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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 310 — The Ancient Dragon Soul

Chapter 310: The Ancient Dragon Soul

Once the skill effect was released, Fatty Han, Hundred Shots, Lost Dream started whining. Also affected as Sun Xin Yu, as classes that highly depended on Dexterity were the ones that were effected the most.

After 15 seconds, there was a green hue glowed brightly and everyone received another debuff.

‘Ding! You have received {Curse of the Green Dragon}. Vitality has been reduced by 20%!’

Hundred Shots immediately cried out to exclaim. "I think there were Green, Blue, Red, Black, and also Copper colored dragons merging into that big dragon. I think the boss dragon will have five types of curses!"

Zhang Yang laughed. "Hey, little brat. That dragon’s much better at cursing than you ever will be!"

"Hmph! So what? That thing is still going down, either way!" said Wei Yan Er.

Following the predictions, every 15 seconds, there would be a blast of light, followed with a curse. The Black dragon curse would reduce 20% Strength. The Red dragon would reduce 20% Intelligence, the Copper dragon curse would reduce 20% Spirit. Although the curse would wear off after 15 seconds, the boss would always be right on time to renew its effects with another one.

{Warrior’s Will}, {Ice Barrier}, and {Holy Shield} could dispel the curse. However, they had much longer cooldowns. The rate at which the boss would cast the curse was just too quick. Having had their main attributes reduced, the party’s total attack power had suffered a massive reduction. Luckily, the boss’s curse did not include a Defense reduction, and even though Zhang Yang had suffered a 20% HP reduction, his attack power did not suffer much.

"Fus Ra Duh!" the dragon spoke in a twisted dragon tongue and stomped the ground with its massive foot. Everyone was instantly afflicted with a curse that had made their body to move involuntary. They gripped their heads tightly and cowered down.

‘Ding! You have received {Dragon’s Intimidation}. You have fall into the state of {Fear} for 10 seconds!’

The boss flung its massive claw and sliced Zhang Yang.


Being in the {Fear} state, Zhang Yang was unable to control his body and had to take the hit. Unfortunately, the attack landed on his back and had bypassed his shield defense value. With them vulnerable, the boss moved forward to chase after and attack them with a clean sweep.

10 seconds felt like an eternity. With an average attack speed of 2 seconds, the boss had already dealt more than five attacks! With no healing, and completely exposed, it would be enough to kill Zhang Yang! Sensing that danger was imminent, Zhang Yang quickly used {Warrior’s Will} and removed the state of {Fear}. He activated {Block} to shield himself from an attack and consumed a bottle of [Level 3 Healing Potion].

There was a problem. The boss’s [Dragon’s Intimidation] was a little complex. Just after 1 minute after the initial cast, the boss had once again placed everyone into the same state.

This time, Zhang Yang countered the skill with a {Shield Wall}. The third cast, he had summoned Clear Lotus and used {Substitute} to remove the debuff. {Rearm} was used immediately to reset all the cool down time for all his skills. The fourth cast was removed by {Warrior’s Will}. The fifth cast was countered with {Shield Wall}. At this point, the boss had still over 3,000,000 HP. The party would have to endure another three casts of {Dragon’s Intimidation} to finish off the boss. That said, all of Zhang Yang life preserving skill had been used. How would he survive another three counts of {Dragon Intimidation}?

Zhang Yang speedily opened the aggro list. If Endless Starlight could position himself as the second aggro target, he could use {Shadow of the Void} to escape from the area and allow Endless Starlight to tank the boss. A Defender has {Sacred Protection} and {Sacred Healing} that could prolong his survival. That could at least, hold the boss off for another two castings of {Dragon’s Intimidation}!

On the side note, Sun Xin Yu, Wei Yan Er, Lost Dream, were attacking like madmen, pushing their aggro beyond the capabilites of any other skilled tank. Still, Hunters and Thieves had skills that could remove their aggro value on them. Zhang Yang himself could use {Shadow of the Void} to leave the battle field. The only one who would be in real danger would be Wei Yan Er and Daffodil Daydream!

Zhang Yang braced himself and cast {Provoke} on the boss. Hoping that the skill was effective on the boss, it should make things easier.


Disappointed, but not unexpected. If {Provoke} worked on the boss, it wouldn’t be much of a Yellow-Gold.

"Ice Cube, Old Dream, get ready to use {Vanish}, Fatty, Hundred Shots, get ready to use {Fake Death}. The moment before the boss uses {Dragon’s Intimidation}, I’ll activate {Shadow of the Void} to leave the battle field. Let Endless Starlight take on the boss," said Zhang Yang.

Wei Yan Er suddenly realized that she had no role in Zhang Yang’s improvised plan. Her eyes widened, and she said, "Hey, noob tank, what about me?"

"You…hmm…Prepare to erhm…take one for the team? Die a glorious death?"

"Waaa…Why you…little ungrateful tank! How dare you not take responsibility!?" cried Wei Yan Er.

Zhang Yang wiped away a cold drop sweat. "Little brat. I think you should dial back a little on the television dramas. They would do you more harm than good."


Zhang Yang calculated the timing and when there was only 2 seconds left before the boss activated {Dragon’s Intimidation}, Zhang Yang yelled. "{Vanish} now! {Fake Death} now! I’ll use {Shadow of the Void}!’

Poof! Poof!

Two smoke puff burst out from where Lost Dream and Sun Xin Yu were standing, as the two of them disappeared from the battle field. Fatty Han and Hundred Shots had triggered their own skill and were laying perfectly still on the ground. Only when Zhang Yang had made sure that the four of them had cleared all their aggro, only did he activate {Shadow of the Void} and enter the other realm, removing himself from the battle field.

1 second…2 second…!

Just then, the boss activated {Dragon’s Intimidation}. He prematurely ended {Shadow of the Void} and returned to the battle field. The boss was already chasing after Wei Yan Er and had killed her in just two strikes. After dealing with her, the Ancient Dragon Soul turned around and had set Daffodil Daydream as its next target.

{Ice Barrier}!

It was a shame that that skill would only provide a small window of invincibility and not clear the character’s aggro. Still, it was still able to draw the boss’ attention and she could last for a short duration of 10 seconds, buying Endless Starlight more time. However, as the {Ice Barrier} ended, Daffodil Daydream too, succumbed to the boss in just two hits. This time, the boss had set Endless Starlight as its next target.

Frantically, Zhang Yang went all Rambo on the boss, rebuilding his aggro so that the boss wouldn’t target Han Ying Xue when Endless Starlight goes down.

"…Wuuu" Wei Yan Er cried. "Noob tank, why I can’t release my soul from the body?" she whined.

Zhang Yang turned to Daffodil Daydream and asked. "What’s going on?"

"The system has prevented us from releasing our souls. It says: Unable to release the soul during a battle!"

"Hm…I think it’s just for this occasion. It must be because of the boss fight. You guys go ahead and rest while we wrap this up."

The battle continued on, as the firepower had only affected a little since only Wei Yan Er and Daffodil Daydream were out of the fight.

3 minutes into the battle and Endless Starlight had used up all of his survival skills. After the third {Dragon’s Intimidation}, Endless Starlight was crushed to death. Fortunately, Zhang Yang had managed to overtake Han Ying Xue in the aggro table and was in control once again.

When the boss had over 1,200,000 HP left, Zhang Yang’s {Warrior’s Will} was ready once again. So far, the skill was already raised to Level 8, having only 3 minutes of cool down time. {Shield Wall}, on the other hand still had a 30 second cool down time, allowing him to stand his ground for another two more {Dragon’s Intimidations}.

1,000,000! 800,000! 400,000! 100,000!

Full Rage! {Killing Cleave}!


It was just enough to finish the boss. Upon its death, the boss wailed and cursed the party, saying, "Sinners! You have tainted the sacred Temple of the Dragons! You’re hereby cursed to face the full wrath of all Dragons!"


The humongous dragon burst open, scattering all the merged souls into the air and disperse into the corner of the Temple, leaving no bodies behind. With no bodies, there were no battle loots!

Fatty Han frowned furiously. "What a !@#!@#$ system! What the actual f*ck! We just busted our butts killing this sorry piece of sheet and it didn’t give us anything?!"

Zhang Yang laughed and pointed at the spot where the red crystal was supposed to be. "Look there!"

A golden treasure chest sat right there, waiting for the party to open it.

"WOAH! Sis! Quick, revive me! I want to open that chest!" Wei Yan Er urged.

Han Ying Xue nodded and revived Wei Yan Er and without saying anything, the little girl dashed over to the chest, without bothering to recover her health. The greedy little girl was practically molesting the chest, while the rest of the party was highly amused at her comical acts.

Finally satisfied with her groping, Wei Yan Er proceeded to open the chest. At that moment, a black puff of smoke spewed out from the chest and damaged the little girl for 10,000 damage, instantly killing her.

"Wuuuu…What kind of idiot would place a trap in a treasure box? D*mn you, dragons!" cried Wei Yan Er.

"That’s on you. Who told you to run off like a monkey without restoring your HP?" Zhang Yang teased.

"Sis! Revive me!"

"{Revive} would have to wait for 5 minutes. Sit tight and wait if you don’t wanna run!"

Daffodil Daydream and Endless Starlight had already left the place and were already running back to their bodies. With no choice, Wei Yan Er obediently released her soul and ran back to her body from the graveyard.

Being good sports, the party had waited for the little girl to come back and let her to open the chest. There were a total of three counts of Yellow-Gold equipment, seven counts of Gray-Silver, and one quest item, the {Dragon Crystal}. There was only one, but everyone’s quest had been fulfilled.

The three Yellow-Gold equipment were a Leather Armor glove, a Cloth Armor boots, and a defensive ring. Since everyone wanted to preserve their set equipment effects, none of them wanted the glove and the boots. Eventually, the equipment was placed in Zhang Yang possession to be sold off in the Little Merchandize Shop. The ring however, was taken by Zhang Yang.

After completing the quest, Zhang yang used a [Teleportation Scroll] to go back to Thunderstorm Castle, and back to White Jade Castle to have the ring Identified.

[Undying Hero's Ring] (Yellow-Gold, Ring)

Vitality: +84

Strength: +34

Equip Effect: Absorbs 66 Damage upon being attacked.

Equip Effect: Grants a 1% chance to summon the {Undying Hero} to deal 1,000 Shadow damage to a target on every attack.

Level Requirement: 70

So far, Zhang Yang had two Level 50 Yellow Gold rings. Merlinda’s Appreciation Ring, and the Ring of Raging Blaze. After consideration, Zhang Yang decided to keep the Merlinda’s Appreciation Ring. Even now, healing 10,000 HP every 3 minutes was still rather OP, far stronger and better than a 50 damage absorption skill. Zhang Yang put on the new ring and teleported back to the party via the Lover’s Charm.

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