only be hell for him as she will continue bugging the party with more and more stupid questions. He gave it serious thought and finally came up with a suitable answer. "I believe that this race is a peculiar, special one. I think that if the succubi gave birth to male offspring, they will inherit the father’s race. The female offspring will the succubi by default!"

"Woah…" Wei Yan Er eyes glinted with joy at the newly acquired knowledge. However, she cocked her head and asked, "Why is that?"

"…How the hell would I know? What do I look like? The father of all succubi? Ask the game developers yourself!" Zhang Yang snapped impatiently.

Han Ying Xue patted Zhang Yang’s shoulder and said, "Ah…my sweet stupid Yu, now you know my pain!"

Zhang Yang pondered for a brief second and realized what she meant. She must have had to endure Wei Yan Er’s insanely huge curiosity for several years! Zhang Yang smiled weakly as he understood her! Perhaps, the reason that Han Ying Xue went to England for her studies was not all because of Luo Yang Ming, could it be, that she was also running away from her precious, demonic little cousin sister?!

Zhang Yang clapped his hands together and cried out. "Alright guys! Let’s start the fight!" He then patted the white bear’s head in a light, yet decisive manner.

The party now had a total of three battle mounts. Their total battle power had increased to a whole other level, especially with the [Gold-Eared Bear King] and [Crimson Red Mythical Tyrannosaurus]. Both of the battle mounts were Yellow-Gold tier! Their battle power were about the same as similarly leveled players with Gray-Silver equipment!

"Mmmm~ Human male! Play with me!" One of the succubus immediately engaged with the party and lashed the whip in her hand. She licked her red lips seductively, moaning at the same time as she gyrated her hips.


The whipped landed on Zhang Yang head, even though he thought that he actually dodged it.

"You sly minx! Taste my axe!" Wei Yan Er leaped forward and swung the giant axe in her hand.

With the combined attack from five players and three battle mounts, the succubus only fought for a few minutes before moaning in a great, loud ecstatic cry as she collapsed. Just as she fell defeated, a few [Silk Cloth] and copper coins burst out! There was even a piece of [Demonic Stone Fragment] which was swiftly looted by Wei Yan Er by her lightning speed snatching!

"Sigh! You girls don’t know how to take care of your own image. At least make an effort to do so!" Zhang Yang sighed heavily and laughed. "I knew it, women are the brutal ones!"

"*ahem* Excuse me! I’m not a woman! I’m still a girl!" said Wei Yan Er as she stuck her tongue out.

Han Ying Xue, on the other hand, blew a kiss at Zhang Yang and winked. "I’m not a girl, but I’m not yet a woman. A maiden, I would say at best!"

A cold sweat dripped down from Zhang Yang forehead. What a woman! If the little girl does not what she’s saying, it’s best to leave it that way! Why can’t you just keep your lecherous mouth shut for just a good d*mn minute!?

There were many monsters in the camp. As the party proceeded in deeper, they had killed so many monsters that they had already lost count of them. After a while, they finally arrived at a small castle. This was the central point of the entire Demon Territory. Instead of a regular, medieval like castle structure, this was more of a gigantic round pillar. With only one floor, it was not all that tall in height. Outside the entrance of the castle were four large flags that represented various demonic races. Under the flags were eight elite tiered Flame Hell’s Devil.

[Flame Hell’s Devil] (Elite, Demon)

Level: 76

HP: 76,000

Defense: 600

These stone-like beings were naturally high in defense. The average Level 70+ Elite tier monster would have only roughly 400 Defense! Yet, they had 50% more than that! In addition to that, these devils had the {Burning Aura}, dealing 1000 Fire damage to every target within 40 meters of their vicinity. Luckily, the same aura effect would not stack upon each other!

"I think, that’s where we’re supposed to investigate!" said Zhang Yang.

Han Ying Xue cast a {Holy Shield} on Zhang Yang and winked at him. "Go on!" said Han Ying Xue with the expression that says "Go, be the meat shield!".

Reading the expression on her face like a book, Zhang Yang rolled his eyes and said, "You’re already so brutal to me as a maiden. I wonder how orc-like you’ll become when you become someone’s woman!" As soon as he said that, he rode off to the monsters, leaving Han Ying Xue behind, sulking.

"KIIIII KIII!" One after the other, the monster reacted violently as Zhang Yang entered their aggro. Zhang Yang had only engaged one of them, but the other seven of them were also triggered. Stomping their stone feet into the ground, they fired flaming green-emerald projectiles at Zhang Yang. If Zhang Yang were to fight these monsters alone, like he always did, he would have evaded the attacks with a quick sidestep. However, now that he had brought the devilish Little Snow along, he would not let her have it her way, knowing that they woman was lazy and would definitely slack if given the opportunity. With that thought in mind, he took the hit head on, without dodging it.

{Burning Aura} could have only done minuscule damage to him. Even though the monsters had 1,400 physical attack damage, all eight of them combined would only damage Zhang Yang by around 10,000 damage. At most, if Han Ying Xue could not keep up the healing, he would only need to activate {Berserker’s Heal} since it had only two minutes of cool down time. Might as well use it, or it will be wasted there in his hotkeys, collecting dust!

"As expected of Zhan Yu! Only the guild master could do something as brave as tanking all eight monsters at the same time! I believe that no other tanks could stand up to those monsters like the way Zhan Yu did!" Daffodil Daydream praised Zhang Yang.

Hearing what she said, Han Ying Xue budged in and laughed manically. "Oh, please. If you have a crush on our precious dummy there, just say it! We’re all practically family now! You don’t have to act all shy and bashful! Be straight! Be firm! Say it to his face!"

"N-N-No! I-I I er…" Stopping her attacks, Daffodil Daydream crouched down and hid her vermillion colored cheeks.

Zhang Yang frowned. "Woman! Control your words! Would it kill you to not be a jack-*ss for just one day?"

"Why? Feeling heartbroken?" Han Ying Xue provoked Zhang Yang.

"Oh! Sister! You’re such a thug! Thug life!" cried Wei Yan Er.

Zhang Yang let out a loud sigh and turned back to focus on engaging the monster. After a brief moment of silence, Zhang Yang spoke. "You know, when we were fighting the rhinoceros back there, I heard a male and female rhinoceros chatting about something. It went like this. The male rhinoceros said, "My love! Run away! The devilish snow has arrived!" and then the female rhinoceros said, "Who the hell does she think she is!? I will stab her myself!" and before the female rhinoceros could do anything, the male rhinoceros quickly said, "No! You must run! That devilish snow loves to ‘blow the horns’. Hearing that, the female rhinoceros ran away."

Before Zhang Yang could continue on, Sun Xin Yu and Daffodil Daydream were already snickering away. Wei Yan Er looked at Zhang Yang with her dumbfounded expression on her face. "Why did the female rhinoceros ran away?"

"Dummy! Shut up! Don’t you dare…" said Han Ying Xue as she shook her fist at Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang put up a smug and said, "Well, after the female rhinoceros ran for a while, she turned back only to see that the male rhinoceros from before had caught up with the female rhinoceros. Surprised, she asked the male rhinoceros, "Dearest, why did you ran away?" The male rhinoceros stared at the female rhinoceros with wide, unblinking eyes and said, "Not only does she love to ‘blow horns’, she also loves to ‘squish the eggs’!"

Finish with his joke, Zhang Yang could not help but started laughing manically. It was a joke that he had read in the forums from a few days before.

Sun Xin Yu and Daffodil Daydream could not stop snickering madly, as they fought to hold back their laughter. Han Ying Xue on the other hand, was all flushed with anger. Only Wei Yan Er was the only person who had no reaction whatsoever. She only stared with a poker face at everyone else, wondering what Zhang Yang meant by ‘blowing the horns’ and ‘squishing the eggs’.

At a monstrous speed, the party cleared all eight of the Flame Hell’s Devil and proceeded to enter the weird, pillar-shaped castle. Once they entered, they were greeted with two dividing pathways. One led to the right, and the other to the left. There was no direct path that led ahead.

"So…which one?"

Zhang Yang answered nonchalantly. "It’s just a round shaped pathway. I’m sure we’ll be heading to the exit at the end of the pathway. So…guys to the left, girls to the right. Let’s go to the left, then!"

"RIGHT!" said all the girls at the same time. Just when they realized that. "Jinx!" and a laughter broke out.

Going by the majority, Zhang Yang followed the ladies and took the right pathway. Regardless, the pathway was not as clear as he thought it would be. Every 20 to 30 meters, there will always be a blue, round, and fat Floating Apparition. Well, there was nothing else that could be done besides killing it!

"Nyehehehe! That blue bum bum is cute! I want one!" said Wei Yan Er excitingly.


Just as the last drop of HP was drained from the blue Floating Apparition, it exploded and dealt 10,000 Shadow damage to everyone around.

Wiping away his sweat, Zhang Yang turned over and cocked his head.

"Still think it’s cute?"

"…no." Wei Yan Er sulked.

Following the pathway, the party killed each and every single Floating Apparition and collected a large number [Demonic Stone Fragments].

However, the monsters here did not have a 100% chance of dropping the stone. The fragments had only a 10% drop rate from elite monsters! It was expected, as the normal monster only had less than a 1% [Demonic Stone Fragment] drop rate. On the side note, the complete [Demonic Stone] was nowhere to be seen. Zhang Yang guessed that only the bosses would drop that.

After following the parthway, the party arrived at a narrow, straight, and short pathway that was only 10 meters long. After the narrow pathway ended, the party came up to another dividing pathway.

It was like there was another circle leading to another smaller circle . With no choice but to move down the semi-spherical pathway, the party hacked their way through and arrived at the end of the second pathway, only to find another pathway.

Wei Yan Er sulked and said, "I’m betting that after this route, there will be another circular pathway!". She guessed right. After walking for 10 meters, they had arrived at yet another circular pathway. The circular pathway got smaller and shorter after every end, and the party was getting impatient. After repeating the same path for seven times, they had finally arrived at a hall! On each of the walls in the rectangular hall had lit torches that illuminated the entire hall.

The place was extremely clean and spotless. On the floor, there was a gigantic magic circle and radiated with black rays in the shape of a hexagon. The light converged together and formed a black colored portal which spawned one elite tier monster and 10 normal tier monsters.

At the other end from where Zhang Yang and the party were standing, there was a humanoid creature that seemed to be made of a dark, gaseous substance. Though it was slightly dark, Zhang Yang could easily see that the aforementioned monster did not have any legs and was floating in the air, a few centimeters from the ground. Every time monsters walked out of the portal, the creature reached out with its right arm and engulfed the group of monsters in a black gas. The clump of cloud, carrying the monsters inside, floated away and flew out of the hall, from a hole in the ceiling.

[Dream Demon, Knightmare] (Yellow-Gold, Demon)

Level: 78

HP: 7,800,000

Defense: 1,400

Han Ying Xue gritted her teeth angrily and screamed. "Here we are, walking around in circles for the entire day, and yet the monsters could just fly out of here that easily!?"

The actual distance from the entrance to the center was only a few hundred meters. But by circling around endlessly, Zhang Yang and the party had traveled for at least 1.5 kilometers!

‘Ding! Quest: Investigate the Demon’s Territory has been completed. Please head back to Captain Kang Na to report your findings!’

The five of them exchanged a look after receiving the system notification.

"Should we…I don’t know…try to whack the boss for a bit?" said Wei Yan Er.

"Hmm. It might be a little tricky since there will be monsters spawning continuously!" said Daffodil Daydream.

Zhang Yang scratched his chin and said, "I think we should give it a try anyways. Alright, when the monsters spawn, clear all of them! You guys take on the elite monster. I’ll kill all of the normal tier. I can easily wipe them all with {Horizontal Sweep}, if my Dark Enigmatic Sword triggers."

"Let’s go!"

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