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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 307 — At Her Doorstep

Chapter 307: At Her Doorstep

A few days went by, and Fatty Han and Lost Dream had managed to get themselves to Level 70. Zhang Yang then proceed to recruit them into his small team to make nine men and ventured throughout Oz to search for every available quest. The problem, was that they could not find any quests that rewarded them handsomely. Most of the quests they found were the repetitive types that required them to kill monsters and submit items. A few days went by like this and by January the 16th, Zhang Yang was the first to reach Level 73!

As expected, no matter how fast his killing speed was, it would take him roughly 8 days to gain a level! To get to Level 80 would take another 2 months! By then, the Professional League would already have started!

For the past two days, Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er were not acting as themselves. After enduring the urge to ask, Zhang Yang finally caved in and broke the ice.

"Hey! What’s with the two of you!? Usually you’re all so noisy and chirpy like a broken piano! What’s gotten into you two?" Zhang Yang asked.

"It’s nothing! Just, not feeling too happy!" said Wei Yan Er lazily.

"Why are you feeling down?" Fatty Han start to stick his nose.

"You wanna know?"


"You really wanna know?"

"Yeah! Yeah!"

"…Not telling!"

Fatty Han facepalmed himself. Fatty Han tried his best to coax Wei Yan Er to reveal the reason. She did eventually, only after she had her fun messing with Fatty Han. After sulking for a long time, she finally smiled a little. She smiled sadly and said, "Lately, there this problem going on with the Silky Soft Holdings. Rumors were spreading about the quality of the material that we use for our products. The rumors went on about how we have no quality control and so on! They are basically saying that we are cutting corners and cheating on our customers!"

"So, how do you, as the capitalist of the company, justify yourself?" said Lost Dream as he posed like a person leading a revolution.

"Hmph. Please, we do not need to justify ourselves. Without us, people would already be losing their jobs!" snorted Wei Yan Er, disgruntled.

Zhang Yang interjected. "What’s the damage?"

"Bad." Said Han Ying Xue. "There were simultaneous reports stating defects in the products from all over the places! Either we really do have problems, or someone is out there trying to slander our company!"

"What will all of this lead to?" asked Fatty Han.

Han Ying Xue raised a finger and said, "Firstly, once there are too many negative rumors spreading out in the public, markets, retailers, direct sales, and distributors will reject our product and will refuse to sell our product in the market! Once there are too many stagnant sales, the company will suffer from a great lost, since we could not reach the product turnover sales! All of these will probably stop us from getting financial support from the banks!"

She then raise a second finger. "Second! When the sales goes south, our company stock will plummet. If the numbers goes down too much, parties will be trying to get their hands on our company! Without the help from the banks, the company ownership might fall to others!"

"Is there a counter measure for this?" asked Zhang Yang.

"The office is already cracking their heads trying to solve this. GRAHHH! It’s so frustrating!" said Wei Yan Er as she ruffled her long hair. "Dammit! I was about to take over the company and all these problems are popping up! Dammit it all!"

If the topic was anything about the gaming world, all of them, except for Fatty Han would definitely have something up their sleeves. However, when it’s about business in the real world, none of them had any clue. Terms and jargon like revenue, turnover rate would definitely be confusing to them! Even with nine brains in the party, there was nothing that they could do to help solve the problem. In the end, they had to push this matter to the back of their heads and continue on grinding.

The team split up, having completed the quests. It was much more efficient, this way. Just when Zhang Yang started grinding monsters alone, he received a call from Yu Li.

"Zhang Yang, please come over to my house tonight. Ah…right. I found myself a new home. Everything will be moved over in just two more days!"

"Hey! Why didn’t you tell me sooner! I could always come over and help out!"

"There’s no need for you to work up a sweat. There are always people to hire for this kind of job. Oh, and one more thing. My mother wants to meet you!"

Zhang Yang gulped. "…Does your mother know about us?"

"Yeah…it’s my fault. I misplaced the pills and my mother found them. You know what!? It’s your fault to begin with! Why can’t you just use rubbers like everyone else?!"

"Oh come on! Teacher! Using a rubber would only get in between the two of us! There’s a third party getting in between us! No! Trojan can find himself another b*tch to get inside. I ain’t wearing one!"

"…Oh please, you just love it raw don’t you. And you love to finish it inside. Inside! Hmph!"

"Nyehehe. Jokes aside, what time do you want me to come over?"

"Hmm…7pm in the evening should be fine! Come earlier if you can! We’ll be waiting for you to start dinner together. Get a pen and write down my new address. Don’t end up at the old house!"


Zhang Yang continued to game until it was 5pm before logging off. Usually, Zhang Yang and Yu Li would always do it in a hotel. He had never has the chance to meet and greet her mother in person. Since this was going to be his first time stepping up to her front door to meet her mother, he started to grow anxious and nervous, wondering if he was just meeting Yu Li’s mother…or his future mother-in-law!

Before heading to Yu Li’s new home, Zhang Yang took some time to buy some expensive healthcare products as a gift.

Taking the chance, Yu Li had not spared any expenses in buying a new home. She had found herself a good neighborhood in the uptown. There, the security of the new estate was tight. They did not allow taxis to enter the premises and Zhang Yang has to reveal Yu Li’s home address and the security had to make a call to Yu Li herself to confirm his identity, before allowing Zhang Yang to enter.

As expected of the higher end apartments, even the elevators were all pimped out, with music and fancy decoration going all out! After enjoying the ride up to the highest, 19th floor, Zhang Yang walked for a little before ringing Yu Li’s doorbell.

The person welcoming him in was Yu Li herself. Curiously staring after seeing the bags that Zhang Yang carried, she giggled and asked, "What’s with those?"

"Hmm. More gifts, better impression!"

Yu Li laughed at his logic and pulled him in. She then closed the door behind Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang was already impressed by the apartment itself, but he was even more impressed to see her new home. Compared to her old home, this was a huge upgrade from the small trailer size home, to a massive palace! Her house was 180 square meters! The apartment had 3 bed rooms and two toilets. Compared to her old home, this was a luxurious mansion! A true home for a princess! Still, the emptiness of the home had given the illusion that the place was gigantic, since they had just moved in and had not brought in the furniture.

After getting himself ready, he entered the house and saw a middle-aged woman leaving a room. When she saw Zhang Yang, she immediately scowled, gazing at him up and down.

Zhang Yang did not respond much, since it was a typical response of a mother seeing a man taking the hands of her daughter. He then proceeded to address her in a polite manner. However, to his surprise, Yu Li’s mother did not acknowledge him. During dinner, she only had a plain, sulky face. After only five minutes into dinner, she pushed her chair away and went to her bed room, leaving Zhang Yang in an extremely awkward situation.

Yu Li entered her own room and came out and sat beside Zhang Yang. Annoyed, Zhang Yang asked, "What’s wrong with your mother? Why was she so cold towards me?"

Yu Li laughed and scooted closer to Zhang Yang. In an extremely seductive voice, she said, "If you knew that your own daughter was under the care of a sugar daddy, what would you think of the man?"

Zhang Yang’s heart sank. "You even told you mother about that?!"

"Hey, think about it. With that expensive medical cost and this house, how could I make up an excuse like that? Before my mother found out about the pills, I actually lied that it was all sponsored by the university." said Yu Li as she gave him a certain condescending look.

Zhang Yang could not help but dripped cold sweat. If he knew any bastard would actually take in his own daughter like that, he would take up the kitchen knife and fight with him to the death. Zhang Yang scratch his hair and cocked his head. "Well…you have a point there. At least I got off lightly, since your mother didn’t kick me out of the house!"

"Hmph. At least you’re smart enough to know that."

Yu Li pushed herself close to Zhang Yang and picked at his ear lobe. "I’ve yet to mention that you were once my student! I bet that she’ll be raging on if she knew about it!"

Aroused, Zhang Yang had to push Yu Li aside and said, "Hey, stop it. Don’t go too far. It’s not just me who would be in trouble. This is your own house!"

"Relax. My mom has been having trouble sleeping lately and will always take sleeping pills before going to bed. Don’t worry. I made sure she had taken her pills just now."

Sneaky as a snake, Yu Li’s other hand had slithered under the table and had made its way to Zhang Yang’s pants. There, with a gentle caress, she unzipped his pants, pulled down his underpants and let loose his "rattlesnake". A mature woman always had her ways. After the two of them have experienced their world rocking, heaven thundering moments, Yu Li had fully embraced her nature and was behaving like a true, passionate lover. With a naughty expression on her face, she placed both her hands and played with his hardening shaft in her soft, gentle hands.

"Hehehe! Looks like little Zhang Yang is being more honest than Zhang Yang himself!" Yu Li teased.

Zhang Yang had to suck in a deep breath. Her movements were so gentle yet, they had lit a vigorous flame in his heart and had stolen his breath. The woman beside him was truly breath-taking. Her red, burning lips looked like they crave for his. Her eyes, expressed the loneliness she felt when Zhang Yang was not with her. As her body burned with the desire for his touch, Zhang Yang could no longer tame the fire in him and reached out with his arms around Yu Li. He then pulled her closer to him and said, "Teacher…You will always belong to me!"

"I…Will always be yours!"

Yu Li bent down. She pulled her hair back and lowered her head, taking his member into her supple lips, playfully toying with her tongue.

Zhang Yang pulled his head back at the sheer impulse that hit him. With a forceful push, Zhang Yang cupped her head closer to him, and watched as his prideful organ disappeared between her lips. After a passionate lick, Yu Li pushed herself away and looked into Zhang Yang eyes. Zhang Yang helped her to her feet and he planted his lips onto her burning lips. Satisfied, Zhang Yang was ready to take this loving action to the next stage. However, Yu Li stopped him.

"Shower!" said Yu Li as she stopped him from unbuckling her own pants. With a hand around the hilt of his ‘sword’, she pulled him to the bathroom like a dog by its leash.

Zhang Yang kicked open the bathroom door and the two of them started to kiss each other frantically as if they were long lost lovers. In an instant, the two of them rushed to help each other remove any fabric that remained on them. Clothes, pants, undergarments were flying everywhere and until the last two pieces of clothing were removed, the two lovers embraced each other tightly. Zhang Yang struggled, but eventually manage to turned the shower on with a foot.



As the warm water ran down their bare backs, mixing with their bodily fluids, both Zhang Yang and Yu Li gave out the most satisfied moans, as they embraced. Hugging her from behind, he placed his large hand on her chin and pulled Yu Li to face him. Like a puppy that had finally saw her master, there was the burning desire flaming in her eyes. Zhang Yang planted a kiss and stroked her wet hair over her ears.

After ravaging each other for some time, they heard a loud thump of the door and the figure of a person entering the toilet. While running, she was struggling to remove her jeans and said, "Hmm? Li Li, why would you take a shower before finishing your dinner? Why, today, I—"

The person that had just barged into the bathroom was none other than Yan Fei Fei. Before she could finished her sentence, she had already caught sight of the other two, who were locked together in the shower room, firmly connected at the hips. Stunned and abash, she quickly stood up from the toilet seat and rushed to pick up her jeans. She quickly realized it was a bad idea, so Yan Fei Fei tried her utmost best to remain calm as she squeezed her thick thighs back into the extremely slim-fitting jeans. All three of them were completely silent. Neither one of them had anything to say. Abashed and ashamed, Zhang Yang was flushed red. Yu Li, on the other hand, had sneakily, silently, pulled herself out of Zhang Yang, and had turned around to hide her face in Zhang Yang’s chest.

After what seemed to be an eternity, Yan Fei Fei had successfully pulled her pants up and had scurried out of the bathroom as if it was on fire.

Still, having her leaving the room, Zhang Yang regained his composure and the mood to continue. Being a man, it was not big of a deal if he was seen in the act. It’s not like he would lose anything else! He lifted her face up and whispered. "Teacher, I think she has left the bathroom, let’s continue!"

"Continue? Are you daft?!" Yu Li rolled her eyes. She quickly turned off the shower and left the room to wipe herself dry. Still wet, Zhang Yang laughed. "Hey! It was you who wanted to do it in the first place! I wanted to have dinner and you wanted to have Zhang Yang Junior!"

Picking up the clothes on the floor, Yu Li ignored Zhang Yang and continued to put on her own clothes.

"Hm. Why is she here?" said Zhang Yang curiously. Yan Fei Fei did lived together with Yu Li previously, but what was the reason for her to also live with Yu Li here?

"Oh. That. Well, I had an extra room. Might as well let her stay in it. Fei Fei is a good girl. I can’t have her staying alone!"

"Did she know about us?"

"Well, she does now."

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