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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 308 — Something Is Amiss

Chapter 308: Something Is Amiss?

"What on earth are the both of you…" Yan Fei Fei shook her head in disappointment and disgust.

"You just can’t keep it in your pants, could you!" said Yan Fei Fei to Zhang Yang. He shrugged.

"And you! Some dry spell, huh! You’ll literally impale yourself on any guy you see! I couldn’t…just…you should be ashamed of yourself! I, am ashamed for you! Get it together, girl!"

"Hey. You came in without knocking! I should be the one going off on you!" said Yu Li refusing to back down.

Zhang Yang wanted no part of this. He was feeling famished. He left the scene and went to the dinner table to help himself.

"Fei Fei, I remember you saying that you’re going to shoot a video or something. Why are you back so early?" asked Yu Li.

"Tch." Yan Fei Fei clicked her tongue disgruntledly. "Well, sorry for disturbing you two love-birds in your precious moments!"

"Video?" Zhang Yang grinned playfully. "You aren’t doing those, cheap, amateur kind of…hmm…how do I put this delicately, French style, adult, action romance video?"

"Well, not the way you said it. At least you got one part right. It’s definitely not for kids." Yan Fei Fei nodded.

"Sigh…" Yu Li sighed and quickly spoke up before Zhang Yang got misled. "Fei Fei is currently working for an undergarment company. She’s the model for their latest products."

"Oh…" said Zhang Yang. But as he thought of it, Yan Fei Fei did have an excellent body of a woman. She was definitely more than qualified to be a model for an undergarment company. Her voluptuous body would showcase the fabric wholesomely. Naturally, if it was Yu Li dressed in a black, laced bra, coupled with tiny thongs, she would be looking badahonkas! He could already picture her, walking down the runway in high heels, jiggling her semi-nude body all around! It would definitely be a super erotic scene that would send every man covering their bleeding noses with tissues!

In truth, Zhang Yang had already seen her in it! It was back when they were having a role-playing session in the hotel room!

Putting the blissful memory aside, Zhang Yang had a sudden realization. "Didn’t you use to work in a bank? Why did you run off to be an underwear model? Is the pay better, there?"

"Sigh…" Yan Fei Fei let out a long and tiresome sigh. "It was all because of that d*mned robbery case back then! After that incident, my colleagues had been giving me strange looks! They thought that I was already violated by that robber. They think that I am a used woman. An old abalone, a spoiled oyster!"

"We get what you mean…" said Yu Li.

"It’s a rich area so…ANYWAY! Since they thought I was…that kind of woman, men were actually trying to get a little "something, something" from me!" said Yan Fei Fei as she gestured furiously at her groin. "There’s this time when the bank manager himself asked me for a quickie! What the hell! If I didn’t reject him forcefully, I would really be a rotten fish, a broken doll, a---"

"Oh! Come on!" Yu Li stopped her again.

"So, here I am now. I just couldn’t take all the harassment in the bank. I left no sooner after the manager himself rejected my application to be reassigned to another branch."

Zhang Yang understood immediately. Perhaps, the time she quit the job was when Yan Fei Fei came back late at night when she encountered them in the bedroom, putting pussy in the playpen.

"You still haven’t explained why did you came back so early." Yu Li came back to the topic.

"Oh. There was a problem in the company. The shooting was postponed and I had to call it early!" Yan Fei Fei facepalmed herself. "Aiyaya…I’ll be d*mned if my eyes grow something1. I am both shock and disgust! Just today alone, I had witnessed two unwanted scene! The first one was really, disgustingly, shocking!"

"You little minx! Are you begging to be smacked!"

Zhang Yang was curious about that and asked. "Hmm? What, or whom did you saw? What’s so surprising about going twenty-toes with someone?"

"Earlier today, when I received the notice about the shooting’s cancellation, I went to the dressing room, and was ready to pack up and leave! Who knew, when I was halfway changing, I heard the moans of a pervert! What could I do? The only thing I could do there was to hide in the locker!" said Yan Fei Fei excitedly.

"Hmm? Let me guess, was it the same guy that you have been complaining about peeping at you with that perverted glare?" asked Yu Li.

"Bingo!" Yan Fei Fei snapped her fingers. "That Luo guy, was someone remotely related to the company’s boss, and he’s been treating the place like his own home! That S.O.B is always hiding at some corner, seizing every chance to disturb us models! And I kid you not, there are so many gullible ones, like you said Zhang Yang, putting their pussies in the playpen."

There was a sudden tick in his brain. Undergarment company, relative of the boss, Luo?

Zhang Yang could not just dive into the pool. He tried to test it out before going all cannon ball with it.

"Could you, perhaps be, and I’m just speculating here, working for a company called Silky Soft Holdings?"

"Yes! Oh my god. You didn’t strike me as the man who would know about Silky Soft! Well aren’t you a swell guy, you must be taking my girl Yu Li to shop for high-quality bras!" said Yan Fei Fei, both curiously and surprised.

It was a bull’s eye. She was talking about Luo Yang Ming!

Yan Fei Fei continued her story. "That Luo guy was always bugging me as well. I really can’t stand him. That’s why I hid in the locker. In the end, I saw something that I shouldn’t have seen. The man had his arms around the manager herself. And my god, the two of them were so close and passionate. I had to look away! I was so shocked that I couldn’t say a word!"

Zhang Yang snickered under his breath. "That’s perfectly normal. You said it yourself! That man is a huge, raging pervert!"

"That’s not the main point! Do you know who was the manager?" Yan Fei Fei rolled her eyes before continuing. "She was also a relative of the boss! They don’t share the same surname, she’s Liu and he’s Luo. Even though they were not from the same family, they are still cousins!"

Both Zhang Yang and Yu Li were shocked. Yu Li gasped and Zhang Yang twitched a little. Zhang Yang had never expected Luo Yang Ming to be so ruthless that he would lay hands on his own cousin sister!

"Those two cousins were kissing and hugging so passionately and then I overheard something that I shouldn’t. This is so much like those dramas on TV. They were saying something about splitting the property when the boss passes away! I was so afraid that my knees went weak! I couldn’t even breathe properly then. I had to cover my mouth. I was so scared that they might do something to keep me silent if they found out I overheard it all!" said Yan Fei Fei. Zhang Yang immediately noticed that she was trembling.

"Correct me if I’m wrong. But you’re saying that they were planning to seize the family property?"

"From the tone of their conversation, I’d say, yes!"

Zhang Yang was highly intrigued. "What exactly did they say?"

"I’m sorry. They were too busy talking about it that I couldn’t hear much from their conversation. Those guy were doing it so hard that the slut, I mean…that Liu girl was already crying for the lord’s name that even he was getting annoyed by it. How could I bear to continue listening after that?"

Zhang Yang was already busy thinking about this sudden news. Were the recent rumors about Silky Soft Holdings all, Luo Yang Ming’s doing? But…Luo Yang Ming’s ultimate goal was to seize Silky Soft Holdings, so why would he cause it to lose its stock value? It did not make any sense!

After thinking of many ways to make the connections, he got lazy and decided to relay the news to Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er and remind them to be extra cautious about that Luo Yang Ming.

Coincidentally, Yan Fei Fei had not had her dinner and the three of them grabbed more plates and cutlery. After filling their tummies with food and alcohol, Zhang Yang prepared to leave, but was quickly tugged on by Yu Li to stay over.

"Hey…Mr. Zhang, could you have me as your lover as well? *Hick*" Yan Fei Fei was already drunk. Her face was flustered red and her eyes were unfocused.

Zhang Yang not paying attention to Yan Fei Fei. However, he felt a sudden pain in his wrist. It was sudden and painful since she was digging in with her nails. He quickly replied, "Calm down woman, how could you blatantly steal someone’s husband right in the face of your own sister!"

"*Hick* Li Li is your second roomie, I could be your third!" Yan Fei Fei was so intoxicated that she ignored the killing glare of Yu Li and continued. "Do you know why during ancient times, they called their wives by their room numbers instead? That’s because, one wife, one room, geddit?!"

"Yeah I get that. My answer is no. I may not be the prime example of a man, but when I want a woman, I want, a woman. Uno. At least, if I wanted more, it has to be someone I really like. That, or she would just be like someone from the red-light district." Zhang Yang waved his hands a big no, as if signaling to a plane that it was a no-landing zone, and dragged Yu Li into her bedroom and locked the door. Who knows, when they were asleep, some other woman might crawl in, or perhaps, slither into the room and make things a whole lot worse!

"Hmph!" Yu Li smirked. But behind that fake smile, lay an authentic joyful smile. "At least you’re a good man. To reward you for your loyalty, I shall see what I can do about this!"

Zhang Yang smiled like a baby and tackled Yu Li onto the bed. "You may not know the inside of my head. But you can go ahead and enjoy yourself as I wrestle with a man’s instinct."

It did not take long, for the room to be filled with the cries and moans of Yu Li.

The next morning, when Zhang Yang was about to leave Yu Li’s house, he saw Yu Li’s mother in the living room. The moment he stepped out, she was staring, or rather, glaring at him as if she was wishing him death. It was as if he was an abomination, the worse crock of the entire nation.

After hastily returning to his home, Zhang Yang immediately logged into the game and was immediately bombarded with a gazillion of question to why did he not log into the game yesterday night.

He simply could not. After wrestling in Yu Li’s bed for a good time, he was too tired to do anything else and went straight to chase after Peter Pan, let alone log into the game! After dodging questions and getting a scolding from the gang, the party went on to grind their levels. Mostly all the quest in Oz had been cleared, and the team then proceeded on to a new map and came to a place known as the Black Moss Wilderness.

Unlike the Kingdom of Oz, which was filled with harmless citizens, Black Moss Wilderness was how you would describe a place that had yet to receive the touch of society. The place was covered with wild beasts. It was eerie, and gloomy. Even during the daytime, the place was covered in thick mist and dark clouds, giving them poor visibility, even during daytime.

Zhang Yang had vaguely recalled that a group of Elves that had set up a camp in this map. Since he could not remember their precise location, Zhang Yang was blindly groping about. However, it did not take long before they encountered an overly large encampment.

The camping grounds were so huge. There were camps and tents that were set up, with flags soaring high in the sky. Zhang Yang frowned. According to his memories, he did not remember this camp being so huge! In the past, when he reached this place, the camp was only located under the cover of a hill, with only seven to eight camps! Yet, here there were hundreds, even thousands of camps, being set up in this massive flatland.

Within the camp grounds, there were hundreds of female Elven warriors sparring with each other. Elves were famous for their prowess in archery. However, those female warriors carried both a bow and a sword, making them capable of engaging in both ranged and melee fights.

Wei Yan Er asked, "Why can’t we equip a bow?"

Zhang Yang laughed. "You can. Go and get yourself a "God of Bow" Inheritance!"

When the female warrior noticed the arrival of Zhang Yang’s party, they got into their combat stances and were on guard. The frontmost female warriors unsheathed their swords while the female warriors behind them drew their bows, ready to let their arrows fly.

Zhang Yang swiftly jumped down from the white bear and did an adventurer salutation to them. "We are adventurers from White Jade Castle! We mean you no harm!"

"Adventurer?" A voice ranged loudly as a female Elven priestess stepped out from among them.

It was quite obvious that this NPC was a prominent one among the NPCs here. When she walked over, the warrior opened a pathway for her. The warriors bowed respectfully to her.

[Priestess Priestess Thea - Moon Glory] (Gray-Silver, Humanoid)

Level: 75

HP: 3,750,000

Defense: 800

Thea gaze at everyone and observed the mark of the White Jade Castle on their chest. "By the Moon Gods, for he had guided me in my dreams! These guests will help us to rescue the Priestess of the Moon! Bless the gods, bless us all! You came! You have fulfilled the prophecy!"

The priestess gestured and the warriors lowered their weapons.

Bingo, a quest!

Zhang Yang spoke, "To serve the proud Elven race would be our honor!"

Thea nodded and gracefully spoke, "Dear adventurers, we face an imminent threat! Our beloved Priestess of the Moon has been kidnaped by the Red-Skinned Beastman of the Blood Moon Castle! We must to rescue the Priestess of the Moon as soon as we can! That said, the Blood Moon Castle defenses were too strong! At our current strength, we can never breach their castle wall!"

Zhang Yang responded, "Oh respected Priestess, how may we assist you?"

"I can use my Alchemy and Smithing skills to forge a Teleportation Device that could transport troops to inside the castle itself! However, the Teleportation Device requires many materials and ingredients. I will require your assistance to gathers said materials and ingredients," said Thea. "But first, the one item I need most would be a large quantity of the Tooth of the Quad-Winged Saber Tooth Tiger."

‘Ding! Thea - Moon Glory has a quest for you: Collecting the Tooth of the Quad-Winged Saber Tooth Tiger. Would you accept it?’

It was a necessary quest for the party to enter the castle to rescue the Priestess of the Moon. Be it S or A ranked, it would only be a collection quest. Though it might be a little annoying, it was necessary to proceed with the quest!

[Tooth of the Quad-Winged Saber Tooth Tiger] (Difficulty Level: C)

Quest Description: Thea - Moon Glory has instructed you to collect 200 counts of the Tooth of the Quad-Winged Saber Tooth Tiger. You can find the monster at the Valley of the Ent, west of Black Moss Wilderness.

Progress: Collect Tooth of the Quad-Winged Saber Tooth Tiger 0/200

The party took the quest and rode to the designated destination.

"Hey! Did you guys notice that there were no males in the entire camp?" said Fatty Han suddenly.

"Elves in this game are more like amazons. Their culture and beliefs are in the Moon Goddess, and their leader will always be a Priestess of the Moon. No male has ever taken that position. That is why, I think, the males are at home, nursing the kids or something," said Zhang Yang.

Endless Starlight eye’s glinted. "If I could live in such a world, that would be just great!"

Zhang Yang snickered. "Elven races would actually support polygamy, meaning, one woman could have many husbands! You better think again."

Both Fatty Han and Endless Starlight kept their mouths shut.

"Oh right! Snow b*tch, little brat, I advise you to stay clear of that Luo guy. I’m guessing that that bastard will be incredibly jealous of the little brat for taking over the company and will do something nasty about that," said Zhang Yang.

"Him? He’s all teddy bears and cotton candies inside, how could someone like him come up with anything?" said Han Ying Xue.

Zhang Yang turned to Wei Yan Er and said, "Do you have a cousin name Liu?"

"EH!? How did you know about that?" Wei Yan Er widen her eyes. She puffed her cheeks and grinned evilly. "Hehe, could it be that you have eyes on her? You sneaky little bastard. You shouldn’t be looking at other women besides my cousin sister!"

"Please, cut the crap. I got hold of some bad news about her. That Luo guy and your cousin Liu are secretly planning to take over Silky Soft Holdings behind your back!"

Wei Yan Er scratched her head. "Liu Shu Yan might be a little sneaky sometimes. But if she ever wanted to take over Silky Soft Holdings, she wouldn’t be able to! As long as sister Han and me are in the company, there is no way anyone could take over. Not even my father could stop me, legally."

Zhang Yang frowned. Worriedly, he said, "But, what if something happens to you guys?"

"What do you mean by that?"

"I mean, say, both of you had encountered a bad accident and went missing?"

"Hey! Touch wood! You nasty noob tank! You dare to curse me and my cousin sister! I’ll summoned the great power of the super Saiyans and pull every single strand of hair on your head!" said Wei Yan Er fiercely.

On one side, Han Ying Xue was already seriously thinking about it. "So, you’re saying, someone is out there trying to do something to me and Yan Er?"

"There is that possibility."

Han Ying Xue remained quiet for a while, "If something happens to me, the company ownership will automatically be given to Yan Er. But, if something happened to the both of us…That will be bad. The entire company’s property will fall into the hands of that bunch of leeches!"

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