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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 309 — Collecting the Dragon Crystals

Chapter 309: Collecting the Dragon Crystals

The crowd arrived to the Valley of the Ent and was greeted by a mountain full of ancient trees that soared up to the sky. In the mountain, there were many of those fore mentioned Quad-Winged Saber Tooth Tiger roaming freely. As their names suggested, they had wings sticking out of their backs, and razor-sharp fangs that could pierce even the toughest armor.

[Quad-Winged Saber Tooth Tiger] (Normal, Beast)

Level: 73

HP: 7,300

Defense: 70

"Let’s split up!" To have the team farm a total of 200 teeth would be troublesome. It would be for the best to have them split up and farm for their own parts. Han Ying Xue had quietly remained by Zhang Yang’s side as they started going their own paths. Naturally, Zhang Yang had to farm her parts too since she was a priest with low attacking power.

"Dummy. Did you really mean it, when you said that the Liu and Luo couple were planning to harm Yan Er and me?" said Han Ying Xue. No wonder she was so serious.

Zhang Yang shrugged. "I’m not too sure about that either. But, at least, now you know about it, and you can take some precautions."

With the bear under him, Zhang Yang kited 20 to 30 monster in one shot and killed them all. Though they may have wings sticking out from their backs, they could not fly. They could only hover in the air after running at great speed and attack Zhang Yang like levitating bulls.

Han Ying Xue bashfully asked. "I heard form that perverted fatty that you could fight, like, in real life?"

"But of course!" Zhang Yang thumped his chest and proudly gloated. "While I can’t possibly fight a hundred at a time, I could at least take on more than 10 men at the same time."

Han Ying Xue turned away and glared somewhere else. "Then…you should be our bodyguard!"

"…Woman, I’m sure there are plenty of such services out there. You could at least do yourself a favor and hire the professionals."

"I don’t trust strangers!"

Zhang Yang heart fluttered a little. Han Ying Xue had her full faith in him. Zhang Yang still shook his head. "That Luo might have some hidden plans that might exceed my calculations. I’m one man. If I were to be your bodyguard, that would mean that I would have to stay by your side for a good deal of time! We would probably end up annoying the sheet out of each other, me before you!"

"You silly dummy! This lady here is a wonder of the world! If you were to take a picture of me, that picture would be a masterpiece! Why are you complaining when I’m allowing you to remain by my side!"

"Just shut up and do your job, will you?"

It was always harder to complete a collection quest. Unlike the regular killing quest, these quests required luck, since the drops were determine by random number generator! People like Sun Xin Yu were so lucky that she had collected 200 teeth on her own in just 30 minutes. On the far end of the scale, Lost Dream had rotten luck. He had already spent close to one hour and had yet to finish collecting. When everyone had already finished with their quests, they had to go assist him.

The luckiest of them all was Daffodil Daydream. She had managed to capture herself a Gray-Silver battle mount. It was a Quad-Winged Saber Tooth Tiger Cub. Her capture had brought the total number of battle mounts in the party to four.

Zhang Yang said, "As the difficulty of the map gets higher, so will the rate of appearance of battle mounts. However, the higher tiered battle mounts will get even harder to capture. Take the current standards as example. When players were carrying Yellow-Gold equipments, the Yellow-Gold mounts will be rare. Until players reach the point where Violet-Platinum equipment becomes a norm, they will try to make Violet-Platinum tier battle mounts the bare minimum, snuffing out the Gray-Silvers."

"That means, we don’t really have to rush for battle mounts at this stage?’

Zhang Yang nodded. "You are correct!"

The party returned to the elven camp and submitted their quests, one at a time.

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: Collect Tooth of the Quad-Winged Saber Tooth Tiger. Obtained 100,000 Experience Points!’

"Wonderful! Now, I trust you to collect the second ingredient!" said Thea to her free laborers. "The next ingredient that I require, would be the [Burning Amber] of the Ash Wonderer. Please make haste dear adventurers!"

Endless Starlight started to complaint, "D*mn. I haven’t even caught my breath yet and yet we have to run off again!"

"Stop whining and start running!"

[Burning Amber] (Difficulty Level: C)

Quest Description: Thea - Moon Glory requires you to collect 200 counts of [Burning Amber]. You can find Ash Wonderers at the Lava Pits, west of the Black Moss Wilderness.

Progress: Collect [Burning Amber] 0/200

The team took 20 minutes to reach the new farming ground and started killing their way to complete the quest.

The monsters called Ash Wonderers were just a new kind of Fire Elementals. All of them carried the {Burning Aura} even when they were only normal tier monsters. Still, the damage was unbelievably low. The problem was not the difficulty in killing the monsters, like all of other collection quest, the problem lay in their drop rates. The team spent a long time completing the quest. After returning to the camp ground and submitting the quest, they were only rewarded with a measly 300,000 Experience points.

"One last thing now! We are almost there!’ said Thea happily. "The last ingredient that I require to complete the Teleportation Device is the Dragon Crystal. I need you to visit the Dragon’s Slumber Temple and collect a Dragon Crystal!"

[Collect Dragon Crystal] (Difficulty Level: C)

Quest Description: Thea - Moon Glory had request you to collect a piece of [Dragon Crystal]. You may collect the [Dragon Crystal] from the corpse of a dragon in the Dragon’s Slumber Temple, north of the Black Moss Wilderness. Be caution, there are hidden dangers lurking on the area.

Progress: Collect Dragon Crystal: 0/1

No choice. They would have to run around again! The party made their way through the Black Moss Wilderness and towards the Dragon’s Slumber Temple. Half an hour later, they could already see their destination from a long distance. Standing there was an emerald blue tower, so huge, and it had actually scraped the dark, grayish sky. The team rode on and on. The tower made no sign of getting closer It was like traveling in a car, and not seeing the moon and mountains moving even after traveling a distance. The team had actually traveled for another 30 minutes before actually reaching their destination.

From afar, the building looked like a tower, however, when they stood at the bottom of the tower, it looked more like a huge stadium. The entire construct was oval in shape, with a diameter of more than 1,000 meters. Due to the mega towering structure and the weight it seemed to bear, its base somehow looked fragile in comparison. The temple had an entrance at every four points of the tower base floor. There were a total of 30 floors to the top, with each floor sharing the exact same design. Each floor measured at least hundreds of meters tall. The problem, was that the structure was extremely puzzling. There was a huge gap between them with no visible stairs or pathway to get to the next floor. That said, it would seem like players would have to have flying mounts to get across each floor.

Without delay, the party rode their mounts and the others walked, all into the towering, mega structure’s first floor. Inside, there were nothing but gigantic corpses laying around. Each corpse was so huge that Zhang Yang’s group were like ants to a huge elephants.

"Didn’t they say that dragons were extremely rare? Look at this place! It’s filled with dragon bones! It looked like someone had a huge *ss party with dragon ribs!" Fatty Han joked.

"Isn’t this quest A-classed? Why aren’t there any monsters for us to kill?" said Lost Dream suspiciously.

"Just be careful. Let’s not split up for now. Stick together and search for the dragon"

Wei Yan Er lazily scanned the area and said, "Where are you…Dragon Crystal…"

"Dragon Crystal huh…I think it mean something like the essence of a dragon. Perhaps it would be at somewhere the heart would be." Lost Dream tried to explain.

Fatty Han snickered. "Essence? That would be at the heart, it should be somewhere…for a dragon? 3 meters below their waist!"

Endless Starlight claps his hand and praised. "D*mn bro! Well said! They say that the essence of a man lies deep within one’s manhood1! Fatty Han, you’re a genius!"

Almost everyone else beside the two perverts rolled their eyes as they started to initiate their dirty talk.

"The quest item should be glowing. It be easy to spot it. Take your time, and be careful!" said Zhang Yang. The party took their time to search around each corpse but found nothing. The area didn’t even seem to have any hostile monsters. The only thing was the deafening silence.

"Huh…It’s taking too long. Let’s split up!"

Everyone nodded. They were all getting annoyed. Each of them took a direction and followed it till the end and came back to the center to regroup.

After 20 minutes, the party regrouped, empty handed.

"We have searched everything!"

At the center of the Temple, there was a huge skeleton that measured approximately 200 meters in length. Hoping that they would find the quest item, the party proceeded to search from the tail, and slowly move up the torso. After just a few seconds, Fatty Han’s loud voice was heard howling. "Ooi! Come to me!"

Everyone came around and gathered to where Fatty Han was and saw the huge, football size ruby-red crystal, glowing violently as if there was a raging fire inside.

Smiling from ear to ear, Fatty Han bellowed. "I knew that it would be somewhere below the waist!"

Fatty Han actually was standing at the pelvic region of the skeleton.

"Such a big crystal…I think it should be enough for everyone if I break it up!" said Wei Yan Er as she picked it up.


Just as Wei Yan Er picked the Dragon Crystal up, the loud, cracking sound of the wind blew up, sending a howling gale through the vicinity.

"What’s happening?" Wei Yan Er was shocked.

"This is an A class quest. Do you really think that it was going to be so easy?" Zhang Yang unsheathed his sword and said, "Get ready to fight!"

During their conversation, shadows of dragons were emerging out from the skeletons. Red, black, green, blue, and even copper colored shadows flying around! The different types of dragon merged together, turning into something menacing, and even worse, solid.

[Ancient Dragon Soul] (Yellow-Gold, Summoned)

Level: 75

HP: 7,500,000

Defense: 1,400


This dragon that was formed from many other the different dragons had a multi-colored outer shell, and stood a few hundred meters tall, stomped the ground. It growled angrily, "Cursed intruders! You have tainted the grounds of Dragon’s Slumber Temple! You sins will be forgiven only by your death!"

Zhang Yang quickly turn around and screamed at the little brat. "Hey! Take the crystal and keep it!"

"I can’t! There’s this system notification telling me that it cannot be looted!"

"F*ck it! That means we’ll have to kill this boss first!"


The earth exploded with each step the dragon took.

Zhang Yang did not waste even a second and rushed towards the dragon with {Charge}. Zhang Yang sliced the dragon for 1,683 damage and quickly stack up as much {Cripple Defense}. The rest of the party immediately moved into action. Each of them got into position and started to attack. After a while, a bright blue light glowed around the dragon, only to blast out in all directions. The light blast radius was so wide that it had even manage to hit ranged players such as Han Ying Xue, Daffodil Daydream, and Hundred Shots.

‘Ding! You have received the effect {The Blue Dragon’s Curse}. Dexterity has been reduced by 20%. Last for 1 minute!’

Everyone received the debuff.

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